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A Personal Thanksgiving Greeting/Threat from a BLM Wild Horse Helicopter Stampede Contractor

“In My Outraged Opinion” by R.T. Fitch ~ president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“RIGHT NOW, TODAY the Cattoors are having THEIR way with YOUR wild horses at the Adobe Town helicopter stampede with NO PUBLIC OBSERVATION…”

“Feel Good Sunday” is canceled for this day.  Sorry, I was planning on writing about what an uplifting and endearing experience Terry and I had on Black Friday riding our companion horses on Galveston Beach versus being tied up in a mall with a bunch of crazy people but that is going to have to wait for another day as the plight of our wild horses and the antics of the BLM pushed all that goodness and light off onto the back burner, as usual.

Instead, I will share with you some darkness that rode in on a broomstick from the cold, stark western skies and landed square in my inbox on Thanksgiving weekend with a stomach churning plop and covered with the smell of distant deceit; that, ladies and gentlemen, was a personal email from the grand dame of wild horse pain and suffering, the BLM hired gun for ripping away the freedom and destroying the families of our wild horses and burros, none other than the BLM helicopter contractor, Sue Cattoor.

Sue Cattoor speaking at Pryor Mt. 2009 Roundup while Ginger Kathrens films - Photo by R.T. Fitch

Sue Cattoor speaking at Pryor Mt. 2009 Roundup while Ginger Kathrens films – Photo by R.T. Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

I haven’t heard from Sue since around 2010 when she didn’t like what I had written on my blog so she hired an attorney to threaten me, my wife, my home, my horses and everything close to my heart.  That didn’t sit well with me and it didn’t sit well with some outstanding, nationally known, big city, Houston attorneys who came to my aide, pro bono, and blew Sue and her cronies off.

Click (HERE) to read Demand Letter

You see, Sue (yes, it is the same first name that Wallis carries, another glowing pair of horse hating eyes peering out from underneath yet another rock) likes to be talked about, she loves to see her name in print, she relishes the opportunity to admonish equine advocates on how they know so little about horses while she, her husband, (once brought up on charges for capturing and selling wild horses to slaughter), and her son, (video taped stomping a wild burro to death), are the only ones who know anything about wild horses AND they are helping those horses by chasing them all around the desert in their flying toys in all forms of weather and terrain.  BUT if anything is said that points to the truth and is contrary to their means of suckling millions of dollars from the BLM’s teats then the gloves come off, the claws come out and sanity flies out the window.

Click (HERE) to read Cattoor Indictment

We first met the ‘wicked witch of the west’ (that is in my humble opinion, of course) in Sept. of 2009 at the last helicopter harassment roundup of Cloud and the Pryor Mountain herd.  Ginger Kathrens took Sue’s grandchildren under her wing, one day, and talked about fossils and the history of the Pryors while Sue was allowed, by the BLM, to stand in front of the public and cameras to complain about all the “bad” things we were saying about her and her high dollar family on the internet.  ‘sniff, sniff’  She claimed we hurt her feelings, then she proceeded, with friends, to stand behind myself, my wife Terry, Ginger Kathrens, Makendra Silverman, Carol Walker and other advocates and heckle us as we watched and talked about the release of Clouds greatly reduced family band.  Her inane and rude babble was so offensive that I went to the BLM ranger who was watching over our dangerous band of female advocates and asked him to put a cork in his contractor’s mouth but he claimed that to do so would be to trample on her First Amendment rights.

Well how about OUR First Amendment rights, why is a BLM contractor, once again, allowed to make direct contact with a U.S. tax payer and tell them what they should and could write about!  Is there something wrong with this picture?  YES!

This individual is taking our tax dollars, against our will and then has the gall and audacity to tell me what I can and cannot write on my blog?  Hell No!

RIGHT NOW, TODAY the Cattoors are having THEIR way with YOUR wild horses at the Adobe Town helicopter stampede with NO PUBLIC OBSERVATION.  They assaulted the horses, yesterday, with no one allowed to view and they are doing it again, TODAY.  Is that right?  HELL NO!

Are they going to stop at destroying the lives of 700 horses as promised or will they take more because they are paid on a ‘per horse’ basis by the BLM?  You will not know because we were not allowed to witness.  And what are the odds that the roundup will conclude today with no one around to verify, REAL GOOD, because there was no public observation.

And Sue Cattoor writes to me about truth and clarity; give me a break and gag me with a spoon…now I have heard and seen everything and that is a lot to say at my ripe and venerable age.

It’s wrong, it is all wrong, it is so wrong I can smell it all the way out here in Texas.  We will not go silently into the night nor will we be absent to witness the conclusion and cleanup of this debacle.

