Fleeing the Interview

Guest Commentary by Calamity Cate Crismani ~ Publisher/Editor of True Cowboy Magazine

 Rep. Sue Wallis Avoids Debate on Facts when Confronted with the Truth

Calamity Cate Crismani and "Raider" ~ photo courtesy of TrueCowboy Magazine

So, lets see, on this planet, we currently slaughter cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, baby cows (veal), goats, oh, and probably lamas somewhere and anything thing else that breaths, walks, eats, beats and craps…and eat it.

Are we as humans not far behind?  Did you see the movie “The Road” with Viggo Mortenson?  Well it is a must as we love Viggo, huge wild horse advocate (and hot)

However, the apocalyptic subject matter of the movie seems to be our imminent future. Would that be now? Now? Now?

I just finished listening to the internet radio program, “Sound Off with Sasha”, Public Broadcasting Fridays on WGCU. (www.wgcu.org). This program’s topic was horse slaughter for human consumption.  The guest lineup was very provocative and some well- known pro-horse/anti-slaughter opinion leaders including: R.T. Fitch, Author, Blogger and volunteer President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation (501©3), Philanthropist and President of Saving Americas Mustangs (501©3) , Madeleine Pickens,  President of the Humane Society of the United States, Wayne Pacelle and state Rep. Sue Wallis of Wyoming, Outspoken pro-slaughter advocate and one of our elected officials and, apparently, a leader to the algae (her supporters politically, economically and over a can of beer) backing her.  Go figure.

I am anti-slaughter for so many, many reasons not the least being money.  I won’t take any from anyone for my one and only companion, my mare, Raiderette. Raider to her friends.  Insert violins and mushy adjectives here.  And, I’ll have you know, some bleeding idiot offered me $50,000 for the big mare, of which I, disrespectfully, declined and we hung up calling each other wonderful profanities, words I’d not heard in years. Good times!   Some of my “so-called friends” held secret thoughts that I was perhaps the “bleeding idiot” (I know because I can read minds).  Perhaps, but turning the mullah down sure felt good!

Representative Sue Wallis of Wyoming spoke with a sharpened tongue, spewing half-truths, untruths and “acceptable truths”.  Expounding on the depth of commerce, money, lost by the people who make their income solely from the horse industry i.e.: breeders, (all breeds), trainers (all equine sports) et al, showing (all breeds).  Wallis displayed flagrant disregard towards any emotional or torturous pain these animals will endure ending their lives via the slaughter pipeline that currently exists in Mexico and Canada.  Her discombobulated, incohesive thoughts clearly exhibited (if I may make a diagnoses solely on my gut) insanity and circular reasoning. But, what was even more chilling was her transparent animosity towards R.T. Fitch and Madeleine Pickens.

So, under pressure, Ms. Wallis literally fled the interview, poof, gone. That says it all if you ask me.  Moreover, I can predict Wallis will publicly spin her childlike behavior into ‘they (RTF & MP) were disrespectful to me and I won’t tolerate that from anyone’ attitude…  Well, huff, huff, and huff.   Her hubris behavior and attitude was that immature, that entitled, that revolting.

Both R.T. Fitch and Madeleine Pickens spoke cohesively with well-rationalized viewpoints and both kept there cool, well kind of, for the most part.  And I’m not saying this because I am simpatico with them, but because they are simpatico with me as they agree with me, we share the same viewpoints on this.  Why does one have “friends” and also “enemies”?  Viewpoints. Agreement. Common realities.

Do not be fooled into thinking slaughter is any kind of animal, horses, is any kind of solution.  If you find yourself buying any of horse slaughter propaganda and diatribe shoveled out by pro-slaughter advocates, check yourself, fast, and watch “The Road” again.

There is nothing humane about horse slaughter. 

Click (HERE) to listen to Radio Show