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Horse Eater Attempts to Justify Slaughtering Companion Animals

Commentary by Vicki Tobin and R.T. Fitch

Dimwitted Rambling Is More Than Most Can Bear

As the Pro-Horse movement becomes more mainstream and expands the awareness of the public through billboards, video commercials and print media the horse-eaters are scrambling to fine tune their propaganda machine and expand their war chest of misinformation and bogus facts.  The leaders of their tiny ranks have been Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis and an unheard of horse trainer David Duquette who sits as president of their latest list of befouled 501(c) 3 United Horsemen.  It’s odd that neither of these individuals come forward with any sort of substantial credentials be they educational or professional yet a handful of misguided cultists follow them as if their word was gospel and what falls from their mouths is 180 degrees out from anything approaching the truth.

Below is a public editorial that one of the cult members publicly posted on the web so as buoy up the spirits of the lost and give them new misinformation to spout to family and friends.  Although one of the better written pieces ever produced by a horse-eater (good grammar, multi-syllable words, no need to delete expletives as in Duquette’s writings and we have the documentation to prove it) it’s list of inaccuracies so incensed the Vice President of the Equine Welfare Alliance, Vicki Tobin, that she attempted to address the nonsense and refute the lies.  Vicki almost made it through the entire piece but ran out of steam as it is difficult to repeat yourself over and over again.  So we have left the remainder of the article for you readers to dissect. (I have neither the time nor the energy to address this as my “Stupid Meter” remains pegged at zero.)

Vicki struggled with changing the new and hip word “processing” back to “slaughtering” but thought better and left it as the original author had written.  Processing sounds so much better than slaughtering, skinning, bleeding out and gutting alive…so much better.  The original article is in blood red, and Vicki’s comments are in a normal color, just like the rest of us.  So have at it while the horse-eaters grasp at straws we embrace the truth.  This is a long one. ~ R.T.


Its long but here is my letter on what I think, Like my dad said good luck getting a news station to touch this with a 10 foot pole but people need to be educated!

My name is Chelsea Schneider, and I have become increasingly concerned about the ongoing debate surrounding the processing of horses in the United States. Horses are truly a majestic and cherished animal which is why this has become a very emotional topic. Unfortunately as with any highly emotional topic the facts are often over shadowed by people’s well-meaning intentions, this is an issue that majority of Americans do know the facts. Main reason they are not horse people. They do not know of the neglect and abandonment of horses, nor do they know of the real number of un-wanted in America per year. Actually, Ms. Schneider, the majority of people against horse slaughter ARE horse owners. We do agree that some people that don’t own horses don’t understand issues of the horse industry and horses. The person at the top of that list would be Sue Wallis. If you are going to say that if you don’t own a horse, you don’t have a clue then apply your faulty logic to those that support slaughter. That means you should dismiss everything Sue Wallis has said. She doesn’t own a horse.

They say 70% of Americans are against Horses processing but do they know what the numbers are? Two valid barometers are the poll in The Horse and Popvox. If you take Popvox, we are pushing 80%. What happens with the UN wanted? What happened to the “unwanted” when slaughter counts dropped from over 400,000 to under 100,000? The thousand’s being shipped to Mexico, under excruciatingly in humane conditions? Were you complaining when the thousands were being shipped to Mexico under excruciating inhumane conditions when the three plants were open? No. They don’t. If Americans were properly educated on the matter they would understand and see why horse processing is necessary. A big media needs to step up on this and educate the majority of Americans on this hot topic. You have horse “processing” now and it is not eliminating neglect so you have already shot down your own argument. Americans are educated and vehemently opposing horse slaughter because killing the victims of over breeding and irresponsible owners does not fix the problem. It’s not fixing it now, it didn’t fix it when the plants were open and it won’t fix it if you reopen a plant.

As you may or may not know there is a war stirring in Louisiana. There over 75 horses at this time that are being seized from a farm. Of the 53 mares on the list, there are only twenty and change alive right now. Of the 20 2011 foals born, only 6 remain and three of those are at risk. The 2011 foal crop seems fairly stable and in better health than anything else on the farm. They removed only five horses from the farm today – five healthy enough to go and with valid paperwork. Not only where there horses taken but dogs as well and many dead. You have slaughter now so how did it prevent this? And up until the MT quarter horse breeder last year that had 700 neglected horses, the largest animal seizure in U.S. history was in 2005, when all three plants were operating. So explain again how slaughter prevents neglect?  Is there a reason you didn’t mention this person was a breeder or that you posted that you want to use a sad situation to your “advantage”?

They are trying to rally enough people to foster them at this time because all surrounding rescue facilities are full. Due to the truth, there are not enough people adopting un-wanted horses. This is a HUGE reason and point as to why horse processing in the United States needs to stay open. The Anti-horse processing group leads people to believe that all horses have homes and that very few are un homed but the truth that’s a bold faced lie. And it is a bold faced lie that slaughter is going to prevent neglect. It actually causes it because many of the neglect cases are horses of people that refused to sell or relinquish their horses for fear they would end up on a slaughter truck. They keep hoping for a change in their financial situation. If this person was a hoarder, it is an illness that horse slaughter will not cure.

Closure of US equine slaughter facilities in 2007 along with the concomitant economic recession have contributed to a sharp increase in the number of unwanted horses throughout the United States, with estimates totaling 100,000 horses per year. The objective of the study was to obtain comprehensive data regarding nonprofit organizations caring for unwanted horses, along with the characteristics and outcome of horses relinquished to these organizations. Once again, your side is throwing out numbers without anything to back them. Your comment would have been correct if you had not only focused on horses and made it appear as if the horse industry was the only impacted industry. Everything in this country has been impacted since the end of 2008, concurrent with the economic disaster that hit the U.S., not the closure of the hell holes. Everyone’s IRA lost value since 2007. Home values decreased since 2007. Long standing businesses went bankrupt since 2007. There has been an increase in abandonment in livestock, dogs and cats as well as horses since 2007. Surely you aren’t blaming that on the closure of the hell holes? It is the economy, plain and simple. It has impacted every business and just about every American. And it all happened since the closure of the plants. When you use that as a baseline, you could equate every woe that has happened to mankind to the closures. The correct baseline is the economic downfall at the end of 2008. Horse prices remained stable until then so to say the horse market collapsed after the closure is false. The prices dropped with the value of everything else at the end of 2008. You can verify this by pulling auction records like we did. Surely you aren’t foolish enough to think the horse market would be impervious to the economy?

What you are seeing right now you would be seeing if the plants were still open. The same number of horses are being slaughtered as when the plants were open. And the same number will be slaughtered IF a plant should open. What you and your buddies fail to acknowledge is that horse slaughter is not a disposal service or a place for “unwanted” horses. It is for food production and the plants are only going to buy the number of horses needed to fill the demand, not the number of available horses. It is simple economics. If you produce more than the demand it doesn’t matter if you have 50 plants. Opening a plant is not going to increase the demand. And when the full food safety regulations kick-in and the market no longer will take them what will you do then? The EU is wise to the falsified EIDs and health affidavits. China doesn’t have a big enough market to financially support a plant and are also looking at implementing EU regs. Russia has already stopped imports of our poultry and pork and they are raised as food animals. They are not going to take animals that are not raised as food. And if you should find some third world country that will buy the tainted meat, you will have to sell at a loss and you can kiss the plant good-bye. It will be bankrupt before the doors open.

Nonprofit organizations that accept relinquished equines were contacted to participate in a 90-question survey. Responding organizations (144 of 326 eligible) in 37 states provided information on 280 cases representative of the 7,990 horses relinquished between 2007 and 2009. Data collected characterized these organizations as being in existence for 6 yrs., financially supported through donations and personal funds, dedicated to the care of only 10 to 20 horses on a property of just over 30 acres, and reliant on volunteers for help. Funding was the greatest challenge to continued operation of nonprofit equine organizations, with maintenance costs for the care of a relinquished horse averaging $3,648 per year. Financial hardship, physical inability, or lack of time to care for the horses by owners were the most common reasons for relinquishment, followed by seizure through law enforcement agencies for alleged neglect or abuse. First, you did not contact all rescues because 326 is not the total number of rescues in this country so your data is already faulty. And second, I don’t know if this was the same survey but when the rescue stated they didn’t have room on their property, the caller hung up. Just because a rescue doesn’t have room on their property, doesn’t mean they can’t take in horses. Most have foster farms and neighbors that will take in animals temporarily until room can be made or work with other rescues. That is not a scientific study. Third, many rescues refused to participate because no matter what they say, you twist the results, as you did here.

Relinquished horses consisted of mostly light horse breeds (79.3%), with Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses as the most represented breeds. The age of relinquished horses ranged from 3 d to 42 yr old (12.4 ± 0.5 yr). About one-half of the horses entered in the survey were considered unhealthy due to illness, injury, lameness, or poor body condition. For every 4 horses relinquished to a nonprofit organization, only 2 horses were adopted or sold between 2006 and 2009, and many organizations had refused to accept additional horses for lack of resources.

The estimated maximum capacity for the 326 eligible registered nonprofit equine rescue facilities of 13,400 is well below the widely published estimate of 100,000 horses that become unwanted in the United States every year. Nonprofit equine rescue and sanctuary facilities have historically played an important role in safeguarding the welfare of horses in society, but funding and capacity are limiting factors to their potential expansion in continuing to care for the current population of unwanted and neglected horses in the United States. (info contained from

As of December 2007, approximately 45,000 horses had been shipped to Mexico, compared to the 11,000 shipped in 2006. That’s a 310% increase in the number of horses shipped to Mexico to be slaughtered for human consumption. People that are Anti slaughter turn their heads to the fact horses are still processed every day. The difference to horses being slaughtered in the US and Mexico (horses also processed in Canada, and other countries) Horses processed in Mexico are under NO regulations. Horses go through unruly beatings, not watered or fed and the worst is the hauling conditions. This is a flat out lie. Our horses go to EU plants that have the same regulations as the plants did in the U.S. Even your Tom Lenz gave a thumbs-up to the Mexican plants so are you now disputing your own supporters’ statements? The problem is they don’t follow the regulations – never have and never will. They didn’t in the US plants and if one of you would pull the government reports and FOIAs before making incorrect statements, you would see the humane violations documented at the plants and the transport violations. That is plural, not singular. Wallis claims a horse was never mistreated at the plants but the reports say otherwise. The investigations say otherwise. Former workers say otherwise. You can make all the statements you want but the facts don’t lie. I have but one of the many FOIAs of the humane violations at Cavel posted on my website. Read them and then tell us how humane and regulated slaughter was in the US plants. Why weren’t you up in arms and protesting when 775,474 horses were exported from 1989-2006? Why now are you concerned but had no concern for those hundreds of thousands of horses? Why weren’t you concerned about the long hauls over the borders and in-country when the plants were open? It’s very simple. You don’t give a damn about the horses. If you did, you would be doing everything in your power to shut down the foreign meat business in our country. It has no place in our country. And you have no business violating the rights of consumers to safe meat. You completely dismiss food safety laws and that speaks volumes of those involved in the horse slaughter trade.

