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Lobbyists Work Through Holidays To Block Humane Legislation

Story by Vickery Eckhoff of Forbes

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Lobbyist Charlie Stenholm has been working hard since before Thanksgiving. First, there was his Opinion piece in The Washington Times blasting proposed legislation protecting circus elephants, tigers and zebras from abuse—something that would hurt his client, Ringling Brothers.

Then, there was the push to get horse slaughter inspection bans reversed, which was accomplished a week later by three U.S. lawmakers who quietly revised a long-overdue spending bill behind closed doors.

On November 18, President Obama pardoned a Thanksgiving turkey and also signed the bill, opening the door for horse slaughter plants to reopen in the U.S. and breaking a campaign promise. The former was widely covered in the media; the latter was not.

Nine Capitol Hill insiders featured in a December 21 post, “How Many Congressmen Does It Take To Screw A Horse,” helped bring that to pass. But the story of their effort was missing an important element: photos.

Who’s Who in Capitol Hill’s Horse Meat Power Posse helps put faces together with that storyline. Who are the major players? Who are the special interests they represent and which member’s Web site features such horse meat recipes as “Filly Filet”? It’s all here—and more.

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  1. I recently wrote an article on this. It’s utterly sickening to me. I’m really happy to find your blog. This information needs to be kept in front of the public. Thank you for what you’re doing.


  2. Ms. Eckhoff:

    To me, the head killer with the Joker smile is Sen Harry Reid (D-NV). He has been in leadership (majority and minority) for some time…..

    You should have thrown in the 2 idiot senators from Texas too; maybe they don’t control powerful committees? They are however, BIG meat supporters and cheerleaders for AQHA.


  3. Great! Now we have faces to put the names we’ve been reading about. And more of us know exactly who bears the blame for trying to continue the horror of slaughter plants.
    There ARE more of us now aware of whats been going on for years, and more voices raised in protest.
    Thanks RT


  4. They are Killers! 70,000 QHs in 2010 ! What–wrong color/not cute enough/overstocked ( like left over neckties). Oh thank you RT, Vickery –all of you TRUTH speakers– what a bunch of offal they all are in the True meaning of the word. How do we get out of this tar pit –and where do we find decision makers with morals? (What? can’t use politicians and morals in the same sentence.) I am again even more disgusted with these sub-human forms that hold power. They are a plague of biblical proportion…… the list of their nefarious connections and dealings reaches a depth…. right up to Obama…


  5. I have been in the presence of Stenholm when he spoke…no written word, no presentation; just pontificating, off the cuff (guff?)…it never got entered into the final minutes (this was a Fed hosted via AHC event).

    This man is like Perry (what’s in the political drinking water in TX?????). He is a dangerously moronic, big Ag funded flaming TWIT with a driver’s license.

    I mean…this man is one arrogant and/or stupid piece of human .

    The guy is a good ol’ boy IDIOT and couldn’t talk his way out of a parking ticket. Oh, that’s right…he doesn’t need to; Texas protects big Ag at all costs, to include and at the expense of truth, ethics and morality.

    I mean, (again)…this guy is STOOOOOPID! Half the SH*T he was talking about (if you could get a cogent stream of thought because it was ALL over the place) was ridiculous…and this was in June 2008. He was already saying “unintended consequences”, suffering and abandoned equines, etc. The plants hadn’t been closed 8 MONTHS….and no one said one word back to him.

    It made me physically ill.

    I still think Reid is the head of the horsemeat posse.


  6. Cat Smith right on – String em up! Now that we have some names I guess we can call, email and the like. It shameful that some horseman’s group have picked up the torch for these morons!!! One in particular that takes donations for the welfare of the horses..Give me a break…This group in particular can be tied directly to the catllemen. Its so shameful that these Legislators have been allowed to make so many back door deals while the rest of us continue to fight these lobbyists. Companies are not people and the funding should be stopped. Its all about the money!!!!!!!!! People don’t realize how important elections are until the damage is done. We really need to bring to light those cosponsoring or supporting the bill. Now at least we have names and should keep correspondence going to them regarding our position. Washington, D.C. has become a corrupt and scrupulous place no longer working for the American people, but the money mongers and big business. Shameful!!!!


  7. One reason we are here is that we don’t want our equines or anything to die this way.

    We should not “string them up”.

    We should always remember. We should vote them out of office. We should always remind the gatekeepers and cruelty peddlers of what they do and we will not tolerate it any longer.

    The names are not the only criminals in this evil.

    We need to get smarter than the perps.


  8. We must get their pictures-their dirty money connections and yes the equine pictures of the slaughter houses all together-posters? Posted on facebook, someone to tie it all up together and broadcast it everyhere so that hey cannot hide from anyone-maqybe with the flers to hand out at War Horse?I would happily post them at my business aqnd pet shops, feed stores, anywhere I could.Thank you R.T.They must be publicly humiliated and voted out of office-too bad we can’t get at their pensions to help pay for Rescue centers…


  9. Harry Reid is still the head killer in my book….he sets the agenda, committees, votes/no votes with McConnell…he is the killer for both wild and domestic equines.


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