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Troubled Wild Horse & Burro Sanctuary Must Handle its own Adoptions, Sheriff Says

as published in The Rapid City Journal

“…Sussman has been emailing supporters and asking them to donate toward a $150,000 fundraising campaign to help return horses to the society’s ranch, which is only 665 acres and is badly overgrazed…”

too-weak-to-standThe sheriff managing a wild-horse sanctuary’s impounded animals in north-central South Dakota said Thursday that horse adoptions must be handled by the embattled sanctuary president, who has apparently received a deadline extension as she tries to get some horses back.

Dewey County Sheriff Les Mayer has been overseeing the care and feeding of 810 horses at the ranch of the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros near Lantry. The horses were impounded at the ranch after a judge’s order on Oct. 7, following a state veterinarian’s finding that the horses were being neglected and allegations by a former ranch employee that some horses were starving to death.

The impounding order included a set of conditions under which the society’s president, Karen Sussman, could seek the return of the horses. She reportedly met an Oct. 21 deadline to draft and deliver a comprehensive ranch management plan, in which she reportedly sought the return of 400 horses to her control, according to Sheriff Mayer.

The state’s attorneys of Dewey and Ziebach counties, who are handling legal aspects of the impounding, have failed to return calls and emails from the Journal for the past several weeks. The two counties share a border that is straddled by the society’s ranch.

The impounding order set another deadline of today for Sussman to produce evidence that she has enough funding or feed for the next 18 months. Mayer said that deadline has apparently been extended to Dec. 1 following a meeting this week involving Sussman, the state’s attorneys and a state veterinarian.

Mayer also said the county governments will not lead or participate in the adoption of horses. He previously said he was compiling a list of potential adopters to consult after today’s deadline, when the counties would take over the adoption process. On Thursday, he said that action was the result of his misunderstanding of the terms of the impounding order.

All adoptions will instead go through Sussman, Mayer said, and inquires should be directed to her. He provided her email address, ispmb@lakotanetwork.com.

The local prosecutors and the state Animal Industry Board will meanwhile consider the adequacy of Sussman’s management plan. They will use their judgment of the plan, paired with the extent to which Sussman meets the Dec. 1 deadline to produce 18 months of feed or funding, to determine how many horses to put back in Sussman’s care.

Any horses not returned to Sussman following the Dec. 1 deadline will be put up for public auction, probably to buyers for foreign slaughter plants, with the proceeds directed to the counties to pay their impounding costs. Those costs so far total about $80,000, Mayer said, mostly from hay purchases.

A community of wild-horse enthusiasts around the country has been encouraging adoptions of the horses, largely through the use of social media. Mayer said Sussman has allowed about 55 horses to be adopted so far. Some in the online community have also called for criminal animal neglect charges against Sussman.

Meanwhile, Sussman has been emailing supporters and asking them to donate toward a $150,000 fundraising campaign to help return horses to the society’s ranch, which is only 665 acres and is badly overgrazed.


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  1. Our “Chlly Pepper” project in Golconda has taken in a couple of loads of “lean” horses including some with some pretty bad (as in not maintained) hooves, and found permanent homes for them. Matt and Palomino are capable of taking in some more, but the acquisition process hasn’t been all that easy.

    I’ll leave it at that.


    • I saw their pictures – before & after trims! And last I heard they were heading back for another load – but this is a very small rescue – I hope & pray more step up – otherwise there wont be any saving of a lot of these horses. And they sure deserve better than what they got. I’ve been sending Chilly Pepper & a couple other rescues what I can – but thats a drop in the bucket.


    • What is up with this: “Mayer said Sussman has allowed about 55 horses to be adopted so far.” While I understand the real fear of kill buyers flocking to the fences, since when does the owner of impounded horses get to be the gatekeeper for all adoptions? At a minimum it is impossible to imagine it wouldn’t be soul crushing and hard to let even one go as this is an admission of failure.

      This doesn’t pass the smell test for me, especially as WHG indicates the process is far from smooth. It read as though Karen is still hoping to pull a rabbit out of her hat trick.


