Horse Slaughter

I Hate these Wild Horses: Once a work of Fiction, now pure Fact

by R.T. Fitch, author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

(I wrote this piece as pure fiction in the beginning of December in anticipation of what “might” happen at Calico, and did.  Now, with the massacre going on at Tuscarora and the latest article by Steven Long proving that the BLM lies, decieves and covers up their crimes AND with Sue Cattoor admitting that her husband, with a record, acts as vet/judge/jury and God by shooting wild horses from a helicopter, well it’s time to bring this back.  Sadly, fact modeled itself after fiction – R.T.)


His four, small legs pounded and slipped through the snow, rocks and ice.  He was loosing her, he couldn’t keep up.  Through the blowing snow and the roaring sound from above she kept running and running as fast as she could.

With the distance between them beginning to grow he could feel the panic of separation building in his young chest.

His mother would dodge to the left then run to the right attempting to shake the pursuing horror from above.  He knew she was trying to lead the terror from the skies away from him but he wanted and needed to be with her; he had never been this afraid in his entire young life.

His nostrils flared and his lungs burned as he gulped down the frigid air while attempting to maintain his footing down the icy mountainside.

He did not know where the giant, thumping creature had come from but his mother knew enough to run and he followed her as the beast from the clouds roared and screamed over their heads.

His vision was obscured with the whirling white snow beating him in the face and stinging his eyes.  He could no longer hear his mother over the screeching wings above him.

The noise increased, the snow swirled quicker and in his state of visual deprivation and sensory overload he just stopped; he locked up his knees and skidded to a clumsy halt on the slick, slopping ground.

As quickly as it had come, the dark, sinister monster in the sky sped away while the snow stopped it’s frantic dance and gently settled back onto the, now, quiet ground.

He shook his head, not just in an effort to clear his mind but also to shake the settled snow from his face and mane.

Where was his mother?

As the snow settled he could now see down the slope and realized that he had stopped just short of a steep drop off; yet his proud, dark mother was nowhere to be seen.

With his nose to the ground, ears alert and eyes peering forward he slowly followed her scent the few feet to the edge of the cliff.  The depth of the drop off startled him so he scooted backwards out of fear but not before he caught a glimpse of a familiar figure far below.

He took in a breath of winter air and edged forward until he could just peek over the edge and there, far below him, lay the crumpled, still form of what had once been his mother.

He screamed, he slipped, he scurried back as the cold darkness of fear, dread and loss overtook him.

His mother was gone.

Cattoor Chopper - by Terry Fitch

“Condor to Eagle’s Nest, Condor to Eagle’s Nest, come in Eagle’s Nest”, barked the helicopter pilot as he headed his chopper on a southerly heading only about 200 ft off the valley floor.

“Go ahead Condor this is Eagle’s Nest” came crackling back over his headphones.

“Looks like I lost another one; oh rats”, laughed the pilot.

“Are you doing that on purpose?’ asked the voice in the headphones, “That’s the seventh one today”

“Not really, but if you are keeping score you may as well call it eight as she had a foal and he ain’t gonna be able to make the night without his mama, do I get extra points for that?”

“Naw, but we still have a lot of work to do and a bunch more of those bastards to roundup so you better get back after it.”

“It is what it is when you do this crap in the winter.  Any of those tree hugging protesters over there today?”

“Nope, guess it is too cold or they just plain gave up.  They might have finally realized that they aren’t going to win, that we are going to take them all.”

“Bunch of candy-assed pussies, not worth the powder to blow them from here to hell.”

“Roger that, but this is a no- name herd that won’t draw much publicity, not like there is some TV show made about them or anything so they probably just went back and crawled into their books and their magical fairyland.”

“Let em go, good place for um.”

“Say, you know you are about working yourself out of a job up there, don’t you?”

“How’s that?”

“We’ve almost got all these useless wild horses cleared off the land so what are you planning to do next?”

