Equine Rescue


By Elaine Nash of Fleet of Angels

“Even the newspapers are guessing and publishing wrong numbers…”

Do You Have Room in Your HeartWe’re seeing some funny rumors about how many of the ISPMB horses have been adopted since this effort started on Oct 14. People are watching our pics showing examples of the horses that are available, and counting the ‘Adopted’ comments as their measuring tape- even though only a few of the horses we’ve adopted out have been displayed in pics on the adoption page. Other wild speculations are being made, and there’s a lot of “I heard…” “I read…” “He said…” “She said…” Even the newspapers are guessing and publishing wrong numbers. Well, sorry, but because of the very difficult and usual circumstances at ISPMB, how many horses have left there is really the last thing we’re worried about. If I had to guess, I’d say the number is between 85 and 125 or so, but unless we’re about to run out of horses to adopt out- by some unlikely miracle, it really doesn’t matter, does it. The only number that matters is that there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of horses still available.

Here’s what I can tell you. It is very difficult to find good, SAFE homes for hundreds and hundreds of horses that have never had any handling or training, are in remote SD, and need to go to new homes at the very time of year that more people are parting with horses than acquiring new ones. It is difficult to safely gather, sort, and load horses that have never been gathered, sorted, or loaded. It is difficult and very time consuming to do all of this with the minimal equipment and infrastructure there, along with other logistical challenges. And, we are not allowed to ‘dip into’ some of the herds for horses to adopt out yet. So, that’s why there are still hundreds and hundreds of horses at ISPMB. They’re everywhere you look, and many of them are just beautiful!. We are getting as many as we possibly can- under the circumstances, adopted and transported to good, safe homes. We have applications coming in all the time, but the reality is that there is no way we’ll be able to save all these horses. That’s the most heartbreaking part of this mission. 100% success is not at all likely- but let’s keep getting as many into good homes until the very last minute- which is November 30 at 11:59 PM.

A lot of great people are stepping up to help. Some are offering to adopt, some are helping network the adoption page all over social media, some are helping us find and keep track of who mentioned in a post somewhere that they’re interested in adopting, some are helping do general housekeeping on the page, one true angel is helping locate, review, and approve adoption applications on site at ISPMB- as well as nursing an abandoned foal, and still others are arriving to help sort, load, and transport. Organizations, rescues, alliances, and individuals are all helping however they can. Still, it’s just a fact that we have only a tiny window of opportunity to have their lives saved before they will be driven- terrified, into a sale ring for ‘those who shall not be named’ to buy them and haul them across the border for a nice fat profit- just in time for Christmas.

We appreciate EVERYONE who is helping SO much! If YOU can ADOPT, DONATE to an adoptive rescue, CONTRIBUTE to a fund for portable panels to make sorting and loading faster and smoother, or ANYTHING else, please let me know! The ISPMB horses need you right NOW!

ISPMB Emergency Adoption page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ISPMB.Adoptable.Horses/

Adoption Project Management: www.FleetOfAngels.org
(Not affiliated with ISPMB)

Photo by Barbara Joe Rasmussen
Poster by Wendy Thomson

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  1. The Rumors are also on United Horsemens Facebook page where yes again…..Susan “Slaughterhouse Sue”s cohort “Humphries has been spreading manure stating a stallion killed a foal while she was there and that the Veterinarians were not taking her advice on care. Remember alot of rumors and pjtright lies come from the desperate attempts to reopen horse slaughter because they are losing their fight to murder innocent horses legally. The number of adopted animals isnt a question for me because its more important to focus on Every horse available. The rumors lies and harbage comments must stop. Its a BLM trade secret to pretend all adoptions are failing. Please tell everyone to focus on the Future by Adopting Today. The plea above is critical especially with New leadership in the USA approarching. We need to work with dignity truth and compassion.. I am still so angry over this I can Literally spit Nails however the rest of the living Need homes to avoid slaughter especially since they are in the Horse Slaughter nuts spotlight. I cannot believe we are at this crossroads with an Advocate involved in deaths of horses so we have to choose the Right road and stay on it unfailingly. Use this as an opportunity NOT to poi t fingers but shed positive light on the adoptable animals. Its time to quit bickering and rumoring and allow law enforcement to handle the legalities and bring justice. Meanwhile we have to spotlight available horses. On facebook shut off comments that say inappropriate or incorrect information regarding adoptions. Please dont compound a serious issue.

