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California Rodeo Company Shipping Horses to Slaughter in Mexico

Investigative report by Animal’s Angels

USDA gives Misner a glance: 3 Questions

Following a USDA/IES investigation and dismissal of Animals’ Angels’ concerns that horse trader David Misner may have violated California law by knowingly selling and shipping California horses that were then sent to slaughter, the most basic questions remain:

1. If Misner, dba Misner & Sons Rodeo Company, is a rodeo company selling “bucking stock”, why are most of the horses he buys extremely cheap, of any age, breed, gender, or training, emaciated and/or injured?

2. Why, when there are several reputable horse sales much closer to him, does he choose two auctions in NM and TX that are over 700 miles from his location, and operated by major kill buyers?

3. Why did the USDA investigator fail to pursue apparently obvious violations of California law prohibiting activities related to horse slaughter?

The basis for the complaint against Misner is California Penal code 598c which says, “it is unlawful for any person to possess, to import into or export from the state, or to sell, buy, give away, hold, or accept any horse with the intent of killing, or having another kill, that horse, if that person knows or should have known that any part of that horse will be used for human consumption.”

Since 2008, Animals’ Angels has investigated Misner’s buying and selling habits, the condition of horses purchased, conditions at the feedlot and the locations chosen by Misner to sell his horses.

Additionally, AA investigated the individuals buying horses from Misner to determine if they were buying these horses for slaughter. AA also obtained records of a USDA/IES investigation, owner/shipper papers and consignment papers from USDA, California authorities and the New Mexico Livestock Board.

AA found that evidence solidly indicates Misner is selling California horses to, among others, well known kill buyer Dennis Chavez. Chavez is one of the bigger killer buyers in the country, shipping approx 9,800 horses to slaughter in Mexico in 2010. Chavez also operates the Southwest Livestock Auction in Los Lunas, NM. Misner consigns horses at Chavez’s auction 4 to 6 times per year.

There can be little if any doubt that Misner is well aware Chavez is a kill buyer, and would therefore appear to be in violation of CA law.

For his part, Chavez actually admits buying horses from Misner and later shipping them to slaughter to the USDA/IES investigator in 2008. He also admits during a 1999 investigation in California to knowing that it is against CA law to buy any CA horse for slaughter.

However, the IES investigator failed to question or act appropriately on the information provided. He did not check or attempt to determine how many of the horses Chavez bought from Misner went to slaughter. He did not question or investigate further when Chavez told him that, “there were probably not any records kept of these purchases [from Misner]”. Time after time the investigator did not investigate or follow thru though considerable opportunity and evidence were available.

As recently as August and October of this year, Animals’ Angels has documented Misner continuing to sell horses at Southwest Livestock Auction. Corroborating the hard evidence of consignment records obtained from the New Mexico Livestock Board, is the video footage showing Misner and Chavez maintaining a prominent presence in the auction ring, talking to each other often and at length. They appear to know each other very well.

As a regular visitor of the Southwest Livestock Auction, Misner should have known that Chavez is in the slaughter business – not only the poor condition of many horses inside the Chavez feedlot, but the USDA slaughter tags prominently attached to them should have been an indication.


Combined evidence from Animal’s Angels investigations and documents obtained through Freedom of information Act requests show that California horses shipped and sold by David Misner went to slaughter in Mexico.

The violation of California Penal Code 598c is “a felony punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for 16 months, or two or three years.”

Animals’ Angels believes that based on all the information available, a new, more thoroughly conducted investigation carried out by California authorities with support of IES is warranted.

Read Animals’ Angels full investigative report…

What can you do to help?

Please help us to urge California Authorities to initiate a new investigation. Contact the San Bernardino County District Attorney and the California Attorney General and ask them to investigate a possible violation of California’s penal code 598c.

Thank you so much!

