Radical Wyoming Horse Hater Slaughters Personal Credibility

Guest OpEd by Vicki Tobin ~ VP of the Equine Welfare Alliance

“Oh Slaughterhouse $ue Wallis; How Sweet it IS!”

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to be in the middle of writing an editorial and having good news that eliminates the majority of my musings. I’ll save what’s left and use it another time.

 Links to all documents mentioned are at the end of this article

While I was at work yesterday, I received several calls about Wallis’ letter to the governor of New Mexico defending Chavez. In case this has you wondering, Animals’ Angels just released an investigation on Chavez. While I shouldn’t be surprised, I still can’t fathom how any human can treat any animal they way the meat business treats our horses. Then I read Wallis’ letter defending him. Needless to say, I lost it and John and Jo-Claire got the brunt of it. So rather than stew, I started writing.

While I was writing, Vivian Grant of International Fund for Horses [Tuesday’s Horse blog] sent me a little tid-bit that Nona Van Dam sent her. While we all know that Wallis is allergic to facts, if she had only done a bit of research, she wouldn’t have embarrassed herself, yet again. Seems dear ol’ Mr. Chavez has had quite a pattern of abusing horses as evidenced in AAs 6 years of investigations and a USDA FOIA from 2004-2005. That made her asinine comments trying to discredit Animals’ Angels even more absurd.

But how sweet it was today when I received the Animals’ Angels alert with the news that the Governor of NM, not only ignored Wallis but is asking the USDA to deny a Roswell meat company’s request for inspections. She also stated “”Despite the federal government’s decision to legalize horse slaughter for human consumption, I believe creating a horse slaughtering industry in New Mexico is wrong and I am strongly opposed.” And if that wasn’t enough, a spokesperson for the New Mexico Attorney General, Gary King, stated “A horse slaughtering plant in Roswell is a terrible idea. Such a practice, while not illegal, is certainly abhorrent to public sentiment, and I strongly suggest it be abandoned.”

Follow along here. The company that filed for horse inspections is Valley Meat Co. Jo-Claire got her hands on this bit of information from the USDA. On February 29, Valley Meats had their inspections temporarily suspended based on “failure to meet regulatory requirements in regards to the humane handling of animals at your establishment during slaughter.”

They can’t even operate their core business under existing regulations and want to take on horses?

Something I wasn’t aware of is that there is a federal law prohibiting horse slaughter in the same plant as other species. As a result, three applications have been denied by FSIS but the article doesn’t state who the applications were from.

So there you have it. A great day for our horses. And who said Friday the 13th is bad luck?

Want more?

I’ve been pondering what to do with this so I decided to share it with all of you. I mysteriously received a copy of an email that was sent by Dave Duquette on February 22 to Randy Jannsen regarding the Mexican Rodeos. Mr. Jannsen has a website promoting horse tripping.

Now I know all of you are going to think I’ve gone off the deep end but I have to commend Dave for taking a stand on this. Yes, you heard that correctly. Somewhere in that bravdo and bs, there is a shred of humanity. What infuriates me with this is that he has admitted that horse tripping does indeed take place, is against it but let the welfare of horses take a back seat to his personal agenda just to prove a point. He knew and yet he fought like hell to make sure that horse tripping wasn’t banned in Nevada. For that, there is no excuse. I’m not going to share the email distribution list to protect the privacy of the recipients – only the text. I would advise just hanging on to this should they fight any further horse tripping bills.

“The United Horsemen will under no circumstances promote the re-instatement of Manganas in the form you would like it to be. We will and do support the right to have the Charreria Rodeo’s but in the case of intentionally tripping the horse is not in the best interest of the ALL equine events. The people we will support are the ones that rope them but do not pull tight and trip them.

Furthermore we believe the video’s you are circulating will do more harm than good for the image of the Charreria Association. We have been at this fight against the animal rights groups for quite some time now and have a fairly firm grasp of what should or shouldn’t be allowed.

Last year in our efforts to stop the Tripping Bills we were told that there was NO intentional tripping going on, since then we have heard about several Mexican Rodeo’s that have been doing it. Which not only hurts the credibility of the Charreria but also the United Horsemen, PRCA and others that fought so hard to stop these bills. These bills had much more far reaching consequences than just the event of manganas and that’s why so many organizations were ready and willing to fight them.”



  1. A good article R.T. . You gave clarity on some things I had heard sound bytes and brief paragraphs of, but not the full story. From several sources it sounds like things are going in favor of the horses. This is encouraging.


