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Two Horse Haters Win the “Speak to the Hoof” Award

(In My Most Outraged Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ president Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Morally Bankrupt Humans Sink to New Lows

“Speak to the Hoof” award, not to be confused with the “Flying Fickle Finger of Fate”

This week the “Speak to the Hoof” award has been won by not one but two Horse Haters who have been picked by the public to share, in dishonor, the disgrace of ignoring public sentiment and for being totally bereft of a moral compass…drum roll please:

The winners are (pause and please hold your booing for later) Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis and BLM Winnemucca District Manger, Gene Seidlitz.

Wallis is no stranger to the “Speak to the Hoof” award but Seidlitz is a newcomer and SFTHH would like to welcome him to the equine advocacy wall of shame.

Wallis, affectionately referred to as “Slaughterhouse” Sue, was voted into infamy for the 1,378,926 time this week for her release of an alleged white paper on, gag alert here, Americans Eat Horses.  With no formal education or credentials the evil queen of bloody horse slaughter took it upon herself to create a document filled with opinion, conjecture, fiction and out and out lies in an effort to educate the USDA and Congress on the need to legalize predatory horse slaughter so that she can not only bathe in the equine blood but line her ample pockets with a few extra ill gotten coins.

Wallis is noted for her bombastic and fictitious press releases that are cut and paste excerpts from Wikipedia and also for her long line of public defeats and bogus organizations.  In this instance and during this week Wallis has created yet another company/organization in an attempt to throw off efforts to bring to light her covert backers and from whence her blood money comes.

Meanwhile, BLM’s Gene Seidlitz was beleaguered with requests, suggestions and offers to assist the wild horses of Jackson Mountain only for Seidlitz to flip the public the bird and attack the horses with an aerial assault in the heat of the desert summer and during the peak of foaling season.  Seidlitz and his BLM thugs have trumped up the fabricated story that the horses are in dire straits from lack of forage and water while allowing privately owned cattle from special interest groups and buddies of the thugs to not only outnumber but to continue to destroy the native wild horses designated range.  Privately owned cattle stay on the public land and the congressionally protected horses are removed, forever.  Sweet!

We at SFTHH condemn the actions of both of this week’s winners and sincerely hope that somewhere, somehow the low-lifes and scourge of American society will attain their just deserts and disappear to some location where the rest of the nation never has to put up with their heinous actions and self-serving dialogue, again.

A toast to our nation’s losers; may they toss and turn in fitful sleep for the crimes and war that they have set upon our nation’s icons and companions to the masses, the American horse.

May God have mercy upon their souls.

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  1. Oh, the two of them deceited so willingly and so deserve this award and all the boo’s the come with it.


  2. What does not kill me only makes me stronger……………….!!! Thanks i survived this hideous news,,,,,,,,,,,,,, What was that Award??? Queen of Death Award !!!!!??????? or was it the Hideous Queen Moron of the Year award?????? OHHH come people open your eyes to this hideous [piece of Human Crap…………………. UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!


  3. I think the most significant thing to realize about Sue’s White Paper report is that Sue didn’t write it. This has been professionally produced by the people who are paying her. This is a distraction. I loved her documented sources. When you do a research report, you are not supposed to cite facts that you yourself made up.


  4. Sorry that I’ve been really busy in MO with this rockville thing and haven’t had a chance to read all the comments. But the BLM is wanting comments by June 12 re the helicopter roundups. PLEASE COMMENT to them at: and use Attn: WHB Motorized Hearing. Also, Jim Moran’s Amendment to Prohibit USDA Inspections at Horse Slaughter Facilities in the US needs to PASS. We only have 10 days from June 8 to contact members of the Appropriations Committee. WDEOH has a link to get you to members of this committee. Please do this now. If it passes, we won’t have to fight Wallis & Duquette state by state. SO IMPORTANT!


  5. RT I was at the Western States Expo this morning and asked the BLM rep there if she had any comment. I heard the usual drought conditions and when I asked why couldn’t some of the catle be removed the lady told me something about privately owned land and they can fence water off. Huh? If a cattle rancher is using PUBLIC lands he has NO RIGHTS to claim all the water. There needs to be a balance which there isn’t.


    Monday, January 9, 2012
    I could not see at all at the original observation area we were given. I vigorously requested a better spot. A visiting BLM official encouraged them to search for a better viewing area, and BLM DISTRICT MANAGER GENE SEIDLITZ, who was present, decided to pursue that and obtained what appeared to be a much better viewing point. He said he had “CALLED IN HIS FINAL FAVOR” and WOULD NOT ASK FOR A BETTER VIEWING SPOT for this particular trap site, that this was it.

    Although an effort was made, we still could see nothing of the burros actually being chased with helicopter-assisted roping. I was, however, able to see them returning with the captured burros and hollow-backed horses.

    So BLM’s intimation that I should be ever so grateful for a wee bit better viewing area just doesn’t wash. I am not going genuflect because my government takes a step toward doing what it is tasked to do: be accountable to the American people. Here I am trying to adopt a horse if they’ve captured him, yet BLM seems to almost revel in its power to block me from seeing horses fresh off the range. It’s diabolical. Yet I don’t take it personally; BLM has just gotten a bit big for its britches.


  7. These awards were well deserved. There should have been more than two. Dave Duquett certainly deserves one as well as several member of the board of the BLM; and several members of so discouraged by the antics of these people that I feel the overwhelming urge to just give up.Then I remember the horses, the beautiful horses and burros and foals; and BAM I’m back to signing petitions and sharing the horrors and the victories of the 80% who hold these animals in high regard.They should be drawn and quartered the old way with their wrists and ankles tied to 4 horses moving in opposing directions. Slowly, very slowly.


  8. Just when you think you’ve heard it all…now this! Unbelievable, pathetic and disgraceful! It’s a sad day for those who truly love, appreciate and respect these incredibly beautiful creatures, who simply want nothing more than to roam free, where they belong. To remove them away from everything that is natural and important to them is unconscionable and it must stop now!


  9. If any of the cynical media need confirmation that we are truly a nation in decline, they have no further to look than Gene Seldilz. The BLM does not reflect the values of the American people. They are an illegal, immoral, organization that employs people who have less understanding of almost every academic and practical life subject than an average high school graduate. This is the Bureau of the good old boys and good ole girls of Llittle, Laughing Misanthorpic Animal Abusers who are paid with our tax dollars for committing acts that are considered feloniy animal abuse. But the biggest crime of all is that they are proud of being ignorant and uncaring.

    This agency should be abolished. There is nothing these people do that American Express or another accounting PR/Accounting firm could not do better.

    The people who make decisions about our wild horses have the reasoning ability of the bottom 20% of the bell curve. Let them count paper clips and pack boxes, but they are way over their heads when it comes to managing living creatures.


  10. Thanks Louie for the blog – humane observer – super pictures – especially the Stone Cabin horses that were released. I certainly have to give both Elyse & Laura so much credit for all that they do.
    Has anyone found out what happened to the Palomino Valley horses that were moved so there was room for the newer ones? Where they were taken?


  11. FORGET about “God having mercy on their souls”! Let them burn in hell for eternity!! That’s all they deserve.


    • Kristy Amado, agree wih you 100%…..let them burn in hell. Just got message from a friend faxing to members of App. Comm. re Moran Amendment. She said their fax lines are all tied up. So, let’s get going ad tie them up some more. Fax or email them to pass Moran Amendment. Then we can stop fighting Wallis & Duquette and can concentrate more on passing Horse Slaughter Prevention Act and taking down the BLM


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