Horses are meant to be hauled in a straight or slant load trailer not a double decker cattle truck. Oh, this has to be the most hysterical comment of all. Are you not aware that Wallis and Duquette and their lemmings oppose the ban on double deckers for horses?  The problem is in order for a Meat buyer to take enough horses to make a buck of break even after gas, etc. they have no choice but to take as many as possible. Yes, the poor kill buyer. Let’s try to drum up some sympathy for mistreating horses. Let’s feel sorry for him and condone abuse and cruelty. This couldn’t make your stance any clearer. It is not about the horses it is about money and if treating horses humanely gets in the way of profits, the horses lose. If it was open in the United States the meat buyers (example*) could drive 50-200 miles down the road they could take a 5-12 horse trailer and properly haul the horses to the processing facilities. If that is the case, please explain to us why horses from Texas feedlots were transported in double-deckers to the plants in Texas? Gas prices were much lower so what was the excuse for using double deckers then? Why are you making excuses for not properly transporting horses? There is no excuse. If you’re going to be in the business then do it right or get the hell out. People debate that the horses will still be improperly hauled and nothing will be done about it. Well this is where the states could gain benefit from tickets being written to meat buyers. *If horses show up improperly hauled what so ever, horse’s show up and are bleeding from transport, etc. they are POPPED and I mean BIG time Fine. You do this to a few buyers and it will be made damn clear horses are properly hauled to facilities. Buyers will pull the “oh he came like that.” Make it mandatory all horses come with pictures of side views, front and rear of what they looked like upon being purchased. Horses are not to be delivered without proof of purchase, pictures, and brand inspection papers (if horse came with them). This would allow making sure horses ARE properly hauled and are not stolen. Excuse me but this is really getting laughable. Are you not aware that the kill buyer runs the transport program? There is NO USDA/APHIS oversight. None. They don’t even have records on the majority of horses. Just read the OIG report. The USDA/APHIS doesn’t even slap the green USDA inspection stickers on the horses – the kill buyer does. The kill buyer determines when they are declared slaughter horses and can get around all the regulations by not declaring them slaughter horses until they reach the final destination just prior to the transport to slaughter. Do you really think that we haven’t thoroughly checked this? If you’d like to understand the non-existent transport program that was all taken out of government reports, here’s a good place to start: If you plan on running this out of the states, who is going to pay for the additional staff in each state? Do you plan on soaking taxpayers for more tax dollars? How are you going to do this when they falsify the paperwork now? Isn’t the meat industry soaking taxpayers enough? Or maybe, you can take a few hundred million that we are already paying so the welfare ranchers can graze their livestock and run their private business on public land.

There is also the debate on the way horses are properly cared for before being processed. People say horses are beating, starved, not watered, fed, etc. The issue with videos of processing posted on YouTube is people went there with an agenda to make processing look in humane. Sorry dear, but when investigations are authenticated by the government, or taken from government reports, they are not an agenda. They are fact. You can ignore them, dismiss them whatever you want, but they are valid and your propaganda will not change that.  The simple fact is all animals are processed the same, But to insure to the people who think it is utterly inhuman there needs to be strict Rules and laws enforced at processing facilities. So what you are saying is that we shouldn’t have humane laws because animals deserve to be treated humanely but to shut everyone up? Be careful, you are starting to reveal your true “agenda”.

Horses are to be kept with same sex (Geldings, mares, studs) to prevent any fighting and un necessary stress on them.

-Horses are to have full Feeders at all time of Good hay (not crappy cattle hay)

-Horses are to have Clean water troths in all Pens (make it 2 so people can’t say some are not getting watered)

-Horses need to have clean pens (pens to be cleaned daily)

There has always been a vet on the premises for all processing facilities. If there are any serious injuries a vet is there. Wrong! We caught Cavel several times without any vet on-site. People are still concerned of what happens behind closed doors? Horses are still in humanly handled. To prevent that there should be recording cameras in very crevice of every facility. Any worker that is to inhumanly handle a horse (striking, whipping for no apparent reason, kicking, etc.) will immediately be released from work. If the Anti’s are still so concerned they can get themselves a job at a processing facility. The problem is that anyone that has an ounce of compassion for animals is not going to work at a slaughter plant. Over 80% of the workers at the US plants were undocumented. Cavel didn’t have one American worker on the kill floor. When you have workers hitting calves in the head with pick-axes and hammers, workers throwing Chickens around like balls, trying to get downer animals that are in agony, up with fork-lifts and prods and on and on, there is something seriously wrong. Cruelty and abuse are inherent with horse slaughter from the moment the horse enters the slaughter pipeline. And when you try to fine them and correct the problems, they take you to court. The only way to fix it is to end it once and for all. BTW-if I recall correctly your fearless leader wanted the plant manager to determine what footage would be released to the public. That way, they could edit out all the atrocities.

The main and BIG issue with not having Horses processing in the United States is there are (as you have read above) not enough homes for horses. People blame the big breeders in the Competitive horse industry. I’m not saying they have nothing to do with it because they do but the majority of horses that fall into the unwanted category are horses that have no papers, may have papers but are wrongfully breed, etc. As we call “backyard breeders” are the main issue to unwanted, neglected and abused horses. They take a horse with already a low or in most situations a horse of no $ value and breed it to another horse of low of no Value you get a foal with low or no value. Your “general” horse people are backyard people meaning: they do not compete at all or at any high level, they trail ride, 4-h, pony clubs, etc. there horses to them are pets/companions. They don’t see when they take their low value horse (because to them they are worth their weight in gold) and breed it for a “cute” baby that the baby does grow up. Most of the time they are sold, traded and left, and again are re breed creating another no value horse. This multiplies every year with people just being un educated. So the answer is to slaughter the victims and keep slaughtering them year after year. And this is a good plan?

I’m going to stop here because I can’t read any more of this propaganda. I scanned the rest and there is something down a few paragraphs where she is saying our traditional food sources aren’t safe (bet our food producers are just going to love that one) and that horses are the most safe to consume. I guess cancer is just a nasty little side effect.

Feel free to continue to read and if you’d like to rebut the rest of this garbage, I’m sure RT will give you equal time.

People don’t like to see their horses as having a $$$ Value but the truth is they do. Plain and simply everything has a market value. Even if you do not plan on selling him/her, at times it happens and you must. That horse will have a realistic value. Horses this year at the Hermiston, Or sale (a Ranch horse sale) there were over 400 horses that either sold for under $15 or had no bids. People don’t see the harm in breeding back yard horses. They see it as I will never sell it or let it end up in a bad place. Well when it comes to reality you cannot always control that. That is why there are 100,000+ horses un-wanted every year, But only est. 13,400 get a new home.

It has now come to the point that there is not even enough room for rescue facilities to take in anymore un-wanted horses. People are turning their horses loose into the wild (horses that have lived in captivity do not know how to survive in the wild, they starve and die slowly). Horses are tied to people’s trailers at sales, shows and people out hunting come back to horses tied to their trailers. People turn their Horses out into other people’s fields because there are some horses out there. People move and just leave them. People ties them to trees, you name it people find another way to get rid of them. People say “AH well, they can euthanize them.” Yup your right that is an option. At the same time it cost min $200- 600 (depending on your location, vet having to come to you, farm call, etc.) After you have put the horse down you now half to pay for a rendering company to remove of the horse cost min $200-1200(horses cannot be buried after being euthanized due to toxin’s affecting the ground). For someone who already cannot afford a horse cannot give it away for free, a rescue won’t take it, won’t sell threw a sale, etc. What on earth do you think they are going to do with it? They cannot afford to just have it put down. People need the option to have their horses processed, with this horses wouldn’t be left, starved and tied to others trailers. People who are in need of money and forced to part with their horse could then get some money to feed their families. They would then be paid to give up their horses.

Horses processing has been something in place for long. Well before it became a big save the horse issue. In the War people ate their horses. In some countries horse is a main meal course. People throw the “well they are vaccinated and are given butte” well your right they are. But so are Cows, Goats, Sheep and Chickens. Along with a lot of other animals that are processed and eaten on a daily basis. Chicken for example that we all know is pumped full of toxins not good for human consumption but American’s eat it every day. You get the “OH well I grow my own chicken and beef” Yes Okay well MOST American’s buy it from the store. Refer to bottom of letter for facts on what is in Chicken, Cow, Goat, Sheep and Pig, along with some other interesting things!)

Horses, Cows, Sheep, Goats, Pigs and Chickens are all vaccinated with things that people are not supposed to consume. Horses are also the healthiest of all to eat. Horse meat consumption has been growing rapidly for the last several years in France, and is common in several other cultures including Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. In Japan, you can even get horse sushi.

Horse meat vs. Strip steak: According to Nutrition Data, the strip steak has slightly fewer calories than horse (117 vs 133 calories per 100 grams), though this is obviously not be true for all cuts of beef. Sirloin, for example, contains 142 calories. The meats also have very similar amounts of fat, cholesterol and protein when lean cuts are compared. Where the meats really differ is iron concentration, with horse meat having double the iron (21% vs 10% DV) that beef contains. It is not surprising that a more athletic animal has more iron, but the magnitude of the difference is striking. Horse meat also contains substantially more vitamin B12 (50% vs 21% DV), but less B6, niacin and folate. But what’s truly impressive is the omega-3 fatty acid concentration in horse meat, which contains 360 mg (per 100 grams) compared to just 21 mg in strip steak. Omega-3s are essential fatty acids that need to be obtained from your diet. They are thought to be helpful in fighting against heart disease, stroke and neurodegeneration. Compared to lean beef, horse meat appears to have some nutritional advantages. (info via:

The top eight countries consume about 4.7 million horses a year. For the majority of mankind’s early existence, wild horses were hunted as a source of protein. It is slightly sweet, tender, low in fat and high in protein. (via:

As I’m sure you can do the math yourself the horses being adopted is a very low number. It’s a great thing to try and re home them but there are not enough homes. Horse Owners who are put in the position of no money along with having to sell, give away, or try to find a rescue facility need to have the choice of taking their animals to be processed. They say horses are companions and shouldn’t be eaten. People love them and show them. Well then the same goes for cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, rabbit, and chickens they are all shown in 4-H at fairs. There are Cattle associations where people raise show cattle but guess what they still eat cow. Why? Because they are livestock, Horses are also livestock. A 900-1700LBS animal is not a house hold pet it is an outside animal on a farm or ranch its livestock. People in other countries even eat fito and fluffy on a daily basis.

