Do you see what I see?

Star Valley Com. Grazing Allt & Little Owyhee

by Grandma Gregg

I don’t know about you, but I know in my heart that the 78 horses referred to in the Public Notice below were MY wild horses that had strayed off the Little Owyhee HMA, but were still on public land when they were captured by the BLM (and/or associates), and then sent to auction and sold to the highest bidder, most likely to slaughter.  Gone.

Take a look at the attached map – you will see that the Star Valley grazing allotment (upper left), where the 78 unbranded wild horses were captured, adjoins the Little Owyhee HMA and is very near the Owyhee HMA.

The capture was on the Star Valley Community grazing allotment, near the corner of Oregon and Idaho and Nevada.  The Star Valley grazing allotment permittee ranchers are (per BLM RAS) Gene Watson and the Fort McDermitt Stockmen’s Assoc. (who use 6,836 of our public land AUMs to graze their livestock).

The source of the Public Notice was The Humboldt Sun (a Winnemucca, NV newspaper) but I found only one announcement of this sale online (Carson City, NV – hundreds of miles away) and I found no NEPA document (a “nuisance” complaint from the permittee usually results in the BLM issuing a CX or DNA).  Although requested, no NEPA document has been provided for this capture and removal.  BLM and their welfare rancher associates continue to make deals and work collusively behind the backs of United States citizens to eliminate all our wild horses and burros.


Feb 11-19, 2015 – 78 Wild Horses Captured and Removed by BLM from Public Lands within the Jordan Field Office, Vale District, Star Valley Community Allotment of the BLM in Malheur County, Oregon.

March 6, 2015 – Public Notice of Sale Printed in Carson City, Nevada (461 miles away).

March 11, 2015 – Wild Horses Auctioned off in Vale, Oregon, to the Highest Bidder (only 5 days after the sale notice).

I know we are all doing the best that we can for our wild ones, but meanwhile, the BLM continues to sneak around with their main mission, which is managing for extinction of our wild horses and burros.  Just thought you should know what is likely going on.

Sad … yes.

Wrong … yes.

Really happening behind our backs to our wild ones that belong to you and me and our future generations … yes.

I hope this auction sale did not include wild horses … but I’m afraid that I’m correct.

Nevada Public Notice


County: Humboldt
Printed In: The Humboldt Sun
Printed On: 2015/03/06

Public Notice:
Legal No. 26451 PUBLIC SALE OF IMPOUNDED LIVESTOCK Pursuant to the U.S. Department of the interior’s regulations as contained in Title 43 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Subpart 4150 (including 4150.2, 4150.3, and 4150.4 through 4150.4-5 and the Notice of intent to Impound on public lands. On February 11, 12, 18, and 19, 2015, the BLM removed 78 unauthorized horses for the public lands within the Jordan Field Office, Vale District, Star Valley Community Allotment of the BLM in Malheur County, Oregon. An Oregon State brand inspector examined all 78 horses, and no brands were observed. Prior to the time of sale, the horses may be redeemed upon making settlement with the United States as provided for by 43 CFR 4150.1(b), 4150.3, and 4150.4-4 by payment of the following: 1. The value of the forage consumed. 2. The damage to the public lands and other property of the United States. 3. The cost of detecting, investigating, and resolving unauthorized use violations and for livestock impoundment including gathering and care of impounded livestock. Any claim for redemption and payment or settlement must be made before 10:00 am Mountain Time March 11, 2015, to the United States Department of the Interior, BLM, Vale District Office, 100 Oregon Street, Vale, OR 97918. Redemption will not discharge the remaining obligation to remove all unauthorized livestock for m public lands and the liability for continuing damage to public lands, the value of the forage consumed, and the costs associated with ongoing, unauthorized use/trespass. If the livestock are not redeemed as specified above the BLM will offer the animals for public sale to the highest bidder as specified under 43 CFR 4150.4-5. The sale will take place on March 11, 2015, at Producers Livestock Marketing Associates in Vale, Oregon. The horses are presently being held and will only be available for inspection by scheduling an appointment in advance. Appointments must be made by calling Field Manager Thomas Patrick “Pat” Ryan, Jordan/Malheur Resource Areas, at (541) 473-3144 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you have any questions, please contact Supervisory Rangeland Management Specialist Bill Lutjens or Field Manager Pat Ryan at the BLM Vale District Office at (541) 473-3144. Jerome E. Perez State Director Oregon/Washington Published in the Humboldt Sun March 6, 2015 (Humboldt)


22 comments on “Do you see what I see?

