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Charleroi PA Passes Resolution to Support Federal Ban on Horse Slaughter

by ~ Pittsburgh Pet Rescue Examiner

“the right to govern is derived from the governed”

Although recent polls indicate that a vast majority of Americans are opposed to the slaughtering of U.S. horses for human consumption, a small minority of individuals have launched a  backdoor  misinformation campaign designed to re-open US horse slaughter facilities and in the worst case scenario factory farm horses for food.

Political support for  federal and state bans on horse slaughter continues to gain momentum. One political arena where elected officials have taken a stand aginst the slaughter of American horses is the borough of Charleroi Pennsylvania located along the Monongahela River in southwestern Pennsylvania. Once dubbed the Miracle City, Charleroi’s stand against horse slaughter and its support for controlling the feline population through trap/neuter/return may earn it a new name: the City of Compassion. In a proclamation supporting a ban on horse slaughter the Mayor and Council acknowledge that horse slaughter is inhumane and contrary to the values of its citizenry and the residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Charleroi’s  proclamation urges state and federal officials to support a ban on horse slaughter.

While some may argue that the proclamation is purely symbolic, that claim ignores the more significant aspect of the issue of horse slaughter. As all Americans know the United States is a nation founded on Locke’s belief that “the right to govern is derived from the governed.”  Recent polls by such groups as the ASCPA suggest that 80% of Americans are opposed to horse slaughter.

The action taken by the Charleroi council and its Mayor suggest that those elected to office in Charleroi take the concept of a representative republic to heart. Their stand against horse slaughter reflects the values and sentiments held by a majority of Americans. Simply stated, “Americans do not eat horses.”

The Borough of Charleroi is to be commended for its willimgness to take a stand against a practice which a majority of Americans oppose. It seems the the state of New Jersey will soon follow with a statewide ban on horse slaughter.  The only question that remains is why in a representative republic where the majority of the citizens oppose horse slaughter are other elected officials dragging their feet in passing a federal ban on horse slaughter?

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  1. It seems to me that method to putting an end to the subject industry here, including the transport, is to go after the absolute lack of oversight and enforcement of the regs as they stand.
    The fact appears to be: if the traders/shippers were absolutely held to the trust they are obligated to support as a condition for their licensing, (follow the rules/law) they’d be hard pressed to fill one truck per month.
    The falsification of E.I.D.’s, right now, which are foreign documents, but are still official governmental documents, are punishable by up to 10,000 and/or five years each,
    If someone commited fraud on a foreign bank loan app, the feds would prosecute it, and the foreign officials may too.
    I’ll presume that their transport documents are communicated electronically, since they’re sent in before the load ships. That’s wire fraud, 18 U.S.C. 1343, that carries a pretty good penalty too.
    The question really is: Why is the practice ongoing? It’s a criminally executed activity going on right in front of everybody, and nobody’s noticing, investigating, or prosecuting it.
    There’s no need for a new law outlawing slaughter, if the participants were held to the rules they agreed to support, the matter would be behind us already.
    So, why’s the entire authoritive body ignoring these ongoing crimes?
    If they won’t prosecute, doesn’t that make them accesories?
    If they won’t prosecute, we can: See private attorney general and study up on it, and the case law that’s been developed through private folks criminally prosecuting offenders.


    • You kind of hit the nail on the head—dead-on—with a sledge hammer. Don’t be surprised if the answer is not what you think.

      However, when we talk about what communities, counties, states around the country, don’t let us forget our own communities where we have the greatest possibility to influence the outcome. If we can raise the questions and offer sources of reliable information, the people will choose what is right.

      Each of us must do what we can to get out into our communities. The next few months are critical periods that won’t come again for a long time. There is little more than five months before the general election. Let candidates know your concerns, and see how they respond. Get out there and follow up even if you can get only a few people to think about this issue that is a few people who will share it with a few more. We never know when, where, or who will pick up the torch and carry it to the finish line.


  2. I’m so glad to see these states, towns and other areas upholding a ban on slaughter. The more the public and elected officials take these stand, the better it is for us to get legislation passed. Laws are only as good as their enforcement. The low lifes count on the lack of money to enforce the laws already on the books. We must go to the heart of the issue – horse auctions, “Killer” Buyers and all those connected with the purchase and transport of the equines out of this country.
    We all must be vigilent to the traffic. Talk with horse people in your area and please work together.
    If there were no horses to purchase, they wouldn’t have a business. It is unfortunate though that we must pass federal legislation to stop all the madness. We need to let these foreign companies know that they are NOT WANTED IN THE UNITED STATES. We need to know who they are so that we can contact them with our messages. I would like to thank RT for all the updates on all of these issues too. I thank all those involved with passing language that supports Americas equines.
    So the $64,000 question is why the hold up in Washington, DC when 80% of Americans want this banned?


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