San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office
316 N Mt View Ave
San Bernardino, CA 92415-0004
Phone: 909-387-8309

Attorney General’s Office
California Department of Justice
Attn: Public Inquiry Unit
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550
Phone: (916) 322-3360
Fax: (916) 323-5341   

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  1. HSUS needs to launch a T.V. campaign…ASAP. It would have to be edited, but it could and should be done. 70% of Americans are already opposed to Horse slaughter. I’m pretty certain that the other 30% don’t even know anything about it. SHOW THEM.


    • 100% right Louie SHOW THOSE 30% just exactly what is going on !!!!!!! I am so sick of these greedy people I could spit……It is way past the time for exposing these Monsters of Horse Murder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is way past the time of demanding that these poor excuses for human beings be Arrested for their Heartless greed filled minds, and pay for their criminal acts………………..I am tried of the brutal and mindless exploiting the innocent horses………………If If I were the Judge i would throw the book at them and hit them in the back of their senseless heads………………………….


      • HSUS, with all due respect is a do nothing organization. People need to stop expecting the government or quasi government/charity organizations to do the work of the people. I’ve watched situations where abusers were allowed to continue starving and shooting horses people were trying to save & HSUS did nothing to pressure local authorities. The government agencies and these “charities” are there to collect their paychecks and pensions and shuffle paper. A few volunteers join them in the hopes to make a difference but soon see the futility in it.

        The pressure needs to be applied to increase penalties (jail time & fines) and the ability to seize abused animals first and ask questions later. Believe me, as a horse owner and rescue supporter, I would rather have to prove I didn’t abuse an animal, then have any animal suffer while government shuffles paper. [Government has no problem seizing land, to serve their latest social agenda.]

        The approach needs to be that individuals that do these things are the same kind of individuals that commit crimes against people (and children) and generally are income tax evaders!

        Get the IRS after Misner. He does a mostly cash business and is committing fraud against the State and Federal governments IF he is not reporting all income. BTW, I know of at least one beautiful 20 year-old mare he claims he sold to the Charros, but indeed likely shipped to slaughter, when people were ready to step up to take her to safety…me & her former owners.


  2. When the president of the USA breaks his campaign promise, then he has set an example. How is it that those (many swear words) politicians in Washington DC are shocked at the distrust of the taxpaying citizens? Right up to the Pres.–distrust. What good does it do to have a National Day of the Horse, and a Vigil for Horses and Burros, and an Act of Congress to protect wild horses? May they all find a severed horsehead at the bottom of their beds on Christmas Day ! That’ll SHOW THEM!


  3. Thank you R.T. and Terry for your support of Animals Angels. This investigation has been done over several years, and we are finding the same information each investigation. CA needs to uhold the laws they have already enacted, so we must help the advocates in CA get this laws enforced.


  4. People like Misner are no better than those who abrogated treaties with their Indian neighbors in the last few centuries. Forked tongues and dead eyes all the way. If people like Misner can’t keep treaties with other people, that is, laws, how can we expect them to keep treaties of a higher character with innocents such as horses?

    He is as much a traitor to the American Way as any turncoat. He is a moral traitor.

    I wonder how he treats children.


    • He brings his children to the auctions and his daughter helps in the feedlot. To say they all look like the “Adams Family” is about as close as one could get to a picture of them.


  5. The whole thing is so sickening. I will be glad to follow up with my concerns regarding the horses, but if complaints are made outside the state they sometimes fall on deaf ears. I can’t help to believe that something is going on with this whole issue. I would alledge that there is booko bucks being exchanged some where. The truth comes out about the slaughter folks. They care nothing about the care of the horses and burros. The truth comes out when they finally have no question about what will happen once the quote on quote excess horses are gone. They will be breeding horse for slaughter just as a few of the European countries are doing. Just digusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What sick people they are! All I can say is we all need to keep those emails, phone lines, fax lines and post cards going to our Legislators. I called the office of one my senators and wanted to know what they are doing about the whole situation. I requested that I be called back with an update. If the bill does not get out of committee, it could die, which means the process would start all over a again. If that should happen I would be in favor or supporting a third party. Who is listening to us on any issues that are severly effecting the American people? Right now it appears no one sadly. Although all of my Legislators are in support of SB 1176. Each state has 2 senators and a number of representatives. Tomorrow I will begin to call each one of them just as I did with our Illinois Legislators. We also don’t thank those who are on the firing line in Washington, DC who are fighting for our horses and other equines. I think we should have a list of those and remind ourselves to thank them.