  2. I am SO HAPPY to read this article! Thank goodness they are not going to allow Pecos Valley Meat to get into the horse slaughtering business. I am not surprised to read that they have been cited numerous times for violations. This is GREAT NEWS. I’m glad to hear that Gov.Martinez will not allow this to happen in NM.
    All of the letter writing and emailing did help to let them know that we are AWARE and will fight for the right….
    I must comment also on horse tripping, a VILE,DISGUSTING EVENT PRACTICED IN MEXICAN RODEOS. They cite the “history” of tripping that was used to capture wild horses, etc. well, it is a despicable practice and should be OUTLAWED.

    Many cruel stories abound of horses “rented” to the Mexicans to be used for this before they are shipped to slaughter. If that isn’t the most evil thing I have ever heard, horses already slated for the cruel slaughter truck are repeatedly “tripped” and thrown to the ground for the amusement of the mexican rodeo crowds.

    I read a story of an arabian mare that was “rented” out before slaughter, she was repeatedly sent into the arena to be tripped, when she did not want to go again, they beat her until she ran out, only to be thrown down a final time, breaking her hip. This is the absolutely evil,evil, practice of the Mexicans, I wish they would learn some humanity. Of course, the also evil people who rented the horses out were sadly to say, Americans….they should be condemned to hell and all like them.


    • Mexicans, precisely citizens of Mexico don’t own the human consumption horse slaughter industry. It is owned by white men from Europe with a ton of help by the majority white, male dominated ag industry and regulatory agencies of our governments.

      As to tripping, I don’t find much difference in the abuse of equines in Mexican/ethnic rodeos and US rodeos. What do you expect from a “machismo” based culture? And there is alot of machismo still floating around in the halls of Congress, state houses of the US.

      There is a ton of evil being perpetrated by many ethnic, racial groups. Last I checked, Duquette and Wallis are not Mexican or Hispanic, but won’t speak out against horse tripping and in fact lobby against tripping laws.

      And last I checked, God is in the spiritual/soul condemning business. We must speak out, for sure but sending people to h*ll is left to a higher power.


      • Denis thank you for speaking up. Another despicable mainly white cruelty performed for rodeos before they happen and perfectly legal in TX is donkey roping. They practice heading and heeling on donkeys. The rope goes around their neck and around their hind legs, they are stretched and dropped over and over again. They say the donkey’s gait most resembles that of a cow, so they use them without a sliver of remorse. Rodeo practices involving cruelty even to the cattle should not be tolerated.


  3. Bravo! Great article showing the cause is advancing…maybe slow but sure. Gov. Martinez is to be commended as is the Attorney General. Again Bravo, maybe Friday the 13th will end up being a lucky day from now on, at least for the horses.


  4. As always, you are a wealth of not only information, but humor. It gives me GREAT pleasure to read what you write, not only the content, but the style. Victory on a couple of battles helps to win the war. Thanks for all you do!!!


  5. What I just love is that Vicki has ALL facts here and everything can be checked out by pro-slaughter and they cannot lie about horse slaughter any longer. I only hope the 80% against horse slaughter stay awake and continue the fight until we can get our bills past and insure that our horses will get the respect they deserve in life as well as in death.


  6. The list of places that Sue Wallis and her puppet can show their faces is getting smaller. Just took away an entire state. Seems though that the demon duo are spreading themselves out around the country to try to find some ignorant community to let them in. To this end we must remain vigilant and ready to fight wherever they show their evil thoughts.


  7. You guys are incredible…wonderful news and a great article RT! Looks like Sue wallis is losing her credibility (if she had any) really fast! (-: Thanks to Gov. Susana Martinez for doing right by the horses and her state. She’s to be admired.


  8. Sorry, they need to take this ill fated and crippling competition back to Mexico. One more tid bit on that…they love the Arabian horses, they buy at the auctions because will fight to the end..terrified as all horses are that are tripped. No sympathy here for them…We need to TOTALLY BAN THIS practive and let them take it back to Mexico. We have enough sick people here! Amen to Gov. Susana Martinez for taking this stand…


    • It should be stopped everywhere.

      And there are US citizens that do it too; it isn’t just imported. And please remember that a large chunk of the US Southwest belonged to Mexico at one time (recently actually). There are many fine aspects of the Spanish, Mexican and Native American cultures…..however, horse tripping ain’t one of them.


      • Again Denise, your words are welcome. And, again it relates to the burros that I have been trying to save in SW TX. TPWD claims to want to preserve the history and culture of TX yet they want to destroy the greatest icon of that culture and history, the burro.

        Also unknown to many of you, the burro is also sent to slaughter.


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