The simple fact is there are too many horses to get them all a home, people complain that good useful horses go to slaughter and your right they do. People take horses off the track to slaughter or young horses. Why? Most race horses are too high strung for your average horse owner. They are not trail horses they are not a kid’s horse, yes sure I bet a few have become that but most no they will hurt someone. Most the time they have some form of injury, also they don’t want some “general” horse person to get them. Then they end up starved, abandoned, turned loose, etc., It better for them to be used for a better good and be processed. Young horse’s also go, why? Once again no room, not trained, they are poorly bred, horrible conformation, injured, sick and most often too dangerous for people to even deal with.

I hope you understand why this is so important to educate people. It is a highly emotional and touchy area. If we could give them all homes rescue places wouldn’t be over flowing with horses. People wouldn’t be turning them out, starving them, neglecting them, taking them to sales and tying them to people’s trailers. It is a need in this country as it is in other countries. We have Dog and Cat shelters that are kill shelters. Reason there are to many and not enough homes. This is the best and only option to help control the population along with having quality not quantity.

– Chelsea Schneider

ADITIONAL INFORMATION ON CATTLE, CHICKENS, PIGS, GOATS AND SHEEP. Also some interesting facts on a few outside meat items.

-Chickens: are full of antibiotics, added hormones, pesticides and herbicides, nitrites and nitrates, steroids, additives and chemicals. Feed for raising chickens contains arsenic to stimulate growth, increase egg-production and give the chicken a yellowed skin. Aluminum compounds are added to baking powder, aspirin, antacids, beer, table salt and antiperspirants. It also leaches into our food and water through cookware, soft drink cans and aluminum foil. It has been discovered in high concentrations in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients and is suspected in contributing to this most hideous disease. (

Here is a thing on Boycott Tyson Chicken: (Because people say its Inhuman yet we eat it) Tyson is the largest chicken company in the US. Doesn’t all that meat taste so good? Of course, but the company is keeping a huge secret from us. It’s how that little baby chick gets to you in less that 50 days.Tyson Chicken Facts – they need to write this on all of their packaging.1. Our chickens have never seen the daylight!2. Our chickens are so full of hormones that they can’t walk more than a few feet, then take a rest – cause they are so fat’n’juicy! 3. Our chickens have their beaks snapped off so they won’t harm other chickens, that’s why our chickens are so fresh!4. Our chickens loved to get kicked, shoved, and thrown against the wall by our wonderful employees! 5. Our chickens get broken wings when they are on the truck, to get to YOU! 6. Our chickens don’t have antibiotics because they’re illegal Now do you see why 100% Natural doesn’t mean a thing? Tyson forces the farmers to use a 42 by 400 feet indoor pen with no windows. That much space for 24,000 hens, so each chicken gets .7 square feet of space.

-Cows: Steroid hormones are usually released into the animal from a pellet (ear implant) that is put under the skin of the ear. The ears of the animals are thrown away at slaughter. Improper use of pellet implants in other parts of the animal can result in higher levels of hormone residues to remain in the edible meat. Federal regulations prohibit their use in this manner. Melengestrol acetate is also available in a form that can be added to animal feed. Dairy cattle may be injected under the skin with rbGH. This hormone is available in packages of single dose injections to reduce chances of accidental overdose.

Dietary animal fats are found in beef, pork, lamb & ham, all dairy products. It promotes and probably initiates carcinogenesis, and weakens the immune system. It increases bile acids and bile steroids and it also significantly increases the number of colonic anaerobic bacteria, which then form carcinogens from bile acids. Certain bacterial enzymes are induced by beef for its digestion. These same enzymes can change co-carcinogens into carcinogens. (info via:

-Goats: the only universally recommended vaccine for sheep and goats is CD-T. CD-T toxoid provides three-way protection against enterotoxemia (overeating disease) caused by Clostridium perfringins types C and D and tetanus (lockjaw) caused by Clostridium tetani. Seven and 8-way combination vaccines for additional clostridial diseases such as blackleg and malignant edema are available, but generally not necessary for small ruminants. (info via:

-Pigs: Certain amino acids in proteins can strongly stimulate the growth of cancers. Arginine and methionine are the main culprits. The strongest evidence is with methionine. And the major sources of methionine are meats (especially pork).

-Sheep: the only universally recommended vaccine for sheep and goats is CD-T. CD-T toxoid provides three-way protection against enterotoxemia (overeating disease) caused by Clostridium perfringins types C and D and tetanus (lockjaw) caused by Clostridium tetani. Seven and 8-way combination vaccines for additional clostridial diseases such as blackleg and malignant edema are available, but generally not necessary for small ruminants. (info via:

EVEN BETTER non Meat products that you know we all eat on a regular basis:

Potatoes may seem untouched by chemicals but because of their bad habit of sprouting, they are coated with the chemical inhibitor, maleic hydrazide, which has resulted in cancer in laboratory animals.

Ice cream producers use propylene glycol, the same substance in antifreeze and paint remover. Carboxymethylcellulose is a stabilizer, used in ice cream, salad dressing, cheese spreads and chocolate milk. It has produced tumors in 80% of rats injected. Yet, the FDA flatly denies it as a carcinogen, for the reason that when it was given to the rats orally, it didn’t cause cancer.

For 50 years, producers have added brominated oils to bottled fruit juice to maintain a look of freshness—even after 6 months of storage. Unfortunately, brominated oils have side effects. They produce changes in heart tissue, enlargement of the thyroid, kidney damage, decrease in liver metabolism and cause withered testicles. Canada, Holland, and Germany have banned brominated oils in the production of bottled drinks, yet they can still be imported from other countries.

EARTH ADDITIVES The Great Lakes is the largest body of fresh water in the world. A global treasure. People living by the Great Lakes have at least 30 contaminants stored in their body fat such as mercury, dioxin, and PCBs. According to Dr. Andrew Gilman, Manager of the Great Lakes Health Effects Center, health problems from contaminants around the lakes are affecting some residents. The most susceptible to these poisons are the elderly, new-born, children, fetuses and those in ill health. Women who drink water from the Great Lakes had a significantly higher rate of mouth and thyroid cancer.

I know what you’re thinking. How can all this be true, in light of the fact that many seem to live in generally, good health? I mean, if everything that we eat, drink and breathe are loaded with poisons, how can the world be full of seemingly healthy people? It would be appropriate right now to bow your head in humility and awe at the wondrous body that God has created for you. Truly, it seems able to endure overwhelmingly hostile conditions and still survive. But God’s best is not survival, only keeping one step ahead of illness. He wants you to experience the fullness of all His blessings, physical and spiritual. Everything which God makes sparkles with Life.

Info via: (

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    • A considerable amount of thebeginning of the post was taken right from the “Journal of Animal Science.”With no quote marks. Here is their mission in life accurately quoted from their “Home ” site.
      The mission of the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) is to foster communication and collaboration among individuals and organizations associated with animal science research, education, industry, or administration “To discover, disseminate, and apply knowledge for sustainable use of animals for food and other human needs”. The Journal of Animal Science (JAS), which is published monthly by ASAS, accepts manuscripts presenting information for publication with this mission in mind.




    • Also while she was ranting about how many horses rescues can take in, she forgot (or maybe Sue never told her), that hundreds of equines are adopted out privately without EVER reaching a rescue…so those numbers are inaccurate because they only take into acct rescue situations….


      • Your right there! I have a friend who helps place PMU’s and she is not a rescue. There is a network of friends that help place horses. We are now trying to place 13 untrained Arabs from Wisconsin. They aren’t in a rescue. That’s what I’ve been saying. If you want to find a place for your horse you can find it. It might take some time but it will happen. Especially if you have a hard luck story. So of course the horse haters are full of it with all the “unwanted” horses. If given the chance we can find homes for many of the horses going to slaughter.


  3. I have a question. While I’ve heard in several places that Sue Wallis does not own a horse. I’ve also seen her identify herself as “In the horse business.” What kind of horse business?


      • Nailed it again, Vicki, not to mention the disinformatin campaign.

        No one person could possibly have written this article. Trying to read this is sheer torture. This was most likely written by a quasi-sophisticated adult trying to appear like a semi-literate teenager or young adult. name did not become popular until the mid to late 80’s, and oddly enough has Brittish origins. It was probably written with few grammatical errors, i.e. mechanics, subject-verb agreement, verb-tense-time sense, but vocabulary is not consistent with the type and level of grammatical errors.

        Really brings to mind the title of a play, “She Stoops to Conquer”. How low will she go?


  4. Wow! The author sure had a lot of time to waste! I decided I didn’t have enough time to waste to read it all. I’m betting that she is a victim of “chatterbox sydrome”, and people have stopped listening to her insane babbling, she decided to write it.
    I always wonder if these Pro-Slaughter people would be willing to eat, and feed their own children USA’s tainted horse meat.


  5. There are so many bold face lies in this that it is beyond me to even answer right now. My blood pressure is through the roof. I can see why Vicki stopped. I will have to sit back, pull up the facts and rip this apart a bit at a time. My stomach can only hold so much of their vile lies without reacting to be physically ill. The lengths that these folks go to make a buck off the tax payers backs and the agony to our horses, never ceases to amaze me. I wonder how much good the money they make at our tax paying expense and the lives of our equine, will do them say ten or twenty years down the road when they are suffering with bute induced cancers, auto immune disorders, etc. I only pray that their innocent children do not become a sufferer of their greed.


