Day: March 10, 2012

Horse Slaughter President and Buddy Reporter Concoct Another Story of Misinformation and Untruths

Jealous and incensed by all of the press (bad) and attention (negative) that his partner in horse killing, “Slaughterhouse” $ue Walli$, has been getting United Horsemen president Dave Duquette once again collaborated with his good buddy Richard Cockle to put together a misleading, inaccurate and despicable article so that the bloody spotlight of horse slaughter could once again shine beet red upon Duquette, facts and honesty be damned. The article speaks to a supposed Horse Slaughter plant to be built in Duquette’s home town and lists all of the bogus and outrageous standard lies that Duquette uses to justify butchering horses and then feasting upon the companion animals flesh to feed the greed that has eaten away his soul.

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