Update: Wyoming Horse-Eater Has Bitten Off More Than She Can Chew

Update on Missouri Horse Slaughter Plant Debacle

Letter from Attorney Cynthia O. MacPherson Toasts $ue Walli$ and then Sticks a Fork in Her
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Foreign Backed Wyoming Politician Losses Bid to Kill and Eat Horses in Mountain Grove, MO

By: Kevin Schwaller of the OzarksFirst.com

Walli$ Bloody Plan Not Welcome in Down Home America

"Slaughterhouse" $ue Walli$

(Mountain Grove, MO) — Unified Equine is abandoning plans to transform a building near Mountain Grove into a horse slaughter facility.

That doesn’t mean its search is over; the company will be looking for another spot in south-central Missouri.

The issue continues to be a contentious one for the area.

Sue Wallis, the CEO of Unified Equine, answered questions from the public Monday in the Mountain Grove area.

“The purpose of setting up this meeting was to let the local community know exactly what it is that we’re planning.”

The conversation went fairly smoothly. Still, the meeting showed the growing tensions centered on the proposed plant in an Ozarks community.

“Our whole business model is based on horse industry realities,” adds Wallis. “And we have been working with scientists, experts, horse industry experts, meat industry experts.”

Protesters stood outside the Wright County Livestock Auction. Inside, a crowd asked questions about a proposed facility from Wyoming-based Unified Equine. It would kill horses to get meat for human consumption.

Wallis took questions and countered information from a presentation last week from a local attorney and opponent of the plant.

The owners of the auction would not let video camera inside. They thought the gear might insight more theatrics at the meeting. That’s also why several Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers went to the session.

“I think it was informative, but I still don’t agree,” says Donna DeWitt, who lives in the area. She doesn’t want the plant around here.

“I do not agree with the slaughter of horses because I love horses.”

Other opponents don’t have a problem with horse processing. They simply don’t want a facility near Mountain Grove. They have concerns about the effect a site will have on property values and the environment.

Wallis and Unified Equine are pushing to get a plant open by September.

“This is what is needed in order to restore the horse industry nationwide and for the welfare of horses.”

The company was looking at the Mountain Grove area because of the amount of horses in the region. It also needs shipping routes.

Wallis is not ruling out finding another site nearby, despite one of the original possibilities being out of the running.

The plant would kill and process 200-400 horses a day.

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