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Equine Welfare Alliance Launches “War Horse” Assault on Three Troubled Political Careers

Story by Steven Long ~Editor/Publisher of Horseback Magazine

Pro-Horse Advocates Come Out Swinging Against Horse Slaughter

The "Real" War Horse, Sgt. Reckless

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The Chicago based Equine Welfare Alliance launched the most sophisticated assault yet against the return of equine slaughterhouses with a 90 screen breakout ad to be shown within 10 minutes of the opening credits of Steven Spielberg’s “War Horse.”  The ad campaign will target three Washington politicians who pushed the cancellation of a prohibition against funding horse slaughter inspectors.    The targeted ads will run in the districts and states of Georgia Republican Rep. Jack Kingston, Sen. Roy Blunt (R) Missouri, and Wisconsin Democrat Sen. Herb Kohl.

An ad featuring the real Korean war horse, Sgt. Reckless will appear before the beginning of the feature. It will be aired in selected theaters in Eastern Georgia, Missouri, Wisconsin, Montana, and Wyoming. It will run for 30 days in a saturation campaign certain to bring howls of protest calls and letters from animal advocates targeting Kingston, Blunt, and Kohl in their  Capitol and district offices.

The attack is a new get tough strategy by EWA aimed at defeating politicians of both parties who favor the slaughter of horses, mules, and donkeys.

“These people do not own the seats they occupy and we mean to replace them with tough minded fiscal public servants  who also have compassion and listen to their constituents,” said Vicki Tobin, EWA’s Chicago based vice president. The group says every pro slaughter legislator can expect vocal and well funded opposition in their individual states and districts. EWA has dubbed the campaign “Operation Doolittle.”

Also targeted is Democratic Sen. Max Baucus and slaughter mouthpiece, Republican Rep. Sue Wallis of rural Wyoming.

The ad will direct moviegoers to Real War Horse where the general public will learn more about the issue of equine slaughter and the actions of the politicians who quietly removed the inspection prohibition without congressional hearings or a vote in a joint senate/house conference committee. In scores of polls conducted by respected firms over the last decade a full 70 percent of all Americans have said they oppose horse slaughter. The most recent poll, conducted this year, grew the number to 80 percent.

A message targeting the politicians appears on the “Real War Horse” website saying, “The voice of the American people was stifled by Representative Jack Kingston (GA) and Senators Roy Blunt (MO) and Herb Kohl (WI). These three legislators ignored the voices of over 75% of Americans and quietly removed protections on a bill that allowed no debate by the full house and senate. Many representatives and senators who opposed horse slaughter were forced to approve the bill to avoid a government shutdown.”

The website also targets the other two politicians saying “Senator Max Baucus of (MT) and state representative Sue Wallis (WY) were also instrumental in this betrayal of our horses.”

The message was hammered home with boldface type saying, “Steven Spielberg called the action “….a very sad turn of events” quoting comments by the director in an Oklahoma newspaper.

Both the EWA and Robin Hutton of the Reckless Memorial Fund have reported a significant increase in website hits and overwhelmingly positive emails and phone calls.

The EWA is accepting funding for this campaign and others here.

Simultaneous with the movie theater campaign, animal rescue organizations across the nation are promoting a growing effort to educate an unknowing public that its horses are being killed for meat.

The billboard features the heads of two horses and the caption “In Memory of Every Slaughtered American Horse,” and in large letters, “Stop Slaughtering Us” in red and white letters on a black background. The red lettering represents horse blood.

The campaign is using large professionally designed billboards in 24 cities from coast to coast including:

Baltimore County, MD

Baltimore City, MD

Philadelphia, PA – 2 locations

Dover, Delaware – 2 locations

Hartford, CT

Jacksonville, Florida – 2 locations

Cheyenne, Wyoming

The Dalles, Oregon

Branson, Missouri

Augusta, Georgia

Aiken, South Carolina

Ft. Benning, Alabama / Georgia border

Louisville, Kentucky

Raleigh, North Carolina

Florida Turnpike in Jupiter, Florida

I-95 corridor – Richmond, Virginia

Massachusetts Turnpike & RT 291 in Massachusetts.

The billboards are being funded by individual donations from rescues and horse owners around the nation. There is no corporate funding in the campaign spearheaded by Angel Acres Jo Diebel. To become part of the campaign or to donate she says to email Angel Acres at

Angel Acres is seeking other strategically placed locations.

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  1. BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!! Yes Deb the door is now open,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, HERE WE ARE NOW WITH MORE THAN JUST VOICES , WE HAVE VISUALS !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. What an awesome accomplishment at the end of a year that has been up and down with victories and, on occasion, what seemed like roadblocks or backslides! I am humbled to be a small part of such an amazing, dedicated, loving, courageous, supportive, and focused group of humans as you all are. The list of names is known to all of us – and I thank those of you who have been on the frontlines of this battle (dare I say “war?” LOL) this past year and many years before it. While we are not the “small group of people” that Margaret Mead’s quote refers to, we have upheld the ideal that together WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE FOR THESE ANIMALS WE SO LOVE! My wish for the new year is that will be the best ever for horses and humans – and ONWARD AND UPWARD!!!


