The Most Shocking 1.5 Min Video the World Must See!

by COWSPIRACY: the sustainability secret

“Just imagine what this does, in the form of welfare ranching, to our public lands and it’s effect on wild horses, burros and all other wildlife, let alone ourselves!” ~ R.T.

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    • Me too, Terri. It’s just so hard to get others to realize this especially when there are cattle everywhere in KY.
      BTW I’m not having meat at Thanksgiving. Soy sausage is really good,


  1. Not surprised! And with the Trash.Man ib charge its only going to get worse. I was at the AHA convention last week and talked with Ben from the American Horse Council and asked him about HR 1942 Safe Food Safe Horse Export.Act. He told me they were neutral. I asked him how the council stays neutral when the US is sending contaminated meat to the Global World. But I think they are even worried about changes Its pretty sad when only 56% oit of 100% of the voters vote. And only 27% of that 56% decide the presidency of our country. The none voters are going to be reaping the benefits of their actions as well as the rest of us. The none voting.Bernie people and those who didn’t like either.candidate and voted independently. There were ways to fix things without doing it that way. Now the US and the World is going to suffer. The animals on our planet will be the least of their concerns. I say look for more Earth quakes, tidal waves, hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters. I fear for the animals and the environment that funding for litigations will not be there for all the fights to.come. it is time to push for slaughter laws and transport laws state by state. And if you haven’t pushed your House of Reps and Senators to cosponsor HR 1942 and SB 1214 please please do so. We are up to about 200 now and the more we get over 218 could force it out of committee. Our horses both domestic/wild and other equines are at a risk never to be seen before. The AG numbers that came out this past week show an increase to slaughter. These are not unwanted hirses and other equines. It is equines the rescues and the Horse Warriors did have enough money to buy to keep them from the Kill Buyers. For the cost of a Starbucks or a McDonalds you could save the life of an equine. Wild horses and burros are in that mix too. So please be ever vigilant when you see or hear things and pass it along. The video is excellent and it is only a taste of what will come. Protest and go to rallies because that may be OUR only voice!


  2. If we truly hope to survive as a species, we would be wise to remember how insignificant we really are in the greater scope of things… and why we must learn to respect nature and the universe rather than arrogantly thinking we have conquered it.

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    • Seeing the TRUE nature of one of the top supporters of horse slaughter should open a few eyes! Certainly gives this “Equus” Festival the wrong kind of attention – really, shut down the panel because someone asks a question? No surprise to any of us – but should spread the word about the good ole boys pro slaughter agenda.

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  3. What’s just as scary is the realization that this cannot go on forever without very serious consequences to other inhabitants of the planet and eventually ourselves. We can’t seem to wake up and acknowledge it. The reason there are so many cattle is because there are so many people on the planet.


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