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Wyoming Horse-Eating Politician Suffers Meltdown in Anti-Horse Rant

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ Noted Equine Author and President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis’ Message to her Minions Stuns Mainstream America

Over 80% of Americans are sickened by the rantings of Wyoming Politician and Horse-Eater "Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis

With every new day most people are blessed with the opportunity to excel, improve the world and lend a hand to a neighbor or animal in need.  It is what gives us depth, a reason for existing, an exhilarating passion for life and what makes us human.  But there are some who lurk about in the shadows and do not grow under the sun’s warm light but instead hide behind piles of garbage, excrement and most obvious, pathological lies.  One such denizen of the darkness is equine terrorist, Wyoming State representative “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis.

As I actively engage and ramp up my knowledge transfer to younger minds and souls I have always said that I can recover from a lot of damage that an individual can levy upon me but one thing and one thing only I can neither abide by or forgive is lying.  Don’t lie to me.  I guess that is what set me off during the “Watergate” investigation of the 70’s when high ranking federal leaders would shake their fingers at the American public and attempt to turn the truth around against the accusers only to be shamed by their own folly.  I know that pushed me over the top when Bill Clinton did the exact same thing and stared out of my TV set and said with another pointing finger, “I did not have sex with that woman”.  I didn’t care what the two of you did in private, Billy, none of my business but just don’t lie to me.  But the current holder of the slimy record of being the most despicable and pathological liar in our current American society, in my humble opinion, is the chief horse hater and self-proclaimed expert of everything equine, “Slaughterhouse” Sue.

For the past several years this outrageous cartoon character has been falsely telling her cult followers that there needed to be an outlet for sick, unhealthy and unwanted horses.  That horse slaughter plants, owned by foreign investors, need to be allowed back into the U.S. so that a handful of illegal immigrants and criminals could have jobs and all that wonderful drug tainted meat could be used for the betterment of mankind.  Bull Crap.

The scourge of Wyoming blew her cover when she came out in a hyped up, lie ridden, press release two weeks ago stating that she would be opening up a horse slaughter plant in Missouri during the fiscal year of 2012…more bull crap.  She went on to talk about how she plans to “clone” horses (there goes the entire unwanted horse theory) and that the plant would be run by the same Belgian company that operated the sickening and vile Dallas Crown in Kaufman Texas where the town is still reeling from unpaid taxes and damage done to not only their sewer system but their international image, as well.

But just when you think that there could be nothing else that this distorted mouthpiece for foreign business ventures could say she drops a great big load of dung right in the middle of cyberspace with a latest “OpEd” on how kill buyers are Saviors and Saints.  Move over Jesus, Buda, Mohammad as “Slaughterhouse” has a few false gods that she wants everyone to follow, besides herself.

I thought I would take just a few seconds to share a couple of her rants which clearly demonstrate her disengagement from reality, facts and science but as I read deeper into her meltdown I was stunned that almost every single sentence flew in the face of certified documentation and public opinion.  It is absolutely amazing; so much so I sit in wonder at how a human with this degree of disassociation with reality can actually function in day to day life and I have deep concerns if such an individual is not a danger to herself and society as a whole.  It is, to say the very least, frightening…here is why:

Her opening paragraph to her alleged cult members reads like this:

Recently I was interviewed on a radio show that included the Humane Society of the United States‘ (HSUS) Wayne Pacelle spewing venomous remarks like, “horse slaughter is a predatory business where killer buyers outbid people who just want to save horses,” “horse slaughter is inhumane,” “Americans don’t eat horsemeat, and we shouldn’t be supplying people who do,” “all horse meat is contaminated and unfit for human consumption…”  Every single one of these statements is absolutely, categorically, false.”

Okay, help me out here; venomous remarks?  “horse slaughter is a predatory business where killer buyers outbid people who just want to save horses,” that’s a true one, not too much venom in that.

horse slaughter is inhumane,” transport, holding and the process…yup, inhumane, Wayne 2 Horse-Eater zip.

Americans don’t eat horsemeat, and we shouldn’t be supplying people who do,” another true one as in a recent poll sponsored by the ASPCA documented that 80% of Americans think that the U.S. should not ever be involved in what most referred to as predatory horse slaughter, again.

all horse meat is contaminated and unfit for human consumption...”, sure enough, we have published countless articles from noted scientists and interviews with senior medical personnel who are animate as to the danger of letting Bute and wormers into the food supply.  In fact, Susie’s biggest alleged market would be the EU and they DO NOT allow horse meat tainted with the above drugs, which all horse owners use, into THEIR food chain.

