Horse Slaughter

Backwoods Bumpkin Recommends Wild Horses for Fish Food

By GEORGE OSTROM from the Hungry Horse

 Ignorance and Tunnel Vision Blur Writer’s Perception

A friend on FaceBook tipped me off to this little gem, below.  Being a blogger and writer I am acutely aware of the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but this ole back-woods cuss about takes the cake when it comes to cruelty, ignorance and a single minded buy-in to the BLM’s BS.  You have to visit the “Opinion” website and drop off a comment or two as the author’s article has been up for over 24 hours with nary a comment to be seen.  This will surely get your chaps hiked up but remember, Sunday is just around the corner and we have a special story to share that will wash out your minds and charge up your spirit so hang in there.

In the “mean” time…” ~ R.T.


"Them horses be good for da fishes"

Wild horses were back in the news earlier this month when the Bureau of Land Management reported the untamed mustang populations were out of control and they were going to remove 2,000 from Wyoming, plus a few from Utah and Montana.

Nevada wasn’t mentioned in spite of the fact that state has over half the estimated 33,00 wild horses freely roaming 10 western states. “Activists” were immediately critical.

The entire horse problem is unreal, needless and immeasurably costly. It will not be solved as long as the practical but repugnant solution of shooting surplus animals is stopped by emotionally motivated lawsuits.

Look at the problem: (1) The free roamers are using, and in many areas destroying, grazing range for themselves as well as domestic and native animals. (2) We the taxpayers are footing the bills for roughly 40,000 horses earlier taken from the ranges and placed in “long-term” holding pens. (3) Wild horse herd numbers on average double every four years. (4) Last year’s budget just for BLM’s care of penned horses was $36.9 million. Where does it end? As Larry Wilson would say, “What do you think?”

In the fall of 1938, my same-age uncle Stan Harris and I were sitting astride our trusty steeds by a dusty road running between the Bonner ranch and ours at Camas Prairie. Mr. Bonner came by driving a small herd of horses, including a pinto mare colt. He stopped to chat a minute and we asked where he was going.

Said he was taking the horses to the State Fish Hatchery at Ravalli. We wondered why so he explained, “They buy horse meat to feed the fish.”

Mr. Bonner obviously saw the emotional impact on two 10-year-old boys regarding the coming fate of the beautiful little colt. He pushed his old cowboy hat back on his head and said, “Tell you what boys. All of us ranching folks are hurting these days, but I can get along without the money for that colt. If you open the gate, I’ll drive her through and you can have her.” There was great joy on that day long ago, and “Dixie” grew up to become one of our favorite cattle ponies.

That is just one story to illustrate my long relationship with horses, and how much they’ve meant to me.

Click (HERE) to read the rest of Georgie’s mindless drivel



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  1. I tried over & over to register with this paper, with no luck. May very well be why there are no pro lets dance in the fish food comments The article isn’t even worthy of comment. Our world has gone completely mad.


  2. Just some more bs as RT would say to get your chaps or your panties in an uproar. It never fails to be seen, you think you have heard and seen everything and then you hear stuff like this. What century are these people living in? Sounds like this is an investigation for the Animal Angels. First most fish unless they are carnivorus wouldn’t bother with horse flesh. But I must say from some of the programs on lately that the back woods of some areas probably have species that haven’t been discovered. Who in the blazes would
    be selling or eating these fish? Sounds like this was posted to bring all of us
    running in support of all our equine friends. I’ll try the news paper to, but I bet its a dead end like Beverly said. What a man!! Eweeee


    • Because the oceans and rivers are being over fished and polluted, entrepreneurs have gone into fish farming. It has big problems because of density and waste. And yes, fish farming uses animal based feedstuffs. In the process of cleaning the farm water habitat, they collect waste and use it for forage and crop fertilizers….much like human, swine, poultry and bovine waste for high concentration farms.