Although not verified I will bet my bottom dollar that the Cloud Foundation will be out to Adobe Town tomorrow and I can assure you that we, Wild Horse Freedom Federation, will be there in one way, shape, manner or form, too…we do not plan to rollover, sit or beg to the whims of a contractor who has made millions on the sacrifice of the freedom and lives of America’s western icons, the wild horses and burros.

Below is my inappropriate holiday love letter from Sue and below that is my response and below even that are some cool and interesting links to the history of Sue Cattoor…nothing is edited for the sake of evidence for potential litigation but I must say just one more time as I take a very deep breath, HOW DARE SHE!

(You poked the sleeping dragon, Sue…not good!)

Subject: Telling only the truth
Date: November 29, 2013 6:29:20 PM CST

Hi RT,  I happened to listen to you and Ginger and I beleive Debbie on the radio the other night.  I heard you state that you people as advocates need to be sure and check all the facts and to be sure you are telling just the truth.  You were referring to the hide that was left in the dumster in Delta.  So I am asking you to remove one statement from your latest blog attacking this Wyoming gather we are doing.  You state this gather was put off until now because the contractor was not available sooner.  That is not so.  We have not done any work for the BLM since August.  We would have much rather done the gather in September or October.  It is my understanding that the gather had been put off because there was no space for the wild horses.  So the Rock Springs Grazing Association was threatening to file contempt of court charges against the BLM.  They had no choice but to quickly find some space, bring in a contractor (that happened to be Cattoor Livestock Roundup) and get the gather started.  That is why no one (not even our company) had any advance notice.  So please remove that statement from your blog and inform your readers that scheduling a contractor was not why the gather is being done at this time.  Thank you,  Sue Cattoor

From: R.T. Fitch <>” <>
Sent: Saturday, November 30, 2013 1:36 PM
Subject: Fw: Fwd: Telling only the truth

Well Sue, it’s so nice of you to think of me over the Thanksgiving weekend, the best to you and yours, too.

The answer to your demand is NO!

TCF issued the original release and if you read carefully it uses the word “appears” which I have gone back and accented on the blog post so you can’t miss it…and by the way, you have about 500 other blogs, newspapers and magazines to contact to change that one word as the release went viral.  (You even got some free publicity in all of that, you should be excited.)

I am admittedly pleased that you chose to single me out.  For that I am very thankful and feel so very, very special but your bullying and stomping on the first amendment could be construed as harassment by some; not by me, I only find it entertaining.

Please feel free to log onto the blog and comment yourself, I guarantee that if you don’t cuss and use spell-check your comment will get through.

Remember, less is more!


Click (HERE) to preview the Cattoor Family Legacy on WHFF

Etc. Etc. Etc…it goes on and on…

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  1. You said it all RT , Bravo !!! would like to add 1 Thing, her letter is the rantings of a greed filled moron, who has no common regard for the lives of the horses she terrorizes…. … !!!! again how dare she !!!!!! she is another who i am quite sure has a special place in hell reserved just for her …………………


    • Right on Arlene!… I am guessing they could be Aetheist and or Sociopaths …………Wild Horses are God’s Creatures and this is an
      A special place in HELL for the Cattoors “ah yes”……


      • Dear Robyn, sure would like to witness some of that Hell for them Right here on Earth, tired of this murdering bunch of evil people !!!!!!


      • I hope they aren’t Atheists, as I would find that very embarrassing. A contractor that can do what they have done during the many roundups must be a sadist and have no respect for the wild species with which we share the earth when they can stand by and see mares separated from foals, stallions desperately trying to get to their mares to protect them, or risking their lives to break free, If this contractor really knew horses, they wouldn’t use helicopters driving the horses in terror at breakneck speeds–they would use humane roundup methods on horseback.

        Yet behind all of this is the BLM that should make removal a last option for herd management, reduce the welfare cattle leases so the horses that belong on the land can stay there, and instead of rescues having to go to kill auctions to keep wild horses for slaughter, contract with the rescues to assist with herd management and help them buy lands to move the warehoused horses to. Imagine what the rescues could do with $65 million to keep the horses safe, free, and out of the hands of kill buyers.


  2. Sue: Pad the cross bars!!! And do everything else to make these horses (protected by Americans) feel spoiled and pampered. These are not your ranch horses, you know. And their end will not be slaughter, like your ranch horses. Don’t push the babies and pregnant mares and elders past their abilities. These aren’t your ranch horses. There are laws in WY against overdriving and negligent endangerment – even extending to your own ranch horses as well as OUR protected wild horses. Try to keep the horses safe, reduce the sweat evidence and breath rates – do what you can to keep the horses alive as you destroy our peace of mind. And pray tell, just where did BLM “make room somewhere”.