  1. I sure do! How sad. VERY sad. I just sent that Thomas Patrick Ryan a comment letter regarding the Cold Springs HMA EA. I asked a lot of questions that I will probably never receive answers for. In thinking about that right now that I should have specifically stated in my letter that I wanted a “personal” written response with answers to my questions. However, I doubt that would help either. GG, did you get this information from a FOIA response or just your research when you thought something was “fishy”? Thank you for sharing this information with us.


    • MTHorseLover,
      I agree with you that this whole situation is very sad and aweful. But the letter that you sent to Mr. Ryan will probably never be answered. It seems that this is the way that everyone that works for the Government in this Administration, no matter whether they are the Grand Puba himself or one of his minions, they act, look, and think all the same. Over the last 7 years I have written, called and faxed the BLM, Forrestry Department, Congressman, Senators, the Secretaries of the Veterans Administration, Department of the Interior, and others to no avail. The only one that did answer was the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture Mr. Vilsack. But for the most part they just want the American public to disappear. They feel that they are above us and don’t have to answer for anything. The only thing that I can suggest is that we as Americans band together and show them that we do matter and that they do have to answer to us. We need to go out and VOTE OUT these people starting at the local levels first, then move up to the state level and don’t stop there. Keep going until we get to the Federal level and hold there feet to the fire so to speak.

      Like the school system here, did you know that our school lunches come in plastic bags frozen, and the lunchroom personnel take the meals out of the bags, heat them up, put it out on trays to serve to our children? This started when the first lady got involved with the children obesity problem and now OUR children get subpar nasty meals that cost way too much for what little they get to eat and it tastes so bad, most kids throw it away and are starved by the time they get home. But, their, meaning the President’s children go to private school and they don’t have to comply. My daughter works for the school lunchroom and she ate one of the meals and she couldn’t eat it either as it is so bad and she had to throw it away! It was better when the schools made their own meals right there in their kitchens and served it hot and they were sure it was a nutritious meal. I don’t know about other school systems around the country, but I would suggest that every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin or whomever knows or has a child in school find out just what is going on in your schools BEFORE your next local election and also if like here the people who are running for school board seats don’t have to declare which party that they are affiliated with, meaning Democrat, Republican or Independent take the time to find out before you vote. Also, get rid of COMMON CORE. That’s just another way of the Government controlling us and our children. Don’t know much about it? Do some research and you will be running scared when you find out the real facts.

      Then, back to our wild horses and burros, they want them gone as part of the Agenda 21 with the United Nations. That too is starting at the local levels. Don’t know about that either? Start reading, because if we don’t start making a stand during our local elections starting this year, going into next years presidential election, our Public Lands that they are already starting to shut down access to by roads that have been there for more than 75 years, in Colorado will spread to more and more areas of the Country until finally We the people, won’t have any public land to go camping on, hunting on, hiking on, fishing on, sking on, etc. Please, everyone, if we are to save these magnificent animals, our public lands, and most importantly of our Country, we must educate ourselves and start at the local levels to make the changes.


      • I’m not doubting you, but could you please try to explain some details about : “Then, back to our wild horses and burros, they want them gone as part of the Agenda 21 with the United Nations. “ ?? Yes, I’ve read & heard many aspects of Agenda 21 (some seem much more credible than other sources) – but, as you know this issue is VERY COMLICATED and deeply HIDDEN. So I’d like your opinion on how our wild horses FIT into the picture?