  3. Just sent an email to Brian Ross, ABC News regarding BLM. He does the investigative work for the channel. If you can send him an email regarding the
    BLM and just possibly they may do a story. Laura I included your name as the reporter involved. Thanks Denise for the info. It seems today everything is being fed something dead.. I bet everyone thought fish were safe. It seems like
    everything is being fed something dead these days. And we wonder why our
    environments are being destroyed. Factory farming of any kind is creating
    havoc with our environments. They will bring no good to us.


    • Fish can (and many species are carnivorous) eat animal based proteins. In the wild it is Mother Nature and not really a problem, but when humans get involved, it is problematic.

      The only fish I buy is wild caught and not a “diminishing” species…and ALWAYS US or other countries that are responsible (that is a tough nut to crack).

      This is really about factory farming, whether fish, chickens, pigs, cattle, dogs, cats, horses, etc.


      • Hi, the story on the radio a few days ago was a investigation into the oversight of the Marine Stewardship Council certification program on fish and labeling honesty. Turns out 48%, when genetically analyzed, was not what it was labeled. Since people eating these things depend on the rigor and honesty of the certification and labeling programs, it is very discouraging to hear this.


  4. Could it be that there are no comments because nobody read it….except us.
    Kind of reminds me the lyrics from a song….”Earl turned out to be a missing person that nobody missed at all”.


  5. At the beach where my family visits, people use chicken breast as bait for a lot of the fish and crabs. I hate the idea of it because the use of raw chicken is a big draw for sharks. But horse meat as fish bait—how we need to watch the fisheries. Ugh. What kind of fish? Is this all over the country?

    Absolutely gross, disgusting article in this month’s Oprah magazine regarding environmental blitzkrieg effects of large factory farms in Michigan. A lot of the article was about how these farms affected the nearby community, the smells, ground and water contamination, loss of economic value of nearby homes, detrimental health effects of those who were breathing the air, reminded me of the stories regarding the horse slaughter facility when it was open in Kaufman, Texas. This was a six page story with pictures in Oprah, so it will reach a lot of people who do not normally read about Factory Farms.


  6. It happened in 1938, so no need to go on the warpath now…It took me a little while to figure out what a “pinto mare colt” was, though LOL. What an ignoramus.


  7. Hey these days even the frozen packaged fish come from CHINA!!!! Dont even get me started on this subject, I was looking at some packaged frozen fish fillets recently in a local store and was blown away that the Tilapia fillets and Shrimp, were farm raised and A PRODUCT OF CHINA!!!! What the hell is happening to this country? We cant even farm raise our own fish????? Sorry had to rant over that one! Idiot.


  8. It’s not easy being the odd man out here, but I feel I need to speak up on behalf of the fish. Recent research has found them to be highly sentient and highly intelligent (it varies, depending on the species).

    No one needs fish to live — or for protein or any other nutrients — any more than they need to eat the flesh of mammals (including horses) or birds to live.

    And as all of the comments here have demonstrated, the exploitation of fish, whether in the wild or in fish farms, is severely damaging earth’s ecology, in the same way that raising livestock is (think Western ranchers!).

    Maybe some of you would be willing to read what SHARK founder/anti-rodeo activist Steve Hindi reveals about his former fishing exploits:

    Thanks for allowing me to share a different point of view.


  9. When I go fishing I use human flesh as bait, you have no idea how a few fingers on the hook get the fish biting.We are a sick bunch.


  10. I finally got registered…..I had to do it three times because the Captcha is case sensitive….you can get in….Posted. “Uh, a quick question……what is the ratio of cattle to horses on the land. I’m smelling a lot of cow-pucky here. Your solution is to feed an America Icon…the American Mustang…..something that I, ME, MOI own a part of….to the fish? You make me sick.”


  11. On the subject of fish farming – a warning to everyone in case you don’t know. Tilapia is a bottom feeder, they became boomingly popular. They are used in fish farming as a strata feeder – the bottom strata. Pleaase reject tilapia – tell your stores to stop stocking foreign food. The oceans cannot bear the tankers and their waste. Tell your Food Editor to work on local produce recipes. Shrimp are “harvested” by dragging the floor of the ocean for wild caught. Off horse topic I know. This story raises many human ethical issues. But Marge’s comment got me giggling.


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