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  2. What is up with this:

    “we are not allowed to ‘dip into’ some of the herds for horses to adopt out yet. So, that’s why there are still hundreds and hundreds of horses at ISPMB.”

    Also noticed at lease one horse on the FB page (the parts I could see anyway, I am not a FB user) is listed with an adoption fee of $5,000, people are being asked to take two horses rather than one, and in most cases can’t pick out the horses they are buying. For those that can and will do this, good on ya. Hopefully these animals will be tracked later to ensure they aren’t going to a yet hotter circle of hell.

    But geez, with time running out (Nov. 30 is the “dead” line) this seems a recipe to ensure more horses don’t get adopted. Is there some way to preserve DNA samples from all those who don’t get adopted so their genetics aren’t lost forever?


    • There were three rare Spanish Mustang stallions that were a separate situation from the rest of the ISPMB horses, and were more expensive. Those three were quickly purchased by a concerned person who will protect them for the rest of their lives.

      The adoption fee is being completely waived on most or all of the other horses that are adoptable at this time. For those adopting from greater distances, the transportation fees are high- even at Fleet of Angels members’ discounts, so by waiving the adoption fees, more people can afford the costs of transportation.

      The adoption page shows FREE or $1.00 as the prices on all the horses shown as examples of available horses.


      • I’m glad the stallions found homes, but since the entire ISPMB operation is based on “rare” herds, the high price someone paid for these in an emergency rescue situation is obscene, especially since that $15,000 would go a long way towards protecting them “for the rest of their lives.” Is this a fundraiser or a rescue going on here? Is anyone keeping track of the funds coming in from sales and how they are used? Is the board of directors making any changes in management or personnel? How will they prevent this happening over and over and over again in the future?


  3. What a great organization Fleet of Angels is – really warms the heart to think of all Elaine Nash has accomplished & all these people who are stepping up! Its a big commitment for anyone to take on one or two of these horses – I hope & pray everyone realizes its not going to be easy. Only two weeks to get this done!

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  4. The experimentation on Sussman herds has failed miserably, while the starved souls are deserted to die in the dirt muck they’ve been surviving on.
    Where is the justice for the uncovered pits of death?
    Why are the sick ones being hidden from public view?
    Hoarder narcissist like her and her enablers are a stench to advocacy, while she continues the failed fenced in “wild horse” scam horror failure.

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  5. The Catnip Herd (or what’s left of it)

    From AMERICAN HERDS/2010


    Public awareness of the Sheldon wild horses and burros sky rocketed after American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC) released an explicit and shocking undercover pictorial report of a June 2006 round up titled “The Reality of Round Ups: Attempt At A Cover Up”.

    Included were graphic photos of dead foals found littered across the landscape, hog-tied foals, dead and injured horses in the holding pens and a veterinarian report citing the extreme trauma documented to foals as a result of the gather; some of whom survived and some whom did not.

    In 2006, the Service went back for more with over 330 horses being captured and removed. This round up became the source of AWHPC’s “Attempt At A Cover-Up”, a story that first broke by a Special Research Group who uncovered a slew of disturbing information, some of which included:
    (Photos have since disappeared from AWHPC web page)

    16 to 18 mares were found in the pens showing signs of recently giving birth but had no foals with them. Despite USFWS requiring the public to stay at least two miles away from the gather operations, it is estimated at least nine foals died or were aborted in the pens and about fifteen foals were probably left to die a slow death in the high desert. Three of these foals survived days of abandonment, and one foal that arrived with the adults survived trampling in the pens.

    Questions also exploded around the methods used by long-time BLM contractor Dave Cattoor of Cattoor Livestock Inc., to drive wild horses and burros to the traps and again evoked controversy as to whether helicopter driving could ever be considered humane or safe considering it was outlawed before due to its known detrimental results. (Editor’s Note: Despite criminal charges filed against Dave Cattoor in 1990 for “conspiracy and use of aircraft to capture wild horses and aiding and abetting….”, which led to the “said wild, unbranded horses to be sold and shipped by truck to Great Western Meats in Morton, Texas, to be slaughtered and processed”, BLM has continued to insist he does excellent work for them and excuses AWHPC’s shocking Sheldon report by citing it didn’t happen during a BLM gather…)


      • It is undoubtedly helpful to BLM to have the focus and the heat taken off of them.
        AND the roundups continue. And again, the taxpaying Public gets the bill and gets the shaft as they see their Federally Protected Wild Horses disappear from their Public Lands.

