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R.T. Fitch is a Turd

OpEd by R.T.urd Fitch ~ volunteer President/Co-Founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

From the Mouths of the Inane Comes Words of such Wisdom

Horse Turds Don’t Stink

Yup, you read the headline correct folks; I am really a nameless turd in the disguise of a regular, tax paying animal welfare advocate just flashing my name around so that I can become famous for donating virtually all of my spare time and a good portion of my retirement funds to keep the federal government from whacking what’s left of our wild equines and stopping uneducated morons from butchering and eating some of my very best friends…that would be me, the nameless turd, well, that’s what the partner (or whatever) of “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis has told his dwindling handful of horse eating followers.

Ole Rod McQueary (yes, that is really his name) has had a long history of inserting his dainty little foot into his mouth every time he gets near a computer keyboard and recently he has been attempting to divert attention away from the documented failures and lies (in my educated opinion) perpetrated by his wife (or whatever she is) by trying to stir up the last 4 followers of the Evil Princess of Bloody Horse Slaughter.

The horse eaters are beside themselves over the new, upcoming EU regulations that will all but shut down the European market for horsemeat as they require all horses to have medical passports which state that the horse has never been treated with a variety of medications (all labeled in the U.S. with the warning “Not for Food Animals”) which includes Bute and wormers.  Posted on this blog is the short article by Steven Long where he quickly summarizes the facts and supplies all of the links to the OFFICIAL EU regulations (which will pretty much ban any horse that comes for the U.S.), but with their big fat heads buried in the sand, the horse eaters can’t even figure out that I only reposted Steve’s article and links.

Below is a friendly, open, public conversation on a rather well known social network site where the horse eaters with no lives hang out and stroke each other and lick their communal wounds.

Considers 5th Grade Her Senior Year says:

“<snicker, snicker> Like Fitch is considered an intelligent “source” of anything except by his cultist followers. Yeah right. Maybe folks should question Fitch leaving one of his horses behind too…”

Hey honey, I’ve got news for you, every horse that we have ever rescued and adopted has had, and still does have, a permanent home with us.  They are not disposable but members of our family.  It’s obvious that you have problems either reading or comprehending because the honesty of saving a horse’s life and enriching that of another human are clearly chronicled in my book.  But that would mean understanding multi-syllable words wouldn’t it, sorry, I forgot who I was addressing.

Rod McQueary responds:

“Thank you, 5th Grader.  Mr. Fitch prays each night at bedtime that nothing happens to $ue Wallis.  Without her, he is just another nameless turd.”

I have to admit that you caught me Rodney baby, you are right on several counts.  First off, I want to be a nameless turd and go back to reclaiming my private life and I fully intend to do that just as soon as the BLM stops the roundups and uses science and proper management techniques to care for our wild equines and when your betrothed shuts her big fat mouth; I assure you that I will then pull the plug.

Likewise, I DO pray every night for the likes of you and your Wallis squeeze…I truly do not want any harm to come to any person but I pray that either an Angel or a Wizard will walk up behind you two and smack you aside the head while chanting…”You now have a brain.”  That would be a refreshing moment for all concerned.

5th Grader responds;

“Rod, I’m sure you’re right that Fitch thoroughly enjoys having Sue to target. If he didn’t, nobody would know his name. As it is, other than targeting Sue, nobody still has any idea what it is he does. Well, other than take inane and poorly thought out shots, of course. All par for the course I’ve noticed. They don’t have any ideas how to help boost the industry, but they have a lot of ideas on how to keep doing the same things that have been the cause of additional problems.

Same old mantras about bute, too cruel, nobody eats cheval or uses by-products, blah-de-blah…. Wouldn’t it make more sense if they participated in actual conversation rather than making the same arguments that have already been debunked over, over, and over again?”

Good grief that is a mouthful of spew and ignorant vomit.  What I do?  I can tell you that I have a full time paying job that funds our efforts to save the horses and I am certain that I pay more in taxes than a 5th grade graduate grosses in a year, that is a given, hands down.

