Horse Slaughter President and Buddy Reporter Concoct Another Story of Misinformation and Untruths

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ Author and President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Duquette, Walli$ and Cockle Missed Their Calling as Writers of Fiction


Jealous and incensed by all of the press (bad) and attention (negative) that his partner in horse killing, “Slaughterhouse” $ue Walli$, has been getting United Horsemen president Dave Duquette once again collaborated with his good buddy Richard Cockle to put together a misleading, inaccurate and despicable article so that the bloody spotlight of horse slaughter could once again shine beet red upon Duquette, facts and honesty be damned.  The article speaks to a supposed Horse Slaughter plant to be built in Duquette’s home town Hermiston, Oregon and lists all of the bogus and outrageous standard lies that Duquette uses to justify butchering horses and then feasting upon the companion animals flesh to feed the greed that has eaten away his soul.  But here is the REAL kicker, Duquette is the owner of the land that he is selling to his OWN organization and backers.  How is that for honesty and transparency?  United Horsemen is a 501(c)(3) and perhaps the IRS would be sincerely interested in this little shell game!

Duquette pulled this same bogus stunt back in July of 2009, with the help of Cockle, when another outrageous article circulated that stated the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Oregon would be building a Horse Slaughter plant, soon.  I personally contacted the tribe and received this reply.

“No, we are not making any plans to build a horse slaughter plant on any reservation”, stated Tim Outman, field representative for the Warm Springs Tribe’s Department of Natural Resources.  Putting all cultural and moral conflicts aside, Outman said, “Who would invest 8-10 million dollars into building a facility where there is absolutely no market?  Shipping horse meat is against Federal Law.  We have no idea what, where or who, is perpetuating this misinformation.”

“This sort of journalism does nothing to further the cause and public relations of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs”, stated Outman.  Click (HERE) to read the SFTHH article.

Cockle went on to build a fairy tale story about Duquette and then butchered quotes from Chris Heyde of the Animal Welfare Institute; back in ’09 Hyde responded:

Richard Cockle has again written another poorly researched and unsupported article on horses. I spent a great deal of time on the phone with him providing facts and evidence dismissing the misleading claims put forward by individuals more interested in abusing horses than advancing the truth.  However, what does he do? Prints rhetoric. It is a shame that Mr. Cockle, Sue Wallis and others continue to exploit the truth and suffering of horses just to make a name for themselves nationally”

“It is amazing how sloppy reporters have been on this issue.  The tribes are smart enough to see a scam and this is one of the worst.  The misinformation on this issue seems to be radiating from a very pro-horse slaughter vet from the region who just happens to be a leader of the so called “Unwanted” Horse Coalition.  As we all know this is a front group for the horse slaughter industry.”

Duquette responded to my article with a series of emails loaded with expletives and open threats, so much so that I asked for his physical address for lawful service, his emails to me were then discontinued.

But the simple minded only repeat the same mistakes and lies because they lie so often that they can’t remember what they said in the past.

Chris Heyde has responded to the most recent Duquette/Cockle Collusion Fest with the comment:

Once again Richard has written a creative and pro-horse slaughter article. He gathers facts only from a guy who has misled folks on the issue for several years. In fact, Big D’s cohort in slaughter was just soundly rejected in her attempt to promote a plant in Missouri. The American public is tired of those working to abuse horses for a profit. There is also a growing anger among the horse industry at these horse slaughter promoters because it will turn the billion dollar horse business into a million dollar meat market thus destroying a very large industry.

So who are these “Slaughter advocates and critics alike mostly agree that the ban flopped, causing steep declines in horse prices and widespread abandonment of horses” Richard talks about. AWI started the national campaign back in 2001 and so far I am unaware of any slaughter critics who think the USDA defund effort “flopped” as he suggested. The USDA ban was never the final goal, it was a step along the way. As Cathy Liss noted, who would be foolish enough to spend millions of dollars to build a plant only to have Congress shut it down yet again? I promise you, that will happen. If these folks have so much money why don’t they use it to help horses instead of waste it buying abandoned buildings?

You can read the article by clicking (HERE) as we at SFTHH won’t soil our site with such poison.  But I highly suggest that the public stop by and visit the article for two major reasons:

1.) to Comment

2.) to view a picture of Dave Duquette with a LIVE horse, a sight that is rarely seen.

Keep the Faith.