  6. Oh, Vicki, Bless your heart, you made it much farther than I did before I wanted to start beating my head against that brick and expecting a different result, which is much of what we are up against when we are dealing with the “pro”-slaughter group…I use “pro” lightly…they are not professional in any way, shape or form, I almost feel like calling them “pro” boosts their egos a little maybe we should be calling them the “for slaughter” group instead. I am proud to say that I share my life with a rescue horse, I don’t feel as if i own her because she is not my property per say she is a living, breathing and feeling animal who can sense my mood better than my spouse most days. And if anyone knows don’t handle a horse when your angry because they will either give you something else to be mad about or they will slap you back to reality with some sort of attitude, mine will lock her legs and not move if she even lets me get a halter on her if she senses that I am pissy…she’s a pretty smart girl for a “dumb” animal that is just considered livestock and someone’s property. This girl whoever she is and where ever she came from must just “sparkle with life” so much that her sense of reality is a bit skewed maybe then again she’s just drank too much water from the Great Lakes and not enough potatoes…I’m just not sure where she was headed with this letter but it veered completely off track and crashed and burned…WOWSA!!!!


    • I’m thinking she was off her “meds” when she wrote this and was in her “manic” state. If the Horse Eaters want to enlist assistance of marketing their craziness they sure signed up the right girl for the job on this one!!! If they are trying to portray professionalism and educated view points, they might want to consider going after this girl armed with many rolls of duct tape because that will be the ONLY way to shut her up. She’s probably giggling to herself thinking that I’m the idiot because I didn’t spell it “duck tape”…well we will let her have that one maybe she find it so humerous it will deflect her from creating another novel of mind numbing ramblings…The conductor of the Crazy Train is calling you better hop aboard before it leaves you at the Stupid Station!!!!


  7. Well, if this is an improvement on using the English language to convey ideas, the other pieces written must be abysmal. The woman shows errors of spelling, syntax, split infinitives, and ridiculous non sequiturs.
    What a mess!


  8. O.K. Just really made me sit back and think for a minute,………..How freaking stupid can a small group of people be. I now know that you can’t fix stupid! I went to an agricultural school and our animals were raised for food. None of the livestock was fed bute, had vaccines or any drugs. Those that needed antibiotics were then separated from the rest as not to be sent out to be processed until safe. This person makes me feel pity for their ignorance. Another thing…..Back yard breeders do not help.. you are right….but they are not the biggest contributors, TB, QH, Appy, they are the worst offenders! They are the one to breed 50-100 mares in 1 season and are happy if they sell a handful at top price! They consider the rest as cull and excess to be auctioned like cattle to cover stud fees. This is IRRESPONSIBLE!!!! Many rescues are doing well. I know of 3 personally all in different parts of the country and just one in 2011 adopted out or placed 60! Thats right 60! with the capacity of only 14 at their facility. So for all you with a warped thought of what to do with the horses in this country……Just wait long enough and you will find that the horses just haven’t found their person yet, but with enough exposure and the tools we have now to get them seen, Its only a matter of a short time they find their person. Some I have seen taken in and adopted in just a few weeks. Don’t tell me it can’t be done! We will prove you wrong and so will they (the Horses). PS…..If you want to eat horse meat and die of cancer then go to another country!


  9. Blood-crazed morlocks will say anything and make any claim to satisfy their insane thirst for flesh. The sad, pathetic TRUTH is that not one human on face of the planet must consume flesh to survive and thrive. Not one. It’s all selfish bad habits, destroying the earth. It’s a war on other species under the guise of “gourmet dining” and “feeding people.” All lies. All exposed.


  10. Wish someone would make these horse eaters explain exactly how they arrive at the “100,000 unwanted horses per year” number. Strange that it is just under the number that are slaughtered. Do they take a survey of all the horses on an annual basis? Maybe during the annual Coggin’s test? “As a horse, do you feel unwanted this year?”


  11. In addition to having no problems with horse slaughter, Chelsea evidently doesn’t have any problems with plagiarism either.

    While the manifesto has a couple of hyperlinks to cut and pasted material, there is a glaring omission of attributive tags or citations for a passage she has written as if it’s her own…

    (hint: most people don’t use the word “concomitant”, let alone know what it means…)


    • She actually took concomitant from the farce of a paper in the first link she posted. One of the authors was Carolyn Stull – enough said! She is rabid pro slaughter and I believe was the person that from UC Davis that testified when CA was trying to pass the ban and said abuse and neglect would rise and, of course, the exact opposite occurred.

      While I was looking for Stull’s comments I came across this from 2007. I think you’ll all enjoy it because not much has changed and John nails them.


      • A lot of Chelsea’s writing was copy and paste from other articles. She must have a whole library of garbage bookmarked.

        Good job Vicki. I quit reading and started skimming before you did. Just too much stupid for one day.


  12. Chelsea Schneider…. The next time you decide to write a short, er…medium……OK, excruciatingly long story and proclaim it the truth, make sure to do your research first and supply footnotes. If you had done that it would have been a lot shorter and easier to get through. Because there is No factual basis for anything you argue.


  13. No to horse slaughter! NO to opening horse slaughter plants in the USA the American people have voted and the answer is NO TO HORSE SLAUGHTER. Horses are beautiful animals and are companions and buddies and they certainly deserve to live their life!!


  14. Speaking of GOD, he said NOT to EAT HORSES! I get so tired of hearing how healthy horse meat is. There are medical reasons a person would not want to consume a meat with so much iron in it. My family alone happens to have two different conditions in which it could cause death and that is not counting the toxins, just the iron. The whole read is a bunch of hooey! Interesting it is, the kind of character the people from the evil side are. You don’t even have to read between the lines to figure them out!


  15. Hmmmm “horses can’t be buried after being euthanized due to toxins affecting the ground”–well duh–so now Chelsea would “process” the animal and put those toxins on the dinner table and into the waste water of the plant? Thanks Vicki–I don’t know how you got as far as you did. Obama’s auto-pen has unwittingly revealed a whole hidden strata of warped science fiction writers.


  16. Great job Vicki…I see a person totally brainwashed and so misinformed. Its obvious this misguided person has not lived in a state where these plants once operated. I stopped reading the article because its filled with so many untruths and misinformation. Its apparent she lacks total knowledge of the slaughter pipeline. Again, this person is not very educated about this subject. I have been a horse owner for over 32 years and would never end my horse’s life in this manner. In fact, the horse I have now was one day from the slaughter pipeline. I guess time was on his side because I convinced the owner to sell him to me before the “Killer Buyer” could make the purchase. He is a well bred horse, but that doesn’t matter..None of the horses ask to be born. It is up to all horse owners to be responsible. This person has no clue about the number of horses that are stolen to make quotas. Very sad, very misinformed. God bless those of us who continue to fight for the freedom and the right to keep our magnificent horses alive. And yes, it is a matter of time before a horse is matched with right owner. People care for our horses – Did anyone see the news about Wally, the Wal-Mart horse? He was left at a Wal-Mart store somewhere in Ohio by an Amish gal. He now is with a rescue. I wonder if the family’s plan was to send him down the tubes and she took him to a place of safety.. I don’t know if Wal-Mart would have been my choice…but from the news story, the people that found him cared enough to make sure he was safe.


  17. I would like to invite Chelsy (oh I’m sorry did I just spell her name wrong? Doh!) to Oklahoma where we have some fabulous equine rescues! They are continuing to take in horses and take GREAT care of them. The folks here (like thousands of well run rescues across our country) are smart and resourceful. As in years past and currently, they have already put funds towards 900 acres of quality hay for a community hay bank to be shared with other rescues. We work together here for THE HORSES.

    We also do great work with certified quality built rain barrels here to collect water off barn rooftops during heavy rains. The rain water is then filtered by a professionally installed certified mechanism so the water is safe for both horses and humans.

    In the midwest we were hit especially hard with over 45 days of 100 PLUS degrees last summer. But Oklahoma has it’s extremes and so we prepare so the horses under our care never suffer. When we do things right from the get go…we can take on more responsibilities and help horses that need us. Horses that want to live and are capable of continuing to live a happy productive life.

    Vicki (and all normal aware people) has it right on the whole pie being affected by an over hungry economy with no digestive system to handle it. Example: I volunteer weekly at my local Humane Society Adoption Center and all donations and programs have suffered since late 2008. Shelters in the southeast also had a HUGE influx of dogs and cats (surrendered by owners) after the horrible Gulf Oil disaster by BP in Gulf of Mexico.

    As to slaughter plants being closed increasing abuse and neglect? The psychology of folks who would neglect or abuse their horses will DO SO REGARDLESS of the economy or plants in the States being open or not.

    My Dad is a veterinarian and no matter the economic climate, no matter how many veterinarians there are, or shelters, or adoption centers, or bill boards or handouts to educate the public…abuse and neglect continue due to the state of mind of the person doing the abusing and neglecting.

    And yes…where were ALL the pro horse eaters before 2007? Why were they not protesting the shipping to Mexico and Canada then? Why were they not protesting double decker trailers then? Why were they not working on slowing the breeding and dumping then? Why were they not posting their own YouTube videos of the horrifying aspects of slaughter in Mexico and yes, Canada?

    Why? Because they don’t care or they don’t want to admit to using slaughter as a dumping ground. So they don’t bring light to where it is needed the most.

    99% of race horses that are dumped at auctions are NOT lame, ill, or too high strung to be reconditioned for another career with a loving human partner. Just recently a great, great grandson of Secretariat was rescued from an auction. When I say rescued….the rescue network out bid the kill buyer bidding on him. After checking for a race tattoo and finding one, they traced him back to the CEO of MGM!

    The man was notified and came forward apologizing, saying he had “told his trainer to always find good homes for all his horses after racing”. He said he would never let this happen again to one of his horses. This horse had won over $100,000 for his “owner”. The video records from races showed him slowing down (not winning as much) and low and behold off he went to a local kill buyer auction. No injuries and never lame….just too slow for being in the money. Right…so let’s slaughter you. Nothing personal right?

    Yep it’s true…factory farming is definitely contributing to major pollution, human disease, untold animal cruelty and suffering, and major environmental violations. Have you watched “River of Waste” Yet? YIKES!

    So..yeah…okay…let’s add another meat industry to the heap?

    The horse meat eaters talk about not wasting the dead body, the protein, the food source.

    Folks! More than half of the grain grown in this country is to feed cattle!! Think how that grain could be used to feed the poor here and around the world? But of course that would make for a better world where we actually share with other humans, and not just for profit. We wouldn’t want that now would we?