        From AWHPC
        Owyhee Complex Roundup: November 2016

        The BLM is continuing on a collision course with disaster in the costly and cruel roundup of an astounding 1,100 wild horses from the Owyhee Complex in eastern Nevada which began on November 2, 2016. Read the daily reports below.

        Day 12, November 13, 2016
        80 wild horses were rounded up and removed from the range and 39 were shipped to holding.

        Day 11, November 12, 2016
        95 wild horses were rounded up and removed from the range, and 25 were shipped to holding.

        Day 10, November 11, 2016
        8 wild horses were rounded up today, and 83 were shipped to holding.

        Day 9, November 10, 2016
        100 wild horses were rounded up and removed.

        Day 8, November 9, 2016
        49 wild horses lost their freedom today, and there was one death.

        Day 5, November 6, 2016
        114 wild horses were captured

        Day 4, November 5, 2016
        128 wild horses were captured, and a 25-year old mare died overnight at the holding facility due to a displaced intestine.

        Day 3, November 4, 2016
        36 wild horses were captured, and there were no deaths.

        Day 2, November 3, 2016:
        50 wild horses were captured, and there was 1 death. From the BLM: “1 year old bay mare died immediately after injury sustained from coming in contact with a panel.”

        Day 1, November 2, 2016:
        77 wild horses were captured, and there was 1 death. From the BLM: “8-year old black mare was euthanized due to injury and poor prognosis of recovery.”


    • I think most would agree that the BLM mismanagement of our wild horses and burros is atrocious. I have been wondering why continue to post about BLM when the subject is and has been Karen Sussman and her lies about research and her general disregard for the care of the horses that are her responsibility. BLM is a whole separate issue. The focus needs to remain squarely and solely on Karen and the future of these particular horses.


  6. Is it any wonder that they’re being careful with the adoptions
    (a few excerpts from a 4 page report)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service Appears Poised to Ship Sheldon
    Range Wild Horses to Slaughter at Taxpayer Expense!
    6 June, 2006
    By: Susan Pohlman, Valerie James-Patton and John Holland

    While many Americans have watched in anguish as the BLM has systematically reduced herd after herd of Spanish Mustangs to genetically dangerous numbers, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USF&W) has been quietly engineering a plan to eradicate
    their (actually the American public’s) Sheldon range wild horses in Nevada. It is a plan so arbitrary, deceptive, and arguably illegal that it makes the BLM actions look like positively responsible husbandry!

    The newly announced plan starts by making it impossible for rescues and individuals to directly adopt small numbers of the Sheldon horses as has been done in the past. In what amounts to having agents launder horses to certain slaughter, the “more efficient” new plan allows for only “mass adoptions” of the horses, and lists three “carefully screened” agents. More astoundingly, the plan pays the agents $300 per horse to take them by the truck load. While the agreements to pay these “adoption agents” clearly constitute federal contracts for services aggregating in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the agent selection process appears to have involved no public bidding or disclosure and may well violate Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).

    The mass adoption program appears to have had its test flight with a mom and pop
    “mustang rescue” run by Flora and Francis Steffan, and ironically named Forever Free Mustangs, (FFM). In conversations with potential adopters, Flora stated that FFM had placed 680 Sheldon horses last year, but when asked by Mr. Holland to confirm the number of horses and the timing, she became vague.

    In the minutes of a “kick off” meeting with FFM (3/7/06), David Johnson, Deputy Project Leader at Sheldon-Hart Mountain Wildlife Refuge Complex, speaks of eliminating the wild horses completely from the sanctuary and of establishing a “Hollywood herd” on the FFM property.

    But the 800 acre dream refuge, like so many things about FFM, is shrouded in contradictions.


  7. Up north we have 7.000 acres. At the seneca Army Depot. and the land just sit there. We have white Deer there that we all love to save. Would that help the Burros. Donkeys. and Horses. just think with all the emty-billding there. that would help in the winter from the snow. and in the summer from the hot sun. PLEASE GIVE IT A TRY And think about it. LOOK at the lifes we can save.
    You got my email. Think about the VETS that need homes. THINK ABOUT THE JOBS.


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