Same arguments debunked?  Oh, I forgot, there is a comprehension problem here and ole 5th Grade just gets things twisted around assbackwards because it is their bloody concepts and misinformation that have been debunked PLUS she is wrong that we don’t have any ideas on how to boost the market, let’s try this novel concept:

Center sound Equine Business principles around cultivating the concept of working with LIVE horses instead of DEAD ones. 

How about that for a change?  The industry garners nothing, except for the deceitful prolific breeders, from KILLING horses you elementary school flunky.  You don’t even need a High School education to figure that one out!

Attracted to Bright Shiny Objects jumps in with a well thought out zinger:

“Dipshidiot IDAs”

Is that a run on sentence, a series of co-joined words or someone just attempting to learn English?  I am cornfused as I thought that I was the King of RunonSentances.

I must say that I am tremendously moved by such an outpouring of love and affection but what confuses me is that I just checked and my buddy, the Rodster, pulled his above comment from the public page.  Does that mean that I am not a nameless turd or does it verify that I am?  For a moment I thought that I had found myself and now I find that I am lost and disoriented in the giant cesspool of predatory horse slaughter.  Help…I think I am drowning or better yet I just might try to make a deal to bring the Rodmaster back.

Hey McQueary, if you can convince the disgrace of Wyoming and her lap dog Doinkette to crawl back into their holes I will go away and never speak another word about the lies, fraud, deceit and failures of your flawed buddies BUT if the misleading cow pucky continues to pollute the internet and the sensibilities of the true American public then I am going to be right there to speak the truth and counter with facts because we have the power of honesty and compassion on our side while your black hearts wouldn’t recognize a moment of caring if it hit you over the head.

Your call; it’s good versus evil/light over darkness and I can assure you that my spotlight is not only bigger than yours but it was made in the good old USA instead of over in Belgium…where I hear that they have little dinky torches.

The Force of the Horse© is NOT going away so put up or shut up!

(Disclaimer: I have no opinion on this subject)

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    • Well done R.T. There is class and then there is Sue and her gang. Turd REALLY? I love to see them sqirm! Thank you for all you do for the horses and by the way I love your book.


  1. WOW RT be honored they are scared of you, you are a force to be reckoned with , they are running scared now WOOOOO HOOOOO……………….. . they fear you!!!!! When people lie , they fear the truth !!!! And you are that truth !!!! My mother always said never be worried about them talking bad about you ,worry when they say nothing………


  2. HEhehehehehehehehhheeh I cant stop laughing at the Photo above !!!!!! and the caption !!!! hehehehehehehheheh it made my morning !!!!!!!


  3. hahahahh, this made me laugh out loud RT. Thanks for the morning laugh & of course for all you do for the wild ones.


  4. So RT, there are really two points here.

    First I don’t think there is anything wrong with being nameless. I mean, really, none of my animals have ever had named turds, that is, that I know of. Maybe they name them. I never have. Let’s quit on that point right there.

    Second, aside from being nameless, what kind of turd are you? I would most likely want to be a horse turd myself. Time and again them, a wheelbarrow, and a manure fork have been quite good and philosophical company for me, to tell the truth. So let’s leave this second point about horse turds before we get any “deeper” into my social life:

    You don’t really smell THAT bad….I couldn’t see you as any other kind. And I bet the horses would probably agree.


  5. Well when I saw the title of today’s post I thought maybe Terri had gotten mad at you and taken over the blog for the day 🙂 But no its just the denizens of the dark getting emotional and once again proving they never learned to read or research. Guess Google is too hard of a word to spell.


  6. Thank you for the 🙂 I had heard your name as one helping horses way before I had ever heard of Sue, Dave, or Rod. I wish they would put their efforts into good ways to help the industry where horses live good lives, (same for the BLM instead of all the round ups).

    I will also pray for either that Angel or Wizard and hope the smack is hard enough to work some magic, or at least get them thinking of other alternatives… maybe a career change that doesn’t involve living creatures. (run-on my friend run-on!)


  7. I think Rod is talking to himself.

    And it is “queer” the posting names he responds to…”bright shiny objects”, “5th grade senior”??????????? WTH!?!??

    How ’bout Socrates or Plato? Or Equine Expert, Horse Prophet..something better than dim witted, dull, elementary school bullying. But that is what we are really dealing with here, right? They are inexperienced, uneducated and bullies.