    • Gail,

      A third party will only provide less chance to make a difference. People seriously need to find a way to “make friends” with those politicians perceived to be the enemy. The horse is an American hero. PLAY UP what they do for kids, people with handicaps, autism, people needing all forms of rehab AND how much money the multiple horse industries bring to the economy and by allowing folks like Misner to pocket cash, while brutalizing America’s heroes…THINK ZENYATTA, SEABISCUIT, BARBARO…and the NEW MOVIE “War Horse”….Timing could not be better to make a POWERFUL NOISE AND MAKE POLITICAL ENEMIES YOUR FRIENDS thru the common things that bind us all.

      BTW, forget expecting Obama to do anything that doesn’t forward the agenda of the big money (unions) and Wall Street that put him in office. He is the most devious politician I’ve seen in my lifetime and I’ve been around for 6 decades!


      • Maybe you are just the person to make friends with Roy Blunt and Jack Kingston. Blunt has taken over 600K dollars from organizations and corporations that stand to make money from horse slaughter..or they think they will. None of them were labor unions.


      • If you think you are going to get Roy Blunt to change his mind by talking about War Horse and Sea Biscuit, you are very naive. And if you think 3rd parties don’t do any good, why are you writing here? RT and his organization is a 3rd party.


  6. This is a KNOWN problem up here in NORTHERN CA. The problem is kb’s get VERY touchy about who they’ll let rescue horses. If you make waves they won’t let you onto the feedlots. When that happens more horses are doomed. I understand this is an ugly situation. Rescues are caught between a rock and a hard place and the kb’s hold all the cards.

    I don’t like saying that it is a fragile “working” relationship but essentially that is what it is. Without S1176 in place, without inspectors inspecting on the way out of the State, with no one minding the store much less the laws we have about the sale and transport of horses–we have a lot of leaky faucets.

    I don’t know what the alternatives are at this point without dooming a lot of horses in the process. I know it’s ugly. I know it’s wrong. Because our government is once again failing the horses its the rescues who step up to the plate.

    We in this State passed a no slaughter law back in 1996 (I think). As of yet no one is really stepping up to the plate. The law did slow down folks who stole horses but there remains a very leaky valve.


  7. This is a digusting situation. I know I would like to see both Misner and Chavez take their place in Mexico at the slaughterhouse with them paying the utlimate price. Maybe when the other killer buyers see what happens to the above two, they will run in the other direction. Why aren’t we stopping the sale of these horses? A govenment that doen’t care is the bottom line. WE need to publicize these killer buyers in each and every state so they are so disgraced and hated that no one will deal with them – UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. We must win this fight for our beautiful four legged horses and burros.


  8. One more thing: Is USDA always involved some way in horse slaughter? It seems like they again are charged with protecting horses in transit, and I guess will be in charge of inspecting horse slaughter plants. But where is their “money” and loyalty coming from. It seems like they never follow through on any report or charge.
    Every Pro-Slaughter speaker says with absolute authority that USDA inspectors and a veterinarian will be on site at every horse slaughter plant. How is this possible? I do not believe that it was the case when the plants were closed in Texas. Does anyone have accurate information?


