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Argentina horse trainer, Paul Frassa, savagely beats horse under the guise of “training”

SOURCE: story by Kara O’Neill

Shocking video shows cruel animal trainer beating exhausted horse with a whip

WARNING: Distressing video content. The man is seen striking the horse several times before it appears to fall to the floor in exhaustion

A distressing video has sparked outrage online after appearing to show a man brutally beating a horse during a cruel training regime.

The horrifying clip has ignited heated debate on social media sites in Argentina after it emerged online on June 5.

In the video, which runs for just over three minutes, a man, thought to be a horse trainer, sits astride the animal and appears to repeatedly strike it with a whip.

The horse rears several times, apparently in distress, but the trainer refuses to put a stop to the brutal regime.

Moments later, the horse drops to the ground, apparently exhausted from the training

But the man refuses to leave the horse alone and continues striking the defenceless animal with his whip.

The shocking incident, thought to have taken place in Tucumán, Argentina, appears to have been filmed on a mobile phone by an onlooker stood nearby.

Disgusted animal lovers have since expressed their disgust at the footage.

Judith Monro, a welfare worker from Perth, Scotland, has created a petition through  Alongside her plea, she writes: “A horse trainer savagely beating a horse.”Spread for this abuser to be banned from having contact with any animal again!”

She adds: “I hope we can continue to build our ‘voice’ and achieve a ‘ROAR’ so that our outrage is seen, heard, noted; and action taken.”

It is not clear whether any action will be taken against the trainer.

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  1. So many of our horses are abused. I just wanted to take this poor baby in my arms and tell him it would be ok. I will never understand the cruelty heaped upon these beautiful creatures. This SO-CALLED trainer should be banned from ever owning another animal.


  2. I can’t believe that someone could stand to look at that long enough to video the whole thing and then laugh during it to boot.
    That is what goes on in third world countries, and with this administration’s open door policy———–Coming to a neighborhood near you—-“soon.”


  3. You know, i witnessed a young man beating a horse with baling wire once when I was a kid. I walked up, snatched the wire out of his hand and best him with it. I never caught him doing again. Had I been the witness to this, we have been different. Let these so called trainers feel what they are inflicting on the trainee. When you see abuse, you stop it right away. You don’t sit back idly and film it. I don’t care where you are…


    • Terri – I’m with you! With all our “technology” and the need to record everything – seems more sensible to me to put down the phone & DO something about it! Have seen several instances of this – where someone takes pictures or video – but how about reporting abuse like this wherever possible.


      • After watching & listening to the video – doubt very much that anyone there was at all concerned about this “training” episode! But posting on-line certainly brought attention to it – feel for the poor horse.


  4. Well, it is outrageous for sure, nauseating to consider the brutality in that man’s heart to cruelly subjugate another being to torture.

    Now – what are YOU going to do. Petitions are okay and make you use a .5 of a calorie. But you know, there are so many humans doing JUST this. Just published a report by Animals Angels on livestock auction in California.

    You cannot run around sticking your finger in holes in the dike, signing petitions, relieving yourself of your pent up outrage by donating to snakeoil pushers to do your walk for you. What will it taKe to raise consciousness of the abject torture we allow in the name of human livelihoods? Huh?

    What will you do? It will take an army of us to fight the army of them. Don’t bother donating for the corrupt to act all that.

    What if you had been the person filming this? That is where change must happen.


  5. I thought I heard laughter on the video. Why did no one step up and do something, anything to help this horse and punish this ‘trainer’?


