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Fleeing the Interview

Guest Commentary by Calamity Cate Crismani ~ Publisher/Editor of True Cowboy Magazine

 Rep. Sue Wallis Avoids Debate on Facts when Confronted with the Truth

Calamity Cate Crismani and "Raider" ~ photo courtesy of TrueCowboy Magazine

So, lets see, on this planet, we currently slaughter cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, baby cows (veal), goats, oh, and probably lamas somewhere and anything thing else that breaths, walks, eats, beats and craps…and eat it.

Are we as humans not far behind?  Did you see the movie “The Road” with Viggo Mortenson?  Well it is a must as we love Viggo, huge wild horse advocate (and hot)

However, the apocalyptic subject matter of the movie seems to be our imminent future. Would that be now? Now? Now?

I just finished listening to the internet radio program, “Sound Off with Sasha”, Public Broadcasting Fridays on WGCU. ( This program’s topic was horse slaughter for human consumption.  The guest lineup was very provocative and some well- known pro-horse/anti-slaughter opinion leaders including: R.T. Fitch, Author, Blogger and volunteer President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation (501©3), Philanthropist and President of Saving Americas Mustangs (501©3) , Madeleine Pickens,  President of the Humane Society of the United States, Wayne Pacelle and state Rep. Sue Wallis of Wyoming, Outspoken pro-slaughter advocate and one of our elected officials and, apparently, a leader to the algae (her supporters politically, economically and over a can of beer) backing her.  Go figure.

I am anti-slaughter for so many, many reasons not the least being money.  I won’t take any from anyone for my one and only companion, my mare, Raiderette. Raider to her friends.  Insert violins and mushy adjectives here.  And, I’ll have you know, some bleeding idiot offered me $50,000 for the big mare, of which I, disrespectfully, declined and we hung up calling each other wonderful profanities, words I’d not heard in years. Good times!   Some of my “so-called friends” held secret thoughts that I was perhaps the “bleeding idiot” (I know because I can read minds).  Perhaps, but turning the mullah down sure felt good!

Representative Sue Wallis of Wyoming spoke with a sharpened tongue, spewing half-truths, untruths and “acceptable truths”.  Expounding on the depth of commerce, money, lost by the people who make their income solely from the horse industry i.e.: breeders, (all breeds), trainers (all equine sports) et al, showing (all breeds).  Wallis displayed flagrant disregard towards any emotional or torturous pain these animals will endure ending their lives via the slaughter pipeline that currently exists in Mexico and Canada.  Her discombobulated, incohesive thoughts clearly exhibited (if I may make a diagnoses solely on my gut) insanity and circular reasoning. But, what was even more chilling was her transparent animosity towards R.T. Fitch and Madeleine Pickens.

So, under pressure, Ms. Wallis literally fled the interview, poof, gone. That says it all if you ask me.  Moreover, I can predict Wallis will publicly spin her childlike behavior into ‘they (RTF & MP) were disrespectful to me and I won’t tolerate that from anyone’ attitude…  Well, huff, huff, and huff.   Her hubris behavior and attitude was that immature, that entitled, that revolting.

Both R.T. Fitch and Madeleine Pickens spoke cohesively with well-rationalized viewpoints and both kept there cool, well kind of, for the most part.  And I’m not saying this because I am simpatico with them, but because they are simpatico with me as they agree with me, we share the same viewpoints on this.  Why does one have “friends” and also “enemies”?  Viewpoints. Agreement. Common realities.

Do not be fooled into thinking slaughter is any kind of animal, horses, is any kind of solution.  If you find yourself buying any of horse slaughter propaganda and diatribe shoveled out by pro-slaughter advocates, check yourself, fast, and watch “The Road” again.

There is nothing humane about horse slaughter. 

Click (HERE) to listen to Radio Show

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  1. Well first she threw a meeting in the Missouri town they were trying to ruin and refused to allow the press. Now she can’t sit through one measily interview. Couldn’t clearly and rationally explain how the many lies that she has been spewing for years really work out in either a medical, humane or business sense. I haven’t been able to listen to the interview yet. I so hope that someone got to ask Sue why, if there are soooo many excess, unwanted horses, would she want to farm horses for the slaughter pipeline. Oooo how I would love to sit in front of her, look her in the eye and ask that question.

    Seems Wallis and Duquette are not very good at this interview process. Like I said before when I heard the line-up for this interview–3 brains and a dips**t. Didn’t know the dipsh*t would also be a chicken-s***.


  2. Wallis’ arrogance is only strong when not in public and on the spot. When confronted, she has huge insecurities as her whole gig is nothing but a fraud and lie.
    Then playing the victim is her biggest antidote in trying to preserve her fragile ego.
    Who on earth in an educated environment could ever elect someone like this ?


  3. I was able to listen to the radio show. Great job to all horse advocates! Very important information was shared. Sue was well … gone.


  4. I heard it too. And the laughing ( I was laughing too) At some of the absolute false statements she was making. Seriously too many eye witnesses to that Texas Slaughter debacle to believe what she was saying. And she wasnt being particularly honest with the folks in Missouri a few weeks ago either.