    “Whenever people say “we mustn’t be sentimental,” you can take it they are about to do something cruel. And if they add, “we must be realistic.” they mean they are going to make money out of it.” – Brigid Brophy

    “The man who kills the animals today, is the man who kills the people who get in his way tomorrow.” – Dr. Diane Fossey


  18. Sue Wallis, and David Duquette, Are these people for real??? Sadly yes . But they are not like us. They can not be. They have NO SOUL, they don’t know the meaning of COMPASSION, they have NO RESPECT for life, They are UNCIVILIZED, they are CRUEL . I pity the Horses. Those Beautiful majestic Animals. ” THE WILD HORSES”. Who are beeing chased of the land, THEIR land, given to them long time ago. They are proud to be part of the American History . And NOW!!!!. Evil sets in, with people like Sue Wallis, like David Duquette, like the BLM. Its so HORRIBLE, what is beeing done to those Horses. And then ????? Beeing PROCESSED, that means “SLAUGHTERED”, , in the most INHUMANE way?!!!!!! I saw a picture of a truck, the backdoor was already closed, but a HOOF was sticking OUT!!! Can you imagine. the pain of that poor Horse???? On his way to be SLAUGHTERED? My heart cries for them. Can’t we do more? Go with 10000’s of us, and sit at all the entrances, to put a stop to this insane cruelty. The BLM and their crew are like the Nazzis [ in world war two.], to take and slaughter inocent creatures.. This HAS to STOP, “NOW” Solvejg P. Zaferes. ,


  19. Chelsea Schneider has made so many ridiculous statements such as “if your against slaughter you better be vegetarian other wise your a hypocrite”. I’ve gotten so sick of her. I can’t thank you enough for doing this RT Fitch and Vicki Tobin!! Way to go!!!


  20. I saw a news article about the banned being lifted, and I made a comment about it, and said if I was the President of the United States, I would ban horse slaughter. I am not a horse owner, but I do have friends, a great uncle and a cousin who owned horses. I even rode them as well. The woman in this article do not understand. Even people who do not understand about owning horses, they do know that horses are also considered as pets as well. They are companions just like dogs, cats and so forth. No matter what animal that you raised from a young new born, there are much loved and care into raising and caring. There is a special bonding between humans and the animals. People like me who do not own horses do understand more about this than other people believe. We do not want to see our pets like dogs and cats wind up on someone else’s dinner table.And for the person David Duquette? I was friends with him on Facebook, and he started in on me over this issue, and I told him off that about the special bonding between humans and their pets including the bonding between a human and their horses. All these people only care is that there is money involved since it is mostly from China and the Asia countries are making these demands. And the article I read and all that, it seems that the main buyers are China.


  21. I hate stupid people. The person above is just another puppett that drinks the poison coolaid that Slaughter House Sue spews from her filthy disgusting mouth. It isn’t over! You see it isn’t about greed for the advocates and horse owners it is pure love and you can’t stop that. The horses and the advocates love is felt deep within our hearts and souls. Go spout some where else. Talk to the door or the chair because this advocate isn’t waisting any more time and energy.


    • Debra, if you are talking about me in your post? You got me wrong. I am against people eating horses, and the slaughter of them for it. I mentioned that bonding is another word for the love between man and horse like the love that we share with dogs and cats. I think this Sue person calling me and others who do not own horses as uneducated. It seems that I am more educated than these stupid people who believe that horses should be slaughtered for others to eat. I got into David Duquette on Facebook over the banned that was lifted. These types of people make me sick who thinks that eating horses are okay and that slaughtering them. The issue is not that the horses are being abused or everything. It has to do with greedy people who raise prices on feed and all that that some of these horses do get to the way they are at. Horses should not be slaghtered period, and that is my stance. I am pro-life for horses.


  22. So let me guess this straight, the slaughter crowd believes horses *must* be slaughtered because there are too many of them? And this author believes that this is caused by backyard breeders? Huh! This chick is whacked! Totally glosses over the huge farms/breeders producing hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of horses.
    This cracks me up “but the majority of horses that fall into the unwanted category are horses that have no papers, may have papers but are wrongfully breed, etc. As we call “backyard breeders” are the main issue to unwanted, neglected and abused horses”!
    What hole did this person come from?


  23. WHOOO HOOOO Congratulations you people officially have no life! really this is what you do in your spare time? take other peoples papers and try to tear them apart?? Please attack me some more I love that you humor me! 🙂


    • Thank you, kindly, Chelsea, for the plug and link over on the United (Horse-Eater) Horseman Facebook page. With any luck one of the folks will head over here and actually pull their head out Duquette’s backside and learn something. If we only save one, we have done our job for the day. Feel free to jump up and down and giggle but if you haven’t noticed, there are more horse people, here, commenting that you have on your entire, inhumane, cult page. May you gag on your own stupidity and self-centeredness.

      By the way, most folks here have more than a six grade education and really own horses so be on your toes.


    • From Chelsea on Facebook (below)…evidently she does not know that everything the Horse-Eaters post on their United Horse-Killer page is public, no leak, just out and out public fodder for the whole world to see, your employer to see, your parents to see and maybe even your Clergyman to see…it’s all out there. Note, the poor kid’s spelling doesn’t improve even when it is pointed out. I guess she doesn’t get that free spell-check thing on Facebook!

      “Well we have a leak ummmm somewhere lol They made a web site thing on my letter! its little funny to read there complaints seems that non are of any logic mainly that I have Improper Grammar OOOPPPSSS sorry I spent my life on the back of a horse showing and training last time I checked my horse doesn’t grade my writing skills lol” tehe, giggle, giggle, ain’t I so cute and dumb. Now, let’s go eat some horses.

      Horse Eater Attempts to Justify Slaughtering Companion Animals
      Commentary by Vicki Tobin and R.T. Fitch Dimwitted Rambling Is More Than Most Can Bear As the Pro-Horse movement becomes more mainstream and expands the awareness of the public through billboards…”


      • Wow, LOL, you couldn’t make better stuff up!

        The good news for her (and us) is she seems to have all the qualifications (or lack thereof) to be a UH spokesperson.


    • Chelsea, we weren’t tearing apart your paper. We were pointing out all the false information and inaccuracies. When you want to have a paper published or use it to support a stance, it is wise to use facts, not hearsay, anecdotal quotes or information that cannot be sourced. While your buddies are having a good time name calling, they haven’t disputed the information. And that’s because we have government reports and solid sources to back what we said.

      As an example, when your leader makes a statement like “no horse has ever been mistreated at a plant” and you keep repeating it, you look foolish. All you have to do is pull FOIAs and GAO reports. If you are going to praise the GAO for their last report then don’t ignore or dismiss the report on slaughter plants or the report that blamed the range damage on livestock, not wild horses. Don’t repeat false statements like Wallis told you that residues have never been found in horses when the EU has recent reports that did indeed reveal banned substances in US horses. Don’t say there will be humane and regulated horse slaughter because there is no such thing. They couldn’t accomplish that in the US plants, the Canadian plants or the Mexican plants because it is unattainable. The fact that your group wants to make undercover investigations illegal speaks volumes. What are you trying to hide?

      We didn’t critique the grammar, it is what you said, not how you said it. Be pro slaughter but at least have facts when you try to prove a point.


  24. Just as an FYI to everyone, we will call out these horse killers when they spout lies and BS every way and every time they try to deceive the public…they have met their match with the new, enlightened American public and we are not going to stand for the cult worshiping brainwashing that they pull on the mentally weak and emotionally challenged. Enough is enough…


  25. You cannot fix ignorant, stupid, amoral individuals. Her claim to fame is that she displays all three characteristics in her mad rantings. I am just plain sick of the morons. They are simply uneducated idiots claiming to be some sort of experts on horses. The issue of horse slaughter is an ethical issue not an issue of animal husbandry. It is morally unacceptable, from the perspective of utlitarian and deontological ethics to slaughter horses… A just nation does not slaughter its horses….


  26. My head is spinning having read most of the drivel… The thinking of this pro-slaughter person is illogical, and skewed in my opinion. Just how do they connect the so-called dots and end up with major holes in the process? ~AND believe the rest of us will buy it? Just bang head here….


  27. How can someone be so desperate to kill and get paid for it that they spew a basically, un-readable, incoherent, 2nd grade page of trash like this? Really? Who needs the slaughter money that badly that they make themselves look this stupid?

    What a low life, un compassionate, follow the leader piece of trash this ‘person’ is. It is terrifying to see how the number of uneducated masses has spread in the last several years. Never have the intelligence to actually research and find out the truth for themselves, but follow their lowlife leaders. Sickening and sad at the same time. Yuck, and they choose the classless, non horse owning, emotionally unstable, backwoods hick like Wallis as their leader. Sickening.


  28. And don’t forget Pfizer. One of our readers (Beverly Levitt?) posted this a while back

    …..Pfizer has dumped millions into lobbying and campaign donations to our Senate and Congressmen. From 2002 through present reports Pfizer has donated to Senators and Congress non pac and pac as follows :Results 1–100 of 4,680 contributions totaling $6,167,842 for election cycles 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012. Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics. That does not include lobbying, greasing palms and subsidiaries they may have hidden more under. Scary eh? National Cattlemen’s Association who says if slaughter comes back they will farm horses :Results 1–100 of 1,262 contributions totaling $1,322,106 for election cycles 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012. Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics. AQHA :Results 1–13 of 13 contributions totaling $7,100 for election cycles 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012. Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics. Veterinarians and AVMA consultants of which the majority was donated from 2006 forward ; Results 1–15 of 15 contributions totaling $9,900 for election cycles 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012. Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics. Meat proccessors and Packers : Results 1–100 of 4,024 contributions totaling $4,524,117 for election cycles 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012. Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics Horse Breeders of which when you scroll through the 9 pages you see over and over thoroughbred and quarter horse: The majority donated from 2006 forward: Results 1–100 of 1,176 contributions totaling $1,086,638 for election cycles 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012. Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics. You get the picture……I could go on all night.


    • Correct statistics Louie all gotten from and if you narrow the research on Pfizer it was in a shorter term than I first posted. Sickening that our boys we pay in DC are bought and paid for 😦


  29. Tuesday’s Horse
    Posted on Jan 5, 2012by Vivian Grant
    Followers of the Int’l Fund for Horses and readers of Tuesday’s Horse are aware of the Premarin® family of drugs, how they are made, and the deadly consequences for the horses used for it.
    There has been a major reduction in North American ranches milking pregnant mares for their urine for these despicable pharmaceuticals, but not in the sales of the drugs. So somewhere, mares are being abused and foals mercilessly killed to make them, and at high levels. We will not forget these horses.
    Alexandra Gritta, President of Charity Book Series, Inc. has produced a video called Premarin® and Horse Slaughter – The Ugly Truth Behind the Label.
    Please watch and take action on behalf of the horses and humans impacted by the making of this hideous drug.
    Premarin® and Horse Slaughter – The Ugly Truth Behind the Label


  30. Oh, clueless, lying Chelsea. Someday when you decide to become educated by people who do their research and know the facts, then maybe they will take you and your little ramblings/fairytales seriously. It was nice for a ‘roll of the eyes’ or 2, but it would have been nice to see you at least try to make up something new to validate your passion for dead horses… didn’t even manage to do that. See, most of us are okay with taking the money and time to feed and take care of our animals, so what you say is nothing more than gibberish from those who would sell anything or anyone for a buck.

