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Children’s Horse Saving Writing Campaign Building Groundswell of Support

Press Release from the Equine Welfare Alliance

Children Strive to Help America’s Icon, the Horse

Chicago (EWA) – The Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) children’s letter writing campaign to end horse slaughter, first announced on January 5th, has now received the support of The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) Humane Education Committee.

The Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) was contacted by the committee to offer their support and to obtain additional information on the campaign. The committee enclosed a letter from one of their teachers with an email voicing support from Senator Joe Lieberman.

The EWA will provide information to help support, update and expand lesson plans developed by the committee. The plans can be found on the EWA’s new Children’s Page, along with fun and educational videos about famous horses.

The UFT Humane Education Committee’s lessons already provided children with sound basic information about horses, their functions in our society, and the issue of horse slaughter. The UFT Humane Education Committee is involved in many such projects with the goal of enhancing student skills in science and literacy through humane education.

Support for the campaign has been overwhelming from both the U.S. and around the world. “Children aren’t given enough credit for their intuitive understanding of right and wrong, especially when it pertains to humane treatment of animals”, said EWAs Vicki Tobin. “We have received letters, poems, videos and pictures from children as young as 4 years old. We were amazed at the unique ways they made their points.”

“In our opinion,” explained EWA’s John Holland, “it is vital to our society that children grow up with a healthy attitude toward all animals and their welfare.  Such empathy for the plight of defenseless creatures will bring forth a healthier attitude toward their fellow humans later in life, and the legacy of young people who abuse animals has well documented and frightening consequences.”

Jo-Claire Corcoran of EWAs research team started the campaign and is thrilled with the response she has received in support of America’s horses. “Horses have played such a significant role in our country’s history. Not only do horses continue to protect our citizens in law enforcement, they provide entertainment and serve as loyal companions”, added Jo-Claire.

EWA is calling on children and adults to demand President Obama and our Congress pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011 and afford America’s horses the protection they so richly deserve. The time is now. Press requests for letters or video presentations by children should be made to:

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  1. The children have been AMAZING with all of their creativity and ideas! I have allowed Declan to “run with it” and have encouraged him to investigate and do research on his own so he really understands the issue vs. just repeating things he has heard from me. No one will be able to suggest/accuse him of being a “puppet” – these are HIS thoughts and ideas. Declan started by approaching a friend to put a link to the Million Horse March Letter Writing Campaign on his friend’s (existing) website, educating him on the inhumane and cruel treatment of horses in the slaughter pipeline. Declan has now taken it a step further and has started his own blog which he plans to use to get the word out and tell kids other ways they can help and where to get information from.

    He’s posting his art and links to other kid’s creations, including videos and pictures for and by kids – the idea being he will hopefully encourage other kids to get involved and more excited when they see their work posted too. He is conducting an interview this week at the SPCA and is going to a State Hearing to testify on a bill that would prevent slaughter in our state. Declan has also reached out to his school – his classmates, teacher(s) and even the head of school and they have all been very receptive of his work and message and are encouraging him to present his ideas and materials in school.

    It has been great to see Declan get so excited and let his passion fuel his creativity and allow him to speak from his heart. He got over 130 views the first day his blog went up (yesterday) including people from as far away as Germany, the Ukraine and Japan. I think it’s just sinking in now how much of a real impact he can make with his one, small voice!

    Please feel free to encourage him by viewing his blog, writing a comment and even “follow”ing it. Thanks so much!!

    PS – RT, he wants to know if he can put a link to your blog on his blog… after all, you helped him get the word out last Sunday when you wrote about him 🙂


  2. Bravo! And this should persuade more teachers and/or principals to do the classroom writing campaign. When one hears “horse slaughter,” it can be a turn-off to present to kids. However, there is a way and age-appropriate. For, all about life, the good and not-so-good, is explained to children by concerned, loving parents, teachers…adults. Thank you Jo-Claire Corcoran with EWA and all adults with children on this letter writing campaign! Thank you Wild Horse Annie for the 1st! (And, after “How Many Congressmen Does it Take To Screw A Horse,” V. Eckhoff, ASAP Velma/Annie got on her spiritual horse and kicked a** 🙂


  3. Rt instead of offering the horse eating fools a 2,000 award (which of course they cannot possibly win) why not offer a essay writing contest for the best college essay on the immorality of horse slaughter. Give a 500 first prize. This way you would get position papers grounded in ethical theory. I would gladly provide the guidelines, help spread the word and volunteer as a judge (my area of expertise). I am sure I can get other Ph.D. in philosophy to volunteer as judges.


  4. This sounds great.. This is an excellent way to get the word out. Please let me know if you establish the college essay contest as I worked in the Financial Aid office at our local community college. This is one of the best ways to beat them. Students are great for doing extensive research and many times if it is so disturbing as this, they spread it like a wildfire. I am also going to contact the American Federation of Teachers regarding this program. I too passed out some flyers to a couple of gals whose children are in elementary school. RT, your movement is certainly snowballing…


  5. This is a wonderful thing that the kids and their teachers are doing. Many thanks to the Teachers Federation and to all that brought this to the light.


  6. Regarding the picture above of the girl in the yellow dress kissing the horse’s face – the artist is actually Lesley Harrison, and the title of the work is “The Kiss”. Her work is stunning, and shows her devotion to the bond between horse and human – particularly children (the innocence and beauty).


  7. I must say that this video does not help me write anything rational to BLM. I just want to rage against them. This foal needs to be left alone–to be wild and free and perhaps take his grandfather’s place as top horse in the Pryors. And I’m sure that every herd has foals and fillies that show these characteristics that make them proud and wild. What a flippin’ tragedy. ( OK, I will exert some self control—-)


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