So that is all venomous and “categorically false”?  I have to ask, do your grow your own stuff on your commune up there in Recluse, WY Sue?  You have to be smoking some sort of wacky tobaccy to be that far off track.

The sad thing is she does not stop there, she heaps up lie after lie to the point that any sort of credibility as a self-actualized, intelligent, well read and balanced individual is blown away with the wind.  All that is left are the hateful, hollow and empty words of a self-centered egomaniac and raving lunatic.

The manifesto transcends common decency as she rants and raves against individuals and non-profits who spend their own hard earned money and actually attempt to help and rehab horses in need.  It is incredible but nothing is more disgusting and loathing than when she closes her tirade with a salute to the kill buyers and defecates all over everything that this country and our collective faiths are founded upon:

If truth, honor, and a big heart count for anything in this country anymore, then a huge dose of long overdue appreciation is due to every one of the few remaining stalwart, heroic, saviors of doomed and suffering horses…the horse buyers. God bless them.

This from an elected public official who is supposed to uphold the mores of what was once a great land, until the likes of this vermin invaded the system.  I am truly sickened.

This disease needs to be stopped and the infection of perversion must be inoculated against before any more lost souls drink from her poison kool-aide of immorality and sink with her into the bottomless pit of self-obsession.

Each time this snake raises her head out of her hole and attempts to spew her poison upon our landscape I intend to be there, to counter and if possible, to catch the viper in the weed whacker if I am fast enough.  This torrent of lies will not go unanswered and we will never simply roll over and hope the whacko just goes away; we will propel the departure of blatant stupidity with great gusto and haste.

Take heart, stay informed and be vigilant because as Wallis continues to worship herself we will be there with the light of the truth to expose her for what she really is, an abomination of the human spirit.

Keep the faith.

To Read Just How Low This Woman Can Go, Click (HERE)

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  1. One of the best stories u have provided…written. I so agree…I too do not hate much..but liers are one of them
    .again…total awesome article and so many true points thank u for posting


  2. Did the “journalist/reporter” ask ANY questions? Did he/she do ANY homework?

    I clicked on the pic, but it doesn’t take me to the actual interview. I don’t want to hear SS; I want to see the “interviewer”. Those are the people, like Congress that really flip my switch.


  3. Clone AND raise horses for slaughter. Yep so much her her “altruism” in helping all those “excess” horses to such a “dignified” death. I couldn’t click on the link-I’ve seen and heard enough from this vile, lying POS. Using her meter for measuring what constitutes humanity Stalin should be posthumously awarded a humanitarian award.


    • Clearly SS is still lacking the biz sense and economic acumen necessary to run a business profitably….”cloning”???? Yeah, like that is low cost and profitable!


    • you actually belive that they will clone horse for slaughter. UMMM no via gen the ONLY source to clone horses gave me the info and to clone ONE horse it is upwards of 165,000 THOUSAND dollars. I don’t think they will be cloning horses for slaughter


      • stitt….they (corporate ag) are trying as we speak. They will get subsidized by the governments and keep doing it until it becomes profitable because they know of the limited resources in the future (land, water, etc)….heck they are the ones sucking up all the farms, space and water (outside of cities/urban areas) right now at an international level.

        My point about SS is that is how economically unsavvy she is. I’m sure she said that because of a script she was handed.


  4. Dear RT I cannot add one thing to what you wrote here , they are also my views on that Horrible excuse for a Human being !!! Sue Wallrus (whoops typo} The Lies and disgusting crap that spews from her mouth are and always have been an abomination, I cannot believe the People of Wy dont just oust her… she embarrasses that entire State………… And you are also right on with DONT LIE TO ME , Lieing is a direct attack on anyones intelligence……………. Time and time again she has be proven to lie to everyone who will listen……………………………….


  5. Is it compulsory that you have to post pictures of this Evil Garbage.the last time I saw her,had nightmares for a month.Satans little girl.


  6. It still amazes me, that this piece of trash is an elected government official. Thanks for keeping us informed and allowing us to do what we can from our homes to stop this trash.


  7. Let’s not forget the interview old Suz did with KY3 here in Missouri. Flat telling everyone all those lies were just that! No sick, skinny, old broken-down nag will be processed at this plant she’s trying to push off on the good people here. They only want fat healthy young animals for the tables of the elite.,0,237037.story The comments on this clip were posted on KY3’s facebook page @ Just look under February.


