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Illinois Politicians Try to Slaughter Horses, AGAIN!

Action Alert from the Equine Welfare Alliance

It’s “Groundhog’s Day” for the Horse-Eaters

Pollution spewing from "state-of-the-art" Cavel Horse Slaughter plant prior to it's shutdown

For those of you that have been with us for quite some time, y’all know what Ground Hog Day is in Illinois. For those of you new to our email group, Illinois has its very own Ground Hog Day. That’s the day that state Representative Jim Sacia introduces his annual “Let’s overturn the state law banning horse slaughter” legislation. This year there is a twist. Sacia was able to get a newbie (2011), Richard Morthland (R) to do his bidding. Yes, we have yet another bill to address, HB 5382.

We heard about this last week but it was still in the rules committee. It has now been released to the Ag committee so it’s time to start dialing, faxing and writing. Since Rep. Morthland is new, let’s show him what happens when someone introduces legislation that 80% of this country opposes. If you get the ol’ – you don’t live in Illinois speech, tell them that your horse could be stolen and sent to Illinois and that makes it your business. This legislation impacts the entire country.

Over the last few days, we have been in contact with Gail Vacca of the IL Equine Humane Center HSUS, ASPCA and AWI. AWI has already sent an alert to its members and you should expect to see something from HSUS and ASPCA soon. We’ll be working with Gail, as we do every year, to defeat this bill. She’s been involved since the original legislation to ban horse slaughter was introduced and did not pass.

Bill Sponsor:

Robert Morthland

Springfield Office:
208-N Stratton Office Building
Springfield, IL   62706
(217) 782-3992
(217) 782-5201 FAX

District Office:
4416 River Drive
Moline, IL  61265
(309) 762-3008
(309) 762-3045 FAX
Rock Island County

Here are the Agriculture & Conservation committee members: (you can click the links below for the contact information): If you have any issues with the below links, you can access the below page here:

   Chairperson :                             Lisa M. Dugan             D

   Vice-Chairperson :                    Patrick J. Verschoore   D

   Republican Spokesperson :     Jim Sacia                   R

   Member:                                      Jason Barickman         R

   Member:                                      Kelly Burke                 D

   Member:                                      John D. Cavaletto       R

   Member:                                      Jerry F. Costello, II      D

   Member:                                      Mary E. Flowers          D

   Member:                                      Norine Hammond         R

   Member:                                      Chad Hays                 R

   Member:                                      Frank J. Mautino         D

   Member:                                      Jack McGuire              D

   Member:                                      Donald L. Moffitt         R

   Member:                                      Brandon W. Phelps      D

   Member:                                      Wayne Rosenthal        R

A few suggested talking points:

  • The Illinois Law was passed in 2007 by an overwhelming majority
  • Every bill to overturn the state law has been defeated. Note: Governor Quinn is in support of the state law.
  • The majority of IL residents and 80% of our nation do not support overturning the state law
  • Slaughter is for food production, not a disposal service. US equines are not raised or regulated as food animals
  • History and current day have proven that horse slaughter does not control the horse population or reduce neglect
  • Animal abuse decreased from 2002-2004 during the years Cavel was shut down to rebuild after a fire Note: the cause was never determined
  • Horse slaughter plants have been proven detrimental to communities – wastewater issues, devalued property values and loss of new business. Note: Cavel was never able to comply with wastewater regulations and can be verified by the DeKalb Sanitary District. See above picture.

That should get you started! We’ll provide a copy of the letter we send as well as info from other organizations sending letters and alerts.

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  1. Well I just made a call to let Morthland know I am ABSOLUTELY AGAINST horse slaughter being re-introduced in their state. I was told there was a very long list of opposition, so keep calling, faxing etc. to protect our sweet horses from the hands of greedy, animal haters…..


  2. I just called and left my 2 cents worth regarding my overwhelming opposition to the re-introduction of horse slaughter to their state. I was told that they have a very long list of opposition, which makes me happy to hear. Keep on writing, calling etc. to keep our horses out of the hands of greedy politicians, and ignorant people who don’t seem to know that killing our horses for food is absolutely ludicrous, disgusting, and just WRONG!!!


  3. RT what is about people’s need to kill things??? I don’t get it. What’s his face here in CA that went trophy hunting in Idaho. At least the creep got a license but what is about the need to kill?

    Why can’t people live in peace and harmony? Why kill?

    Just because you an doesn’t mean you should.

    Sorry RT for my outburst. I’m sick with the beginnings of pneumonia. (seriously)


  4. It is obvious the breeders will continue to breed unwanted horses. They use slaughter as a means of divesting themselves of those horses. Only a small margin of the horses, QH and TB’s are ever good enough to be kept. Even those they keep end of in the slaughter houses. Done with you and you are no longer of value. STOP BREEDING period. Slaughter is not a method of horse population control. Sue Wallis says she wants “fat, young, healthy horses” for her slaughter house so she can make the most money from them. GREED is what runs this machinery. STOP the SLAUGHTER NOW.


  5. Here we go again..This guy just will not give up..Thank God for Gail Vacca. I too, spent many days driving to Springfield, Illinois attending these committee meetings. Please just keep the calls coming into our state. The residents of Illinois voted overwhelming to close that hell hole company. To some greedy people like these Reps, laws do not mean a thing. He tried last year, but was defeated in his actions…Scum from southern Illinois.


  6. As an ex resident of ILL. I can tell you, they are trying ANYTHING to make money…the poorest excuse for a state isn’t even able to pay it’s own is so full of corruption…the state seat is in Springfield, but, most Govoners run it from Chi town…NOT giving most people a voice in the rural areas, which btw is MOST of Illinois…
    I am making calls, signing all petitions….


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