    Stupid is as stupid does and says……..GEESH!

    When you can’t shoot down the message, shoot down the messenger.


  8. I laughed when I first saw the title; I laughed all the way through the article; I laughed all the way through the comments. I’m going to go rest now.


  9. They finally got something right – RT is a turd, but by golly he’s our turd and I’m PROUD to stand up in the turd pile right beside him! RT is no doubt one of the most intelligent turds I’ve known.

    Horse Turds of America! Stand up and be proud! I make a motion that we elect RT as our HEAD TURD!


  10. WOW… what an article! Still laughing, RT…love your sense of humor and your right-on, truth will prevail, because we do have the power of compassion and honesty on our side. (-:


  11. Man what a commentary , too funny.I think you have become a burr in someones saddle… obviously you are effective or they wouldn’t resort to the lowest form of compliments like uneducated name calling…how juvenile can you become anyway? I thought you were dealing with political big shots at first until this came up … now its more than obvious that small minds circle the drain together BTW not to stoop to their level but I can’t resist ~ Turds by definition float to the surface and are difficult to sink….on the other hand S@%# sinks strait to the bottom and stays there ( ask any septic guy ). Think I’ll vote for the one that floats!! You keep up the great work that we have all been part of and hopefully TOGETHER we can flush this toilet of a subject once and for all…. and when our grandchildren see these wonderful spirits in the wild , we can say ” you know there once was a day where political idiots almost wiped these creatures out of existence…but we stopped them”


  12. I’d much rather go out as a nameless turd than a cruel, heartless, devious sociopath. Keep up the great work RT and Terry – love you guys!


    • Diana…I was holding back on the word, “sociopath”. I thank you for saying what I was thinking through the blog post reading and while crafting my post ALL ALONG! It’s one thing to me be anti-social and “weird”; but to hold these positions regarding living beings, with blood and cruelty in the mix, poisoning people under the guise of providing food and humane care is just plain sick.


      They just haven’t been arrested yet….give ’em time and we might get that gift and the equines, a reprieve.

      p.s. Have some fun, go Google Rep King (R-Iowa) and read…..what a flaming nut turd.


  13. Some day Sue will instruct her followers to drink the Kool-Aid and it will all be over. It must be hard sharing one brain between all of those eaters.


  14. just courious in your book you did state the following correct
    “Regrettably, I could not bring my horse back with me, but did make him a present to our Brazilian stable hand…*”

    so which is it, you still have your first horse or you gave it away


    • Nice try.

      How many equines have crossed your path and know what their ultimate demise was?

      I can tell you, D-bag knows how many equines he sent to the KBs…with confidence.

      I can also tell you that the breeding, sales and use system that is US equines cannot tell you that with confidence….save to say one thing I KNOW…..decent breeding farms have begun to scoop up those equines that crossed their paths (much more their primary responsibility) and are reaching out and caring for their vastly monied and historic charges at their end of life years.

      Can D-bag say the same?…can Suey say the same?

      And in Brazil, just what were the ownership issues?

      You are an idiot. And a quibbling, cheating, killing protectorate to boot.

      I’d call you a turd, but you are below that recommendation. RT is the head turd and doesn’t need turd supporters like your kind.

      p.s. I’m impressed that you read a book though; however, I believe it is the Berman machine that takes the time to find this can’t of turdom to spin gold.


      • oh ok, lets see I have owned horses for my entire life 37 yrs. I KNOW WHERE EVERY SINGLE horse i have ever sold is at and what has happened to them.
        I know who owns every foal i have sold, and umm smart ppl write up a contract that they have to contact you when they sell a horse , with a buy back clause that way you can buy back said horse, and you know where they end up. Also contracts come with a clause that states when horse is put down or dies you are told.
        Why am I an idiot because I asked RT a simple question. WHere he states he gave away his first horse, BUT then again states he still has every horse he has owned. So which it is.
        Love the personal attacks though.


      • I love how I can’t verify what you say about every (and I mean EVERY) horse you’ve owned.

        I love how you ignore my question/comment on the Brazil ownership issues. Let’s see, hmmm things like time line, transportation issues, health restrictions, new owner resources, etc.