  9. THIRTY-SIX MONTHS..repeat…THIRTY-SIX MONTHS after making a Freedom of Information Request of the U.S.D.A.
    regarding violations of the “Commercial Transportation of Equines to Slaughter Act”,
    the documents were received. The 906-page FOIA includes almost 500 separate photographs of severe and alarming
    cruelty of horses due to the horse slaughter industry that happened on U.S. soil.
    The FOIA request was submitted by Animals’ Angels investigator Julie Caramante in November 2005
    “I’ve been an equine cruelty investigator for a number of years,” said Caramante, “and I’ve witnessed many horrific incidents of animal cruelty. But nothing could prepare me for the images contained in the FOIA. These pictures shocked me to the core. The pain and terror these horses endured is criminal. This just should not be, no excuses.”

    Click to access 06-108-Records-F.pdf

    Click to access 06-108-Records-E.pdf

    Click to access 06-108-Records-D.pdf

    Click to access 06-108-Records-C.pdf

    Click to access Beltex%20Slaughter%20Plant%20FOIA%202008-00297.pdf


  10. THIRTY-SIX MONTHS..repeat…THIRTY-SIX MONTHS after making a Freedom of Information Request of the U.S.D.A.
    regarding violations of the “Commercial Transportation of Equines to Slaughter Act”,
    the documents were received. The 906-page FOIA includes almost 500 separate photographs of severe and alarming
    cruelty of horses due to the horse slaughter industry that happened on U.S. soil.
    The FOIA request was submitted by Animals’ Angels investigator Julie Caramante in November 2005
    “I’ve been an equine cruelty investigator for a number of years,” said Caramante, “and I’ve witnessed many horrific incidents of animal cruelty. But nothing could prepare me for the images contained in the FOIA. These pictures shocked me to the core. The pain and terror these horses endured is criminal. This just should not be, no excuses.”

     06-108-Records-A.pdf – (35mb)


  11. Thank you, Louie. We must stay committed. Every time we have a new opportunity tot connect with someone else, we have a new opportunity to save our horses. It is hard, very hard, too keep perseveringly at times when we realize what we and they are up against, but we are the only hope they have. We must take care of ourselves, but ww cannot ever, ever give up. The horse killers may have a head start on us, but we will prevail, as long as we remember that love and truth are more powerful than hate and greed.


  12. Anyone explain the San Berdo AG contact? Anyone know more about this low life?

    Anyone in that area that knows about this cretin?


  13. Hey All,
    I don’t know if you guys saw this from Carol Abel but she sent this article on horse meat for dog food in America and where it all started and what happened then is now about to happen again. Back when they were slaughtering horses for dog food they almost wiped out all horses, wild and domestic, and started to raise for slaughter. They took wild horses and crossed them with bigger breeds like Shire, and dales and still did not have enough meat to fill all the cans. And guess where it all started in Rockford, IL. Yep right in the old backyard of Cavel. No wonder we have such a hard time getting these people to get horse killing off there minds, its breed in! Long article but you will just sit there and say to yourself really nothing has changed after all these years. Check it out.


    • Well, it will take me time to digest (no pun intended about the dog food thing) BUT….I have always known that some butchers still provide equine meat to canine owners (and zoos, etc)…difference is they can’t, I repeat CAN’T guarantee purity of meat source from equines as it has been transitioning over several decades (back to the 50s) to other sources and NEVER included drug screening, to include the vast SEA of drugs administered to equines in the 21st century.


      • How many big pharmaceutical companies who maintain vivisection or big ag schools (arms of big pharmaceutical companies) might wish to purchase horsemeat to feed their vivisection dogs. On the other hand, will Little Susie going to PetCo read that one of the ingredients on her expensive dog foods is horsemeat? How will these horse processing plants turn a profit if not by skimping on the humane methods and humane management and design of equid horse slaughter that has been shown to be too expensive to build?

        In order for a place like this to turn a profit, it has to either be owned by a big brawny company that is in other areas as well because I can’t imagine after all the shipping involved here that any profit would be turned. What am I missing? Where is the market? Are “discerning” high-end human eaters of horseflesh really so lackidaisicle that they would overlook the obvious health risks? Is there not ample horseflesh in Asia, Near East, Africa, China, Japan and Russia to fill all those high end tables?