“Maybe I will learn how to herd the cattle that you plan to place out here.”

The voice in the pilot’s headphones laughed, “Yea, in your dreams.”

“Probably so, ya gotta love your job to be able to survive.”

“It’s my turn to ask ‘How’s that’?”

“Because I love my job, maybe too much, cause I hate these wild horses”

“Roger that, me too.  So earn your dammed, inflated day rate and go get us some of those bastard wild horses.”

“Will do, but you’re buying the beer tonight.”

“Affirmative Condor, now get to work.”

“Condor out and gunning for more!”

With that the helicopter pilot twisted the collective and pulled his stick hard to the right.  The chopper smartly curved towards the mountains to the west and in only a matter of moments the pilot could make out several dark and tan shapes against the snow on the lower slopes.

Like a World War I bi-plane the helicopter went into a steep dive, aiming directly at the innocent, wild horses below.  As the aircraft fell upon the startled horses the pilot imagined that he had gun sights on his windscreen and keyed his transmission button like it was a machine gun trigger.  “Take that, and that you bloody bastards, you’re all dead anyway”, he laughed as he pulled back his stick to make another pass at the terrified animals below.  He wanted to drive them down the slope and to the east and then run them down the valley to the trap in the south.

He came at them down the slope from above as the band stallion deftly turned to the north with his herd following close behind.  The pilot lowered his aircraft to just inches over the panicked horses and he would have heard them screaming over the beating of his own blades if he were not growling through clenched teeth, “I hate these wild horses!!!”

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  1. Folks, this is fiction that runs parellel to the real thing. Could this happen at the proposed Calico roundup, which should not take place at all let alone in the middle of the winter….you bet. The BLM kills horses during roundups on a regular basis and injury is commonplace. It is obvious that the BLM Advisory Board is made up by a bunch of special interest groups and all of them hate horses (Cattle intrests, mining, hunting…not ONE horse expert) So don’t think for a moment that BLM is horse friendly.

    The Zalazoo plan? Steralize 25,000 horses and send them out of their native lands so that the public can watch them die…that’s their plan. Last year they were going to slaughter all of them.

    Although this is fiction, it is all too close to the truth…..


  2. Sanctioned, legalized, unchallenged and taxpayer funded abuse and murder! If we let the “government” continue this path of equicide, greater cruelties loom on the horizon for humans.


  3. This may be fiction, but it isn’t far from what I envision when they round these horses up this time of year. In addition to everything else, they are burning up energy that they need to maintain through the cold, harsh winter months. BLM…what were you thinking!? Oops…stupid question!


  4. They say the horses are the bastards but it is man that is the bastard, some human just dont see the pure power and love these animals give and the beutie when you look at them.
    And this is true but the trouble is it does and will get worse.

    xx Milly


  5. There was a time when these animals were left in peace. They harm no one. But, tragically that has changed. Greedy cattle rancher want the horse’s lands for their cattle. Greedy, indifferent people in the BLM and the government see an opportunity for money and ignore everything else. The actions of the aforementioned people are despicable. The wild horses have been on these lands for decades. The lands belong to THEM. I would love to send Ken Salazar, the BLM horse haters, the cattle ranchers, and all those who love to roundup these animals on a panicked run down a hill with a helicopter chasing them at close range and see how they like it. All these folks need to be fired from their jobs and need to spend a year or two doing community service at an animal shelter or an animal rescue. Maybe they could learn what compassion for all is all about.


  6. Most Americans have no clue what is happening to these wonderful animals. The MEDIA spends all of its time on harassing & violating the privacy of people like Tiger Woods & his family, who no one gives a rat’s ass about, when they should be reporting the horrors inflicted on creatures who depend on US to survive! It’s absurd.


  7. It almost makes me upset that this round up was post poned since it does seem that it will not be stopped. The BLM is allowed to carry out the death sentences for what I am sure will be many in this herd. It is very depressing for me but I will continue to spread the word and fight for those who can not speak.