  2. Well the lsnd is there. Perhsps it time to ask.for the national humane societies for help. The conditions deplorabe snd the situstion sad. Its time this womsn realized the good her employee did by reporting her. She needs to bury the hschet and indeed ask the woman bsck if she will work on the ranch. Also ask for volunteets from horse ckubs anf the community. For Gods sake see if any of the horse advocatez out thete could help. Asking for money is nicr but you need s constsnt flow. Although thetr sre 600 horsses name them, photogrsph them and allow a monthly.sponsorship for them. Elementary schools are great.for this. Visitations to the farm where phsmlets can be given out with their history. All this can be done for donation amounts. The rsnch cannot be run like it hsd been. A foundation with a business model is needed and with a board of directors. This will legitimize the ranch. We all know what the other option would be and I believe thst to be worse. She should ssk for help from local community colleges and universities too. We must remembet people stsrt out with the best intentions. But I hsve learned as a psst hooved investigator people feel ashamed to ask for help.because they see it as a weakness instead of a positive thing. In a sense they are offering het a new start for the ones still living. Its a tragedy that should not have happened. But lets not give others ammunition to support the slaughter of these horses. If I lived out in that area I would have loved to offer to help this woman to turn this tragedy into a possitive opportunity for the horses. She just needs some orgsnizational help of which she is dire need of. At this point she does not have a choice. People are willing to give if they see definite change. But she must accept and embrace the help. And others should offer the the help for the horses becsuse the alternative would be a thousand times worse.


      • Actually – the idea of people coming together to publicize these particular animals IS a good idea – didnt elaborate exactly what I agreed with. Honestly, I dont see how it will be possible to turn around this 600-700 acres & bring it back from the devastation shown in the pictures. And true that this sanctuary if allowed to continue – it will need leadership & people on the ground & on the board who keep tabs on it! Its obvious that these pastures arent going to magically heal themselves.

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    • Gail, the land ISN’T there, unless you consider 1-2 horses per acre of bare dirt to be some form of reasonable stewardship of both horses and land, with no shelters and at least six months of winter each year. And let’s not forget there are probably foals due in spring!

      I agree she does need help, and remain angry about what seems to be a board of directors that is and has been missing in action. She doesn’t have a choice now because of choices ISPMB already made. The horses have never had any.

      In a fair world the ISPMB would be dissolved and a better entity established with a realistic long-term plan for the horses, including funding. This should have been done years ago and time now is impossibly short.