        Something else is behind all this and I can’t imagine what unless the big companies overseas that would open these horse processing plants on US soil are connected to other US concerns in some way. . . perhaps international breeders associations, etc. Obviously this isn’t a job creator. Is our Congress reallly this inept? USDA-funded inspections?

        The ONLY reason this passed is because the Congressmen and Congresswomen who would otherwise not vote for it had to pass the bill to keep the Congress going until 12-16-11. I say to keep Congress going because nothing they do seems to have any beneficial effect on our country, but they want damn well to make sure they get their paychecks cut in time.

        We drove thru Mt. Pleasant, Iowa over Thanksgiving Holiday and I was eyeing some spankin’ new buildings visible from the highway. . . you can’t help but wonder what they are up to. . . .now I will be looking over my shoulder for the horse killers to set up shop in my own neighborhood, and since I’m from MO we have plenty of them around here.

        As the kill buyer who was interviewed on video said — just stop breeding too many horses! At the same time the government needs to get out of their welfare ranching. Now Congressional members have attached the Pipeline Legislation to the jobs and unemployment continuation legislation.

        One good thing that may come of global warming is the gradual disappearance of Washington DC under Chesapeake Bay waters over time.


      • Dear Denise Even Putting all the drugs aside, is there is no I repeat no Justification or premise to taking a fear flight animal and causing that horror that they will in flick on an animal that has clearly been a illustrious ally !!!!! There cannot be one brain among them , only the greed for money !!!!


      • arlene..with all do respect. l understand your point. I am talking about the point that THEY do not care about flight, drugs, cruelty, etc. In addition, while one person speculates (pending data or scientific reports) that the killers will step up kill of equines, the marketing and purchase history for dogs and cats shows the contrary. Add suspect consumer confidence of traditional livestock meat sources, throw in equines for humans and the killer shills and meat purveyors are jeopardizing their own precious industry (ies).

        200 thousand equines, plus or minus folks…..200k. This is just stupid math, science and waste of effort.

        You watching Farm Bureau, USMEF, NCBA and pork and poultry growers…and BLM? You will kill the meat industry in the US pursuing equine flesh. Keep it up, just keep it up. You people are idiots and now I know our blessed meat is in question….and I will continue to spread the word to nonvegans worldwide.


      • I wonder how they would explain their actions against the horses to their children and grand children, how would they convince them that they are making and leaving a pristine legacy an improvement in the world ?????/ We are all responsible for our actions in one way or another, this is not the legacy that would improve anything…………………or one that I would want to leave on this earth…………….


      • arlene… requesting conscience is futile and without documented proof that they (the killers) have it….and pay attention people are always diminished by the courts by the monied special interest.

        You are speaking from our perspective…we are fighting their lack of conscience. They also control the playing field.

        Let me tell you about how ugly my day was!!!! Simple story… I’m trying to keep 5 equines alive.

        I don’t complain because I KNOW how ugly it is and was for our equines; today, tomorrow and yesterday.


      • Dear Denise , there was a time when I believed I was the only one that knew of this, I am in Ohio not huge horse country , but there are many many people here who own and love and respect them for who and what they are, I would travel to Las Vegas for many years just to see the wild mustangs, I couldnt wait to go there , everyone was gambling i was on the desert looking for just one glimpse of them , rarely was a time i could not find them , I was mystified at there beauty and there magnificence , nothing thrilled my soul and my existence as seeing them run free , it is embedded in my Mind, until one time I went there 8 years ago and couldnt find them anywhere, I vowed to find out where and what happened to them i inquired every where to no avail, until one day i found someone who knew at a Indian fireworks store , I was horrified and didnt know what to do till I stumbled upon this site………..and these wonderful People…………………….


      • arlene…I lived there in my stupid (work in progress) days…I won’t say anymore.

        My point is, we can’t shame these people. We have to have facts and get those distributed….yes, we have facts, but having a bad time with “media attention”.

