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THE TRUTH #2 – Equine Welfare Alliance and Wild Horse Freedom Federation investigation: the paper trail of wild horses to slaughter – from authorization for sale by BLM’s Wild Horse & Burro Program Division Chief, Dean Bolstad to kill buyer Tom Davis, to kill buyer Dennis Chavez, then to Mexico for likely slaughter

SOURCE:  Wild Horse Freedom Federation

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THE TRUTH #2 – Equine Welfare Alliance and Wild Horse Freedom Federation investigation uncovers paper trail:  BLM’s current Wild Horse & Burro Program Division Chief, Dean Bolstad, authorized the sale of wild horses to kill buyer Tom Davis, soon after, these horses were owned by kill buyer Dennis Chavez, and Chavez sent these horses over the Mexican border to likely slaughter.

Dean Bolstad authorized sale of 15 wild horses and 15 wild burros from the Litchfield BLM holding facility on 6/7/2011, to kill buyer Tom Davis.  Note freezemark numbers 98608643, 98608656 and 99608705:

Click On Image To Enlarge And Clarify

Click On Image To Enlarge And Clarify

The geldings with the freezemark numbers of 98608643 and 98608656 were captured 11/19/2010.

The gelding with the freezemark number of 99608705 was captured 1/31/11 (so he was likely slaughtered less than less than 5 months after capture).

See the rest of the documents HERE.

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  1. this fight is still going, BLM just won’t stop pushing horses out of their home, rounding them up and selling them for slaughter , it is against the law. They take the horses off and put cows on in their place, the land belongs to the horses, with their water rights, where is the justice? Why are the horses sent to slaughter? they are our pets, co workers, been to war with us, settled the wild west, farmed with them and we take our icons and slaughter them, they are not dinner. Please do not let them kill more of them, I do not want to eat horse, do YOU? NO to slaughter plants for horse consumption for humans.


  2. US v Hughes Why did DOI prosecute Hughes and not Davis??
    US v Hughes The court held that, regardless of whether the WFRHBA intended to create an ownership interest in wild horses, the government has a property interest in wild horses that it has captured, corralled, and loaned out. The court also held that wild horses did not lose their protection under the WFRHBA merely because they ceased to meet the precise definitions of “wild horse” under the Act. The court upheld the defendant’s HUGHES) conviction.
    How can BLM zero out a herd and still maintain an inventory????
    From section 3, (B)(1) of the WH&B Act, it states “The Secretary shall maintain a current inventory of wild free-roaming horses and burros on
    given areas of the public lands.”
    BLM Tom Pogacnik says ” Which is to say that BLM must complete a census (record of the numbers) of those animals currently residing in and outside of their herd management areas on a regular basis (the word”current” is open to interpretation.).
    The following case says goods are inventory. Doesn’t this mean that BLM has to maintain the herd, not a record of the herd????
    Debtor will not (without Bank’s consent ): remove the collateral from the location specified herein; allow the collateral to become an accession to other goods; sell, lease, otherwise transfer, manufacture, process, assemble, or furnish under contracts of service, the collateral, except goods identified herein as inventory. (emphasis added)
    The court below agreed with KZA’s interpretation of the security agreement. Referring to Black’s Law Dictionary for guidance in determining the “ordinary meaning” of the term “inventory,” the district court concluded that the transfer of the RedMax products from CISCO to KZA was a transfer of inventory within the meaning of the security agreement, and as such the transfer was authorized by the Bank.
    29 We conclude that the Bank presented a valid claim for conversion against KZA and is entitled to recover conversion damages. “Conversion damages are the value of the converted property on the date of conversion plus prejudgment interest.” Permian Petroleum Co., 934 F.2d at 651. The district court noted in passing that “the value of the property here is hotly disputed, and cannot be measured at this stage of the proceedings.” We remand the determination of the conversion damages to the district court.
    30 For the foregoing reasons the judgment of the district court is REVERSED, and the case is REMANDED for a determination of damages consistent with this opinion.


  3. The selling of OUR wild horses and burros to kill buyers (slaughter) has always been a conspiracy. A criminal conspiracy exists when two or more people agree to commit an unlawful act, and then take some action toward its completion. The action taken need not itself be a crime, but it must indicate that those involved in the conspiracy knew of the plan and intended to break the law. All collaborators involved and showing intent to break the law can be charged with conspiracy to commit the crime, regardless of whether the crime itself is actually attempted or completed.
    An accessory to conspiracy must generally have knowledge that a crime is being, or will be committed. A person with such knowledge may become an accessory by helping or encouraging the criminal in some way, or simply by failing to report the crime to proper authority.
    Therefore, it appears that BLM’s Dean Bolstad and all other BLM employees involved with this are guilty.

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  4. All 15 burros (and one horse) shown on the above documentation as sold by Dean Bolstad, were wild burros captured in Aug/Sept of 2010 from the TWIN PEAKS herd management area in NE California/NW Nevada.
    (per FOIA)


  5. After reviewing the BLM capture/removal data, it appears that in addition to the Twin Peaks wild burros, the horses sold by BLM’s Dean Bolstad to Tom Davis were captured from the Lahontan herd area which is about 35 miles east of Carson City, Nevada.
    Here are the innocent faces of those horses that he sold to eventual slaughter.


    • Sure does bring it home to look at those beautiful, innocent faces & realize exactly what kind of terror they felt. To think that NO ONE ever suffered any consequences for that? Honestly, how could any human being be aware that they had been responsible for these animals suffering & feel no guilt about it? And they got away with it!


  6. Please God make this HORROR STOP😭😱😡
    I am Praying sooooo Hard for these WONDERFUL CREATURES AND THE PEOPLE TRYING TO SAVE THEM 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


  7. Sold for $10 each to kill buyers, and a guaranteed horrific end caged, driven, and slaughtered for a foreign market.

    Do you have any records showing what it cost U.S. taxpayers to round up these same horses? Seems to me the helicopter companies make over six figures per roundup, so a cost per horse or burro should be available. I also thought we taxpayers paid several thousand dollars to ship these horses to Tom Davis, too, to save him the trouble and ease his middleman profit-taking?

    This alone should be evidence enough to stop roundups if the current flag they are flying is to “save taxpayer dollars.” The cost to keep animals on the range and carefully contracepted (if proven necessary) is far less than anything this current crony capitalism system provides our people. Yet the plans to round up even more keep rolling off the presses, why?

    Follow the money, folks, and watch our protected wild horses disappear forever for a penny a pound. While you still can.

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  8. This 1969 movie was recently shown on a major network.
    It is timeless and speaks to every battle that is being waged on this planet at this moment in time.
    It is that age old battle between those that only take and those who dearly love this Earth and every living thing that dwells upon it.


  9. I am sick at heart…one of those stallions could have been my mustangs sire…I may have one of the last of wild horses…I am so sad, so angry, so sick at heart….


  10. It is my belief that fraud and misuse of government funds is something that we all must report, as it is our tax dollars propping up a criminal govt. organization that has been stealing not only our tax dollars but killing American Icons for profit.

    Start here and tell GAO that you have proof (via this information) that the Bureau of Land Management, Dept. of Interior have colluded, deluded and destroyed every portion of the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971. When we do not hold our government accountable for such reckless, cruel and abusive behavior, expect more of the same.


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