  3. So the BLM had to “make room somewhere” or they had no place to PUT these horses? How about leaving them where they belong? RT, keep bringing the wrongdoers & their actions into the public eye! This is what is going to bring them down at some point. Hopefully, it will happen BEFORE they manage to eradicate the wild horses & burros. Anyone making millions (& I’m sure that is the correct amount) from chasing down horses & burros & trucking them away (to where?) needs to face the wrath of the public – the people who OWN the public lands. Not the horses & burros – they are their own beings.


  4. Well, said my friend. She has nerve, and I would love to see her son prosecuted for cruelly killing that burro. There were witnesses to this atrocity, and many of the other atrocities this family of trolls have committed. These are our wild horses and burros, and we have a right to know how they are being treated and where they are being sent. No witches brew will save her from the hatred she has created toward herself and her family. So, if she wants to have people stop discussing their neanderthal family then they all need to walk away from round ups and get a gag on Sue.


  5. Or better Yet tell her to quit reading the blog! I am So sick of Im gonna scream if I dont get my way…….these people need to grow up. Oh wait killing animals makes them powerful….whew I forgot for minute……


    • When you start to terrorize innocent Mustangs and Burros for personal gain , you have a HUGE Mental Problem !!! especially when your kid stomps a innocent Burro to death , you need help Big Time !!!!!! Sorry I have no sympathy for that !!!!!


      • Terry;

        My Terry did pull up the original rough draft from an email. I don’t believe that it was changed much prior to be issued:

        Dear Mr. Quesenberry

        Our client, R.T. Fitch, has ask us to respond to your letter of February 23, 2010 regarding the Cattoor Livestock Roundup.

        The four demands articulated in your letter on behalf of the Cattoor’s are rejected.

        R.T. Fitch’s reporting of the facts is accurate and the opinions drawn from the facts are reasonable. Thus, no articles will be removed. Moreover, R.T. Fitch will continue to report and publish the same truthful, accurate assessments of your client’s government sponsored activities as long as those activities take place. Reporting and commentary on tax payer sponsored activities is in the highest traditions of a free citizenry in a free country and is constitutionally protected.

        You and your client are probably unaware that R.T. Fitch personally witnessed the Cattoor Roundup. He was present to see with his own eyes what transpired with the horses. He also was present and heard telling commentary by your client.

        R.T. Fitch also knows that he accurately reported the observations he made of the Cattoor Roundup because his observations perfectly coincide with the facts reported by other observers present at the Roundup. As you and your client well know, these other observers have also published their factual observations on the web and in different magazines along with pictures documenting the Cattoor activities and the resulting trauma.

        Legal threats by your client will not change the facts observed and documented by so many.

        yours very truly


  6. Thank you RT for standing up not only for horses but for our first amendment rights ! This tactic of threatening to sue someone for expressing their constitutional right is a bluff that needs to be called at every opportunity ! Most states now have some specific law designed to protect rights of free speech against corporations or federal agencies who try to intimidate citizens with harassing lawsuits, generally referred to as SLAPP lawsuits (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) in speaking out against governmental decisions, including brutal BLM roundups in freezing weather !


  7. Again, as usual’ thank you rt for keeping your horse warriors updated. As a midwesterner, I wish so many times I was closer to the west. Evil however knows no bounds. These
    people certainly do have places waiting for them in hell as well as many of the politicians in Washington, DC. One cannot say that the devil and his advocates are not alive and well. In revelation 19:14 god promised us paradise and a place without refers to horses in heaven. How long can the cruelty and death go on? The sickening thing is that our tax dollars are paying for this. I only wish I had the money to fly everyone to dc. Horses are one of the animals closet to god. But we must never ever give up the fight. I will be going to my us house reps office tomorrow to protest all of these activities. May god please all of the horse warriors out there on this Sunday.

    ey t

    well many of the politicians in DC.


  8. This roundup is nothing short of cruel and inhumane. If Sue (and all the others) would take one minute to focus on something other than greed, the horses and burros might have a chance. However, Sue and her ilk are only part of the problem. Big Oil/Fracking industry is raping the land and the horses are in the way. Thank you RT for standing your ground. Our strength is in our numbers.

    Message to Sue: You can run but you can’t hide from the Interwebs. True colors shine though. We’re all connected now through blogs and social so brace yourself. All the threatening letters you/your counsel send are only a testament to your true nature. Consider coming over to our side and rethink how you might have a positive impact on these beautiful creatures. Do you really want your legacy to be about cruelty and harm?


