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Profiteering Wyoming Politician Continues Push to Slaughter Missouri Horses

written by Josh Nelson of the  (Unedited)

Out of State Politico Ignores Science and Fact in Quest for Horse Killing

With an ego as big as all of Wyoming “Slaughterhouse” $ue Wallis continues to assault the sensibilities of mid-westerners

A Wyoming company looking to open a horse slaughter facility in Missouri says it has narrowed its search to a handful of sites in the western half of the state.

Unified Equine LLC previously proposed using a former manufacturing facility near Mountain Grove for its slaughter operation.

Community members strenuously objected to the plans in mid-March, and the company was forced to consider other options.

Sue Wallis, the company’s chief executive, said the community reaction was only one factor in Unified Equine’s decision to abandon the site.

The cost of converting the building, which was used to make gas pipelines, into a slaughter operation also proved to be too high.

“We had pretty much made the decision that was not the spot,” Wallis said.

Wallis said Unified Equine is now considering plans to retrofit a shuttered beef processing plant located in the western half of the state. She refused to provide a more specific location because the site has “not been secured.”

The plant is located in a rural area along a state highway and still has U.S. Department of Agriculture certification as a beef processing plant, Wallis said. The latter was important to the company, since the methods and equipment for processing cattle and horses are similar, Wallis said.

The new plant still has to undergo a separate inspection process specifically designed for horses before it can reopen, USDA officials said.

Wallis said Unified Equine decided to look at western Missouri because of large horse populations nearby.

“If you draw a 400- to 500-mile circle around where you are, you will have encapsulated 30 percent of the horses in the U.S.,” Wallis said.

Last year, Congress cleared the way for horse slaughter plants to reopen by removing a 5-year-old ban on funding federal horse meat inspections. Plants that are not inspected by the USDA cannot ship meat across state lines, which had effectively prohibited the commercial slaughtering of horses in the United States.

Most of the meat from the Unified Equine plant would be sent overseas or to Mexico, Wallis said.

Some of the products might be sold in the United States to ethnic markets where the meat is still considered a delicacy, she said.

Richard McIntyre, a spokesman for the USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service, said Unified Equine must first apply for a federal grant of inspection before it can begin operations. McIntyre said the department has not received any applications from Unified Equine yet.

It could be a while before any applications are approved, however.

USDA officials said a “significant amount of time” is needed to develop procedures for testing and inspecting horse processing facilities.

That is because an inspection of a horse processing plant has not occurred for six years.

Renee Bungart, a spokeswoman for Missouri Department of Natural Resources, said Unified Equine would likely have to apply for a number of permits related to pollution and construction, depending on the type of building and location.

Unified Equine could be the second plant to restart horse slaughter in the United States. Earlier in the year, New Mexico plant owner Rick De Los Santos announced he was retrofitting a facility to meet new USDA guidelines for horses.

The USDA has not granted De Los Santos a permit to begin operating his plant.

Those plans have been met by vocal opposition, including a letter from Republican New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, who urged the USDA to turn down a permit for the plant.

Wallis said she has been trying to work with officials in Missouri to avoid similar issues.

A spokesman for Gov. Jay Nixon said he would have to check on whether there has been any contact between the governor’s office and Unified Equine.

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36 replies »

  1. I guess she has deluded herself into believing that Missouri will tolerate its horse population going to slaughter. Sue Wallis is no better than a Nazi.


  2. I understand that Congress and the President have agreed to remove the horse slaughter inspection “defunding” language, but they didn’t give the USDA money to inspect US based HCHS plants/operations.

    Can anyone explain to me WHY USDA is accepting applications for same without funding for same?

    What monies are they using to accept and review these applications?

    As to Wallis, borrowing a quote from Bugs Bunny, “What a mah-rooon”!


    • I have tried to follow the farm bill a bit. There was some language in the bill that would allow private companies to contribute funding for inspection. I think the inspectors would still have to be employed by the state of federal governments.

      This bill is a place where they could sneak something in, and they probably have it ready, that would allow for funding or the legalization of horse slaughter. Keep your ear to the ground. Let your Congressmen know that you oppose this bill if there is any language in it that would allow for the funding for horse meat inspectors or legalization of horse slaughter.




  4. 30% of all the horses in the U.S.? Does this mean she’ll buy truckloads of our wild horses to slaughter them?

    As a politician she should be concerned about creating jobs in her district and not cramming her horse slaughter plants down other states throat.


    • Margaret….that’s is why I called her a moron. 30% of all US equines are located within 500 miles of Missouri????????? Citation please, SS. And if true…..everyone of those equines is eligibile and going to slaughter? Idiot.

