Horse Slaughter Promoter Destroys Self on Public Radio with Defamatory Rant and Hang-Up

OpEd (In my outraged opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author and President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“Slaughterhouse” $ue Wallis Shoots Self in Foot, AGAIN

Wallis/Duquette Standard Public Stance

Imagine, if you will, that hypothetically you found yourself in the position of representing a very unpopular cause but you pursued it as it meant great fame, even though it is all negative, and a bunch of money in your pocket and being that you have had a few iffy fiscal woes in the past you embrace the new found income source.  

In your heart of hearts you know that you are not an expert on the subject yet you sit before the computer, cut and paste from Wikipedia and issue ill-conceived statements from the safety of being behind your computer’s firewall.  

With a limited education and minimal knowledge of the subject you find that you are required to either read from a script or are forced to memorize the bogus material that your handlers and  foreign financial backers feed to you.  

It is an unsettling situation but manageable as long as you do not find yourself in a position of debating your unpopular issue with someone who knows the truth, understands the facts and has science on their side; if ever cornered by a legitimate question you would crash and burn.  But none the less, you accept an invitation to a well advertised PBS/NPR national radio show where not one, not two but three of your most feared honest advisories will be, likewise, present.  

You listen to the show and after thirty minutes realize that they have not mentioned you so it’s time to change the direction of the dialogue and point the spotlight on yourself.  

TaDah, you enter the conversation with the crisp crackle of your script’s paper rustling in the background and usher in an immediate insult to all present while misrepresenting who you are before launching off into a ten minute in-cohesive rambling until the show’s host stops you and asks you a question, you retaliate as you are not prepared and it begins to head south almost instantly.  

You reply with an unprepared, or vetted, statement on a former condition in a Texas city that you have never visited and very quickly you slide down the slope of inaccuracies by making slanderous and libelous comments about a former elected official until one of the guests calls your bluff and speaks the truth with you being identified, in his humble opinion, as a liar.  

In fear for your credibility you hang up in a panic, call your handlers and then issue a press release that attempts to disguise your poor performance while allowing you to attack not only the guests but the host as you are tucked away snuggly behind your computer’s firewall with your partner in crime and president of the organization you run from afar issuing a rant of profanities on the speaker phone.  

And then you are lame enough to go onto Facebook and publicly post the link to the show so that those who drank your Kool-Aid can wring their hands and pat your head because your lies were exposed…awwww.  

Just imagine…if you were to act, behave, think and sound like just such a person you would/could or might be the Queen of Cut and Paste and the disposable mouthpiece for the meat industry, one $ue Wallis of Recluse, Wyoming.  Here’s your sign!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, “Slaughterhouse” $ue Wallis rolled into an hour long radio show where Madeleine Pickens, Wayne Pacelle and myself had been discussing wild horse issues, primarily, never mentioning Wallis and the first words out of her mouth were that no one person present, except for herself, were horse industry “horse” people.

Guess what $ue, Madeline has owned many a horse in her day and currently has several hundred under her care.  I am a horse owner and support a vet, two horse trainers, a tractor supply and feed store with our endeavor while you ain’t got zip.  

$ue Wallis does not own horses, publicly admitted by herself, she does not represent the horse industry but instead the meat industry as she raises…ahhh, what do they call them, COWS. (I have nothing against cows, only in this case the company that they keep) Wallis, in my humble yet experienced opinion, is a sham and a fake and if ever there were a bully, she is and always has been one.

Over the past several weeks Wallis and her trusty side-kick Duquette have been handed a multitude of defeats:

1.)  Wallis issued an idiot press release about opening up a slaughter plant in Missouri where “100%”, how stupid is that, of the residents were behind it.  Guess what, she was run out of town on a rail and even her foreign money men were embarrassed.

2.)  Duquette was actually allowed to speak, live, during a Oregon PBS broadcast opposite the very knowledgable Scott Beckstead who ended up sweeping up the floor with Duquette who, by the way, ducked and dodged every ligimate question.

3.)  This past week a very successful congressional letter writing campaign was brought to D.C. by the very children who wrote the letters beseeching congress to ban predatory, bloody horse slaughter.