      • Wild horses and burros are considered “invasive species” and Dept. Of Interior/ BLM is using language from Agenda 21 in Resource Management Plans.


      • Since multinational corporations that plan 20 years ahead are behind much of Agenda 21, it could be that they want to clone animals to own “life,” much like Monsanto is doing with plants.


  2. Perhaps a letter to Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon…perhaps LOTS of letters
    Questions need to be answered

    Letter of Complaint to Senator Ron Wyden; BLM states Federal Law is not for them?

    Senator Ron Wyden
    221 Dirksen Senate Office Bldg.
    Washington, D.C., 20510
    tel (202) 224-5244
    fax (202) 228-2717

    Currently I see things happening that make me wonder why our Representatives and Senators are not sticking up for American’s and our Taxpayer money! It is the Bureau of Land Management, the Department of the Interior (both way too large of a government agency) and their continuous deplorable, and in many perspectives criminal conduct. This is an ongoing situation, over the years, that apparently require your attention and resolution. Many Voters watching, many concerned American’s do care about our Public Lands.

    When is enough actually enough? Their misinformation, and twisting of facts into what many American’s refer to as nothing more than BLM Speak has become more than costly to American Taxpayers, it devastates our Public Land Environments’ and decimation of America’s Wildlife!


  3. That is so sad, and yes, so wrong, but I know the “laws” sure aren’t working for me here in Ga. so probably the same there. Wild horses were probably here long before those who like to capture them and sell them. So many green people without a conscience these days…


  4. It us plain to see that our wild horses are being stolen from us yet D.C. does nothing.
    Thanks , Granny, for this latest info.


  5. Its too bad we all coudnt meet in Washington, DC and make the rounds to all the offices bringing all the proof on the abuse. Also showing the number of horses and burros showing up in the Kill Pens in Washington and Texas. I sent the info to one of my Senators and have yet to hear anything. We just need to burn the phone lines up and jam their damn fax machines. I have started writing the numbers down of the Mustangs showing up in the Kill Pens. Its a travesty!! We still haven’t heard what is going on with the present Safe Act. I know it must be killing all of you who live out there to watch this happening. I say expose all those involved in the corruption!!


  6. Bleepers. Just when you think things are calming down blammo! This totally stinks. And what’s worse is this is the EXACT SAME BS BLM PULLED LAST YEAR IN WY with the WY 41. Ginger told BLM never again. Really wish BLM would stop with the politicking…


  7. It shouldn’t be Hell to be a Horse

    Nevada’s Owyhee desert/ Tuscarora Gather

    Tuesday, July 20, 2010

    Tuscarora Mustangs off the Range

    The Tuscarora mustangs neighed, screamed,rumbled in strange lionlike roars I’ve never heard before — for one hour and forty minutes.

    I don’t know how long they’d been crying before we reached the Palomino Valley Wild Horse Adoption Center. I don’t know if it’s still going on now that I’m home.

    I do know it’s legal and I could do nothing about those sounds, or the collisions of horseflesh and bones with something that sounded like thunder, on and on and on.

    Photographer Cat Kindsfather and I went to Palomino Valley to check on the captive Calico horses and to get a first look at the Tuscarora horses that Alan Shepherd had said, under oath last week, were available for public viewing.

    Sixteen mares and six foals were visible. We were not allowed to enter certain areas because other Tuscarora horses were being freeze branded ad processed.

    The sixteen mares and six foals called to those in distress. With foals tucked tight against their sides, mares patrolled back and forth in such tight formation, neither Cat nor I are positive of our counts.

    These horse are a few days off the range, bewildered and stunned. And this is legal. BLM is doing what it is allowed to do. I don’t dispute that, but it is far from humane to confine wild animals who’ve spent their lives escaping predators and subdue them so that they can be attacked.

    An old boyfriend returned from war saying that he always heard distant gunfire. In the grocery store, in church, in his own bedroom at home, an endless tape of combat played in his mind. I hope he got over it.

