Day: March 17, 2012

Horse Slaughter Prompts New Jersey Children to Write Letters to Congress

Members of Centaurs 4-H Club of Hunterdon County are participating in the Million Horse March, a children’s letter-writing campaign regarding the slaughter of horses for human consumption.

“I told them the pros and cons of slaughtering horses and let them draw their own conclusions,” said club leader Lillian Shupe, “They all agreed to write letters opposing the practice. I was impressed with their ability to understand the issues and how well thought out their letters were.”

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“Luck” Ran Old, Unfit, Drugged Horses, Says Necropsy Report

Outlaw Yodeler hadn’t raced much, was suffering from severe pain and inflammation and had been given strong pain-killing drugs. Marc’s Shadow was arthritic and hadn’t been raced in four years. Still, both horses were run twice daily during racing sequences to shoot “Luck,” the now canceled HBO series; both suffered explosive fractures; and both were euthanized.

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