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    • I’m sorry but I feel she is too old to be successful at THIS ” title Pres.” for THIS position! She was irresponsible and many HORSES seeking help There have starved for yrs.instead! (&?#died)! Have2 be active ENUF & get INVOLVED ON “UR” SANCTUARY! These PRECIOUS innocent WILD HORSES deserve MORE; food,freedom to run and graze, play in creeks on hot days.cuddle up under trees for shelter from snow in winter.(w/their mamas) Plant trees plant grass put up temp fencing to let grass grow then move to another area reseeded & DO it again. Be strong ENUF to HELP in building better over head coverings from rain/snow… Simple humane gestures to make HORSES be Happy to be there! Need new “FOSTER MASTERS” for these AMAZING TREASURES!! If U can’t carry a hurt foal, buck bales, de-muck stalls, type strength to shovel shit when needed REMOVED. Shoot pile it in an area for gardens& people will donate$$ for HORSE manure & happy when they get beautiful vegetables grown. ETC. OPEN TO PUBLIC TOURS. Bring in Vets regularly, and have aspca type inspectors come for welfare checks on HORSES& IF PROPERTY & facility is UP TO SAFE ANIMAL LIVING &PROTECTED STANDARDS…. The BLM holding PENS are NOT!!!!( If u ask me) I would RELOCATE if asked to SAVE any# of horses, but women like Sussman give ALL OF U.S. HORSE LOVERS WILLING TO RUN A HORSE SANCTUARY, a bad rap &NO CHANCE 2HELP OUR WILD HORSES!! MY Chippewa/Sioux heart BREAKS for this ENTIRE situation! These facilities need to be in every state tho. Not 400 here& 20 there in inadequate space for that#🐎.That’s a set up for them to starve! Can’t help them by HURTING them again/ more!!! TRUST me THIS can be fixed but not w/Sussman at the helm! THAT’S a set up4failure!**& the HORSES won’t TRUST HER EITHER!! They will sense her ill will intent & not prosper as MANY WILL w/a KIND hearted HORSE LOVING PERSON being INVOLVED😇WE want all the HORSES to prosper& be Happy in their new home !! That SANCTUARY can grow but she damaged it’s rep.MORE PEOPLE WILL BE WILLING TO HELP KNOWING SHE’S GONE & this WON’T happen AGAIN!! They won’t risk her not helping HORSES w/ their donation$$. KEEP the SANCTUARY growing keep donations flowing!!!! Have MAAANY IDEAS TO HELP OUR WILD AMERICAN HORSES BECOME HAPPY HEALTHY AGAIN!! Would love to come help if NEEDED OR JUST TO HEAR ME OUT!! We aren’t IGNORANT if we didn’t see ALL the better solutions, BUT WE ARE IF WE DONT SEE& USE THEM NOW!!! OUR WILD AMERICAN HORSES ARE COUNTING ON US TO HELP THEM😇NOT TORTURE & EAT THEM.KEEPING THEM HERE ON OUR SOIL NOT EXPORTED TO JAPAN Or KENYA ! Sussman “played dumb”!!!!! BUT WE ARE IDIOTS IF WE CONTINUE TO LET HER!!!!!!😲😲😲AFTER Dec1.SHE Needs jail or a new box under a bridge. I don’t care like she didn’t care for THOSE SKELETAL SWEET TORTURED HORSES! This is As inhumane as it gets! NOT OK IN OUR USA FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP THIS CRUELTY PLLEEEEEEEZ💔

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  3. who are the richest horse lovers out there? Calumet Farms – the racing community – who are they – I don’t know – Ted Turner? Robert Redford? Doesn’t Harrison Ford have a ranch? Bo Derek? I would love to help get the word out since I have don’t have much money at all – but my heart is definitely with the horses……ASPCA – do they have the money or the will????

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  4. Mother Jones magazine posted the names of considerations for Interior under Trump—of course, they are frightening in their history and expected performance. Everyone who cares at all about being a citizen and the health of Public Lands needs to get in with groups fighting this horrible man and his cronies set to dismantle hard-won battles of decades of work—-

    Interior: Politico reported in September that Lucas Oil founder Forrest Lucas is the front-runner to head the federal agency that oversees national parks and Indian affairs.* Lucas, a major Republican donor, has in recent years thrown his money behind efforts to block state legislation designed to crack down on abusive puppy mills. Picking an oil-industry executive to manage public lands—and one of the department that’s most aggressively fighting climate change—would send a clear signal about Trump’s priorities.

    The dark horse, though, is Donald Trump Jr., who told Petersen’s Hunting that he would make a good interior secretary because he likes to hunt. “I can make a difference,” he said, “and I could do something to preserve the great traditions of the outdoors that are so vital to this country, and would be so vital to our youth, that have been shunned by the media and stigmatized in so many ways.”

    In 2015, Trump suggested that Sarah Palin would make an effective Cabinet secretary. Palin has said she would like to run the Department of Energy, but according to Politico, Interior might be her best bet. If so, get ready to hear the phrase “Drill, Baby, Drill” again. Interior is the department where Trump is most likely to hire a woman. Former Rep. Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming, former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, and Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin are also under consideration, according to BuzzFeed.


    • Well, I saw another scary choice for DOI secretary on one of the environmental websites – Cynthia Loomis – remember her – on the panel of Republicans – she described”euthanasia of our wild horses & burros to be – as I remember it – a lovely peaceful idea! VERY VERY pro rancher (welfare rancher, that is).