        I’d say you are trying to discredit Mr Fitch more than help equines.

        p.s. that makes your first post an attack.


    • Pulled from context it makes little sense but being that I have devoted an entire chapter to Bob Adonis, my horse in Brazil, in my next book I will clarify…here is what I wrote above:

      “…every horse that we have ever rescued and adopted has had, and still does have, a permanent home with us. They are not disposable but members of our family. It’s obvious that you have problems either reading or comprehending because the honesty of saving a horse’s life and enriching that of another human are clearly chronicled in my book.”

      “Has Had” is past tense and that is primarily referring to Bobby and not to the rescue horses that we rehabbed and found homes for in Brazil, ones we did not adopt. (Back in the U.S. in 2000 and to date all of our horses are rescued/throw-aways) some were actually on their way to the slaughterhouse.

      Terry and I planned to bring both of our adopted horses back to the U.S….regardless of cost. But 99.9% of all Brazilian horses, 13 years ago, suffered from the tick induced, blood born disease of Piroplasmosis. Infected horses were not allowed to be exported out of Brazil nor did the U.S. allow the importation of infected equines. We sought relief and found that there was only one, I repeat only one, Vet that could treat the disease in all of Brazil and he was located well to the south of the country but none the less we pursued this option.

      Our local Brazilian vet was a good friend and consulted with the Sao Paulo Doc and informed us that it would be a very stressful 90 day treatment of daily IV therapy and the horses would have to be stalled behind mosquito netting under the watchful eye of a handler that would make sure that no ticks, mosquitoes, bugs or anything that could break the horse’s skin would come into contact with the horses for fear of infection or reintroduction due to the destruction of the immune system caused by the aggressive IV therapy. There was a very high risk that the horses would not survive the process with a final assessment that Bobby would never make it. He was older than Terry’s Apache and very, very high strung. In fact, it was not just a recommendation that Bobby not go through this stressful procedure it was a flat, “I will not do it to that horse” from the Doc. It broke our hearts…but we had an out, actually a very fine opportunity to ensure that Bobby would be safe and loved for years and also an opportunity to make a man’s dreams come true; and that would be to leave Bobby right where he was with someone who loved him dearly.

      The Brazilian who owned the stables, where we kept the horses, had taken me out to his friend’s ranch to meet Bobby, originally. Terry and her friends had their horses with him and when I decided to locate an equine companion our stable owner knew just what I wanted and I now believe it was because he wanted Bobby in his stables. Bobby was, believe it or not, a registered American Quarter horse, a little small by U.S. standards but a most beautiful sorrel and our stable hand helped when Bobby came into the world and had been infatuated with him ever since. He helped train him to barrel race, guys do that down there, and he fell in love with a horse that he would never ever in a lifetime be able to afford. This was not upfront information but things that we learned as we all interacted together over a couple of years.

      In short, knowing that Bobby could not return with us and even to try to do so would be a death sentence we allowed him to stay with the man who loved him and who had cared for him even when I considered Bobby to be my equine, adopted son. The day that we handed the reins to our stable owner was equally as uplifting as it was painful for when we explained what we intended to do, with Bobby’s approval of course, our stable owner fell to his knees crying and just clung to Bobby’s front legs…I will never forget how Bobby nuzzled his hair as if to say that it was alright. It makes me knees weak just thinking about it.

      Hence the sentence above “It’s obvious that you have problems either reading or comprehending because the honesty of saving a horse’s life and enriching that of another human are clearly chronicled in my book.”

      We still have friends who live in that part of Brazil and they have reported that they have seen Bobby proudly ridden down main-street with a very happy Brazilian man on his back…although I miss him, I know that we did the right thing. Not all decisions in life are a walk in the park and I am no stranger to pain but this decision shook me to my very core.

      Here is a link to learn more about Piroplasmosis:

      And here are some rather fuzzy pictures of Bobby, Apache, Terry and myself at home in Brazil:

      I do still miss him, very much.


      • I hate to do this but I need to reply to myself as I forgot to highlight something that applies to this situation and publishing the first book, overall.