  9. Thank you RT, I read and watch every thing i can on this subject. Thank you for putting it all on the line. There’s no other way but to put our entire being into it. I have giving up my life , life style all to help in the fight against the slaughter of these animals. Padding the truth from the public is old already, I can read between the lies and lines! Whether (She) is contracted or not WE have a moral Duty to protect these animals. It always seems to come down to greed and money . Thanks for shinning the light. I too will continue to stand up and be heard what ever the cost.


  10. Bull! What constitutes a ‘threat’ that: “Rock Springs Grazing Association was threatening to file contempt of court charges against the BLM”? Perhaps a look at their grazing permits is in order too. Does not justify roundups so privately owned cattle can graze public land at such outlandish ratios….


    • so if the Grazing Association threatens suit they get immediate action? Why is it that threats, and actual suits, filed by advocates do not get the same respect. With our suits they just step up the timeline or begin an unannounced roundup elsewhere. Equality?


      • The Rock Springs Grazing Association has BIG money (and I think a lobbyist at least on the national association level) and I read yesterday that they have allocated to them the largest animal unit months (AUM’s) in the United States – i.e. the largest collaborative of welfare ranchers.


  11. So … if Cattoor has not done any capturing of our wild horses and burros since August, why did we tax-payers pay them $1,300,000 in the last six months IN ADDITION to the Adobe/Salt Wells and Seaman and Blue Wing and Tonapah and Owyhee and Swasey and North Lander and Burns/Miller and Diamond and McCullough 2013 capture payments?
    Go to advanced search Cattoor Livestock and see for yourself.

    IDVPIID/PIID/MOD: INL10PC00593 / INL13PD01429 / 0
    475 S 200 W, NEPHI, Utah
    Program Source: 14-1109
    Department/Agency: Department of Interior: Bureau of Land Management
    Signed Date: 09-16-2013
    Obligation Amount:

    PIID/MOD: INF10PX76936 / 10
    475 S 200 W, NEPHI, Utah
    Reason for Modification: EXERCISE AN OPTION
    Program Source: 14-1611
    Department/Agency: Department of Interior: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    Description: HELICOPTER GATHER
    Signed Date: 06-18-2013
    Obligation Amount:

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  12. Wow. Please R.T. continue to “hurt” her feelings. Woman has no class. I read the indictment of Dave Cattoor It was pretty much a statement that gave them permission to carry on, but don’t get caught in the future. I am so glad your attorneys kicked their collective asses. If Sue Cattoor and her family don’t like being vilified then stop doing vile things. Let her crawl back under the rock she’s been hiding under. Her violin doth screech. What a piece of work. Pass this along to her if you like. I’ll be one of the troops on high ground covering you.


  13. I’m puzzled how it could be that the BLM had to “quickly” respond to a (real?) threat by RSGA and “call in a contractor” which happened to be Cattoors… aren’t these contracts let far in advance and awarded as Grandma Gregg shows us? We know the Consent decree here was signed in April, 2013, so the contract had to have been awarded sometime between then and now. Surely Cattoors were awarded this much earlier and were awaiting the “go ahead” from the BLM. It’s perhaps what Sue meant to write here but as written it sounds much more haphazard, which is disingenuous.

    I looked multiple times last night on the BLM site which had no information published about what happened yesterday, and to date, no current photos of what is going on in WY, not even at the holding pens near Rock Springs. Nor is there much other than a tally of numbers of horses shipped to Canon City… so much for keeping the public informed.


  14. PS all, this is the first I’ve heard of the burro being stomped to death, so I went searching for the video mentioned. I can’t find it… does anyone have a link? I’d like to understand the circumstances and consequences (if any). Thanks.


  15. Am I understanding this correctly..The Cattoor Contracting Co. Plead Guilty To Conspiracy to Sell Mustangs they Rounded up directly to Slaughter..And The BLM Continues to use them?


  16. so please tell me where are these horses really going once these people (animals in my book) round them up?? are they going to BLM holding facilities like Palomino Valley Center in Reno? where the care of these horses are inhumane. No shade or shelter, hoof care is non existent or are they going to Fallon Livestock Auction Fallon Nevada to be sold to kill buyers to go to Canada or Mexico?? Have we forgotten about this?? Those beautiful horses at Palomino Valley are in an overcrowded facility. The so called “care” is throwing hay down on the ground for them. In the summer they were baking in the sun. Now that winter is here, yes only in the 40’s and going down to the teens and 20’s at night, where is some kind of protection from the elements. There is NONE….BLM promised updates on thier care…there are none….questions that need answers….