  8. R.T. You covered everything beautifully. God Bless you for all you do for our horses. This is a nuttt…that, if we get lucky, will be devoured in her own lies. This is a disgusting example of our government system, just as Salazar and Abbey at the BLM. These government employees are the worst example our human race (and also killer buyers) and our taxpayer employees. As such, why can’t we COMPLETELY AND LOUDLY DEMAND THEIR FIRING AND REPLACE THEM WITH OUR CHOICES. They are dispicable human beings that breathe our clean air and destroy everything they touch. Keep up the Good work R.T., I as well as all the others who get your e-mails, are behind you one hundred percent and more.


  9. Here is a document every person trying to stop horse slaughter should have in their computer and purse/wallet to show people who think horse meat is safe. Quote from link.”“We want to ensure that the public is never exposed to residues of this toxic drug.’’

    Phenylbutazone is known to induce blood dyscrasias, including aplastic anemia, leukopenia, agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia and deaths. Hypersensitivity reactions of the serum-sickness type have also been reported. In addition, phenylbutazone is a carcinogen, as determined by the National Toxicology Program.”
    here is the link


  10. Well said R.T. My only question is why compare her to a snake? A snake has purpose, is honest in it’s needs and it’s intentions. Kind of an insult to a snake ain’t it? In fact I can’t think of a life form above a blood sucking skeeter that deserves to be compared to this creature we call Slaughter House Sue. Even a leech serves a purpose in nature…….Wallis does not. Keep up the good work R.T. !


    Slaughter men explain how BLM wild horses go to slaughter

    Posted on February 23, 2012 by Protect Mustangs

    Captured wild horses Nevada. Jan 2012 (Photo © Anne Novak, all rights reserved.)
    Despite Bureau of Land Management (BLM) spin claiming BLM wild horses don’t go to slaughter the truth is revealed.
    “Individuals sell the horses. There are no BLM horses going to harvest facilities. That’s against the law. Individuals collect them at different sale locations around the country, gather them. They end up in places like Shelby Montana which is not far from the border . . . so they live through the 6 month withdraw period of time to match the EU specifications . So individuals sell them to people who buy them in the process and they ultimately sell them to the packing plants in Mexico and Canada.”—Trent Loos, rancher.
    “What Trent said is exactly correct except that your Shelby Montana is an example. There are other places, stations, lots where horses are held ending their arrival. One of the things you stated is the horses change hands. They apparently cannot go directly from BLM to a plant. So the horses are purchased and when the purchaser of that horse gets control of that horse that’s his horse. He has the democratic right to deal with that horse they way he wishes. With the exception that there are other standards as a result of animal rights activists, etc. etc. that are confusing the situation and making it more difficult. So I think we gotta work through this progress and that’s what


  12. I cannot believe the state of Wyoming is not totally embarrassed by this vitriolic, spiteful, hateful woman. I know the state is not known for its compassion for anything other than cows and elk, but seriously, Suey has to be making them think at some point “why can’t she just shut up?”! I am in total agreement with Lynne Jones that Wallis, Salazar and Abbey need to go. And let’s not forget President Obama’s promise to bring back “Science to the White House”. He has done NOTHING but placate hunters, ranchers, outfitters and big oil. I had hoped 2012 would be a wake up call for this country, but I still see so much complacency and apathy, which does not bode well for our wild ones, both on the range and in LTH, nor the domestic ones, churned out by breeders interested in only $$$.


  13. Given her self-imposed ‘diva’ status, and the fact that she’s surounded by nothing BUT ‘true believers’ maybe she is, in fact, UNAWARE that there are other people on the planet.

    Eating horse meat, for instance, isn’t quite the same as killing that horse and butchering it. Does anyone really think sue’s participated in the ‘processing’?

    And if she doesn’t actually see the results of poisoning foreign folks with tainted horse meat, well, then, it couldn’t possibly exist, could it?

    Is she certain about the existence of ‘unwanted’ horses because she’s actually witnessed the hordes of orphans or because this is what she’s been told?

    And why the continued railing along the lines that never vary – that the only good horse is a dead one?

    If her true intent was the welfare of the horse and the betterment of horse culture, wouldn’t the first line of defense be the PREVENTION of the necessity for horse slaughter and only as a last resort?

    After reading her heart-felt note of support to that stupid b***h who was photographed rolling in the remains of a horse, it’s hard to read anything with sue’s name attached to it: All I see is drool and dollar signs.

    (Cloning horses; is there no end to the ridiculous things this woman will say and do.)


  14. Just let her TRY to raise horses for slaughter profitably! The only way folks make money in this is for other people to take the loss. And cloning? A conservative estimate would be $150,000 per horse. Gee, maybe she thinks there are enough asshats with far too much money and far too little gray matter in their skulls to be willing to pay for such dinner fare. Gestation and grow-out to perhaps 1000# live weight, and three years to get there, plus the normal markup…sheesh, we’re talking well over $250 per pound.
    Just let her try, and she and all of her mindless investors will go broke, but not fast enough.