      She (SS) believes HCHS creates jobs.


  5. Personally I think we are giving this buffoon way too much credit and publicity. She is forming LLC’s on websites offering “LLC’s as easy as 1-2-3. For her to call herself or for us to call her a chief executive, or COO or President of a company of 2 is doing nothing except promoting a concept that we consider her a credible threat, that she is a force to be reckoned with.. In most cases I believe the American people will figure her out and will remove her low life cretin ass from office. The people who elected her were fully within their rights. But those rights include knowing the truth about Slaughterhouse Sue. Unified Equine, United Equine, United Horsemen all just within the past year or so. She has to keep changing because people are figuring it out. IMHO


    • I agree, Steve, on the issue of publicity but I walk a fine line between ignoring this scourge of humanity or proving her lies to be invalid each and every time she opens her mouth or sits at a keyboard. She, too, knows that she is a liar as publicly and graphically displayed on the PBS Radio broadcast where I challenged her ridicules and unsubstantiated claims about Kaufman, Texas. She immediately hung up as she cannot debate as there is no way to make a lie into a fact.

      So I will be guilty of shinning a light on this dark blob of human degradation every single time she drags her bloody comments out into the light of day.

      It’s not a pretty job but somebody has got to do it…mainstream press seems to think she has a brain…amazing what money can do.


      • R.T. you will be happy to know that on Saturday when SSue was speaking in Victor, Montana at something called “The Human Costs of the Animal Rights Movement” she told the audience of about 25 people that you, R.T. Fitch along Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the US were the leading the way in confusing people and convincing them that horse slaughter is inhumane when it fact it is not.

        Two of my wolf advocate friends were in attendance and I asked my friend to ask her how her slaughter plants were in fact going to be “humane” as she still intended to use the captive bolt (and if she did not, exactly what method did she intend to use). She then went on to say that the USDA is there to oversee and can pull a horse at anytime if the first stun attempt doesn’t work! I guess she temporarily forgot all the videos and the 900+ pages the USDA has on horse slaughter and the horrific, inhumane deaths these animals faced.

        Then the real kicker was Marc said she mentioned putting a cushion under the horses neck to support it because when horses get nervous or anxious they lower their head!! Yes, you read that correctly. According to Sue Wallis, when horses get nervous or anxious they lower their heads!!

        In addition to Wallis, Theresa Manzella of Willing Servants spoke. In addition to believing that if you really love your horses, yes slaughter really is the answer you have been looking for, she also breeds Bobcats for the Exotic Pet Trade.


      • Sic’em, R.T. !!! I believe that without keeping the public informed about the strategies of this idiot and her ilk, she could make more effective progress. By the information that you and several others keep before the public, she is headed off at every turn. Ya gotta shine the light on cockroaches.


      • I agree with both of you, but I would like to add that if she were working alone, she’d be of little consequence. She and Duquette are the Front for the meat industry. Meat is part of a larger industry, the Food, Beverage, and Restaurant Industry. These people have money and power. Furthermore, there is the nasty little matter of a former Congressman who will never get over having been redistricted out of office who still considers himself a member of Congress even though he is not. He is a lobbyist for the meat industry. He has always supported horse slaughter, and he still has a need to use his political skills to share the industry that has been so important to him throughout his life.

        There is a lot of money behind this, and money can buy a lot of things. It can buy access, and access can allow people to have the opportunity to influence others. Having said that, there should be no way that anyone who looks at the reports of our own USDA’s 2005 report on horse slaughter would even consider it humane. Looking at what has happened for the past year in Presidio, Texas, at our border—even while our horses are being transported through out own country shows APHIS is not up to the job of ensuring that horses are transported humanely. If we cannot handle transportation in this country, we certainly cannot handle anything else.

        Sue Wallis is the vulture circling over the dying or dead animal lying helplessly on the ground below. As such she is a harbinger, a signal of what is going on behind the scenes.

        Don’t be fooled by those who say that Congress didn’t provide money for meat inspectors. These people know that they will not be able to get investors as long as the business depends on appropriations from year to year. They are working hard to figure out how to get their plans in place so the threat of being shut down six months after they open. No serious investor would take that risk.

        So Steve, I agree. I felt exactly the same way until I figured out that Sue Wallis is the part of the dark side we can see, but there are people (probably very few) with some money working behind the scenes. They have few if any scruples. Ears to the ground; eyes wide open.