    We have already proven everything in your little story false, ask Wallis itself. First it tried to use the unwanted horse myth, proven false…..then the hungry starving people in the world, again wrong, economy and wandering skeleton horses and over abundance of buzzards…uh, not close… it tries with the ‘personal property’ issue. When this one is struck down, it will try another fabricated excuse to kill. Most of us (the 70%+ against slaughter) have real careers, real lives and real passion. We don’t have to rely on letting animals constantly have sex in our back yards with the hopes that the new baby will be the million dollar horse…..only to kill the ones that aren’t so we don’t have to pay to feed them.

    It is people like you who can put a price on a baby’s life like that and try to justify it with more lies that make this world a sick and sad place for people like us. Keep feeding your delusional, worthless self those lies and think that those around you actually like what they see and I have a bridge to sell you. I pity you and I pity any animal or child that comes within 5 miles of someone like you. FYI…….There is a strong connection between animal abuse and child abuse.


  31. I quit reading this, too, after the second paragraph. WHO wrote this? A fifth grader? My goodness! She obviously doesn’t know how to spell or capitalize words correctly! That turned me off right away. Maybe if she went back to school for a few more years and learned how to present logical, documented arguments, I might come back and read this, but for now, forget it! I’m off to go bang my head on the wall! If this is typical of the pro-slaughter folks…shaking head…


    • Forgive her Diana……she’s a bit slow on learning public view of things. I had a run in with her recently. It upset her that without retorting back with ugly name calling that was done to me, I listed the facts and data that blew her pulled out of the sky statistics in the garbage. She then did me the favor of posting my rebuttal on UH crying that I just wouldn’t shut up and go away. Mind you she confronted me on the site, I had been conversing with the administrator only. I was called an idiot, an ignorant ass and ummmm mentally deficient because I made 300, 000 horses go to slaughter each year because slaughter was stopped here. After laughing hysterically at her post and the 300,000 a year, that she repeated more than once, I corrected her. So then it became 150,000 a year or so and the rest were unwanted a year. So now pro’s new statistics would mean that there are 750,000 unwanted horses doing simple math of 150,000 x 5 years. Hell let’s subtract a year for good measure and that leaves us with 600,000 unwanted horses by her claim since 2007. Remember that’s not including the ones going to slaughter. You can’t fix something that is this broke in the head, hell you can’t even hope to glue it together and fill in the cracks. It’s just broke in the head and needs to be swept into the dust pan. The broken in the head ones get REAL upset when you correct their out of the sky pulled numbers. I do admit I enjoyed the two days of posting the facts. I also admit I found it enjoyable when she posted one of my responses and another kool-aid drinker on UH said “when was every tax payer being asked to pay for processing? Let’s see, ummm, oh, never” Apparently the UH kool-aid drinker was not able to discern between USDA horse meat inspections that I stated tax payers pay for & processing. To which another UH member actually stepped up and corrected the kool-aid drinker and informed them “Don’t yell at me, but the taxpayers paying for USDA inspections is correct. Taxpayers don’t pay for the processing.” Finally one who admits the truth……ring the bell, sound the alarm…..there’s one who maybe could have the cracks filled in with glue! I can’t help but defend her now, since in her lack of knowledge, she did me a really big favor posting my factual letter on UH. It helped put it out all over FB and further educate folks to the truths. Kind of makes me feel mushy and soft towards her now You can’t fix stupid, but you can count on stupid to screw up so bad, it helps you in the end.


  32. I do NOT have a horse but my daughter does so I have been around horses. I take exception to the fallacies you report as fact Ms. Chelsea Schneider. I do dog and cat rescue and can it be far behind to use your argument to have them also slaughtered? The overbreeding is the problem, which makes it a people problem not a horse one. You need to stop the production of horses at the current levels in order to have horses that are wanted and maintained properly. If one uses your argument then it will follow you will have people breeding horses just to slaughter them. They will not be properly maintained or vetted because they have become a cash crop. Please educate yourself and learn from your mistakes about what is happening. As to the cows and chickens and how they are treated, people are speaking out and changes are happening. Why not save the horses from the unnecessary steps that those animals have gone through.


    • Hate to break this to you Claudia Prather, but I’ve seen more than one pro slaughter person say they’d be for processing dog & cat meat if there was a market for it. When it comes to money with this group, there are no morals.


  33. There are not enough hours in the day to decipher this drivel, and to think over on the UNITED HORSEMEAT, ‘er HORSEMEN, Facebook page, they were praising her for it. Too funny!

    I had a problem with one thing she said, “Horses processing has been something in place for long. Well before it became a big save the horse issue. In the War people ate their horses. In some countries horse is a main meal course.”

    I think the gist of what she is saying is that horses were standard fare “for long” time. Yes, they were eaten, dating back to the Paleolithic era, which is a “for long” time, I guess, but does that mean we should go back to using Stone Age tools too? Does she also want to bring back the rationing and hardships of both world wars, another era when it perhaps was acceptable to eat horsemeat?

    “In some countries horse is a main meat course.” Yes it is, and in some countries, they also allow children to live in the streets, mutilate their females, imprison and torture their political dissidents, violate their citizens’ rights, etc. In this country, we don’t adopt the practices (thank god for that) that other countries have in place, and just because A country eats horsemeat, doesn’t mean we in the US should follow suit.

    Obviously both are lame arguments for consuming horsemeat, but then the UH folks are really grasping at straws anyway to justify it.


  34. Wow you people are so rude. I know chelsea and she is not an idiot. Just a well spoken human being. It’s just what she thinks but not asking for peoples comments like this. She is smart, and an amazing owner and rider. Her opinion shouldn’t be shut down just cause this. And I very much doubt she is a horse eater considering she loves her horses… ” just saying”


    • Ashley, I could tell that Chelsea was really a horse lover. Trouble is she quoted a lot of facts that were not true and she did not quote mark ” ” the parts that she was quoting, so it looked like it was her thoughts.A


      • My computer is acting up. Keeps saying “good-bye”
        To Ashley,
        And It is well documented that the backyard breeder is not the real fault. It is mainly the QH breeders followed closely by the TB race horse people that flood the market with “unwanted”.
        The part where C. posted about nutrition was taken directly from site she did mention. That site recieved many “comments” refuting its authority.
        We do get passionate about Anti-Slaughter. It should never happen to our horses without voices. Don’t give up on us.


    • If Chelsea didn’t want public scrutiny and comment then she shouldn’t have posted non sense on a public page.She has no problem with publicly criticizing others opinions. That Ashley means she holds a double edge sword and is bound to get cut back by her own doings.


  35. My only thought is, when can we start “processing” people like this?? They are substandard, definitely should NOT be bred, are defective in SO many ways. Seems they are doomed for “processing”, so when can THAT start>>>


  36. I’m assuming all of you are vegans? Have you seen how almost every mass produced type of meat is handled? Even chickens kept for egg production… take a minute to research what all those kind sounding terms like “free range” really mean. Whether you believe in eating horses or any other kind of meat, I would encourage you to take a step back from your emotions and look at the bigger picture which includes everything you eat.
    As a rural farmer we are lucky enough to raise a lot of our own food. We have chickens, which we use for meat and eggs production, a couple of cows we’ve raised for beef and a big garden. We also have 5 horses that are pets. I wouldn’t dream of eating them under normal circumstances but if my family was TRULY going hungry and we had no other choice? Yup, I’d eat my horse before my children OR THE HORSES starved to death.
    It is hard for people to grasp how you can eat an animal you have raised from a baby. Even members of our extended family said “how can you eat those calves, they are so cute!” Well, baby anything is cute in my book but not every animal can live out it’s natural lifespan. I believe giving it a home where it will live in peace on a nice green pasture until it’s time comes is the most respect we can show an animal. Killing them here on the farm where they do not have to be traumatized by travel, etc is as good as it can get. The fact that your meat comes on a styrofoam tray from the grocery store doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a cute little baby something at one time. Remeber If you eat meat it was a living, breathing animal that was put to death to adorn you table, plain and simple.
    But, why stop at meat? Look up some info on GMO and see what other atrocities are happening to even your non-meat food. Hamsters growing hair in their mouth after being fed GMO soy? The same soy that is in your baby’s formula and is supposed to be so good for you? Mmmmm, yummy.
    My point is, Chelsea has brought to light some good (pardon the pun) “food” for thought. Do some research and make educated decisions on EVERYTHING you and your family eats.


    • This is about horse slaughter, not livestock slaughter. We are not debating what is in our food sources but the slaughter of animal that is not a food animal in this country. Try as you might, we are not getting dragged into arguments and debates of issues that have no impact on horse slaughter. That is an old ploy to take focus off the issue. If people want to raise animals for food, they should become producers of the U.S. meat industry. The U.S. horse industry doesn’t produce meat.


  37. It’s interesting that so many people in the anti-slaughter arena spend their time insulting and degrading, in some cases even wishing death upon individuals with a contrasting opinion. Why not engage in some constructive conversation that may find a common ground between both sides of the argument? The berating is simply juvenile and a waste of time.


    • Please answer Ms Tobin’s rebuttal points and stop bringing up the name calling diversion. I’ve seen numerous posts by proslaughter that eventually get pulled because they are so foul. You sound like Joe, skip, Anotherhorseman over at Horseback. Please stay on topic.

      I’ve been called lots of names. So what? I care more about sound, intelligent counterpoints. And you know what Laura and Tammy C.? I never get them.

      Could you please provide the email name of antislaughter that are specifically targeting known proslaughter with death threats?


      • See “Ginny’s” post about 2 posts above my original: “My only thought is, when can we start “processing” people like this?? They are substandard, definitely should NOT be bred, are defective in SO many ways.”

        Ninety percent of the responses to this article provide no “sound, intelligent counterpoints,” only a lot of posturing and personal attacks against the original author of the article being criticized. I’m not pointing fingers at any certain anti-slaughter group or organization – I have, however, noticed a lot of anti-slaughter posts by individuals with the wrong attitude.