  17. Icy – I believe the photo(s) and additional story and information have been pulled from the internet and no longer available to the public – too bad! The truth hurts but needs to be told. Here is what is still available (below)- GG

    “American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign was able to obtain a single photo slipped through by a concerned citizen revealing yet another accounting of brutal round up practices in their shocking expose, “Death of a Mojave Burro”. Here, an eyewitness exposed how yet another lone burro was run for miles via helicopter until it collapsed. If this weren’t enough, contractors then proceeded to jump up and down on the helpless burros rib cage and belly, grabbed its ears and repeatedly slammed its head into the ground until, finally satisfied, walked away to leave the burro to die a long and agonizing death. Click Here to learn more.”

    Then go to this link and read the comment from War Horse with more of the story (about half way down – February 26, 2011 at 10:52 PM)


    • GG, I guess I need to say thanks but this is disturbing on many levels, not least being why the video has disappeared, and why Troy Cattoor didn’t face charges if the descriptions are true. Free from capture, branding, harassment or death… my ass.


  18. Nancy-

    Re: Where
    For those horses that actually make it from the capture sites to the BLM holding facility [Rock Springs, Wy], you can file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and ask for their ID#s (brand) and other information on each one and where they were processed and how many died and their current location and current status etc. and then do this every six months and thus “follow them”. That is how I found out that 88 of our Twin Peaks Wild Horses and Burros were sold to “Colorado” (Tom Davis). Actually every one of our wild horses and burros need to be followed this way.

    Re: Shelter:
    From Debbie Collins (BLM) last week:
    Per UC Davis, BLM goes out every hour from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. to record the number of horses or hooves in the shade, at the feeder, at the water, or in the open. In the pens with the 2 lean-to styles, we are also recording if they are standing in the unshaded corner (corner opposite from the structures). UC Davis has inquired about doing a more formal study next summer when the temperatures will play a larger factor and the data they collect could then be analyzed and published.
    Debbie Collins
    BLM National Wild Horse & Burro Program
    Marketing and National Information Center


    • GG, I was thinking this afternoon about where the horses moved from Rock Springs holding were taken to make room for these new captives. I live in Colorado and slowly realized that if they were shipped from RS to Canon City, they probably took I-80 east then I-25 south… which happens to go right by the sale barn north of Denver. It’s right on the edge of I-25.
      Is there any way to check to see if those horses made it to Canon City or not?


      • Icy-
        There is not an easy answer to your question. I would first do some background reading on how the FOIA system works – it will save you a multitude of headaches as you try to get the information. Here are two good places to start:

        You might also just call the CC and/or RS holding facilities and ask them – nothing ventured nothing gained – but take notes and write down who you talked to and the date and time you talked to them and the basics of what they told you.

        Then using the sample letter from the above link, write your letter being specific about what data you wish – especially a date range etc. Then re-read your request a few times to be sure it makes sense to someone in an office that will not be familiar with the situation. Be clear. Most brief requests are free (see links) but don’t expect them to just send you what you want in a few days – it does not work that way so you must be patient and consistent.

        You will also want to know that per BLM facility reports:
        November RS 635 CC 2551
        October RS 668 CC 2577
        August RS 685 CC 2489
        (The above appears that one trailer load was hauled out of RS between Oct and Nov)

        Click to access Facility%20Reports%2010-10%20-%201-13.pdf

        Let us know what you find out and good luck.


      • GG, thanks yet again. I am buried with the end-of-semester crunch but will dig in late next week on the FOIA information.


  19. This woman is a disgrace to all women…shame on her for her lack of compassion and feeling for another living being….women like this are few and far between thankfully. Another is Sue Wallis of Wyoming, a disgusting excuse for a female or even a human. How people can be so stupid as to vote her in to office is beyond me…


  20. RT – what a difference between the letter from Cattoors attorneys and the reply from yours! Their attorney sounds much like Mr. Dunn (Valley Meats) – yours certainly sound like practicing attorneys.
    Why was Cattoor only fined $510.00 for rounding up & killing horses???? Apparently the penalty wasn’t very (at all) harsh in the 90s. Not that its more so now. What have these people “got” on the authorities – or BLM? Makes you wonder.


