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Update: Animal’s Angels Recent Horse Slaughter Auction Investigations

Information supplied by Animal’s Angels

Middleburg Horse Auction, PA 1/28/12

Investigators attended the monthly horse auction in Middleburg, PA. There were approx 150 horses present in the pen area. The “slaughter prospects” were kept in groups of 4 – 6 horses per pen in the darkest area of the barn. Several of them were thin, one mule had a swollen hind leg and one chestnut mare had several open sores on her body. The sale started at 11:48am. The usual kill buyers Rotz and Moore were present and buying many of the horses under $500.00. An unknown buyer with the buyer number 500 was purchasing several horses the kill buyers didn’t want for as low as $10. Brian Moore was there with his large tractor/trailer and so was Bruce Rotz.

While the investigators were checking the parking lot, they noticed that the truck from Diamond K Ranch (kill buyer Arlow Kiehl) was also present. There were already several horses inside the trailer, including a not segregated stallion. Additionally, for the first time a Canadian truck from Capron Trucking in Ontario was observed. The truck was parked in front of Brian Moore’s truck and ready to load horses. Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor this auction.

Hoover Horse Auction, New Holland, PA 2/4/12

Animals’ Angels investigators arrived at the monthly auction at 8:40am. There were close to 350 horses in the barn and several more in an outside pen.  Hoover announced prior to the sale that there were horses present from states as far away as Minnesota. The inside pens were packed full and horses were observed fighting and kicking. Several horses were quit thin. One pen contained a group of 17 mules and one of them had a bleeding eye injury. In most pens the plastic water buckets were empty. The outside pen, that had never been occupied during previous visits, contained horses without sales tags. They were standing in deep mud and we were told by an auction visitor that these horses would ship straight to slaughter. Kill buyer Bruce Rotz arrived with his stock trailer at 10:00am. His large tractor/trailer was parked empty at the New Holland Auction parking lot. Kill buyer Brian Moore arrived with his truck 10 minutes later.

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  1. When we started our barn business ten years ago we bought a horse from a broker to do lessons. He was lame so we thought the broker would return part of the $3500 we paid. The broker told us to return him and take another. When we asked the fate of the first horse the broker said he would go to the killers. Cowboy has ate our grain and hay for ten years, he and forty others will always have a home, one paid for by the generosity of kind people that sacrifice time and money. And yet for every Cowboy there seems to be hundreds more discarded souls who like Cowboy worked hard to serve someone only to be thrown away at the end. I don’t get it.


  2. Horses are discarded daily by greedy people who exploit them to the limit, then discard them like yesterdays newspaper, Horses give their all and look to us as their caretakers, being a caretaker is a serious commitment and also one that can be extremely rewarding, but greed alwayis plays a part in it , because these caretakers are always looking to pay themselves they exploit anything they can to do so, horses are a target for greed because , yes because they can, we are here to make it impossible for greed to play this part in the scenario of the horse, First you must start at the beginning and you make it Law that every horse has a chip implanted , you connect it to a data base designed for this purpose Race horses all horses then we can monitor there lives , we know where every horse has been and what is going on , horses can be monitored at our borders, make it Law that Slaughter house scam everyone of them, this creates the base for any actions that we want to include for their well being, there is a way to stop any horrors that go on, we must know where every horses comes from and where every one of them has been ,then we can proceed to make these people responsible and accountable for their actions towards the horse,,,,,,,Accountability makes them all honest !!!!!


  3. The horse slaughter people are pushing to open up these slaughter plants, 80% don’t want it, yet they are pushing it. Horse meat is not safe to eat, yet they push it. What part of NO don’t they get!!
    What next, slaughtering our dogs and cats, we have too many of them also. Maybe they taste like chicken.


  4. I just don’t know what to say anymore. It breaks my heart with every horrible story that’s told of these innocent and defenseless creatures. What kind of people have we become to allow this treatment to continue? It’s absolutely unconscionable!


  5. The horse meat isn’t safe to eat will be a mute argument on our part if Wallis gets her way with genetically engineered and cloned horses raised for meat consumption. It matters not to those corrupt that this industry failed here before. It certainly matters not to our officials or Slaughter House Sue, that we the tax payers, who don’t want this, get to foot the bill. This is a damned nightmare and just when we think we have a handle on it, 3 states begin pushing for this criminal infested industry. We MUST ring their phones off the hook, vote the buzzards out and let them know we are mad as hell and not taking not being listened to any longer! They are hired hands that are put their off our backs to listen to the majority in this country. Fire em all and rip the BLM structured corruption down, clean house and start over!


  6. Also when you get some whipper snapper in an elected officials office that says your out of district, reply to them that this is FEDERAL tax dollars being spent, so therefore when they push for this predatory, criminal backed, cruel & barbaric industry they are speaking for EVERY tax paying citizen in this country. Ain’t no borders or boundries on this one folks.


  7. Thank you, AA…just disgusting information.

    The human animal is the lowest form of life without the other humans keeping them/it in check.

    We ain’t got NO CHECK folks. Disgusting. And this goes on across the country every day.


  8. And I just heard today that Obama has agreed to start sending food aid to North Korea in exchange that they suspend thier nuclear program (HA HA HA) and just what food is that going to be~~~~can anyone say horses~~~~~~~~~~no wonder they are on the fast track to opening a horse slaughter plant.


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