        As far as you know, I’m completely neutral on this debate but as I read through some of these comments, I find them to be completely offensive and as I’ve said before, unproductive. I don’t find comments of this nature on pro-slaughter pages – if I’ve missed some, please enlighten me. Members of your cause are giving the public more reason to discredit it.

        I’m not trying to pry everyone away from the topic – I’m making a valid point that relates directly to this debate.


      • Laura:

        In my knowledge and ability to comprehend, that comment is so absurd, it is a joke that plays on the word “processing” (or harvesting…which is a homage to the killers’ repetitive, but inaccurate use of the term) and has an intellectual component to it. This might explain why you don’t get it.

        On the other hand, I had replies to my comments that specifically wish me dead in very simple words…no misunderstanding or joke could be construed by a reasonably intelligent person.


      • Laura:

        No posturing, etc…while we may get frustrated at times….we don’t threaten to kill. We have facts and data that your side doesn’t seem to posses and when presented with same, many of the proside resort to “you’re rude”!

        You know, in my book there is nothing more rude than a discarded life (remembering that kb’s lie and the stolen equine) and then taking the remains of that horrific end and feeding it to anything.

        You didn’t answer my request to rebut or counter point Ms. Tobin’s rebuttal to “Chelsea”? You have shifted to a polite and nice thermometer qualifier.


    • We did not degrade or humiliate – we pointed out false information and we certainly have never threatened anyone. Do you think our side hasn’t been threatened, particularly the rescues? And talk about humiliation; what you guys did to John was just appalling. He has NEVER personally attacked Duquette. Never. We may attack what is being said but never the person. And what about Wallis calling Ginger Kathrens a parasite? How very professional for a state representative. I challenge you to find anything we’ve issued that name calls or attacks someone personally. We don’t care about typos and dangling participles. We care about the propaganda you are spewing and will dispute it. People deserve the truth and they are certainly not getting it when false statements are made and continually repeated. It’s one thing to make a statement but you guys NEVER retract anything. We all make mistakes but we don’t keep repeating them.


    • “Both sides?” As far as we are concerned there isn’t two sides here. You want to brutally slaughter our unregulated, non-food animal horses which are known to come in contact with many substances that are very dangerous for humans – something you never address in all your writings, posts and comments.

      You surely know that so many horses that go to slaughter are stolen, obtained under false pretenses and rigged auctions. You go on about families having to feed their children before their horses. A reasonable, halfway intelligent person would not let either of them starve. Where there’s a will, there IS a way – if you really care, that is.

      When I point out facts on discussion boards I am called a liar, idiot, know nothing about horses, animal rights wacko and other things that I won’t re-post here.

      That slaughter is cruel is impossible for any reasonable, unbiased person to ignore. It fails to comply with the Humane Slaughter Act, and those horses that are rejected by the plants are left where they are to live or die.

      Now – tell me about the “other side.”


  38. Laura, Ginny’s post was not a death threat or anything like that. It is more of what be next if we allow horse slaughtering. In some countries, horses are eaten, but not here in the USA. In some areas of the world, some groups of people still practice of eaten other people, but not here in the US. The point of making is why should we cater to other countries which is okay, and it is not okay here.

    My other fears on this issue is that we could have an issue of horse thieves to steal other people horses to sell at the slaughter houses as well. We already have reports about people stealing pets from others to sell to labs for experiments and all that for money. Lifting bans will lead for people steal other people’s horses for the money.It is just not right and should be outlaw for good including horse slaughter.


    • We are already there with regard to stolen, dumped and the lied to seller re HCHS eventually David Stroud. Thank you for reminding all readers.

      Note: Horse theft in California decreased after the ban on HCHS in CA. However, CA does NOT enforce the law and the KBs go South, East and North to final collection for HCHS.


    • Laurel, this is a perfect example of one plant breaking the rules. With the passing of funding for USDA inspection of horse meat and processing, cases like these will decrease as the government is able to spend more time and resources ensuring the correct management of these facilities.


      • Incorrect assumption. USDA funds have been reduced, more offices are closing and yet Congress (actually 3 men in committee) removed the defunding human consumption horse slaughter language with no funds. Alos, when USDA inspection was funded in the US FOR FOREIGN EXPORT, it was still atrocious handling, transport kill and of, course no drug rules except pencil whipped paperwork regarding food safety.

        By the way…orange juice seems to have a quality control problem this morning.

        I don’t have a problem for my household; I buy US juice (if I can figure out the labeling lingo and spin).


      • Laura, horse slaughter per sē has never been “illegal” in USA. Until 7 years ago, there WAS funding for inspections, and then funding was pulled. That is what made plants close down, not that any law was passed against slaughter..only that funding for inspections was pulled. No inspections=no slaughter. At the time of that documentation, there WAS funding, and all of those violations were still rampant. Individual states have passed no-slaughter laws, but none nationwide.
        If Belgium wants to eat “their own” horsemeat, I’m not going to diss them for it. I am against the barbaric inhumanities in my own backyard. I am also against sending tainted meat Anywhere! I have only owned 12 horses in my life. Every single one of them has ingested or been injected with a substance that would pull them out of the food-chain. Each has been de-wormed on regular schedule, and most of them have had Bute, at one time or another. Most of them have had antibiotics. However, if one of them ended up at auction and was purchased by a kill-buyer, he would quickly sign a sheet of paper, stating under oath, that they hadn’t had ANY of the drugs on the list of forbidden medications. .Just recently, a group followed a race-horse, taken to slaughter. In only 6 days after racing, he was slaughtered in Canada, and the form had been signed that he was drug-free. His trainer stated that that was FAR from the truth, as he had had Bute only the day he left. Now, someone(s) in Belgium is eating that tainted flesh. So, please tell me HOW it will be any different. WHO is going to monitor the monitors?


      • One plant breaking the rules? You really haven’t done any research, have you? Don’t believe us, pull the FOIAs for yourself. The US plants were hell holes, just like Canada and Mexico, and every time they were fined, they took the city to court. They were expert at navigating our legal system and just about bankrupted Kaufman, TX. In Illinois, the waste water violations were a daily occurrence and got so bad, they were forced to disconnect from the sanitary district. Then when they were finally shut down by state law, they moved their death and destruction to Canada and bankrupted that plant. The investors were $42M in the hole when they closed. One of the directors said he knew it was all over when they started slaughtering horses and he was right. The community is now stuck with a lagoon full of toxic waste that will fall on the taxpayers to clean. The humane violations were just as frequent but you just go on believing the lies of Wallis without researching anything yourself.


  39. Are you trying to convince yourself that it is ok to eat horses? What is that old saying? I am not reading this bull SH$#. TALK TO THE HAND because you are TOO stupid to waste our time.


  40. You bring GOD into your propaganda? You honestly think GOD is smiling down on your hate and abusive desires? You think GOD is pleased that his creations, horses are stripped of their meat as they are fully awake? What is your God, Greed? If you believe slaughter is better than euthanasia you’re an absolute idiot! I do not have time for idiots and greed!


  41. This is a very emotional issue. My comment was not a “ploy to take focus off the issue.” I simply wanted to point out that horses really aren’t that different than any other animal that is used for food. They should all be taken care of in a humane and decent manner throughout their entire lives – right up to and including the kill. Denise writes “We are not debating what is in our food sources but the slaughter of animal that is not a food animal in this country”. In my opinion the safety IS part of the debate. It has been pointed out that horse meat is not safe to eat. It is foolish to think other meats are never tainted. We have all seen meat recalls for various reasons. Because of their beauty and intelligence we don’t typically consider horses food in this country. However other animals are also beautiful and intelligent. Raise a cow who comes to you when called and enjoys a loving scratch or a tasty apple and you’ll find they have as much personality and intelligence as a horse. I simply wanted to point out that while the horse issue is so “hot” it is a good time for anyone choosing to eat ANY kind of meat to consider the condtitions any animal is raised in. It is easy to think other typical “food” animals are not as worthy(? not sure if that is the best word) as horses but once you develop a relationship with them you realize they all have very distinct personalities and intelligence – the same as my horses do. I don’t see why it is acceptable to house and kill other animals in sub-standard conditions but so unthinkable that a horse would be treated the same way. In response to Vicki’s statement “If people want to raise animals for food, they should become producers of the U.S. meat industry.” I would say that is exactly the industry we do NOT want to support. It has been shown over and over that in many cases the conditions are not humane. Again, if you choose to eat any meat, I encourage you to be aware of the conditions in which the animal was kept. Either raise you own or purchase from somewhere that treats them with reverence and respect up to and including the kill.


    • Equines are not bred and raised as food animals in the US. That is the factual basis of the argument. There are laws, regulations and rules for food that US equines are not subject to. The hypocrites are the meat industry and the governments that let them get away with violating food safety and the outrageous physical abuse of the slaughtered equine.

      It has nothing to do with eating meat or not eating meat.

      It has everything to do with money and convenience of disposal for a handful of equine “owners”.


  42. ummm denise i can name about 30 ppl WHO RAISE horses to fill their freezers along with their beef. To hay horses are not bred and raised for food is a lie, because there are ppl out there who do raise horses for meat. A horse is LIVESTOCK, not a pet, they are used for food, etc. Now my question for you all, Do you frown upon taking a horse to a zoo or big cat place to feed the cats or is that a terrible thing as well. I love it how you all say we don’t make threats. (Deleted Expletive). I have had a death threat from an anti- you all know her very well, (no name will be listed as per insturctions from the FBI), I received a threat that said: you are a killer and I will be glad that i will be the one that kills you. I plan on stringing you up and slitting your throat and making your family watch, then i will kill your horses just so they do not go to slaughter.
    ummm she was reported to the FBI. I have been threanted many times, called a horse hater, horse eater, horse killer, etc. Funny none of the pro side resort to things like that


    • Well, from an economic standpoint…raising equines for meat is kinda stupid money wise; pound for pound considering production timelines and feed costs, you can get more meat and product from a chicken, pig and then maybe cattle. Do you understand agricultural economics?

      So what you really mean is you know 30 people the breed (own?) equines for some type of use, without proper prophylaxis (cause I hope they aren’t reckless, or dumb enough to eat that meat if the do manage properly) and when that use or the breeding fails to garner a sale….they eat it. Fine. 30 people does not make an industry and those equines are not infused into the mass marketed food industry. I’ve been to fox hunts and steeplechase. Horses get injured and are EUTH’D by a vet….then, most times they (the hunt) feed the remains to the hounds; sometimes the old equines are also fed to the hounds. I wouldn’t feed it to my dogs, but it is their business and it is done humanely and out of the HCHS pipeline. In other instances, they bring out the backhoe and bury or call rendering…..but they are prepared to handle the death and remains.