  21. Hi I do not believe everything is black or white after talking to BLM I was told they HAD been Court Ordered to get these horses due to them being on private property! is this what they called the checkerboard round up? I would like to know more and why anyone should be allowed to STOP any Wild animal from entering “THEIR” private property. We do not stop deer or turkeys or what other wild game comes in so why is wrong for Wild horses or Bison to? Please help me understand where and why/thanks


  22. Twin Peaks roundup

    September 5, 2010
    The New York Times covered the Twin Peaks roundup with a story and an informative video. The video contains an interesting exchange between BLM helicopter contractor Dave Cattoor and one of his wranglers. They are discussing strategy to prevent public observers from getting photos of horses injured in the roundups.
    Video and partial transcript below.
    D.Cattoor: If something happens, we’re going to correct it quickly –
    Wrangler: Okay.
    D.Cattoor: — just like we talked about. If it’s a broken leg, we’re going to put it down.
    Wrangler: Okay.
    D.Cattoor: Slide it on the trailer, same thing, and go to town with it.
    Wrangler: Okay. D.Cattoor: We’re not going to give them that one shot they want.
    Wrangler: Okay. You got it.”


  23. Thanks for giving us the dirty details. We know they make millions every year as BLM Helicopter Contractors which is despicable. The public should be outraged at their heinous and corrupt greedy behaviors and total disregard for the well being of the mustangs…


  24. Thank you, Grandma Gregg, for posting the link.

    Then go to this link and read the comment from War Horse with more of the story (about half way down – February 26, 2011 at 10:52 PM)

    Subject: Mojave notes
    Conversation with Bobbi Parker 10/11/05, re Mojave burro gather 9-10/05.
    1. The Catour wranglers would drag the burros to the area near the trailer, knock them to the ground and tie their legs together. Then they would drag the burro by a rope around the neck, choking it, to the trailer. One wrangler pulled the burro up by the ears and the other pulled it by the rope run through the trailer bars. The burros were then flipped up onto the trailer.
    2. They ran one big jack hard with the helicopter and then by the wranglers on horseback, until it dropped with the wranglers ropes around it neck. The horses, obviously, run much faster then a burro. The burro was all lathered up from being run so hard and appeared to be choking from the rope around the neck. Troy Cattoor, son of the owner, picked up the burros head and threw it down hard on the ground. Cattoor then started to jump with both feet on the burros chest. He did this 6 or 7 times. Cattoor was estimated to weight between 180 and 200 pounds. Sometime afterwards blood was seen coming out of the burros nose and mouth. This is caught on still photos and video. It finally died!!
    3. Parker has been around animals all his life and worked on ranches. He stated that he was shocked at the malicious and brutal way that the animals were handled by Cattoor and NPS. He never saw anything remotely close to this viciousness.
    4. He saw two babies in the pens and two more were photographed being gathered. Given 23 jenny’s were gathered there had to be much more then 4 babies. Only two finally showed up at BLM in Ridgecrest. Clearly NPS/Cattoor killed a significant number of babies.
    My personal observation at a Mojave gather in November 2004, run by NPS and Cattoor. The gather was done by helicopter and then when the burros were down out of the hills wranglers would rope them and take them to the trailer. The technique to get the burros into the trailer was to run the rope through the front bars of the trailer and ram the burro’s legs into the back end of the trailer and flip it up into the trailer. There was a HIGH PROBABILITY that the burros would break legs or be injured. I suggested hooking a ramp to the trailer so the burros could simply be walked up; [as you would with any animal being lead into a stock trailer] they were not interested in bothering or backing the trailer up to a berm. The rear of the trailer was about 20+” off the ground.
    One of the wranglers, I believe Troy Cattoor, would follow this procedure, but instead of stopping when the burro was in the trailer he would keep running his horse until he smashed the burros head into the bars at the front of the trailer section. I had words with him and told him to stop what he was doing, which he did while I was there. I felt that this was a sick individual and would do it again when I wasn’t there. The NPS personnel did nothing to protect the well being of the burros, they just didn’t care. The Cattoors are vocal about their disdain of the wild burros and horses, especially the burros.
    Barry Breslow


    • First, Louie C, thank you for posting this and, then, I have to say, that these SOBs need to be punished. The sign on my barn says “Burro Hollow”; a gift made for me by my neighbor because I have five Burros and I love them like my children. They are sweet, loving, comical, and adorable. Why would anyone want to kill or to torture a Burro? Or a Wild Horse? What is wrong with these people? I doubt that greed came first. Horse and Burro hatred has to have come first and the greed must have followed.

      I am going to suggest we start to send the light of protection to each other and to the wild ones. It is IMHO of benefit to send that energy to our enemies as well as it turns their evil back upon them. We need metaphysical work for our protection and the protection of our WH&Bs, and we need litigation for their punishment started immediately.

      I want to add that I am not loosing it. I have been investigating the use of pink love and light for protection for decades and it works. The more people that send it the stronger it is. And if you are a skeptic, what do you have to lose unless of course you are an evil skeptic?