  15. She says there is need for an outlet for the sick, unhealthy and unwanted horses, however, she also said in an interview regarding opening a new slaughterhouse that they want, like everyone else, healthy, well fed animals!! She should make her mind up, this is exactly the opposite of ‘sick, unhealthy’ horses. Whatever fits at the time just pours from that mouth of hers.


  16. Could this be a diversionary tactic…..what do you suppose “they” are up to in other states?
    This has all the earmarks of a “red herring” manuever. All that is needed is someone who is willing to be the “red herring”. The real money mongers behind this are staying in the shadows, as are many of the elected officials that are in on it.


    • Dear Louie, I have always believed she is nothing but a diversion from, the real culprits, I never spend any time addressing any thing that she spews out of her mouth I regard them as the ridiculous rants of a moron and nothing more……..!!!!!


  17. Wow, R.T., another great informative article! To tell you the truth, in spite of the seriousness, I have to laugh and appreciate your humor in describing this scumb-bag, for what she is. Your description of her speaks volume and I know, being the person you are, it’s said with honesty and facts. I totally agree, a person that lies loses all credibility, as well as, respect for the office they hold. Her obvious inability to project the truth about our equines is a real danger for their future, if she’s allowed to continue on her treacherous path of destruction. Thank you for your loyalty, devotion and your undying compassion for our equines.


  18. We’ve known all along that those behind returning horse slaughter to the US have never been concerned with horse welfare – it’s all about the money. Everything else has been a smoke screen. Now they are going to raise, even clone, horses for meat. How is this going to help starving/abandoned/neglected horses? It won’t, and everyone knows it. Helping horses was never their intention.


  19. You can come to my farm and do what ever drug test you want on any of my 14hd of horses. You wont find any drug residue in any of them,and Im not alone.You seen to think that all horse owners just pump drugs into everthing we raise. Talk about lies and missinformation


    • Are you telling us, Joe, that you do NOT worm your horses and that you have never, ever given them any sort of pain relief through the administration of Bute?

      Somehow, that does not appear to ring true.


      • I stated that you would find no drugs in them,just as you wont find it in any other LIVESTOCK that is slaughtered under usda fsis regulations .and If you question my knowledge on the subject let me inform you I make my living buying and selling cattle,and unless you are vegan and live totaly home raise organic plants than horsemeat is safe to eat.


      • Oh!…..this is going to get good. I haven’t read the response from the “I***T” yet.

        Don’t you just love stupid….and abusive to their animals to boot!

        Hey, Joe…it’s 2012 and equines are a luxury in most circumstances. Why do you have them?


      • Hey Joe, let me know who you sell to (Carghill, etc) so I don’t buy THAT US meat product.


      • To Joe ~ You seem to equate “livestock” and “food animals,” but there is NOTHING in the definition of livestock that indicates that they are necessarily food animals.

        There is a world of difference in slaughtering for human consumption and for NON-human consumption. Did you not know any of that? Horses are considered to be Companion Animals and NON-food animals by the FDA. I’ve posted this before but no one ever reads posts.

        That’s why so many horse medications and other products carry the warning “not for use in horses intended for food purposes.” Since most horses are NOT intended for food purposes, they have been in contact with banned substances at some point in their lives. ONE dose of a banned med and they are OUT of the human food chain permanently. And there are MANY banned meds.


  20. again with the cloning NO ONE WILL BE cloning horse for slaughter. WHY would they, you spend over 100,000 dollars just to clone ONE horse to get what maybe 300.00 out of it. USE YOUR HEADS PEOPLE


    • Stitt, use YOUR head, we did not say that about the cloning but instead Walli$ said it in her documentation for the start-up plant. Both you and she document the fact that she is a liar and speaks with forked tongue. But the mere fact that she was lame enough to even go down that road lays to waste her years long argument about the unwanted horse. She can no longer keep track of her own lies.


      • That was my point RT….she and apparently the US meat industry doesn’t understand the costs of HCHS…..or cloning.


  21. S.S. has eaten far too many horse meat meals, her brain is so contaminated, that is probably why she spews such rubbish and insanity. I also have to wonder that she is a potential hazard to life (any life). Why won’t the men in white come for her?


  22. As I recall, Missouri voted NOT to allow any horse slaughter plants in their state. Though they also voted for stricter regulations of puppy mills which the Missouri legislature then watered down, counter to the overwhelming support Prop B had at the polls. Guess they’re going to call it a “research facility” or some such nonsense.


