Help save the Heber wild horses in Arizona

We’re sharing some comments regarding the Heber wild horses suggested on Arizona advocate Jill Irvin’s Terra Wind Ranch facebook page.


The Heber Allotment Environmental Assessment is out and comments are due THIS FRIDAY.

“Heber Grazing Allotment Analysis #43442 Public Comment”
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Some talking points:

1) The NO grazing alternative is the least expensive.

The document requests structural and nonstructural improvements totaling over $4 million dollars and does not indicate a specific funding source. The document states, ““Projects such as these have the potential to be multi-financed between several partners, such as AZGFD, wildlife groups, permittee, and the Forest Service.” We can assume that taxpayers will be responsible for all if not most of the costs unless they tell us otherwise.

2) The NO grazing alternative has the greatest potential to stimulate the economy and increase tax revenues.

According to the latest census data regarding the Heber/Overgaard area (courtesy of the Arizona State Department of Commerce), the greatest revenues to the area are a result of tourism, retirement, government, schools, retail and construction. The no grazing alternative would increase the scenic value of the area and has the potential to increase tourist revenue.

3) The NO grazing alternative would provide the best environmental benefits.

The document states that the greatest opportunity for habitat improvement for many plant and wildlife species is the no grazing alternative and would result in improved soil stability and less stream turbidity. The EA also states the “primary benefit of this alternative is that recovery of soils, watershed and riparian conditions would occur.”

If you want to mention the horses …

The EA impacts almost half of the Heber Wild Horse Territory, but does not specifically discuss the potential impact from grazing under the new proposal to the wild horses this territory was created to protect.

The Heber Wild Horse Territory was created approximately 42 years ago, yet the Forest Service has never developed a territory management plan to protect the wild horses.  In many of the Forest Service documents and proposals written over the years any potential impact to the wild horses is not even discussed.  Larry Gibson, who currently manages the cattle owned by Seibert Cattle Company, has publicly stated that he wants every one of the wild horses removed, whether by adoption, euthanasia or slaughter.  He is not willing to share the forest with the wild horses.  Federal law mandates that the horses must remain in the territory, but Seibert Cattle Company can graze their cattle anywhere that grazing is allowed in the entire country.…/heber-wild-horses-legendary-or-problematic

(I encourage you to click on the link above and read the transcript of the 4 minute radio story as well as the comments below the interview.)

Thanks so much for your help preserving the freedom of the magnificent Heber Wild Horses. They are so worth the fight. Once these amazing wild horses are gone, they will be gone forever. We cannot let that happen.


  1. EA Page 3 “The allotment has been identified as suitable for livestock grazing in the ASNFs Forest Plan and is currently authorized for 5430 Animal Unit Months (AUMs)”
    EA Page 10 “The proposal would include authorization of a range of AUMs with a maximum of 7,600”.

    The ASNF Forest Plan authorizes 5430 AUMs and yet if signed, the proposal would go outside the Forest Plan to authorize an additional 2170 AUMS?

    This proposal to add additional AUMs goes against the rules and regulations set by their own Forest Plan and I would like to know the name and title of the person within the USFS/ASNF who believes they are above the law and is promoting unauthorized illegal AUMs?

    I require the American public be provided not only the person’s name and title but also what “benefits” this person will be provided if the EA is signed and the additional AUMS provided to the private/corporate permittee?

    It appears this is a deliberate proposal in favor of the private/corporate domestic livestock producer? I have found no other reasoning for this plan. None.


  2. Please have a heart and save the wild horses,When people come out west they love to see the wild horses,They were here first.The rancher have there on land,That public land belongs to all Americans,Not to just the ranchers.Cattle an sheep our hard on the land,This I know for a fact.So please save the wild horses,There isn’t that many left anymore !!!


  3. WE the American people want the mustangs to stay free, they are on their land and have a right to be there. WE the people want to come west and see them natural roaming free doing their thing. They helped to build the west, plow the fields, ride us here and there and went to war and died beside our men, They have a right to be there for us and for them.


  4. It is time the BLM does there job protecting wild horses not cows who are the true envasive species as it is true wild horses are native if you really are educated you would understand this fact! Further more the cattle are land Rape er’s not the horses who travel 15 to 20 miles per day reseeding vegetation not destroying it like the cows that wallow and muck up the water and streams!the ranchers are totally greedy! Only thinking of themselves . Plus the fact that horses made America what it is today! We wouldn’t be where we are without them! They will cull themselves! No need for eradication of horses it’s the stinking cattle that outnumber horses by 50 to 1 and do not deserve to be out there destroying the land! Theresa thissen


  5. We as Americans need to support our wild horse and give them the land they roam on freely and without harassment by BLM and the cattle people. This whole issue is about giving the land to the cattle but cattle didn’t help the frontier in riding the plains and being transportation during the Frontier. Please do not slaughter, euthanize or capture for adoption- Let the wild horses stay where they have earned their right to be. Cattle and sheep eat the grass to the root but horses eat and move along. I know I have been around them for many years.


  6. Please save our wild horses. Let them have their freedom. Preserving our heritage is more important than hamburgers. Please do the humane thing and protect them.


  7. Cattle Ranchers think they own the land so it makes them feel like they can kill all wildlife when its the cattle ranchers who should be removed from the land. All wildlife lived hear first. The wild horse let them be free.


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