      • Dear Elaine, we have tried many things to save the Mustangs , I would even try a voo doo doll if I thought it would work !!!!! Sorry i dont mean to down grade your idea, just saying !!!! i have always believed in metaphysical things , it definitely deserves a try , the power of thought amongst many is very powerful, providing that they are innocent thoughts , i cant think of one thing more innocent then our horses and burros……… the Evil and greed that surrounds them is astounding !!!! Why anything so absolutely so beautiful and so perfect in everyway attract such deceitful evil greedfilled people ???? it has to be jealousy……. a green eyed monster of monsters………



    Also objecting to the consent decree was Lloyd Eisenhauer, a former BLM manager in the Rock Springs and Rawlins areas. Eisenhauer submitted a declaration for the intervenors stating the following with regard to the BLM’s plans to zero out the Great Divide Basin and Salt Wells herds:

    “The BLM has no biological or ecological basis for zeroing out a herd of wild horses in an HMA that existed at the time the wild horse statute was passed in 1971 . . . [B]ecause the wild horses have a statutory right to be there, whereas livestock only have a privilege that can be revoked at any time by BLM, there also is no authority or precedent, to my knowledge, for the agency to zero out these two longstanding wild horse herds simply to appease private livestock grazers.”

    Eisenhauer also called the BLM’s plan to convert the White Mountain wild horse population to non-reproducing a “slow motion zeroing out of this HMA” that is “inconsistent with any wild horse management approach I am familiar with that BLM has implemented on public lands.”


    • Question ???? If the Body condition of the horses gathered was 3.0 to 5.0 did the BLM make efforts to drop some provisions for the Mustangs??????????


  26. Where in the hell is the justice, for our innocent wild horses and the American people who are made to finance such horrendous and desplcable actions?! This is not right and they know it, while our poor horses suffer so needlessly. My heart is broken for the many that have had to endure the horrible roundups and are made to live under such inhumane and harsh conditions. How can any civilized country or society condone or allow this?! Thank you RT for sharing….we sincerely appreciate your up-dates and your strong support for our equines.


  27. I must be a stupid simpleton as I cannot understand how a corrupt government agency can openly defy the law, cater to a vicious and corrupt contractor, continue to illegally, violently and brutally round up horses in what is openly animal cruelty, violate First Amendment rights, and ship publicly owned Wild Horses and Burros illegally to slaughter.

    Please can we start a fund to hire attorneys to sue the US government? And don’t tell me there are no grounds because there are.

    I cannot believe that there are no horse-loving representatives and senators who are as pissed off as we are. There has to be a way to stop this. I am contacting my representative and senators tomorrow all of whom are co-sponsors of the SAFE ACT and live in CA where we have a state SAFE ACT. If they don’t listen, I will badger them to death and I hope you will do the same particularly wherever you have reps sympathetic to our WH&Bs, and I would venture that if they have co-sponsored the SAFE ACT they are sympathetic. Between the two houses that would be about just under 200 or so.

    Passing the SAFE ACT will at the minimum stop the slaughter of the WH&Bs. It has been my priority in spite of the wrenching heartbreak of the round ups.

    I am so glad I never saw the video of the Burro as the urge to kill would have overcome me. I am really surprised that one of us hasn’t gone off the deep end and killed some of these bastards. And frankly, that may be why they get away with this. Personally, I am close to an emotional breakdown and find it impossible to watch any videos of round ups or slaughter. But I sure as Hell am ready to donate, to email, to telephone and to do whatever I can as my health and my sanity depends on stopping this.


  28. The Cattoor’s have a vested interest in this wild horse round up business. Indeed, it is their CASH COW. Take a look at this watch dog federal spending website to see how the BLM doles out our tax money, without competitive bids, to this and other contractors. Over $1 million to the Cattoor’s alone in 2012. No wonder Sue Cattoor defends their operation. Her comment about the “15 mile chase” pace being set by the horses is laughable if it wasn’t so terrorizing and cruel for the wild horses. Horses are flight animals and if you chase them relentlessly with a noisy air bird, they will run until they die to escape it. The BLM is the perpetrator of all this horror for the wild horses. They condone the Cattoor’s practices and have sought to protect them and their cruel techniques by banning the public from viewing the atrocious acts of a combination of stupidity, lack of horsemanship knowledge and downright cruelty. They are paid handsomely, in fact, this is their main livelihood and they will fight tooth and nail to keep their CASH COW. We, horse warriors, must get to the heart of the matter by cutting off the funding and changing wild horse control methods. But, of course, that means getting the government to listen to the NAS report that suggested far better alternatives, that means releasing the 50,000 wild horses and burros in BLM Hell holding facilities, and cutting out the corporate owned interests in mining, oil and gas frackers and of course, all those welfare cattle ranchers.