  23. I live eat and breath for my horses most of my friends feel the same way about thier horses.they eat before I do By that I mean I buy feed for my horses before myself I’ll be shipping a load of old worn out cows to cargill tomorrow so you can enjoy a nice juicy hamburger


    • As for my horses being a luxury .Well I call it life style .Anthing we consume is a luxury other than basic needs food water and a roof over our heads .So the next time you get your hair an nails done ,or buy that fancy knockoff designer bad made in an overseas sweatshop.think about all the money Im spending on my luxury


      • Joe, WHAT does that diatribe have to do with horse slaughter? Most horses have been exposed to one or another of the banned substances. Besides, with our complete lack of traceability, even substances that DO have a withdrawal time would not be traceable so we would know what had been administered and if the withdrawal time had been met.

        My horses certainly are a luxury. They take just about all of my disposable income and have for the last 35 years. That’s fine with me, but is certainly puts them in the luxury category.

        I don’t have any of that stuff you rant about because I can’t afford such things and keep my horses in the manner I think they deserve.


    • note that you state that you won’t find drugs in your animals. Is that really that you haven’t given them any or that the USDA is so bad at its job (which we all know to be the truth)?


    • No fly spray? You NEVER worm them? UGH! Never any pain relief? What if they got sick? What about vaccinations?


  24. Hearing Set Wednesday for Illinois Ag Gag Cover-Up Legislation,0,186059.story

    By Monica Eng
    1:26 p.m. CST, March 5, 2012
    Last week we reported on an Iowa bill aimed at preventing undercover investigations at concentrated animal feeding operations that was on Gov. Terry Brandstad’s desk.
    At the time Brandstad’s office said it was still considering but late Friday he quietly signed it to the dismay of activists who’d hoped to stop it.
    “Governor Branstad has failed Iowa, and the American people,” said Nathan Runkle the executive director of Chicago-based Mercy for Animals. “By siding with those who seek to keep Iowa’s corrupt factory farming practices hidden from public view and signing this bill into law, he has created a safe haven for animal abuse and other criminal activity in the state. Mercy For Animals, along with a broad coalition of national groups representing a wide spectrum of public interests, including animal welfare, civil liberties, public health, food safety, environmental protection, food justice, workers’ rights, and First Amendment interests, is exploring all legal avenues to overturn this dangerous and un-American law.”


  25. R.T: I am so glad you are exposing this perverse egotist, who is so hung up on her narrow minded view of life and of horses and of what Americans should do and be. It is also most encouraging to see how the community in Missouri roundly rejected the abomination of horse slaughter in their community. There’s a better way a comin’ — man!– for you and for me! And for those magnificent presences who share our planet Earth as home and are more anciently rooted in North American than just about any other group of animals I can think of, and I am a well-educated biologist. Signed, Craig C. Downer, author: The Wild Horse Conspiracy, available on or through Barnes & Noble website.


  26. As a vegetarian myself, I personally do not believe that there is such a thing as “humane slaughter”. It is an oxymoron. If horses are in pain or suffering, the only ethical answer is euthanasia, as we do for our dogs and cats. If you can no longer afford a horse, then you should release him to a rescue…and then be on probation for at least 1-2 years before you can own another horse……..Thank you for taking a stance for the welfare of Horses – captive and wild! :):):):) Blessings from on High! 🙂


  27. Here is a link from the FDA regarding bute and its use in horses for meat. First a quote “We want to ensure that the public is never exposed to residues of this toxic drug.’

    Phenylbutazone is known to induce blood dyscrasias, including aplastic anemia, leukopenia, agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia and deaths. Hypersensitivity reactions of the serum-sickness type have also been reported. In addition, phenylbutazone is a carcinogen, as determined by the National Toxicology Program.”
    Still think horse meat is safe- would you want your pregnant wife or daughter to eat it regulary furing their pregnancy?
    Here is the link


  28. More Walli$ lies:

    In a fact sheet supplied by Sue Wallis, she stated “The animal handling facilities will be designed by Dr. Temple Grandin, a leader in animal handling systems,” but in a recent interview Dr. Grandin was shocked to learn that she had been named as a designer. “I had nothing to do with landing that site,” Dr. Grandin told an audience at Springfield, “I didn’t even know the name of that site until just now.”

    And Grandin is allegedly, once again, attending their slaughter Scummit, the only notable name on the weak and pathetic agenda.


  29. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The “poster child” for horse slaughter (Sue Wallis) is SCARY! People like her give humans a baaad name.


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