  6. Taking into consideration the fact that they moved how many mustangs out here? Her comment of 30% may be the % number of mustangs and not the handful of homeless in that 500 mile radius. Has anyone gone to the other LTH facililties to see just how many animals are left? Something she hasn’t taken into consideration is the fact that MANY of the mustangs have had to have drugs after being rounded up because of injuries.
    Another thing…. she needs a state where the senators are on board. As we all know, Blunt is all in and Claire is worthless because she wouldn’t even stand on her word. IDK if she was threatened or just caved but it doesn’t matter, she didn’t stand up after publicly stating she is against slaughter.
    I pray Wy votes SW out before she can do anymore damage.


  7. Every state is subject to this threat and Missouri being the home of Mindy Patterson (ANTI horse and ANTI animal well being thug and horse killer buddy to Sue Wallis) Missouri is definitely a target, but keep your ears and eyes open to Nebraska and Oklahoma. Kansas has around 9,000 wild mustangs in captivity and Oklahoma has roughly 18,000 wild mustangs in captivity. We MUST protect them from being shipped undercover to slaughter!

    Rep. Jerry McPeak of Muskogee, Oklahoma has stated he will try AGAIN next year to pass a bill for tax incentives (50% tax break) for anyone who builds a horse slaughter plant in Oklahoma.

    And Rep. McNeil is still working on a “blank bill” that would “deal” with our wild horses here in Oklahoma.

    So ALL suspect states should be investigated for permits and possible sites so we can stop this in it’s tracks.


  8. Good Ole Sue Wallis is crapping in her own backyard now, she is also trying to start a Horse Slaughterhouse near Riverton, WY. What a disgrace to Wyoming this woman is, she must be stopped!! They are already talking about slaughtering the wild horses as well now that they have opened the doors to murder horses. Stupid Idiot People!


  9. The really sad news here is that because her district has so few voters and most are family anyway–the rest of us are stuck with her until that hot place freezes over.

    WY is cattle country. They are pro cattle and pretty anti horse.

    Not everyone feels this way but enough do. It’s a fine line I walk too–I LOVE WY. I love visiting my family and hiking in some of the most beautiful country you will ever see.

    I support my family. I support those working towards animal welfare. Even when they are cattle as long as they are working to make slaughter (NOT HORSES)more humane. I love visiting with the bison–I had a dinner date with a bison a couple of years ago. I was eating my cheese and crackers and this bison was grazing nearby. We just happily shared time and space. I called to him that he was the best date I had had in years cause he was just so darn nice to me! He just raised his head and gave me look like same back atcha!

    Yes there are jerks and some really nasty people. Just like anywhere you go.

    You can visit Jackson and Yellowstone and not have to worry about SS. She is LITERALLY hours away on the other side of the state. And remember NPS is paid for by your tax dollars. If you are a senior or disabled you can get free entrance to any of the NP’s!


  10. Looks like it is time to return to the front lines for us Missouri advocates (not that we ever went away). We stopped her before and I hope we can do it again….


    • i so agree Jan. We need to support the community she is stalking now. I would love dearly to know who in the state government she is talking (paying?) to in MO. We need to start a huge letter/e-mail campaign to those public servants.


  11. Can’t she can be investigated and charged with fraud or conflict of interest ? Where is she getting funds and backing?


    • From what I remember reading in the past, she should be in jail for what she has done in her own home state. It would be interesting to see who her backers are.


    • Patricia Fazio, a citizen of Wyoming, did bring charges against her. However, the attorney-general declined to bring charges against her. FTI–in one of the national magazines (I wish I could remember the name) Wyoming was listed as something like the third most corrupt state in the country. I think that was based on the lack of ethics laws and accountability systems that are found in states with denser populations. Sue Wallis could only be Sue Wallis in a virtually unpopulated area of a sparsely populated state. She would be at the foot of a mine shaft by now if she was from some states.


  12. Warning: shocking undercover video taken at a Tyson Farms pig farm:

    So if this occurs at a so-called “regulated” farm, what chance do horses ever have of being “humanely” slaughtered? Answer: NONE WHATSOEVER! 😦

    Psycho Sue (Wallis) is a very sick, twisted individual that quite clearly is in this for the money and her version of power…..she clearly has mental problems, so I wish the guys in the white coats with the strait-jacket would show up already and take her somewhere to get her the help she needs!


  13. ARIZONA Now it’s the FOREST SERVICE:
    A Public Call to Action for the removal & possible slaughter sale of Arizona wild horses
    Cross-posted from The Conquistador Program
    Press Release: For immediate release
    Documents obtained under Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) indicate that the US Forest Service may remove horses from the Tonto national Forest without period for public comment or environmental impact study
    (Phoenix, AZ May 31, 2012). The Conquistador Equine Rescue and Advocacy Program (CERAP), a 501c3 equine rescue and advocacy charity, has received material under the Freedom of Information Act indicating that the United States Forest Service (USFS) may be considering the imminent removal of unbranded, free-roaming wild horses living along the Salt River on the Tonto National Forest (TNF) near metropolitan Phoenix in Arizona.