        I struggled with the production of that book as it is a collection of intimate and personal stories that I had written over several years about horrendous milestones in my life and in others. It is so personal that I wrote about the death of my mother and my father and I struggled with being so honest and transparent as to expose my innermost feelings to the entire world. (And of course there is a legion of carrion out there that like to stab and slash at anything with feelings or a heart beat.)

        I remember the night before we gave the publisher the green light to move forward with the the book’s production and I was an emotional wreck as I sat with Terry discussing the ramifications of sharing so much with so many strangers.

        “Am I doing the right thing?” I remember asking.

        “What does your heart tell you?”, Terry asked.

        “Oh, there is no doubt there”, I replied, “It’s about the message, the message of the horses and I made a promise to a very special friend and I am not one to break promises.”

        “Then you are doing the right thing.”

        “But it is so intimate and manly men don’t open up like that, particularly in public”

        “Maybe more should.”

        I remember smiling and Terry taking my hand…”It takes more guts to be honest than to lie and remember what your mother taught you?”

        “Yup”, I sighed, “Sure do”

        Terry leaned over into my ear and whispered, “Only real men know that it is okay to cry.”


  15. RT I would be mad if I was you…..This is like going to war with somene who is unarmed……These people are incapable of even using words as a weapon. Are you sure there are 4 left???

    All the research and all the documentation and all these people could come up with to dispute you was that you are a turd?

    They probably can’t read those big words in the docs.

    We are all proud of the work you and your team have done. And remember……….when all else fails and you can’t dispute the facts presented…….start name calling ……. boy! that will show’em’!!



    • I am still Laughing !!!!!!! I would expect a little more class , if you are going to attack someone on their ethics , OMG , they dont have any, ethics, truths and the love of, they wouldnt know one darn thing about any of those Qualities would they….they only have a mind denseness to anything they want to Slaughter to line their pockets , cannot not see the horses super qualities , what they need is an education on the beautiful beings in this world, The horses, you RT and all your advocates fighting together as one for the Lives of Our precious Horses , the horses have never left us in our time of need , they have been our illustrious allies throughout History, I am as proud of the Horses as I am proud of every advocate dedicated to saving everyone of them………. and if calling RT a turd is the best they can do,??? They are Pitiful…………….


      • ok IF you arlene wants to save horses, I can send a full load of horses from a sale barn that i go to. There are MANY MANY horses you can save. HOPE you have the money, the place, and the area to dispose of if they die. and DO IT WITH YOUR OWN MONEY not begging online for funds to care for them


      • stitt………..a STOOPID response.

        We are fixing the mess that people like you make and then believe nothing is wrong.

        “Send them to Arlene’s” is the ka-rap response your side vomits out when you can’t defeat the message………..humanely euth your equines and you will hear nothing from us. Beat up equines, overbreed, break and send poisoned meat to humans WITH ANY PAYOUT…and you WILL hear from us.


      • ok so how is it MY mess, when the last foal i bred is2 years old and is still on my farm? YOu know its not the cost of the euth. that is the problem its WHERE to place them afterwards. Take ohio, I have three horses buried on my farm, that is actually against the law in my area because of the water table. Therefor I can no longer bury a horse anywhere in my area. There is no rendering in ohio expect for 4 hrs away and if they come to pick up said horse, horse better not be dead for more then 4hrs and it costs over 500.00 for them to pick up horse, OR how about to haul to the dump… it costs over 300 plus tons of paperwork IF the dump has the trailer to come and pick them up. In ohio the trailer must be water tight with no leaks anywhere. In ohio you CAN NOT compost or place in bone piles with horses. YOu see ohio is very limited on what we can do. ITS not the cost of the put down, its the cost and WHAT to do with the horse afterwards. OH and if you don’t have a friend or a neighbor with a backhoe get ready to pay upwards of a 300 dollar deposit, and about 350-450 for 3hrs rental.


  16. In regard to this matter, I went over to UH’s Facebook page and asked to join the group. You see, I’ve joined before, but have been kicked off because I don’t support their cause. It took them a cool five minutes to allow me back in. I’ve said what I wanted to say … so, I suppose in the next few minutes, I won’t be a member any more, and my comments will be erased. BUT, I feel so much better! I love to go over there occasionally and re-join, say my peace and watch them pitch hissy fits. You can’t help but love to torment the UH crowd!