  6. Well i would say were shocked but no. In all parts of the American horse Industry this STILL exists. Theres people stuck in the cruel time warp. When I personally speak of abuse THIS is what I talk of. I used to have a friend who attended an accredited Horse College in Illinois which specialized in Horse training and Nutrition and she was going to outdo everyone. The lack of knowledge and skills after two yrs of college was obvious as s ghost e raked her spurs with rock grinders into a two yr old mares sides til she bled. Then full of anger she beat the horse in the head from the saddle yelling curse words and jerking reins. The horse lost a tooth from the banging bit and no one stepped in til I ripped her from the saddle and purchased the horse from her Dad. They are Everywhere hanging horses from rafters to drain their blood to make them weaker to ride. Then beating them in the head to “ring their bell” to establish dominance or Throw them to the ground like a fish and hogtie a hoof to the saddle and leave it laying til it learns better. The beatings have taken off ears…caused blindness…knocked out teeth with bit yanking and punching the head all for training. The girth tight and kicking in the girth area to teach to rear….Biting ears….to stop a horse biting….Twitching a horse so a guy could get in saddle and horse whipping a scared horse to lunge hitting in the face to change directions. Thats abuse in my book. The soring we witnessed was distressing alone but horses being hit with batons to make them stand in highrise shoes and pads was horrific. This man is doing the most radical abuse and it should be discussed. The morbidity rate of horses like this is high. They often end of dead. They are terrified. I would not ever leave a horse with any young trainer and turn my back. I learned to train my own three generations of horsemen in the family and Natural Horse training at my fingertips. I saw so many things. A horse wrapped in a lunge line to cut off the airway in her neck so shed pass out and they could drag her on her side to her barn and my family jumped the two men doing it and cut her loose…best mare my grandpa ever rehabilitated. Those men were furious. When you think abuse is leaving in a stall for two days you havent left the barn yet. Until you watch a two yr old bitted and reins run through its chest between its legs and back through the stirrups and tied over the saddle horn left in an arena for 3 days until it “gives” to the bit gently you havent seen nothing yet. Corners of the mouth foaming and rubbed raw. My point? Yes this video is Disturbing and makes me Furious beyond reason…but its hidden right here in America under the disguise of horse training. Know who has your horse to train. An example. A woman veterinarian in Urbana Il in 2003 was arrested for stealing three horses and two saddles and possession of horse trailer with no serial number plus she was suspected in a murder years earlier. Always know who your inviting in your horses life. This man isnt a trainer hes a poster child for horse slaughter.


    • Thank goodness, there is that saint in you. There is nothing to do BUT interfere. I’ve seen the same in training barns and in boarding barns. The horse is such a remarkably congenial species and suffers horribly at the hands of the overly aggressive – injury and trauma. All animals do.

      If your heart breaks at the injustice and you step up to STOP it, you have joined the army of protectors.


      • Ive lost friends because I wont stand by and watch it. But I gained a couple horses because in their rage they sold on the spot. Were supposed to control anger but sometimes its useful when not used on the horse. Guess they werent really my kinda friends to lose anyways.


  7. Cruelty to animals, also called animal abuse or animal neglect, is the human infliction of suffering or harm upon non-human animals, for purposes other than self-defense or survival.
    Don’t know if this is true and doubt it is enforced: In Argentina, National Law 14346 sanctions with from 15 days to one year in prison those who mistreat or inflict acts of cruelty on animals.


    • The ridiculous method is to pull over topple and Subdue and he went nuts with it. These old Professor Berrys what not to do training ideas are insane. If you down and subdue its supposed to be gently preferred out of saddle and relax the horse to trust you. Not this garbage.

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  8. Yep he does pull the horse over plus he actually looks like he’s punching the horse when it’s down. I’d love to get my hands on that guy!


  9. Well, is it necessary to have the horse go down one way or a other. Is this really training? Total abuse!!! But other commentors are right. There are people in the US who are just as bad. However, they make sure to do it out of sight. I have no tolerance for abuse nor should anyone else. He needs to reap some of his own medicine. Is that a real man?? That’s why I stay clear of never know what is going on with your horse. Just terrible. disgusting!!!!


    • We need more than a petition. We NEED to KICK HIS ASS the same way he did that poor sweet horse. An Eye for an EYE, and a TOOTH for a TOOTH. What goes around, comes around. Reap what you sow. Do unto others what you would have others do unto you. We need to represent the horse and TEACH that FU_KER a lesson, hopefully once and for all.


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