    My ears ring with horses keening, men shouting and the thunder of bodies trying to batter their way to freedom.


  8. Sure am glad that Grandma Gregg is out their on the prowl.
    And tracieglynn it looks like you may be from CO – if so I know how discusted you feel and it will take more than voting them out -“now”.
    Happened to find these two this morning on Dodo–we as humans who are supposed to be the superior being need to take a new look at ourselves.



    Utah Indictments Come Down in BLM Mustang Killer Buyer Case
    September 15, 2011
    By Steven Long

    Two men from rural Utah were indicted by a federal grand jury following a rare investigation of a wild horse scam by the Bureau of Land Management
    The men, Robert Wilford Capson,, 59, and Dennis Kay Kunz, 56, face charges of wire fraud and making false statements after bureau agents impounded 64 slaughter bound horses on a one way trip to a Mexican abattoir.

    The horses were purchased “on paper” from the bureau’s wild horse and burro facility at Herriman, Utah and were delivered to Willard whre Kunz’ residence is located


  10. Deb and others:
    I do know that in recent years there was a welfare rancher in mid-Nevada who held extensive cloning seminars at their ranch and “students” came from Australia (and/or New Zealand) to participate in this sheep cloning training and (going out on a limb here because using memory) this was a welfare rancher and the $$$ came via the University of Nevada.
    The U of Nevada is highly subsidized (grants) by the DOI and the DOA.
    When you want to know the true meaning behind actions … follow the money.


  11. This just makes me want to throw up.
    Especially since it’s these incredibly noble creatures –your wild horses– being rounded up to fill the intensely cruel slaughter funnels here in Canada.

    Your mustangs are suffering horrible cruelties during their transport here, then at the hands of the ex-cons hired to do the slaughter that no one else will and whose amateurish attempts in the kill-box are horrific beyond imagination, like repeatedly getting shot, in the eye, in the shoulder, in the face, up to 8 attempts at getting the “humane slaughter” executed before finally hoisted them up by one leg, often still in agony, to be sent along to finish the butchering.

    Your wild horses are keeping slaughter funnels here in Canada full — we’ve already killed almost all our own — so these profit-mongerers can offer drug-free horsemeat to satisfy the European horsemeat eaters who don’t want the lethal chemicals in their horsemeat normally found in in domesticated and racehorses. The impending Canada-EU free trade agreement will likely increase demand too. Or if they make it past the slaughterhouses, they may get shipped live to Japan (if they survive the flight in flmsy, unsecured cargo holds), only to be slaughtered upon arrival to fill the greedy bellies of those who will never care about the suffering they’re perpetuating.

    This cruelty is condoned by the Canadian government, by the CFIA government inspectors who witness these unspeakable acts, and who must be either totally incapable of empathy and therefore clinical psychopaths or, more likely, they’ve been ordered to turn their backs on reporting these violations because it’s *cheaper* to not do any oversight, the pattern of an uncaring, dictatorial government, led by an autocrat-Prime Minister that is Canada’s current lot, himself a party to such cruelties cause the cost savings of doing no oversight will help balance a budget so he can look good to get reelected!

    Don’t think a leader can be so cruel? Our Canadian Supreme court called his actions “cruel”! in a judgment against his govenment where he tried to deny healthcare to people in critical need. He’s deliberately held back millions already allocated for our veterans or for clean water programs our First Nations people so yes, cruelty is alive and well here in Canada. The horses, like all animals these days, just don’t stand a chance in the face of such organized evil.

    What is wrong with people that this just keeps going on?…disgusted beyond words…


    • I want to THROW up ~ in fact, I did! How deeply SICK is our “modern society “?? They were Kinder during the dark- and middle -Ages: at least if any beings were TORTURED, it was the Humans! (their animal sacrifices were conducted with Dignity – lest the-godS-be-angered).   You’re correct, these “industries“ and their bought-off “leaders“ ARE clinical psychopaths!   (it’s scarier* every day…seriously )


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