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Quake-stricken working horses rescued in Nepal



This mule is one of about 400 equines rescued by The Brooke following Nepal’s devastating earthquake on April 25. © The Brooke

Scores of working equines have been rescued following last month’s 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Nepal, as the country’s government and charities worldwide rally to help affected communities.

The Brooke has rescued 400 horses, mules and donkeys of the 1650 working equines who had been working carrying bricks for their owners in Gorkha, near the epicentre of the initial earthquake. Gorkha suffered major loss and devastation…

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  1. I donate regularly to the Brooke. It is a wonderful organization that grew out of the desire of a wealthy Briton to help the war horses left in the Middle East after the First World War. Many were being worked to death under horrific conditions, then sent to slaughter. She felt their abandonment by the Allies was a pretty poor reward for such heavy service in the military, so she established a rescue and hospital.


  2. Heartfelt gratitude to these people and all people who truly and tirelessly and unselfishly help our animal friends with the animals’ welfare coming first and foremost.


  3. I have no words….heart-wrenching to think that horses & burros are still trapped in isolated areas with loads still strapped to their backs. Thank you to the people & volunteers of The Brooke.


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