  14. I do not wish Sue Wallis harm. I just want her to leave the country…move to the other side of the earth and take her parseltongue speaking uncle with her. Let them buy a few acres of Romania and stay there the rest of their lives. There is lots of land where she and Dave Duquette could be neighbors. They could find a few dirt roads to drive their horse and buggies on. Just leave the country…leave our horses alone…

    If we did not have to contend with these slaughter crazies, we could spend more time on equine welfare issues.


  15. Just a thought, did Sue Wallis present enough false information to the state of Missouri when she was trying to open a slaughter plant before…to be charged with fraud in the State of Missouri?


  16. Uh, I don’t think Sue & her little plan are going to go too far. She has strong opposition, Missouri does NOT want her, & we’ve repeatedly told her so. I have personally sent her a “polite” message via Facebook, &, guess what? She actually responded back to me. I then went on to explain various facts, & that if she expects anyone to try to understand her “point of view”, then she certainly should understand & respect ours! I don’t mean anything to her, but at least she read what I sent & responded back. We can only hope she will take our messages seriously & back off. She even claims to “love” horses, & that she always has, & is trying to “help” them! Of course, she is more or less accusing all of “us” of trying to shut down the entire horse industry, & even trying to change the world’s eating preferences! I read what she said, but it was pretty much total nonsense! I don’t think she’d have a change of heart (gag!!) even on her deathbed! Missouri will fight her to the end, we got rid of her once, we’ll do it again, & again, & again……


  17. You go Valerie and give her that big cowboy kick out of your state. The scary part of all the slaughter business is that you have large overseas companies funneling in the funds to lobbyists.
    They along with the “Lowest Dregs” of Society are the ones pushing this. Those involved in all of this are counting on the very large profits derived from the slaughter of Americas equines, both wild and domestic. Thanks RT for relating all the information to us because this allows us time to communicate to all those concerned, I for the life of me, cannot figure out why our Legislators are dragging their feet on this issue. The facts are the facts if it ever opens anywhere in this country it will be so hard to close..Violation after environment violation will be given and the community or communities will never see a dime of the money. So we MUST NEVER EVER LET one open anywhere in the United States. What makes me made are the Presidents and Directors of some of the major horse breeds just jumping on the band wagon without contacting their members. Just so disappointing,, If such legislation gets passed it must be so tight that it never can be amended or changed.


    • I agree! I wanted to contact Sue Wallis, only because, it seems, that she is the one pushing so hard for these terrible places to re-open in the United States. She’s the mouth that’s getting it all going again, & she’s picking up followers as she goes. What I don’t understand are the very simple, black & white facts that even when horse-slaughter was practiced in America, no one really profitted, other than the foreign owned businesses, & the European & Asian markets. Communities & environments were polluted, poisoned & destroyed. It made no difference in the amount of so-called “excess or unwanted” horses. These horses, not unlike all the “excess, unwanted” stray dogs & cats in this country, have always existed, & unfortunately always will. It didn’t make a difference, or matter, whether horses were killed here, or slaughtered elsewhere. None of it, anywhere, is humane. No where in the History of this country were horses ever considered or raised to be food animals, never! The only horses that may have been eaten might have been some that died so long ago, during the early history & settling of this country. Pioneers, explorers, Native American Indians, all may have, at some point, had to resort to eating their horse, due to harsh living conditions, or possible starvation, not “just because they wanted to”. No, horses actually meant something important & valuable to their owners back then. They were considered sources of wealth, pride, hunting partners, fellow comrades during battles, transportation, creatures of beauty, endurance, spirit, willing & loyal hard-workers, &, yes, even friends! Ask any old time cowboy, or any native American. Re-opening horse-slaughter in the United States will not help or make the situation better, that has already been proven. It didn’t succeed before, why try now? I really do think Sue is the main one responsible for this push, in the wrong direction. We may not be able to single-handedly change the entire world, or change the eating habits of foreign cultures, but, we DO have a say in this, in our own country, & we can, are, & will fight this, at all costs, no matter what! If we can somehow stop Sue, I think this whole thing might just blow over, we need to get as many states & politicians on board with us as possible. People, humanity, the entire human race, needs to wake up, take a good, long, hard look in the mirror, & search their souls. We need to change for the world to change. We need to be up for that challenge, to do what’s right, what’s good. Not for us, but for all life.


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