      As to the death threats, odd how the killer will kill not only you, but your equines too? Sorta sounds like your side made something up because why would antislaughter kill your horses too? Not the people I know to be realistic advocates…maybe PeTA. Same anecdotal, circular cr*p pseudo-logic.

      Calling you names is not a threat; way different from physically harming you.

      Call equines anything you want; it does not make them food or safe to eat.

      daphne…you in the dairy business? As an informed consumer, I’d like to know.


    • Oh, Daphne ~ You have called me MUCH worse things than that! The horses the killers obtain by stealing, purchasing under false pretenses and rigged auctions are NOT raised as food animals. IF a few people DO raise horses as food animals, they don’t account for a drop in the bucket beside the thousands that are NOT. It’s the FDA that says horses are COMPANION ANIMALS. Go rant at them. They make the regulations, not us.

      Daphne, if any anti sent you a death threat, he/she is an idiot. You’re not worth all that. And, if you say one more time that the pro side doesn’t insult, threaten and generally get so aggressively insulting that many are afraid to post on their boards, I’m going to dig up some of the lovely things YOU have posted to ME and hang them all over the internet. You even sent me messages on Facebook when I told you I didn’t want to converse with you! Remember? I still have them…


  43. What a total load of CRAP ! There IS no justification for killing companion animals..we’re not dog and cat eaters, nor are we horse eaters..anybody can put up an argument for anything, but that doesn’t make it right.


  44. I am talking about the pro horse slaughter at the top of the page. I love my fellow advocates. I think my comment posted out of order. Sorry if you or anyone else who is an advocate misunderstood. It was just the way the system posted it. I am afighter for the horses and the advocates.


  45. My favorite of this all is that the Anti people who posted this 1.) took out all my references to where the info came from 2.) they took out the beginning and end where I wrote this is my ruf draft and had not even read threw it all the way my self after typing it 3.) If y’all are advocating to save the horses from slaughter why are you hiding behind a computer screen calling people names, threatening their lives, calling them things you have no clue to be true… “horse eaters” ummm how on earth would you know if someone eats horse? I know I do not eat horse but that’s all I ever hear. Why? Because you have no fact on anyone you come up with meaningless lies to make your self’s feel better. I do not profit from horse slaughter nor will I ever. My problem is that their are not enough rescues for all the horses, not enough money to care for them, to many ill breed horses being re bred every year. I wont and have not breed anything in at least 5 years due to there being to many horses being bred every year that have no purpose being born, there are to many NICE horses to have so much crap being born. I want AQHA, APHA, ABRA, ApHC, and every other association that allows AI breeding to be ban only live cover it would dramatically reduce the amount of horses breed, not enough to solve the problem but it would sure be something that would help. Most of the ANTIS hear Pro-slaughter and you assume the worst instead of getting to know why someone is or hear even what they have to say you jump to conclusion call names, attack and act like 5 years olds. We have had numerous people join the United Horsemen page and say they were not pro-slaughter and asked some questions on the Anti page because they didnt know and were verbally attacked for even asking such questions. As for my paper it was not an attempt to justify slaughter, I do not like the way things are done at all and want them changed. Horses are and will be slaughtered still everyday so I would like to see it here in the US were we can completely control it. My paper was simply suggestions to make things better, things to change to in sure no horses are in humanly handled. This is a HUGE emotional topic and with emotions set aside and talk of what you friends say seriously sit back and think would you rather see thousands of horses starve to death a year slowly and painfully or let them have a quick out and not suffer as they would starving. Not all of the horses that have homes where they must be sold, given away, or turned loose can find a home or a rescue. A lot of rescues are full I would love to save them all and see them all have homes but it is completely impossible to home them all. I would rather them be dead then starve or get sold to an abusive home.

    If you continue to attack me “my paper” further it will show you are no more than an uneducated “cyber” bully, with no life. If you want to save a horse get off your ass and go do so, making up non sense about people isn’t going to save anything.


  46. Chelsea, if your dog is too ill or unfit, (mentally or physically) to enjoy life, you do soul-searching, and finally, tearfully have him humanely euthanized.
    Horses deserve the same respect.
    R.T. Fitch and Jerry Finch live what they preach. They have rescued, rehabbed, given sanctuary to, and re-homed many, many horses. Jerry has worked for many years in Humane Law Enforcement, and has seen the worst. Both have also suffered the heartbreak of giving the horses a humane and respectful end. They will always fight like a she-bear protecting her young, to stop man’s barbaric treatment of horses.
    There should be no apology for revering/respecting life. There should be no apology for fighting for the right to a humane ending for all companion animals.

    Chelsea, how many horses have you rescued? As you appear to have horse experience, how many rescue groups have you supported, as a way to say “thank you” to the horse you have enjoyed? If you don’t have any land or monetary resources, do you volunteer with any rescue to help rehab, clean stables or help network to find new homes?
    If you are not part of the solution….you are part of the problem.

    Yep, sending a horse off to the horrors of slaughter gets him out of sight, and out of mind. It is not the solution. When all else fails, we owe our horses a dignified end.


    • See again that it where people are only looking at their own situation when it comes to ending an animals life for reasons as they cant afford them. Mine own dog or horse or cat if they were to ill, broke a leg, something needing to put them down. I could afford to euthanize them even tho I would not, I would use a bullet instead my vet hates to euthanize them because it is a slow process of shutting down one organ at a time till they finally die. People argue it that it not true but I have now seen over 10 horses “humanly euthanized” that tried to stand and gasp for air as they struggled and died.
      You half to take into effect that the horses that are being starved, given away for free, cant get into a rescue because they are to full, the people who own them do not have the money to euthanize (min $200 with vet call), then you cant burry them now because of toxins in the drug (unless you can on your place most cant) so now you have a rendering fee (mn $200). The people in the situation to get rid of their horse(s) can not afford this. If rescues are to full (a lot are) they can not give them away for free, no bids at actions. The horse now gets the worst suffering life. They turn them loose where they can not take care of themselves in the wild, they put them in others fields, starve them till they die, more horrible things happen to them then just being killed and used.
      as to answer your rescue question. I show Reiners, Cutters, and reined cowhorse. My horses are all well bred not backyard breed garbage but we always attend out local horse action every month because sometimes even nice ones get dumped off. I have bought 10 horses out of the sale that were descuting looking! One was a coming 2 year old Smart little lena x bunny starlight colt ( the one the Negotiation is over lady says I sold to the highest bidder) I paid $150 for him sold him for $15,000 2 years later, I bought a paint Stud colt that was repoed from the owners for not paying board and not buying food because they lost their jobs and were starving him to death. I paid $350 for him started him (He was the Northwest Yearling Paint Halter stallion Champion) I started him as a hunter under horse sold him 2 months later for $5,000 to a show home. Bough my Own son of Freckles Playboy threw the sale for $1,000 because he had an old injury he was 6 at the time, all he needed was corrective shoeing, showed him for 4 years and he is now being shown by a 7 year old, Bought a Smart Zanolena mare that was on her way to a Backyard person buying her had her for a few years sold her for $5,000, everything I have bought threw local sales to prevent a idiot buying them and breeding them have all had a bright side to at least get placed in a show home where they could be properly cared for. I have a buy back on 33 of them and the Freckles Playboy gelding will be coming to Texas in 5 years to be a Baby ass kicker in the pasture. You can not save them all, I can only ride so many a day and Im not going to go to a sale and buy 10 because they are going to slaughter. Horses need a job to be rode, shown, well taken care of a lot of these horses going to slaughter have no training, are not broke, dangerous, you name it there are so many GOOD horses to save all the ones that are better off dead then some IDIOT buying them to “save them” and end up starving them. I know soooo many people who have there horses out in a field with a lean 2 witch is somewhat okay but feed shit grass hay their horses look fat but really they are malnourished. Horses can not just be feed grass hay the second you start to feed them GOOD hay (alfalfa or a nice alfalfa mix) they will suck up and the ribs will show. To rescue horses and actually care for them takes money. To many are “saved” when really they are not they just have years now to suffer in a field.
      They big ordeal in Louisianian with the 60 something horses rescued from the race horse place that went under. I was one of the People that got Nutriena feeds to donate a few tons of feed to feed them all. I have donated extra hay to facilities. I will not send off money to a place that I dont know is really using it for good. So many of the places are “rescue” places and the money is not being used for the animals and it is sad! Look at HUS (or what ever their abrv is) they are getting looked into for stealing money and not having it really go to the shelters, if you are going to donate money defiantly do it locally. We have a big part in our local dog shelters taking in dogs and placing them in homes that have a need, etc. Horses are a lot to take care of and feed, so I have mine I have times for I never want to have one stand and rot.
      I’m not this evil person the antis are trying to make every pro slaughter person into. I would LOVE to see all the Un-wanted horses re homes to good proper homes, but the truth is there are to many and they cant. No matter how much money you donate, how many you take in your self you can not do that for all of them. Some people are trying to save them by taking in 20 or more to save but is that really good for them? they now get no attention, not 1 person can ride 20 a day, they have no job, unless you are wealthy to some extent you can not afford to properly care for them all. There needs to be something else that people who cant not re home them, give away, take them to a rescue, or afford to put them down.That is why my paper (That was altered by RT) was to give suggestions of things I want to see changed and re enforced Big time with the opening of slaughter houses, just because someone is pro-slaughter do not mean you dont care, I hate the way they are treated in mexico and look how many from here go there every year over 100,000! I would have rather seen the 100,000 be slaughtered humanly then beaten.
      If you have any questions for me feel free to ask im not this “evil”,”devil”, “horse eater” they keep calling me along with others, nor was I trying to “justify” slaughter, I was given ideas on how to better it. If it is going to happen with horses anyways (not in US) I would much rather seen it done here where it can be seriously monitored.


      • I’m too tired to try to point out all the misinformation in this post. A person can find a way IF they really want to. We have had horse slaughter unabated for 30 YEARS. Has it solved the problems YOU claim we have? NO. The definition of insanity to doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

        ALL the slaughter plants – including ours, Canada’s and the commercial ones in Mexico are owned and regulated by the same companies and authorities – the European Union. OUR plants were regulated by the EU, just like the ones in Canada and Mexico. Good grief!



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