  29. I think we need a million horse march on D.C. Probably really hard to organize with actual horses. Permits, staging area and so on. So how about we go with pics of our horses, wild and tame, picket sign size, focusing on the BLM and their corruption. I don’t know what else to do besides sneaking out to a holding facility in the middle of the night……..


    • At this point , it sounds good to me , right now after hearing what the Catoors evil minded son did to the Little Burro . i have no sympathy for these Evil Morons that belong locked up……… What darn part of when an individual harms an animal in this way, they are an evil threat to every human being !!!!!!!!!


      • Its how serial killers got started. Killing innocent animals. We haveenough problems without having people like This rpundong up Mustangs……But once again, thank you to the Cattoors for shedding light Directly on whats wrong in the world today. I hope the SAFE ACT passes…..then the sucking on government tax udders will be over!


  30. Well thank You to the lowly Catoors because they once again only gained publicity to the plight of these horses, proven advocates know More than realize, thanks Grandma Gregg for exposing that financial detail, and really all they have done is make us more grateful for RT and All Avocates. Yes its sad to realize what type of people begat animal abuse upon their children to repeat at a public level. Keep in mind that this only is fueled by who has the most money. If they continue to threaten suits then we have the Right in turn to sue these types of emotional and harrassing detrimental people. If you were not hitting the nerve or standing on their financial horse blood money vein there wouldnt be an issue. But America is saying No More and they cannot accept it. They are still tapping the good ole boy syndrome and the larger wallet wins. Let me assist, there are advocates who have More money and Weight and we need forvthem to step in. The only reason they are attacking HSUS is because they hoped to affect their wallet thus preventing their participation. HSUS never got beat up this bad or RT probably never got cease and letters before at this rate for anything. There is a Nation Wide campaign not against animal abuse in horses but for it, were fighting the strangest, darkest battle of our lives and these folks r living in the past where good ole boys always win. We need to expose that good ole boys doesnt apply to the general public, meaning most people govto jail for this, but for the select elite few they get a free pass amd keeo the money. The public should be outraged at these types, but they do not realize good ol boys is for a select few. I think we need to focus on driving them to court, sue their asses off and get Our TaxDollars back so we can use the money to Save these animals!



    The settlement stems from a lawsuit filed in 2011 by the Rock Springs Grazing Association, a group of ranchers who run cattle on a vast area of southwest Wyoming known as the Checkerboard. The area is a mix of public and private land that dates to federal land grants for the Continental Railroad.

    The association’s president, John Hay, of Rock Springs, declined to comment Thursday.



    Legal Journalist Andrew Cohen Joins Brennan Center as New Fellow
    New York, NY – The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law is pleased to welcome as a new Fellow Andrew Cohen, a Murrow Award-winning journalist and one of the nation’s leading legal analysts.
    Government & Court Reform

    American government is consumed by hyper partisanship and paralysis. Key realms, such as the courts, increasingly are at risk of domination by special interest money. How can we make our systems of government work better? And how can we ensure they honor our fundamental national values, by working well for all Americans?

    The Brennan Center is committed to finding innovative reforms to revitalize the often ramshackle systems of democracy and justice. We support fair and impartial courts to promote equal justice and the rule of law. We fight to end government dysfunction and gridlock by curbing filibuster abuse and advocating an effective U.S. Congress. And we champion a transparent, nonpartisan redistricting process that provides fair and meaningful representation.


  33. When will this He)) end for the wild horses and burros? When will the American people say ENOUGH. We vote, we educate and yet the government continues to waste the tax payers dollars and kill our heritage. Makes me sick. Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, Washington State.




    • I’m right there with you Judith. We just need to get together and get ourselves organized and present a united front. Every decent American would be OUTRAGED to know the atrocities that are being done to the horses. I believe someone in the BLM is getting a cut of the Catoor’s payment. And it has to be crooked way up the line. The BLM need to have their feet held to the fire and either totally reorganized and purged or disbanded altogether and people like the Catoor’s need to be punished as well…and we need to do something NOW. The longer we wait the more horses suffer.


  35. And it is now 2018 going on 2019. The Cattoors are still relishing their hefty government contracts, and still wallowing neck deep in the blood money laughing all the way to even bigger bank.

    It is time for accountability. They cannot be allowed to continue! There needs to be a MAJOR class-action filed against their whole bloody Enterprise! Is there no one capable of this??? They need to be taken OUT!!!

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