Wyoming Horse-Eating Politician Suffers Meltdown in Anti-Horse Rant

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ Noted Equine Author and President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis’ Message to her Minions Stuns Mainstream America

Over 80% of Americans are sickened by the rantings of Wyoming Politician and Horse-Eater "Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis

With every new day most people are blessed with the opportunity to excel, improve the world and lend a hand to a neighbor or animal in need.  It is what gives us depth, a reason for existing, an exhilarating passion for life and what makes us human.  But there are some who lurk about in the shadows and do not grow under the sun’s warm light but instead hide behind piles of garbage, excrement and most obvious, pathological lies.  One such denizen of the darkness is equine terrorist, Wyoming State representative “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis.

As I actively engage and ramp up my knowledge transfer to younger minds and souls I have always said that I can recover from a lot of damage that an individual can levy upon me but one thing and one thing only I can neither abide by or forgive is lying.  Don’t lie to me.  I guess that is what set me off during the “Watergate” investigation of the 70’s when high ranking federal leaders would shake their fingers at the American public and attempt to turn the truth around against the accusers only to be shamed by their own folly.  I know that pushed me over the top when Bill Clinton did the exact same thing and stared out of my TV set and said with another pointing finger, “I did not have sex with that woman”.  I didn’t care what the two of you did in private, Billy, none of my business but just don’t lie to me.  But the current holder of the slimy record of being the most despicable and pathological liar in our current American society, in my humble opinion, is the chief horse hater and self-proclaimed expert of everything equine, “Slaughterhouse” Sue.

For the past several years this outrageous cartoon character has been falsely telling her cult followers that there needed to be an outlet for sick, unhealthy and unwanted horses.  That horse slaughter plants, owned by foreign investors, need to be allowed back into the U.S. so that a handful of illegal immigrants and criminals could have jobs and all that wonderful drug tainted meat could be used for the betterment of mankind.  Bull Crap.

The scourge of Wyoming blew her cover when she came out in a hyped up, lie ridden, press release two weeks ago stating that she would be opening up a horse slaughter plant in Missouri during the fiscal year of 2012…more bull crap.  She went on to talk about how she plans to “clone” horses (there goes the entire unwanted horse theory) and that the plant would be run by the same Belgian company that operated the sickening and vile Dallas Crown in Kaufman Texas where the town is still reeling from unpaid taxes and damage done to not only their sewer system but their international image, as well.

But just when you think that there could be nothing else that this distorted mouthpiece for foreign business ventures could say she drops a great big load of dung right in the middle of cyberspace with a latest “OpEd” on how kill buyers are Saviors and Saints.  Move over Jesus, Buda, Mohammad as “Slaughterhouse” has a few false gods that she wants everyone to follow, besides herself.

I thought I would take just a few seconds to share a couple of her rants which clearly demonstrate her disengagement from reality, facts and science but as I read deeper into her meltdown I was stunned that almost every single sentence flew in the face of certified documentation and public opinion.  It is absolutely amazing; so much so I sit in wonder at how a human with this degree of disassociation with reality can actually function in day to day life and I have deep concerns if such an individual is not a danger to herself and society as a whole.  It is, to say the very least, frightening…here is why:

Her opening paragraph to her alleged cult members reads like this:

Recently I was interviewed on a radio show that included the Humane Society of the United States‘ (HSUS) Wayne Pacelle spewing venomous remarks like, “horse slaughter is a predatory business where killer buyers outbid people who just want to save horses,” “horse slaughter is inhumane,” “Americans don’t eat horsemeat, and we shouldn’t be supplying people who do,” “all horse meat is contaminated and unfit for human consumption…”  Every single one of these statements is absolutely, categorically, false.”

Okay, help me out here; venomous remarks?  “horse slaughter is a predatory business where killer buyers outbid people who just want to save horses,” that’s a true one, not too much venom in that.

horse slaughter is inhumane,” transport, holding and the process…yup, inhumane, Wayne 2 Horse-Eater zip.

Americans don’t eat horsemeat, and we shouldn’t be supplying people who do,” another true one as in a recent poll sponsored by the ASPCA documented that 80% of Americans think that the U.S. should not ever be involved in what most referred to as predatory horse slaughter, again.

all horse meat is contaminated and unfit for human consumption...”, sure enough, we have published countless articles from noted scientists and interviews with senior medical personnel who are animate as to the danger of letting Bute and wormers into the food supply.  In fact, Susie’s biggest alleged market would be the EU and they DO NOT allow horse meat tainted with the above drugs, which all horse owners use, into THEIR food chain.

So that is all venomous and “categorically false”?  I have to ask, do your grow your own stuff on your commune up there in Recluse, WY Sue?  You have to be smoking some sort of wacky tobaccy to be that far off track.

The sad thing is she does not stop there, she heaps up lie after lie to the point that any sort of credibility as a self-actualized, intelligent, well read and balanced individual is blown away with the wind.  All that is left are the hateful, hollow and empty words of a self-centered egomaniac and raving lunatic.