  8. I just posted a link to this article as a comment under the Facebook page of Ken Salazar where he is announcing he is to speak on the role of public lands in energy production at some venue or other. If there is any reason anyone feels it is wrong to post a link to this story on Ken Salazar’s Facebook page (which I just joined) let me know and I will delete it. I hope it it read by enough people before they remove it.


    • Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing as long as it is not used maliciously. Should be no worries, the piece is a work of fiction and no one is named. It has already been sent to Salazar but in reality, I don’t think he is listening.


  9. Even though THIS is fiction, you know it really has happened, more than once. I don’t even consider it wrong to hate people like this. As is well known, those who have no compassion for animals truly have none for people either.

    Personally, I hope the freakin’ helicopter crashes.


  10. Somebody in high places wants these horses wiped out fast.

    BLM is carrying it out for them. It’s at the top where it’s coming from, don’t you think? The public is just an irritant, they hate us, they truly do. They hate to have us appear; hate to have to do their due diligence.

    It is criminal.

    Have a great day.


    • All I can say to your comment, Janet, is “Roger that…”

      This is driven from so high up it is scary as our government is NOT listening. But we cannot give up, we need to continue to lay the truth before them and vote OUT the lairs and the cheats.

      Keep the faith.


  11. The thing is, if we stop, we can “see” this happening. We see it because we know it. We know the country (the writer certainly does). We know winter. We know horses. We know helicopter roundups. Our imaginations and our intellect together bring the reality to us. Because of our upbringing, we must call it fiction. However, it is as real as the sun in the sky.


  12. One of the saddest articles because it did not ever have to happen Ever! On the Dec 10th I said how very furious I was, it is many times worse now! But I don’t know how to let go of all the fury I built up over the years.I asked the foolish question of a BLM guy How can you look yourself in the mirror and not see a murderer ! he just looked at me like I was a crazy old lady! Perhaps!But we seem to be gaining strength with each act of horror committed by the BLM the public becomes more aware and the Lord may have help in the Vengeance department!


  13. The great spirit sent to us a gift from the Stars,The sacred Thunder Beings,
    The grandfathers told us of a legend. A legend of Thunder Beings coming down to Earth Mother from the heavens,they came to teach mankind to love,to honor to respect and to live as a free spirit roaming on the sacred lands of our Earth Mother and her children,these thunder beings have carried us thru battlefields, home from war and thru thunder storms into the new territitory of your white settlers,they carried your women, men and children across the great rivers,and this is how you repay the most sacred gifts from our ancestors,the Ancient Ones,by allowing our Thunder Beings/Horses to be suffering in rodeos and tortured and used for money and sport,I beg of you to open up your hearts, for this is truly against all universal Law, the Law of One and the Law of Peace,i am asking you to end this suffering and to stop these /hellicopter sports now, and not add to the suffering of mother earths children,be a part of the solution to this planets suffering,we ask you to join us in saving all that is sacred thru Nature,Our animal kingdom is our only connection to returning to the Stars, Awakening mankinds hearts to compassion and nurtring and luv, for all life’s breath,nitak fillaya,Until the Day that Last Forever
    Native American Church Of The Ghostdancers


  14. It’s enough to make me want to cry. This attitude seems so prevalent and how we can we stop them?

    Greetings from western WY.

    I have to tell you that I did see one field full of cattle. It’s a family ranch. They sell to market. But I do have a question.

    It occurred to me that in the wake of all the bad publicity BLM is getting, could they be asking private ranchers to subcontract their beef to corportations like the Hiltons??? I mean I have a never seen a ranch before that says Hilton on it. How would I know that they were owned or operated by and for the Hiltons? I hope I’m asking this question clearly in that my brain is tired today!

    Ranches up here have lots of names that they go by. It could be named for the location–like a family name or a creek that runs through the ranch property. It could even be named for tack. And sometimes who knows where the name came from. It seems confusing to me.


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