    • you were taken off because of the insults thrown towards us. so please tell me why we are uneducated idiots. that is what you called us


      • Because you deny the facts and science regarding human consumption horse slaughter….hey, didn’t you just say you take care of your horses?????? You insult my intelligence.

        p.s. slaughter is not taking care of horses and just as I thought re: Fitch remarks…you’re a killer. ‘Nuff said.


      • I see. So you can insult us anti-slaughter folks, but we can’t insult you. This is quite typical of igits! I usually don’t resot to name calling, but there’s so much of it over on the UH page, that I actually don’t feel bad about it at all. The UH folks will not admit anyone to the page that has an opinion contrary to theirs and really pitch a fit when you do express an opinion opposing theirs. They are not interested in any type of constructive dialog with regard to the horse slaughter issue, and they are not interested in do any research on the issues. Thus, they’re uneducated idiots.


      • Stitt, Please find anothe rway to vent your frustrations, we here have not the time to spend on nonsense , we here have a purpose and that is saving every horse we can, so please go to your own site ……Wen have horses to save and do not want to waste the horses time on non productive garbage !!!!!!


      • well lets see yes i take care of my horses, and to this point I have no more options regarding burial, disposal. that is the BIG thing right now for many many horse owners.

        i currently have 3 buried on my place, guess what If i happen to loose another i am screwed at what to do, no rederer, no more burial, no dump, WTH am I to do then, can’t take out tot he back 40 for nature to take care of.
        denise i don’t know about barzail so I can’t answer your questions there.

        as for my horses i have raised and sold over 25 different horses, I can tell you where each of them are, and what is going on with them.

        Linda- i have worked at a small multi specises slaughter house. I worked at every section(as an intern for college), I seen 100% kill rate on ALL animals. I see the vids of a small plant in england(i think) one horse at a time led in, ONE SHOT, very humane. IT can be done.


  17. What a relief, at first I thought you had been hacked. But if it’s the SS crowd calling you names, well that’s good news. It means you’re winning.

    How stupid are they anyway? We’ve been telling them about the EU rules for years. They thought we were just expressing an opinion that would go away if they called us enough names?


  18. As I was looking through the magazine for some new fly sheets and tack, I thought about the industry a a whole. How many jobs would be loose, businesses shut down if we had no live horses? Isn’t this part of the “horse industry” they Sue Slaughterhouse Wallis thinks is floundering?

    Senator Claire McCaskill (MO) sent me a letter in response to my request that she not vote for the Ag Bill unless it contained the Moran amendment to defund USDA inspections of horse slaughter plants. Her reply was long but the jest of it was that she was spouting back the same arguments that Sue and her gang are spouting. “It is because of my concern for the welfare of horses that I did not oppose the most recent effort to lift the prohibition.” (of slaughter house inspections.) Further she stated, “However, I reluctantly supported the decision in Congress because the status quo was not working.” She is referring to the transport of horses to Canada and New Mexico and the brutal transportation and deaths. Obviously, she has not researched the economic disasters to the communities here in the US, or the lack of taxes and fines paid. Apparently, the cost to the taxpayers for cleanup that has gone into the millions and the brutality these horses suffered at their death in US plants was not included in the information she reviewed.


    • Pam, write back and tell her that the horses that are being abandoned in by far the greatest numbers are the horses that are rejected by the slaughter plants. The killers themselves take these horses to a deserted place and abandon these horses. This has been demonstrated in USDA records. Over 5,000 horses are known to have been abandoned this way – so far.

      Refer her to – IF she’s interested in educating herself.


  19. Geee Wisss~does that make all us gals “Turdetts”?
    I think I see a T-shirt in our future-with proceeds going to help the horses.


