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Feel Good Sunday ~ Video: Willie Nelson’s ‘Ride Me Back Home”

By R.T. Fitch

Over the past week several longtime readers had forwarded to me the link to Willie Nelson’s latest equine related release, “Ride Me Back Home”, but due to my travel schedule I had not taken the time to sit still for one moment and view the song/presentation.  Being Sunday morning, and digging for some good news to share I played the video, and was stunned as I recognized a long time equine acquaintance as one of the stars in the video, or at least I hope it is him.  You see, we have a bit of history with Mr. Nelson and have been to his Luck Ranch while transporting rescued horses several times.

Jerry Finch, of Habitat for Horses, first introduced us to Willie’s effort when Mr. Nelson adopted the world famous, last horse standing from the Jason Maduna wild horse murders, Voodoo.  Please read the story, (HERE).

photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

But that was not enough for Willie Nelson as he had open arms and wanted to help other horses in need so Jerry Finch, Rebecca Williams, my wife Terry and I made yet another trek just outside of Austin, TX to bring several more horses in need to Willie, and this time we documented it in pictures and with those photos I created a low resolution, 3rd grade level slide show BUT at least it does show Jerry and I working together, at Willie’s ranch, giving these horses another chance.  It was somewhat awesome as these horses had not seen hay for a long time, we picked them up on the way, and all three made a beeline straight for hay bale, totally ignoring the current residents, and began to chow down.  One of those hungry ponies, a big gray boy, I clearly recognize in Willie’s video as one of those rescued horses from 2010 and featured in my slideshow.  Of further interest, Terry garnered national acclaim when her photo of that rescued horse netted her a national award as a amateur photographer.

Please watch Willie’s latest video and then watch our slideshow and tell me that the big gray is not the same guy…the eyes, the face, and the ideal that thanks to Habitat for Horses and Willie Nelson this guy has been granted another ten years of life that could easily be likened to Heaven on Earth.

Bless all those who sacrifice to save those who cannot speak for themselves.

Learn more about Willie Nelson and all that he done to help horses by clicking (HERE)

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  1. God Bless him for rescuing the horses. How many others can we get to do the same thing and help us save our wild horses and return as much as their original habit as possible to them so they don’t get accused of “overbreeding” as an excuse to send them to slaughter or imprison them in holding pens indefinitely! I love stories like this but we need so many more. Our wild horses are in danger of becoming extinct if we don’t fight to save and preserve them!


  2. As you said so well, “Bless all those who sacrifice to save those who cannot speak for themselves.”


  3. I wrote this prior to Terry getting up this morning and when she came into my office I had her sit down on the couch and asked if she saw anyone familiar as I played Willie’s video…she watched and smiled and said, “Yup, the big gray boy, we took him to Willie’s ranch 10 years ago and I took the photo ‘first bite’.”

    I said…”Doesn’t it do your heart good to know that he is plump and happy 10 years later thanks, in part, to your efforts?”

    She reached over and grabbed my arm with an all knowing smile and said, “I live that feeling everyday when I look out into our pastures….”

    And you know what, she is right!!!


  4. Wow, big thanks to all, and that sure is the same horse! And Willie’s voice is a good as ever. I may have someone play that song when it’s my time to go.


  5. He is a wonderful man! I emailed him about that group of paint horses that were slated for slaughter. Little did I know he would later take them to his ranch! We must all do our share to help all these horses and equines! God bless you RT for keeping us informed!!


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