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“Real” War Horse Shares Screen with Spielberg’s

News Bulletin by the Equine Welfare Alliance

EWA Takes the Anti-Horse Slaughter War to the Masses

Sgt. Reckless...the REAL War Horse

First, our sincere thank you to all of you that made this campaign possible. Your generosity was overwhelming. We’d also like to send profound thanks to Valerie Kennedy and Mark Traverso of SCITV Productions for their tireless work on meeting impossible deadlines and Robin Hutton of the Sergeant Reckless Memorial Fund for joining us and “loaning” Reckless to the campaign.

Our first attack on those who betrayed our horses has landed. It will leverage the movie War Horse.

We teamed up with Robin Hutton of the Sgt. Reckless Memorial Fund and today, the ad below will appear on 90 theater screens within 10 minutes of the start of the movie War Horse. The ad will be aired in selected theaters in the following states: North Eastern Georgia, Missouri, Wisconsin, Montana and Wyoming. Why those states, you ask? Very simple – Kingston, Blunt, Kohl, Baucus and Wallis! The ad will run for 30 days.

We were able to pretty well saturate Kingston’s district but we are only able to hit the best attended theaters in the states of the senators involved.

The theaters would not allow political adds so we are presenting this ad that will direct them to the below sites exposing what their legislators have done. This video is currently a low resolution copy of the HD version that the audience will view. [We purchased this domain so that moviegoers would have an easy name to remember]

If this works, it will bring in more money to further expand the coverage. This is not the end. We want to send a message that if you betray our horses we will haunt you to the ends of the earth. We will continue to attack these individuals as long as we have resources and they are in office.

Soon, we will be able to unveil our other plans for attacking this vile industry.

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  1. R.T. What a great idea. I wish we could do even more. If I only had the resources I would hire alot of attorneys to go after the BLM and all the provisions of the 1971 WIld Horse Protection Act that they have broken. And, then start saving all those 50,000 wild horses in corrals and get them in wild horse sanctuaries where they would again be free to roam at will. IT would take a lot of “Molla” but I can’t think of a better to spend it. And then of course save those horses headed across our borders. THere is so much these beautiful animals need in assistance right now, I hope that things start going their way real soon. I love them and wish I could do so much more. But, God Bless you and all who give so tiredlessly to their survival and no harsh treatment. May 2012 be the year of the horses. It’s about time they start winning this war. God Bless


    • This is not my doing but the fine work of EWA, but WE are fighting the BLM with the very finest attorneys and you are very accurate in saying that it takes a lot of molla. Stop by Wild Horse Freedom Federation to find out how you can be a part of the war.



    • I don’t hold a lot of respect for Congress but I’m thinking most of them have not sunk to the level of these two.


  2. Wonderful campaign to educate the American public on what is and has been done to our horses. I hope the site gets millions of hits and I hope DOINK and Sue try their links.


    • You know, Morgan, I am not so sure that is the Sue Wallis that we think it is, there are over 50 on Facebook alone and there could be, out of the 50, some really nice gals out there trying to make the world a better place to live.

      And Duquette? I knew two brothers, Dave and Dan Duquette, who both worked offshore in the Gulf and they were from Lafayette, LA. So, just because others are cursed with a name, they may be trying to do good in the world. Isn’t that a lovely New Years thought?



    • Sure is, Mar.
      There are many great things planned to help our horses in 2012.

      The “Darkside” is not going to know what hit them for you see, we are a whole lot smarter than they are!!!


  3. Thank you Equine Welfare Alliance for this project. RT thanks for the postings. I know we rag on our Legislators sometimes, but there are many who occupy the seats in Washington who do carry the torch for our horses. I would say that the number is increasing if we look at the cosponsors. Of course, I would like to see 100% support, but that is a dream. The whole disgusting mess will be exposed in 2012 and that includes the roundups and killings of our Wild Horses/Burros. I believe that the tide is turning. The American public will be educated by the bill boards and signs, flyers and bumper stickers. Let the disgusting companies from Japan, Europe and other countries stay out of ours. The American people have been letting them steal our busineses, natural resources and our most precious treasures – Our horses, both domestic/wild and our poor little burros. People wonder why we are in such pathetic shape. Too many Americans have been asleep while their Lobbyists have taken control of some of our Congressional members. I think that they have awaken a sleeping giant. Our equines – horses, ponies, minnies, burros will not be sold any longer to the highest bidder. Thank you to all the Warriors out there in every state that are taking an active role. Let the “Force of the Horse” be with you as we enter the New Year.


  4. It is the Force of the Horse !!!! Bravo to all !!!! Hoping this will be the Year for the end of Slaughter, and the Freedom of Our Mustangs !!!!


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