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Editorial: Horse Slaughter Deal Unappetizing for U.S.

By on Tue, Apr 17, 2012
Would You Eat Trigger?

Do you think it’s OK for someone else to eat Trigger?

Gov. Susana Martinez says absolutely not.

But a bid to begin slaughtering horses near Roswell for human consumption will mean the equivalent of dining on animals that are icons of the West — spirited wild horses and faithful companion and working animals that helped build the nation.

“A horse’s companionship is a way of life for many people across New Mexico. We rely on them for work and bond with them through their loyalty,” Martinez says. “Despite the federal government’s decision to legalize horse slaughter for human consumption, I believe creating a horse slaughter industry in New Mexico is wrong, and I am strongly opposed.” Her sentiments were echoed by State Land Commissioner Ray Powell and state Attorney General Gary King.

The governor plans to urge the USDA to reject the application and to ask for the support of New Mexico’s congressional delegation.

From 2006 until recently, Congress has chosen not to fund the legally required USDA inspections of horses bound for slaughter. But last year Congress did fund the inspections in an agriculture spending bill signed by President Barack Obama.

With the barn door wide open, Rick De Los Santos, part-owner of Valley Meat Co., applied for USDA inspection of its meat processing plant so it can slaughter and process horses.

It’s bad enough that more than 100,000 horses a year are bound for slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada — and dinner tables in Europe and Asia — but it’s distasteful to think about the possibility of little Susie’s birthday pony being turned into taco meat right here in New Mexico.

And distressing to make it easier for deplorable situations to develop like the one at the Southwest Livestock Auction in Los Lunas where four horses were so emaciated and abused that three had to be put down and the fourth expired before it could be euthanized. The owner faces allegations of animal cruelty and neglect. But it’s not his first rodeo with animal cruelty and neglect allegations. In 1991, authorities couldn’t make 16 misdemeanor cruelty counts stick, mainly for lack of evidence — the horses were long gone.

The state Livestock Board and local prosecutors should ride such cruelty cases hard. And the USDA should make it clear: Americans don’t eat Trigger.

This editorial first appeared in the Albuquerque Journal. It was written by members of the editorial board and is unsigned as it represents the opinion of the newspaper rather than the writers.

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  1. When will these morons understand that horse slaughter is not an option in The US or any where else >>>>> There is no VIABLE reason for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 80% of Americans oppose it , and the other 20% are not informed !!!!! A televised debate should clear this up once and for all !!!!!


  2. Good call Arlene..Those supporting slaughter have never witnessed the cruelty that took place and
    would continue if this country EVER allowed it to happen again. Instead of wasting all this energy and money in a losing business why not come up with something constructive and logical. But of course the appropriate word is logical. I still am trying to research the names of the foreign companies trying to get their sick and ugly mits on our American equines. The list should be posted so we as Americans can send them letters and emails telling them that we don’t want their
    businesses in this country. The only way that this whole thing may come to head is if there is a
    massive protest in Washington, D.C. calling the politicians on this. This is an election year and to many Americans a very very important issue. If things keep advancing, we will have no wild horses or burros, and our domestic horses will be listed somewhere in the Smithsonian Institute as an extinct species along with the wild horses and burros. They will be a thing of the past. I think the Governor of New Mexico means what she says and clearly her actions show it. Kudos to her because God help the state and the citizens of that state if it ever comes to your hometown..These companies are like a contangious disease, once you have it, it will be very very hard to get rid of
    without causing massive damage. Ms Martinez, you are a champion for our horses, thank you.


  3. You know way back when even Mr. Ed spoke about the horse being the American icon–even over the bald eagle. I was watching S4 E3 and it talks about this specifically.

    So even Mr. Ed knows who founded America and it wasn’t Christopher Columbus! It was the horse! Watch the episode and you’ll understand…


  4. I think before anyone approves horse slaughter, it should be the LAW to go to a slaughter plant to view this process. No one can possibly stand the cruelty of this practice and would not approve it. As Sir Paul McCartney said, “if slaughterhouses had glass windows, everyone would be a vegan”. He is right! Stop slaughtering our beautiful horses, mules and burros. It is inhumane and disgusting…. they are someone’s pet, someone’s friend, and they protect and take care of their young. Stop the insanity!


  5. Dear Advocates , DO NOT SIGN THIS ITS A SS Walrus(darn type Os) Petition I am posting it so all will; not mistake it

    Petition to Support the Horse and Livestock Industry


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    Livestock businesses, particularly those businesses which buy, sell, and transport horses, or seek to humanely process horses to serve a legitimate worldwide market under USDA regulation have been singled out in vicious, unprincipled campaigns of stalking, harassment, and threats promulgated by radical animal rights organizations.

    In order to accomplish these terroristic activities the Humane Society of the United States, their affiliates such as the Equine Welfare Alliance, Animal Angels, and many others trample on the rights to life, liberty, and property guaranteed to equine owners and businesses by state and federal constitutions, and by the rule of law in the United States.

    The International Equine Business Association is being formed to protect an ancient and honorable way of life, and to promote a valuable sector of animal agriculture. The opportunity to become a Charter Member will become available on May 7th, 2012. In the meantime, you can find information about the Association and membership at

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    Edited videos, manipulated images, and inflammatory rhetoric are held and strategically released to media and internet outlets in such a way as to inflict maximum harm to reputations, to seek the imposition of criminal charges with the resulting financial, emotional, and societal harm, and to destroy any ability to profit from equine businesses.


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    • No need to worry about this. Anything with Wall eye’s signature will not include mine. She can’t open her mouth or pick up a pen without lies spilling out. This woman is a pathological liar.


  6. Kudos to Governor Martinez. And Gail’s comment is correct. Horse slaughter promoters are like a disease. They need to be stopped in their tracks


  7. It would be nice if all could either email, call, write or post on both Governor Martinez’s & Attorney General Kings web site or Face book pages. They have caught some nasty comments from the pro’s and need to be overwhelmed with support and thank you notes from the true horse folks of our Nation!


  8. Hi R.T.: I sure would love to hear your comments on a horse slaughter discussion site on LinkedIn:
    There are some folks (Betty) connected to the United Organizations of the Horse that are promoting the start up of slaughterhouses. Please step in and do your stuff. They don’t want to listen to the majority of Americans opinion. Looking forward to your help on this asap! …Denise Brown


  9. You’d think the pro-slaughter people would get the message. It’s loud & clear, & easy to understand, even a pre-schooler could understand. No means no, period, end of subject. State after state, thankfully, have rejected & thrown out horse slaughter bills. Maybe Obama should carefully rethink his idiotic mistake of signing the agriculture spending bill. Americans, at least those with a heart, a brain, & compassion, like 80% of us, or more, do not want horse slaughter in America! No means No !! We just need to keep advocating & educating, petitioning & protesting, & never giving up.


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