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Nevada Demands Obama Stop Wild Horse Roundups

Advocates Want Waste of Tax Dollars to Cease

Reno, NV (April 21, 2011) —Taxpayers and wild horse advocates join with The Cloud Foundation to protest on the streets of Reno as well as at the airport. They demand roundups stop and for the government to cease warehousing the last living symbols of the American West. A new wave of protests is sweeping across the country after yesterday’s successful Save Wild Horses~Yes We Can! protest in San Francisco, sponsored by The Cloud Foundation, composed of primarily disgruntled democrats rallying outside the Democratic National Committee fundraiser for President Obama.

“Since the movement began a year and a half ago to ‘re-protect’ the mustangs the White House response has been ‘no comment,'” explains Anne Novak spokesperson for The Cloud Foundation. “Now that the president is campaigning for reelection we ask him to work with ‘wild and free’ advocates to create real solutions—not just finding a trendy way to package long-term holding while destroying the genetic viability of the American wild horses and burros still on the range.”

Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar served with the president when both were junior Senators. He is a lifelong rancher from southern Colorado and appears to favor the ranchers’ livestock over wild horses and burros point of view. Salazar’s 2010 defective solution for the wild horse issue is based on bad science —claiming an overpopulation of wild horses and burros on public lands. During America’s heartbreaking recession, Salazar called for the purchase of seven parcels of private land in the East and Midwest at a cost of $46 million per parcel and shipment of the legendary mustangs back East. He plans on stockpiling geldings (neutered stallions) and barren mares for life. The proposal fell flat with both Congress and the public.

Offering a nearly cost-free alternative, the Cloud Foundation is advocating the release of the recently incarcerated wild horses and burros—those who are in unsheltered and often filthy BLM short-term holding facilities at a cost over $2,000 per horse per year —back onto millions of legal herd acres designated for them since 1971. This solution would save taxpayers more than $25 million yearly and allow the wild animals to live naturally in their family bands on western ranges.

“Disgruntled taxpayers are taking to the streets to demand BLM stop costly roundups and lifelong incarceration of the last of America’s wild mustangs,” states Ginger Kathrens, Director of The Cloud Foundation. “The immediate solution is to release wild horses back into zeroed out herd areas originally designated for their use by Congress. BLM admits this is an option, but has failed to move on it—perhaps fearing reprisal from extractive users, many of whom are large multi-national corporations trying to enlarge their profits at the expense of taxpayers.”

“The death of the West is coming unless wildlife advocates, ranchers, hikers and hunters realize we’re all on the same side against corporate giants industrializing the range,” states award-winning author from Nevada, Terri Farley.

Americans throughout the country will continue protesting to protect wild horses and burros until they are safe, and those suffering in short-term holding are returned to their legal ranges in the West.

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  1. Awesome article!! I wish these protests would come to St. Louis, MO, or, at least close enough for me to join in!! And, you’re so right, Louie! They should have never been rounded up to begin with. These wild horses represent freedom, theirs & ours, & we will never stop fighting for that. They must be returned to their homes, herd areas, & to their family bands, intact & healthy!! Happy Good Friday, Happy Earth Day, &, Happy Easter to all!!


  2. I agree, Valerie & Louie. I’ll bet there’ll be one in Chicago, which is only 200 miles from me in Central Illinois. Obama will be there frequently campaigning, and Senator Durbin, who refuses to discuss the subject, has an office there. I would love to go. We can carpool, Valerie! Why can’t the BLM adopt the methods of their New Mexico branch, which show respect for the horses AND keeps family groups intact? Just shows it can be done when someone puts their mind to it! Instead, they go about it like they are herding cats.


    • Lenore you have to care first. Most BLM don’t care about the horses, because if they did they would show the proper humane care.


  3. This makes good horse sense and dollar sense to me! True, just think of all the money the American people and these blessed horses whose lives could have been spared if this never would have happened. No more roundups! No more wasted money to corral, torture and detain these wonderful horses! They deserve their freedom and their lives without the BLM breathing down their backs!


  4. We won’t go away & many I spoke with have said the wild horse wipe out was ordered from BLM in Washington- making all their justifications reported at local levels ILLEGAL LIES.
    BLM ABUSES WILD HORSES AFTER ILEGALY REMOVING THEM FROM PUBLIC LANDS TO STUFF MILLIONS OF WELFARE CATTLE ON OUR PUBLIC LANDS ! BILLIONS given to welfare ranchers & 60 million spent murdering wildlife & millions BLM uses to ilegaly wipe out & abuse wild horses


  5. I say, “Let’s storm Washington, DC!!” We must fight for freedom, our wild American Mustangs, &, our own freedom as well!! When people don’t listen, you have to YELL!! Anyone who abuses horses & other helpless, innocent animals, deserves to have the SAME thing done to them, ZERO tolerance!!


  6. According to Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA) Section 1753 Grazing Advisory Boards in 16 western states consist of 15 livestock reps that meet annually to determine how many more cattle they can stuff on public lands. Bias or what? Who allowed them to control the public lands? We need to follow the money trail, where did it all start? Who paid off who? Free Roaming Wild Horse Law has been violated by the government and blm, why aren’t they fined and in jail? My husband recommended that we all write to the Supreme Justice requiring justice for the violated wild horses and burros law. The laws are written for everyone to abide, there isn’t any exemptions for the government or blm. Any attorneys out there that can draft a letter to the supreme justice? I will sign it.


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