        Can’t quote bible or science with these people….but we can’t go away either,


    • Two quotes form the artcle~~~~Back in those days politicians and cops got rich by turning an blind eye.

      There are two ways of looking at a horse “money or emotion” ” passion or profits”

      Then or now —— seems nothing much has changed.


  14. Sent comments to San Bernardino County District Attorney and Attorney General’s Office in Sacramento. What else to do? Getting maddddder day by day……words don’t do much but do it anyway! Lots of things I would like to DO, but can’t say it outloud.


    • Dear Yvon Arell, all of us have been madder than we can say here !!!!!! It has been going on for more years then we would have ever dreamed of, now it is out in the open for all to see , also the thing that always makes me madder than heck is , why are they still getting away with this TRASH……………..I have found these poor excuses for human beings have no shame and are hell bent on greed……………………….There is an old saying why do they do it , the answer is because they can thats why, we are all here hell bent on they cant………. How do we stop them, any way we can !!!!!! For years I thought I was along in this,, I am in Ohio not big horse country, but there are horses here , and many many people who love and respect them for who and what they are and what they represent…………………I am here for the long haul whatever it takes , we will together stop them……………….


    • Still waiting for questions re : San Berdo AG…know why state of CA AG. They have, been forever blowing off enforcement of this law.

      Thanks for contacting, BUT………..


  15. Please Advocates – there are few people who are fond of the idea that we are going to open slaughter houses here in the US again. But before you send out hysterical email to people who saddened and are very aware of what has happened, get your facts in order. It was part of a REPUBLICAN spending bill that would keep the government running for a few for months – it was thrown in there and our President had little choice but to sign or face shutting the entire government down. Please look to people like John Cornyn (R) Senator from Texas. He is one of the major proponents of horse slaughter legislation. We need to focus on the real problem and that is over breeding. When numbers like 200,000 horses headed to slaughter in the US next year – where are all these unfortunate horses coming from. Not from my barn where all 40 are well fed and vetted regularly. Stop the over-breeding and the problem will resolve itself.

    Horse slaughter is a cruel, disgusting and immoral business, but it, like everything else is based on supply and demand. Eliminate either the supply or the demand and the business goes away. I am all for taking folks like John Cornyn, along with his family (kids and all), on a little outing to a horse slaughter house and then see how long they continue to support that vile legislation.

    Keep the passion, but put the blame where it belongs.


  16. They will ALL feel pressure from an enraged Public and a T.V. add campaign can accomplish that. HSUS should be feeling some pressure to step up to the plate. They have the money and the resources.


    • Thanks you Louie. the HSUS can help us..and will if we let hem know that the horses are important to enough of us.. Sometimes I get so distressed with those 1% who use our fight to erroneously force their ideas on us.


  17. They will ALL feel pressure from an enraged Public and a T.V. add campaign can accomplish that. HSUS should be feeling some pressure to step up to the plate. They have the money and the resources.


  18. I must be missing something about HSUS, I know there is a horse on their loco, and I know they sell PZP to the Government,and they have such tear jerking ads for dogs and cats I can bearly watch them , they send all kinds of mail for donations but never once have I ever seen anything for the horse????? They got involved for Ohio Farm animals talked a good show for them and then sold them out????????? Can anyone tell me anything that they have ever done good for horses??????????


    • They have been very involved in the legislative fight against horse slaughter. Just because you are not aware of it, doesn’t mean they are not involved. Why don’t you go to their website and check it out. Why don’t you call them? These blanket statements not based on fact against the HSUS are so odd to me.