4.)  Duquette/Wallis canceled their “Annual” Summit of the Dead horse allegedly due to lack of support, interest, speakers and money.  Their first “Annual” summit left them in the hole and did nothing but generate bad press and public disapproval for their bloody cause.

5.)  Equine Welfare groups filed a detailed 79 page petition with the FDA listing 110 dangerous chemicals found in the non-food animal, horse, and demanded that horse meat be permanently “unqualified” for human consumption.

6.) This weekend a Pro-Horse/Anti-Slaughter Conference is taking place in New York while another Summit (for the LIVE horse) will take place on Tuesday in the very location were their failed slaughter summit was scheduled to take place, Oklahoma City.

Bit by bit, piece by piece the fraudulent front that is posed by the anti-horse/pro-slaughter faction is beginning to crumble and the wall of lies is being disassembled by hard working, every day Americans who work for a living, do not make millions of dollars, do not take money from non-profits, pay their taxes and assume proper liability and accountability for companion animals under their care…that would be the 80%.

Keep the pressure on America; Wallis and Duquette have publicly documented that they are not credible and their platform of horse slaughter (not processing) is a phony deck of cards and is crumbling beneath them as I type.  

Call a spade a spade and shine the spotlight of truth on the cockroaches and watch them run for their rocks to crawl under, just listen to the radio shows and hear for yourselves…between the two of these snake oil salesmen there is not one ounce of credibility or sincerity.  

Sue ran and hid; she wouldn’t hear the truth but here it is, in American we do NOT eat our friends and likewise, we don’t take kindly to our friends being lied about…there will be hell to pay for that one!! 
Click (HERE) to Hear Wallis Dissolve
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Click (HERE) to Read Juvenile and Unprofessional Press Release

Experts Calling for Horse Slaughter Ban Unite at 2012 American Equine Summit

Information supplied by the Equine Welfare Alliance

American Public Wants Ban on Horse Slaughter, NOW

Chatham, N.Y. (EWA) – Horse experts from across the country will converge on Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary in Chatham, New York for the 2012 American Equine Summit on Saturday, March 31st and Sunday, April 1st with one objective – to reverse the damage done by Congress in Nov. 2011 by mobilizing an effective grassroots movement to end the slaughter of America’s horses in the US and abroad. The attendees will be comprised of press, lawmakers and those involved with equine welfare and the horse industry. Interested parties are encouraged to “like” Equine Advocates on Facebook, follow us on Twitter@EquineAdvocates, and for live updates during the Summit, use the following hash tag: #AES2012.

“It’s just plain wrong when lobbies for the Agriculture and Quarter Horse industries can influence members of Congress to supersede the will of the more than 80% of Americans who want a federal ban on horse slaughter,” said Susan Wagner, President of Equine Advocates. “The ‘eighty percenters’ deserve to be heard. Instead, lawmakers controlled by special interests prevailed and gave horse slaughter proponents exactly what they wanted. It’s not only egregious, it’s downright un-American.”

The Summit will be opened by legendary concert promoter and horse lover, Ron Delsener. Two new speakers have been added – Dr. Caroline Betts, who will discuss the discrepancies in the 2011 GAO report on the closings of horse slaughterhouses in the US, and former US Congressman John Sweeney (R-NY), who was the primary sponsor for the successful passage of H.R. 503, the House version of the 2006 American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

Other speakers include Cathleen Doyle, former head of the California Equine Council and Save the Horses, John Holland, President Equine Welfare AllianceDr. Kraig J. Kulikowski, D.V.M., Katia Louise, director of the film, “Saving America’s Horses,” Victoria McCullough who helped pass Florida’s “Equine Protection Act of 2010,” Jo Anne Normile of Saving Baby Equine Charity and founder of CANTER andPaula Bacon, former Mayor of Kaufman, Texas who led the fight to close Dallas Crown, a horse slaughterhouse operating in Kaufman.

Said Bacon, “I believe a horse slaughter plant is among the very least desirable things a community would want.  It ranks with a lead smelter plant and strip clubs, the dead opposite of economic development. A horse slaughter plant creates big, expensive environmental problems for taxpayers and stigmatizes the community as ‘that place where they slaughter horses’ – and good development goes elsewhere.”

States currently trying to reopen horse slaughter plants include Oregon, Missouri and Tennessee.