  20. LOL, I am proud to be a Turdette among King Turd RT…….As I have always’s said “Empty Garbage Pails”, make the most noise and , yes, that would be Susie Q and Mr. Susie Q, Wallis or whatever there names are….Comedy hour in Recluse must be a bust


  21. To the “Big Turd”….(loved the photo)…did I hear that right? I agree completely with Arlene….They are truly desperate & afraid of your power….a major statement here…And…Mr Manure Man…. you have a whole, gigantic herd of 2 legged and 4 legged followers…who truly believe in you & support you 100%!!! We belong to the club “MMOAAHS”!! (iow)…Mother Muckers of America Against Horse Slaughter… Do not mean to sound crude here, but they have no idea who they are up against… I wonder what Mrs. Romney’s opinion is on Horse Slaughter? UGH!!!


  22. Love it RT! Do you think they understood any of what you said? That’s the thing about the horse eaters, they just can’t eem to let go of the lies etc. That have been floating around their worlds. I’ve run into the same blockheaded typed out in my area. I just shake my head that people could be that ignorant.


  23. I thought you’d been hacked, too. Enjoy your self-deprecating sense of humor. Great piece.

    If they want a suggestion on how to improve the horse industry, I’ll make one. It is this. Get out of it, or quit trying to get into it. Just stay away from horses. Get an ATV; you can trash it when you’re finished and no one will care.


  24. Yes, I read about that. Hmmm. Maybe she just doesn’t have a very big vocabulary and I certainly am not going to give her help with anything. She will try to attack anyone if they don’t agree with killing foals and serving them up at the family bbq. Sick, the woman is sick along with her friends they need to be put on Ellis Island…if you remember what Ellis Island is all about. Better yet, on The Rock.


      • Stitt ~ Regarding your post above about “humane” slaughter of horses. You worked in a small, low volume multi-species plant. The way you describe of slaughtering horses can indeed be humane. However, that has about as much to do with commercial slaughter of horses as black does with white. Horses are never going to be slaughtered like that in commercial slaughter plants.

        Commercial slaughter plants are fast-moving assembly-lines with an expected goal of so many horses per-hour. I think it’s 8 per, but I’m not sure of that number. Suffice it to say that they go as fast as they possibly can. They cannot go at the leisurely one-at-the-time pace you describe or they would not be profitable. NO, it CANNOT be done in the real world.

        Kristy has a great reply to your question about foals. I won’t repeat it except to say she is 100% correct. What planet do you live on?


  25. Stitt . . . Foals go to slaughter ALL the time!! You are living in a cocoon and you are NOT allowing any true and real information to penetrate. Foals at kill buy auctions, foals in transport, foals at slaughterhouses, foals being BORN at slaughterhouses, THEN killed. DUHHH!!!!

    And RT, IF you are indeed a turd, your are our FAVORITE turd! Rock on dude!


    • Kristy,

      I recall that our great friends in Canada witnessed and videotaped waste pits with foals in them at the equine slaughter plants in Canada………gee, what a surprise….NOT!

      stitt evidently doesn’t possess facts of which he/she speaks and defends.


  26. It is good to take a moment and laugh out loud at the thought that some of what you said may actually enter in one ear bounce around and splash some on the cranial cavity wall on the way out. I had an image of a deer on a headlight – “Hey what was that!”. Your outraged writing is so good.


  27. Dear stitt, i will ask you to please again stop wasting our time , unless you have some super information to help stop the Rounding up or the Slaughter of Americas HORSES, I will ask RT to Block all your posts, i am dedicated to the saving and preservation of our Horses Wild and domestic and feel you are a waste of precious time.


    • Stitt is toast, not because she has an opposing opinion but because she had started to cruise across the blog bashing everyone and everything…we will not supply a platform, at our own expense, for stupid.


      • I sincerely Thank You RT, there are enough horrors for the horses to try and solve, your Advocates are and have always been dedicated to the horses , I just feel this person is wasting valuable time that we should be spending on our horses lives,,,,,,,,,,,,and well being, this person is bashing everyone , causing everyone to defend themselves, we dont need anyone who is not interested in the welfare of all our horses..


      • RT and Arlene……….”can’t fix stupid”; or apparently evil for that matter. I guess she/he is now on Satan’s Christmas card list. OOOOoops… Satan doesn’t celebrate Christmas (thank God/god).


      • so we can’t reply to a post, what about the 90% of the other ppl on here making comments two or three times.SO just because We make a comment, its called bombing the blog. OMG you all are to freaking funny


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