CNN Losses Credibility with Story on “Eating Donkeys”

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ Author and President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Travel Channel‘s Andrew Zimmern Shows the World his Ass

Travel Channel's Andrew Zimmern often lacks good taste and common sense, as illustrated.

There is a lot of weird crap floating around the internet, so much so that if you give it much notice it can set your head to spinning but when a major media outlet is so lame as to pick up and regurgitate sickening perversion and tout it as news or a topic of interest it begins to make one wonder where the world made the wrong turn.

Recently, CNN’s “Eatocracy” published an article about Andrew Zimmern’s “5 Foods that can change the World”.  You know Zimmern, he is the host for that TV show on the Travel Channel called Bizarre Foods that no one watches.  I, for one, spend 7 out of 12 months in foreign countries and just can’t wait to get back to the U.S. to eat something that I can identify and don’t have to go to Biology class to recognize (watch out for  fried scorpion, sauteed jellyfish, duck’s feet, fungus, stuffed pig ears and bush meat).  So I don’t think ole Simmern has much up on me as my major concern is monitoring, carefully, what passes past my lips as the bulk of where I travel has no good ole, western, sit down toilets.

But ole Zimmern has a plan to save the world and he feels it lies atop the gentle hooves and loving disposition of the unassuming donkey.  Yup, you heard me right, the faithful non-food animal, beast of burden, donkey.  We fight the horse-eaters on a daily basis as they want to lie and collude to kill and eat American horses in an effort to line their pockets with equine blood money; but CNN has allowed this twit to offer up, with no scientific data, the salvation of the modern world’s gastric desires in the way of the gentle burro.  We quote directly form the article, below:

Five Foods That Can Change the World: Andrew Zimmern

1. Donkey
“This is one of my favorite lean healthy meats, popular all around the world. Goat in America is like soccer; we know the rest of the world loves it but we just don’t get it. But there is goat available, and like soccer, it’s growing every year. Donkey is ideally suited for pasturing in America, the muscles can be portioned larger (we love those big steaks!) and the breeds that are most suited for eating pleasure are small and won’t make Americans squeamish like horse does – another animal we should be eating by the way.

Really, any alternative hoofed protein source would be beneficial for the economy and our physical health. Venison, kudu, elk, buffalo – it’s all out there waiting to get us off our addiction to feedlot beef and commodity-raised pig. Heck, I will throw rabbit in there as well, even though they have paws and not hooves.”

Zimmern goes on to name 4 other types of animals, and a few plants, that must go over the teeth and through the gums to save mankind from itself.  It is, perhaps, a worthy endeavor to read this article and to leave a comment for both CNN regarding their lack of editorial consideration and to Zimmern for his total, ugh, lack of good taste.

Maybe we should also swing by the ole Travel Channel and let them know what we think of this blood sucking leech…argh, along with “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis this guy is the stuff that nightmares are born of.

Click (HERE) to read article at CNN and to Comment
Click (HERE) to visit the Donkey-Eater’s lair at the Travel Channel

Ode Outs Wyoming Horse Eater’s Odoriferous Offerings

Anonymously submitted by “a horse owner who does not make a practice of eating her best friends

 Tongue-in Cheek  Sonnet Lays “Slaughterhouse” $ue Walli$’ Equine Blood Lust Bare

Part-Time Wyoming State Rep., Former Pres of United Organization for the (Dead?) Horse, Former VP of United Horsemen, alleged CEO of Unified Equine, Director of the Wikipedia Fan Club's Cut, Paste & Plagiarism Society and self appointed Leading Subject Matter Expert on all that lives and breaths under the Sun (with no formal education) "Slaughterhouse" $ue Walli$

My poem’s of a brute from Wyoming
Whose principal joy is in moaning
Of alleged evil forces
Behind those who love horses,
And who fight against slaughter plant zoning.

Sue Wallis, by methods misleading,
Spends most of her energies keeping,
The truth from constituents,
Which is unambiguous:
She’s in favor of equine mistreating.

Ms. Wallis would have you believe,
Those abattoirs aren’t medi-aev-
al chambers of tortures-
Her lies are just scorchers!
She must think that we’re all naive.

Sue Wallis claims that she loves horses,
But the truth of the matter of course is,
Her chief interest is wealth,
And to hell with horse health,
According to unpublished sources.

Beware this unethical beast;
She’ll employ any method, not least:
Using physical violence,
Her opponents to silence,
At venues which aren’t well policed.

Sue Wallis will push for horse slaughter,
For cruelty and bad local water,
No matter the costs,
Nor who’s double-crossed;
She belongs on each town’s police blotter.

She can’t be believed in the least,
Whether west, east, south, north, or northeast,
Whate’er she may claim,
Horses’ friends to defame,
She only loves horses once they are deceased.