  19. The HSUS has been and is working to ban horse slaughter. Not everything they do is a commercial on television. A very important interview with the President of the HSUS was just aired. I am attaching the letter that a closed group of anti-slaughter activists just wrote which thanks him for his continued and vocal support. I feel that some on this blog are not really informed about the issues facing the Mustangs, or the horse slaughter ban, but are just pushing a political agenda.
    Here’s the letter of thanks: Points well spelled out. Use this as leverage against those that legislate or promote round-ups and slaughter.
    December 7, 2011

    Mr. Wayne Pacelle
    CEO and President
    The Humane Society of the United States

    2100 L St., NW
    Washington, D.C. 20037

    Dear Wayne:

    The 244 members of the private Facebook group “No Horse Slaughter in the USA” would like to express our sincerest gratitude for the compelling anti-slaughter comments you provided on AirTalk with Larry Mantle on 89.3 KPCC in California. In addition to completely debunking Ms. Wallis’s argument in favor of slaughter, you helped us sharpen our own arguments and inspired us to work as hard as we can on this critically important campaign.

    Some of the key points we took away from the radio broadcast include:
    United Horsemen is an organization that was specifically formed to support slaughter. It does not have a legitimate claim to being interested in equine welfare. On the other hand, the HSUS and many other animal welfare organizations have been working to help horses all along.
    The horse slaughter business in the US is a “disreputable, predatory industry” that simply wants to make money from killing horses.
    If slaughter proponents were truly upset about horses going to Mexico or Canada for slaughter, they would have joined the HSUS in supporting the ban on export prior to the US plants closing.
    Horses are not food animals. Not one breeder in the US raises horses for food.
    Horses are companion and service animals. The vast majority of Americans don’t support the utilitarian “use and discard” mentality of pro-slaughter advocates who simply want to be rid of a horse the instant they decide it’s no longer valuable to them. Horse owners have a responsibility to properly care for their horses, including arranging for euthanasia if necessary, and Americans expect them to accept this responsibility.
    We are a civilized nation that should not be transporting horses 500-1,000 miles to be killed. And since there will never be more than a handful of horse slaughter plants in the US if slaughter resumes, horses going to slaughter will always have to make this dreadful journey.
    The concept of “humane slaughter” is an oxymoron as it applies to horses. Horses are highly sensitive prey animals that instantly become aware of other horses dying ahead of them in slaughter facilities. As a result, they are terrified and fight frantically during this last horrible phase of their life. This is inhumane and any compassionate person would want to see horse slaughter ended.
    Nothing is preventing responsible horse owners from having their horses euthanized. It’s done every day in the US and responsible owners plan for end-of-life care for their horses. There isn’t any reason why unloading a horse should be a free service to horse owners.
    The HSUS operates the two largest horse rescues in the country and investigates more neglect and abandonment cases than all other organizations combined. Those of us opposed to slaughter are doing our part to address problems of neglect and abandonment.

    Thank you again so much. We know that this campaign is one that we can win. But to do so, we all have to be able to articulate a compelling argument that is logical to Americans who have a sense of compassion for horses, but who may not have thought much about horse slaughter previously.

    You certainly presented a compelling message to the AirTalk listeners, but you also helped us strengthen our own arguments. You can count on us to work tirelessly until we win this fight on behalf of all horses in America.


    No Horse Slaughter in the USA Members


  20. However, the IES investigator failed to question or act appropriately on the information provided. He did not check or attempt to determine how many of the horses Chavez bought from Misner went to slaughter. He did not question or investigate further when Chavez told him that, “there were probably not any records kept of these purchases [from Misner]“. Time after time the investigator did not investigate or follow thru though considerable opportunity and evidence were available.


  21. Happy “National Day of the Horse” … or in this case, not so happy. The resolution was introduced in the Senate in 2004 by Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell (now retired). and Senator Mary Landreau was among the cosponsors. It passed the Senate by unanimous consent, and was signed by President George W. Bush. I hope today Senator Landreau asks for a reaffirmation of this resolution, to remind Senators, old and new, of the contributions horses (and other equids) have made to our country. And that Representative Burton introduces the same resolution in the House. Perhaps if President Obama was presented with two resolutions to sign, it would refresh is memory on his previous vote against horse slaughter, or at least raise his awareness not only of the horse’s place in our nation’s history, but also their value in the present and the future … beyond meat on a plate.


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