  3. This is WAR! Total WAR and the EWA is leading the way. With great praise – we shall follow and never retreat until we are victorious!


  4. HOORAY! WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Just had another thought. Does anyone know about CHANGE.ORG. Bank of America and Verizon have risen to new hatred from Americans because of added fees they have tried to add to American’s accounts. It took two or three months for Bof A to back down and two or three days for Verizon to back down. Maybe if Straight from the Horses’ Heart or Equine Welfare Alliance or Angel Acres got this on Change.Org it might also start a wild fire that these congress idiots won’t be able to survive and also show BLM and the Dept. of Agriculture for what they really are. Just a thought. BUt right now – I think anything is worth a try since I think this movie will start an awareness and a bright 2012 for our beloved four legged horses and burros. My gut feeling is that 2012 will be the start and finish to all who desires to harm these gorgeous animals. GOOD WORK ALL for those that have been instrumental in all of this. You are awesome!


  5. So thankful!

    I had a thought…How will we be able to know that the meat in the stores is not horsemeat? If they start slaughtering horses I’m not going to buy any meat. Now tell that to the beef industry and see if they like it. I bet the second their profit suffers the pressure will shift. Or am I being naive and they are one in the same?

    Still, consumers unite! Discourage stores from carrying any equine products. And spread the word!


  6. Great! I have gotten permission to put aprox 200 of the flyers you posted from Spielberg out on the counter at the theater showing War Horse. Sunday I will go across town and try to do the same.


  7. Good news for a change to stop the war on horses, I will always be the voice of the horses and burros since they don’t have one.We must save them from a brutal ending to their life, they do not deserve that after being our servants for years and once our only means of transportation. They deserve a life:)


    • I like your statement–direct and to the point–so call the WH 202 456 1111 and leave a message for the Pres. That’s how he’ll know. Funny isn’t it–he can stop a War in a foreign country– but he needs a “wake up ” call about this situation…… in fact 70,000 of us should call him (new year’s resolution).


    • Don’t ask to remove the funding – ask for an executive order to ban the slaughter and transport of horses to slaughter. We have to close the borders. He can do it with one click of his pen.


    • Hi Faith:
      I went on Forbes and added a comment for Ms Eskhoff’s article and said exactly as you put. Go to article and add your comment too. Many of the politicians read Forbes.


  8. Were you at a CandleLight Vigil on Dec.15,2011? Were you alone? With a group? Did you sing and pray for all the horses and burros–wild and domestic– with thoughts of Velma and the work of the advocates uniting you with others across the USA and in Canada, Sweden, and the UK–against the huge obstacles of herd destruction and slaughterhouses? We are the heroes and the army. Spielberg has helped unite us even more. The Force of the Horse works in mysterious ways…….


  9. It appears to me that someone in a higher place maybe helping us in this fight. We are suppose to be the Stewards on Earth to care for all of the animals including our equine friends who are being so pursecuted. It appears that many things are happening. Could this be a coinsedence? 2012 is right around the corner. RT you should be very proud of your accomplisments. This blog has grown since I began reading it. The minute I open my emails, your email is the first I go to read and nothing else. Thank you…I only wish I could be present for support for Laura in the court procedings. She is the Warrior of all times. I would like to thank all the others who have been present at the roundups when many of us could only read about the roundups. I think in 2012 the Bureau of Land Management will be taking some major hits from previous supporters. As 2011 comes to a close, I say a prayer for all equines
    we have lost just as our group did when Cavel, Intl closed its doors in Illinois. 2012 will be the year in which the fight will be even greater than anyone has ever seen. Again, thank you to my fellow “Warriors” who have called, emailed,phoned and were present at the vigils. Let the “Force of the Horse” be with all of you as we all prepare for battle as did Sir Lancelot.. May God Bless you and all your animals in 2012!


  10. This should target every state as I know people that don’t care what happens to the horses even thought they say they ” LOVE THEM!”
    I wish I could force every person to see what the horses go through but I can’t so I pray this movie will help.


  11. I hope I do not offend anyone but I just have to say,” Thank you God for helping all these wonderful horse advocates who are blasting our enemies and getting the word out to save the horses.” I wish I had more money to help but I am only able to do the flyers at the theater. My mother is dying here a home with hospice and she has asked me to dial phone numbers for her to voice her opinion. God bless her for trying, Love you all for what you are doing.


  12. Ilive in Ontario Canada, and am, a follower and supporter of the CHDC. It is most imperative that President Obama use his pen to finally put a halt to this predatory and BARBARIC INDUSTRY.that would halt slaughter and transport. Unfortunately we in Canada have a majority conservative Govt that supports this BARBARISM, and further demonstrates its ARROGANCE, by spending our tax money retrofiting these HOUSE OF HORRORS located in Quebec and Alberta, knowing full well over 65%+ of the Canadian PUBLIC are adamantely opposed. I live in a border area and i can tell you the transport conditions these HORSES endure are CRIMINAL, not to mention the horrible death they face in Canadas HOUSE OF HORRORS. Sometime i am ashamed to be Canadian, and i can assure you this is one of those times.


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