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Nancy Turner (Pres., This Old Horse) and Elaine Nash (Dir., Fleet of Angels) on adopting the remaining ISPMB horses, on Wild Horse & Burro Radio (Wed., 6/14/17)


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Black stallion

Our guests tonight will be Nancy Turner, President of This Old Horse, a Minnesota volunteer-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide sanctuary to retired, rescued, and recovering horses, and Elaine Nash, Founder and Director of Fleet of Angels, a not-for-profit organization with thousands of on-call members across the US and Canada who offer crisis management and transportation assistance during equine-related emergencies, as well as other services.

Nancy and Elaine will talk about the many ISPMB horses that still need to be adopted (as soon as possible). These horses are good looking, smart, and willing. Please help us find homes for them.

To learn more about how you can adopt or help: Wild Horse & Burro Sanctuary Alliance.

This show will be hosted by Debbie Coffey, V.P. and Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

To contact us: ppj1@hush.com, or call 320-281-0585



1/8/17 – Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation on BLM’s dangerous Radio Collar Study on the Adobe Town wild horses in Wyoming. Listen HERE.

2/15/17 – Marjorie Farabee, Dir. of Wild Burro Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation and donkey advocate David Duncan (Donkey Rescue World), talk about the killing of the world’s donkeys for ejiao. Listen HERE.

3/8/17 – Marjorie Farabee, Dir. of Wild Burro Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation and Australian donkey advocate Andrea Jenkins, a member of Good Samaritan Donkey Sanctuary, on the ejiao issue in Australia. Listen HERE.

4/12/17 – Dawn Vincent, Head of Communications for The Donkey Sanctuary UK, and Marjorie Farabee, Dir. of Wild Burro Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation. In January 2017, The Donkey Sanctuary (UK) issued a report titled “Under the Skin,” about the global demand for donkey skins used to produce a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) called ejiao. Listen HERE.

5/24/17 – ELAINE NASH, Founder and Dir. of Fleet of Angels, and Palomino Armstrong, founder of CHILLY PEPPER – MIRACLE MUSTANG, on the logistics of the rescue of the ISPMB horses and about the many wild horses that still need to be adopted. Listen HERE.

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  1. Thank you for the radio show and the update about these horses that were at high risk. Even more important to thank are ALL the people who have worked so very hard to care for these horses and especially to the people who agreed to adopt and dedicate themselves to providing homes for these horses that were desperately in need. Thank you.


    • You are SO right, GrandmaGregg! Without adopters, there would be no Hallelujah Horses mission. It is only because people are willing to step up and adopt horses to care for- for the rest of their lives, that this mission will be a success. The same can be said of the donors. Essentially, I can honestly say to everyone who’s helping Fleet of Angels help these 900+ horses, ‘Without you, there is no us.’ Teamwork works!


  2. I haven’t had time to sit down & listen to the show, but I wanted to ask if ISPMB still have horses…I just received another e-mail from them this morning asking for donations. I was just wondering…


    • In late January, a settlement was reached between the State’s Attorney of SD and ISPMB- on the night before a final hearing regarding the fate of the ISPMB horses that had been impounded. ISPMB was allowed to keep 20 horses in return for making a $10,000 payment to the state. 18 pregnant Gila mares and 2 Gila stallions were selected by the ISPMB director as their new herd. The rest of the horses were turned over to FOA for care and placing in homes.

      As far as we know, ISPMB hasn’t mentioned their legal troubles in their fundraising campaigns, on social media, or on their web site. Apparently, there’s been no pubic mention about the fact that all of their horses were seized by authorities due to starvation and neglect, or that their herd size was reduced by authorities from 900+ horses to 20 horses.


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