    But it was interesting no one was being even the least bit unprofessional to her(Sue) She bit back at that show host first for asking a simple question. There sure must be a lot of money involved if Sue is standing up to this and still taking it. She is in the wrong and she knows it. If She had heard the first part of the interview maybe she would have left that part out about no one making a living from the horse industry.

    I felt a little sorry for the show host … she was a bit in over her head. But she never lost her cool. That was impressive as heck.


  5. What I don’t understand, is that certain people think, “well what are we going to do with all the unwanted horses our country has?”. WHAT? Anyone can NOW take their steeds to their nearest livestock auction to sell, whether a KB purchases it or someone else. Why would opening up processing plants here, change that? These are people who don’t take their steeds now to auction, why would they arrange shipment to a processing plant? ::banging head on desk::


  6. Thank you, RT for your perseverance! I cannot imagine how hard it must have been to be on the radio with this woman trying to maintain your thoughts and composure at the same time.


  7. Horse slaughter is about profit and nothing more! I appalled by Sue Wallis and her arrogance! Apparently, Ms. Wallis has all the answers and speaks for the entire equine world. Pure Rhetoric spoken by a stubborn school girl who stomps her feet when she cannot have her way.

    Lastly, I do wish to thank Mr. Fitch for being the professional everyday horse owner. Well done, Sir!


  8. It’s easy to be a great public speaker when you have 8 or 12 hours, an eraser, a dictionary and a thesaurus, a proof-reader, ‘Google’ at your fingertips and FaceBook. It’s apparently a lot harder without yer notes or yer henchmen.
    I heard a story a while back about a pro-equine blogger at a convention who found themselves ‘trapped’ in the Gentlemen’s Facility (blogger was a guy, so it was kosher…) with a group of cattle persons. With no notebook or even Post Its at their disposal, this person still managed to remain articulate and unafraid; maybe because this person was well informed and not driven by the almighty dollar but by their absolute belief that what they’re doing is right.
    It takes a lot more than 22,000 like-minded twerps (the last census I read on the pro-slaughter contingent) and the willingness to call names and assassinate characters from a distance. The law of averages stipulates that the more public your cause, the more likely you will run into your opposition face to face.
    Honestly, how did she think this interview was gonna go? For every reason she and her ‘organizations’ have given to kill and butcher horses, this group of people has presented 20 economically viable (forget moral or ethical) reasons NOT TO.
    Why is humanity and compassion for the Horse so contentitious? I can only assume it’s because you can’t put a monetary value on either, and if you can’t buy it, you can’t control it.


  9. Thank you R.T. and Madeleine. Everytime SS gets in a situation she can’t handle she disappears or hangs up. This shows her character, which she has none. The people of her home town in Wyoming better start thinking that they better kick her where it will hurt and their thinking is in question here. We don’t want idiots elected to our public office and that is what has happened in the state of Wyoming. People of her hometown are getting the results of electing this individual and is showing their intelligence in this selection. I wasn’t able to listen to the radio interview, but this appears to be a victory for R.T. and Madeleine and let’s hope we can get more of the same on other radios and TVs on behalf of our horses. If I win the MEGA we will be ready to roll and will need all the help we can get to circumvent the lies that are being perpetrated to the American public – we will need to educate more Americans and our following will only increase because most people are sensible and have common sense and these will be the ones that we can add to our advocates. Good job guys and thank you for all you do for our equines.


  10. Great job, advocates. I heard the laughing and I was too. Now she is claiming she was ambushed. Ha! Ha! More lies .


  11. Dear RT BRAVO just listened to the radio show , with you and Madeleine and Wayne, I must commend you for your factual participation, all three awesome advocates were just so great, Sue Wallrus,(sorry type O) left the conversation abruptly cause she literally couldnt and didnt have anything to offer in the way of Promoting the Vicious and horrific act of Horse Slaughter , she fled when she couldnt and had no informative rebuttal !!!!! She is a Coward who has absolutely no argument to defend Horse Slaughter , There is and will never be any sound reason to Slaughter any of our Horses……………………….Thanks to you and the other Factual Advocates who defended Our Icons The Wild Mustangs and all American Horses and Burros !!!!! Every consideration to their protection and preservation must be implemented…………..


  12. The Only thing running Wild and Free in any Proposal of Ss Wallrus s (sorry darn type Os) is Greed !!!!!!! She Proved that to all today !!!!!!


  13. Good job Madeliene and RT I enjoyed listening and glad she decided to bail after all her lies that no one believes. She is all about the almighty buck could care less about the poor horses that suffer and Americans do not eat horses it is not the American Way.


  14. Thank you for your professional handling of the interview. Poor Sasha. I don’t think she knew what she was getting into.

    It’s the first time I heard SW speak and it will be the last. I wanted to get a call in and planned to ask her what her financial stake would be.

    The good thing is that she can’t move or say/do anything because there are so many people keeping track of her and are wise to her dishonesty. I hope she continues to make a fool of herself and I hope we continue to bring her up on it.

    Thanks again!