The manifesto transcends common decency as she rants and raves against individuals and non-profits who spend their own hard earned money and actually attempt to help and rehab horses in need.  It is incredible but nothing is more disgusting and loathing than when she closes her tirade with a salute to the kill buyers and defecates all over everything that this country and our collective faiths are founded upon:

If truth, honor, and a big heart count for anything in this country anymore, then a huge dose of long overdue appreciation is due to every one of the few remaining stalwart, heroic, saviors of doomed and suffering horses…the horse buyers. God bless them.

This from an elected public official who is supposed to uphold the mores of what was once a great land, until the likes of this vermin invaded the system.  I am truly sickened.

This disease needs to be stopped and the infection of perversion must be inoculated against before any more lost souls drink from her poison kool-aide of immorality and sink with her into the bottomless pit of self-obsession.

Each time this snake raises her head out of her hole and attempts to spew her poison upon our landscape I intend to be there, to counter and if possible, to catch the viper in the weed whacker if I am fast enough.  This torrent of lies will not go unanswered and we will never simply roll over and hope the whacko just goes away; we will propel the departure of blatant stupidity with great gusto and haste.

Take heart, stay informed and be vigilant because as Wallis continues to worship herself we will be there with the light of the truth to expose her for what she really is, an abomination of the human spirit.

Keep the faith.

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Boy’s Effort to Save Horses from Slaughter Hits Stride

story by Joey Cresta of SeaCoastOnline.com

Declan Gregg’s Equine Advocacy Goes Global

Declan Gregg, 9, of Greenland pets Barney recently at the N.H. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Stratham. Declan will be going to Washington, D.C., to lobby lawmakers later this month. ~ photo by Ioanna Raptis

GREENLAND NH — The story about a local boy fighting against the slaughter of horses has produced support from across the country and around the globe.

Following a report in the Portsmouth Herald‘s sister publication, Seacoast Sunday, on Feb. 12 about 9-year-old Declan Gregg’s advocacy for the humane treatment of horses, Gregg said he received heartwarming letters of support from horse lovers from all walks of life. That Seacoast Sunday article has been shared on horse advocacy Web sites and blogs, spreading Gregg’s reach far beyond the Seacoast.

“It’s been really awesome and it’s been great to know that I’m making a difference,” he said.

Gregg first learned that horses are slaughtered for human consumption from his mother, Stacie Gregg, a volunteer at the N.H. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Stratham. She was reading about the controversy, and when Declan heard about it, he wanted to help.

He said the response to his story has been “shocking.” Thousands of people have visited his blog at children4horses.blogspot.com, and children and adults alike have sent him letters urging him to continue raising awareness of the issue.

Gregg said he has heard from people in the United States, Australia, Ukraine, Bahamas, South Africa, Japan and other places around the world. “I can’t remember them all,” he said.

He said the response has showed him that even though he is young he can still speak up and make a difference. “I feel really happy and excited because I know that I’m letting people know what is happening to our horses. I’ve been getting lots of great letters, and that’s also making me really happy,” he said. “Lots of great pictures, too.”

There is a bill in Congress, HR 2966, known as the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011, that would prohibit horse slaughter in this country and make it illegal to ship horses to other countries for slaughter.

Though horse meat is not typically eaten in the United States, it is considered a delicacy in other parts of the world. Opponents of horse slaughter argue that it is inhumane and that horses raised in this country are unfit for human consumption due to the veterinary drugs given to them.

Stacie Gregg said she is stunned that when she types her son’s name into the Google search bar, pages upon pages of results pop up. She said his blog has been visited by Internet users in 24 countries.

She said the overwhelming rush of support has brought her to tears on several occasions.

Some letters, such as one from an Illinois woman who wrote “the recent actions of a young, idealistic boy” shook her from apathy, leave the Greggs on the verge of disbelief.

“My son moved her to do something. A 9-year-old kid reached her. It was amazing,” Stacie Gregg said.

The exposure has opened Declan up to more opportunities as well. He has published an 11-minute-long video on YouTube, been invited to meet a woman dedicated to lobbying for the horse slaughter prevention act, and will be taken onto the House floor by U.S. Rep Frank Guinta, R-N.H., during a vote, Stacie Gregg said.

Declan is looking for more letters of support to bring with him when he goes to Washington, D.C., later this month to present letters to Congress. The SPCA in Stratham is hosting a letter-writing party on March 18 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. to help gather more letters.

Letter-writing campaign:
Send letters opposing horse slaughter to PO Box 614, Greenland, NH 03840
Letter-writing party at the N.H. SPCA
What: SPCA is hosting a party to help Declan Gregg acquire letters written by children opposed to horse slaughter, which he will bring to Washington, D.C., to present to lawmakers
When: 11 a.m.-4 p.m., Sunday, March 18
Where: N.H. SPCA, 104 Portsmouth Ave., Stratham

If they succeed in protecting horses, Stacie Gregg said, the family will likely continue to advocate for humane treatment of all animals. She said their long-term goal is to set up a nonprofit to raise funds for various animal protection organizations.

Through his advocacy, Declan has “blossomed as a person,” and has already expressed an interest in running for Congress or even the presidency some day, Stacie Gregg said.

“It will be really, really interesting to see long-term what this does for him and where it takes him,” she said.

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