  15. And in the end, there was one.

    He wasn’t there for money. He wasn’t paid. He has been around the world and protects the little pieces of his world with tenacity…..and the equines: wild, domestic, mule, horse, donkey.

    You are standing taller today Mr. Fitch.

    Thank you.

    SS is not worth the powder to…….


    • Denise, you are so right. R.T. you are a dream for these horses and for us advocates. May your journeys be safe, and productive, and at the end, we can all enjoy our equines as they were always met to be – in loving and protective homes or out on the ranges with their families. And, may all those that push for the end of our horses see the devil soon — and end up with a more painful ending then what they are trying to get for our horses. Damn them. They deserve the most painful and excruiating death imaginable. And, I firmly believe, they will get their just rewards. Let’s hope it will be soon. Then we can enjoy our equines as they were meant to be– Loved, admired, taken care, and adored for all to see.


  16. Domestic Horse Slaughter = big money for $ue Wallis/Unified Equine, greater profit for Kill buyers, an even easier out for irresponsible people that keep the continuous slaughter queue in tact. I fear it will be far easier for our Wild Horses to find their way into the slaughter pipeline. It does not, nor will it ever equal less suffering. $ue’s all about “Show Me The Money”. I am a proud Missouri horse owner. We showed her the door once and we will show her the door again and again, each and every time she slither’s out the darkness.


    • This is really about sloppy corporate agriculture that is self regulated and anything goes. Their stooges are Doink and SS.

      Of course we could throw in the stupid backyard breeders (who can’t find the time to pay their utility bills or taxes and slither from one state to another state…could throw in animal abusers here) and the equine “industry” that want a seamless disposal system for their human stupidity with regard to equines.


    • Great job Jan…As a Delegate to the Arabian Horse Conventions and Regional
      meetings from Region 11, I was truly wondering about Missouri as just about all of the members
      from that area seemed to be supporting the slaughter. The AHA along with the AQHA voted to support slaughter not by a vote of the members, but a vote of the Directors representing the various regions in the country…Entirely unethical and unfair! They should have remained neutral.


      • Gail: We all know why the AQHA supports the slaughterhouses. It’s the only way they can justify the breeding of additional horses for their racing interests. But, I’m amazed and mad that the Arabian Horse association would justify this horrible end to the beautiful animals that we call Arabians. These people are just crazy. Both these organizations should be horse lovers not KILLERS, AND IT IS TERRIBLE TO HEAR where they stand on slaughtering of these beautiful animals. May they all get what they deserve when their time to come arrives. I can only hope that their end is more painful than what they seem to think is a fair ending to our beloved horses. They are SOBS in all instances.


    • Jan, thank you and all who showed SS the door. Too bad, it wasn’t also over a cliff. You, Missiouri residents are amazing, and the attorney that presented the rebuttal is a hero to us all. May we win over this evil individual and all her companions.


  17. I listened. Was so very, very impressed by RT, Wayne, Madeleine. Such class! Intelligence! Ability to pull up the accurate, *factual info and debate! I was sitting here at my computer, my heart bursting ❤ and tears behind my eyes with joy and pride. And tears for the horses, hearing again of their agony. Then along comes Sue. My stomach starts turning. At the end, my insides screaming {{{LIES}}}!!! I quickly wondered if someone would say: "LIES." ((((Thank YOU RT!!!))) There was no other word for the delusional, evil, grandiose, rants of Wallis. I knew before, but after this debate interview, Wallis is definitely certified WACO……Said it before, and will say again: S-O-C-I-O-P-A-T-H.


  18. Well done, RT, Madeleine, and Wayne! Made Slaughterhouse Sue skitter away like a cockroach when the light turns on. We must always remember that when Sue and Dave and the rest of the horse killers claim to speak for the “horse industry,” that we call them on those statements as a blatant lie. They do NOT speak for the horse industry – they speak for the horse MEAT industry. Real horsemen and women love their companion equines, and would never send them to be killed, butchered, and eaten.


  19. Love this quote from $ue’s blubbering……

    ” I think it is very telling, perhaps in the few brief moments that I have been on here, and I am not sure who you may have coming on sooner or later, but it appears to me that you have no one except perhaps, myself who is actually in the horse industry, no one that actually makes a living with horses”

    May not be exact but very very close to her words.

    I am glad that RT slammed her with the truth…RT has horses, Madeleine owned hundreds of race horses and now has several hundred in a sanctuary and $ue doesn’t even own a freaking horse ! ! ! ! But she claims to be “in the horse industry” ….perhaps?

    High Five RT Fitch….. You Rock ! !


  20. Great job you guys! Great, because you have the facts and truth on your side and your willingness to share it with the American people! Not for money, but for the welfare of our horses, domestic and wild. Wallis seems to put her foot in her mouth everytime she opens it up…one lie after another! Pathetic! Thank you RT, Madeleine and Wayne for taking the time to share your ideas and thoughts on this very important issue.


  21. Terrific interview. I’m amazed that people like Sue Wallis exist to represent the greed of United Horsemen and the Cattlemen’s Assoc.

    RT, I’m glad to hear that most of the world does not eat horse meat. Perhaps they will stop completely. Thank you RT and Madeleine for all the work you do.


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