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  5. They ask for applicants’ social security numbers and DOB. That is information that shouldn’t be shared because if it’s not properly safeguarded it can lead to identity theft. I wouldn’t put it past Sussman to justify finding “new” sources of credit with that information.

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    • Wow. Still a lot of “secret” information, Louie’s post is a month old now, still no easy access to photos of adoptable horses, the ISPMB adoption page hasn’t been updated since 2013, and they are seeking $100-150 donations for each horse to be euthanized – the same as an adoption fee??? The ISPMB FB and website still don’t mention this fiasco, only the need to raise funds for hay by Nov. 11. The FB comments show some of the monies being raised by other groups have not made it to ISPMB, either. Smoke and mirrors will not help the horses much. Hope there are better things going on behind the curtain than what the public sees.

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      • I understand that at least one of the sites that raised money sent it in the form of hay. Who would send money to Sussman with her complete lack of transparency and continued gamesmanship regarding adopting horses.?

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    and HOW TO ADOPT

    All that matters right now is getting the horses into good homes where they can be well cared for, for the rest of their lives. Thank you SO much to all the people who are willing to step up and work in positive ways on behalf of the ISPMB mustangs. Any negative, hostile, or threatening messages that include personal attacks against Karen Sussman, the State’s Attorney, the Sheriffs, ISPMB employees, ex-employees, me, or my team members will be deleted.\
    Please refrain from commentary about this situation, what occurred, or how.

    There is considerable information that has not been made public, so the opinions of onlookers are made absent of all the facts and therefore not at all helpful to this effort


    • Elaine certainly is doing a great job getting the pictures & info to the public – shes giving these horses a better chance just by doing that.


    • More horses may have found homes if the adoption page wasn’t made a closed group. If there was worry about derogatory comments all that had to be done was not allow those people to join the group. That would have kept any “negative” comments off the page. There were people that I knew that expressed interest in adopting but couldn’t even see the page. They finally threw their hands up and said “forget it”. There are other horses in jeopardy that need help and that is where they went. Unfortunately it is a very small amount of horses that seem to be adopted out. I was a member of the group but got disgusted and dropped and blocked.

      As far as these innuendos that there is a reason this depth of neglect occurred I personally don’t buy it. These horses have been mismanaged for years as attested to by many eye witnesses. Sussman should have gone into emergency mode years ago but chose not to. And horses died and those that lived got into terrible condition. Who knows how many horses actually died under her stewardship.

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  7. OMFG. Return the wild horses to Ms Hitler who’s interest in experimental breeding and studies far out weighed her interest in the horses survival (7 stallions were blind, over 30 wild horses starved to death) OR sell for SLAUGHTER. WHAT the HELL kind of choice is that??? I don’t care if Sussman can provide proof of funds for 18 months of food for 400 wild horses, she is incompetent and has proven so. There were no ongoing studies with the university. She let these horses breed out of control, thinking she was saving heritage lines. She’s not capable of providing quality, humane care as anyone can look at the former employee’s photographs and see that Sussman let these horses suffer painful, long term starvation. Better have a strict probation program with constant supervision and weekly ranch visits…


    • Not to excuse Karen for anything, but we all have to keep in mind the ISPMB is a legal nonprofit organization, run by a board of directors who seem to be missing in action, and may have been for some time. A public charity is obliged to follow laws that give it the privilege of operating as such. This organization should be fully audited ASAP by the IRS. If the board was aware of horses starving, the entire entity should be dissolved. If they weren’t, how is that any better? A private business operating like this would have been shut down and people fined and/or jailed.

      There is also the question of any past or current financial mismanagement which an audit would reveal, and with that the potential to owe taxes on income received but not used for the charitable purposes spelled out in their original application for nonprofit status. I wonder, for instance, if their original mission includes non-science based “research” with no protocols, peer-reviews, or termination dates? Are so many blind stallions considered a success or failure in the “research” program, and why?

      Having witnessed first hand good nonprofits rot from the inside out in just such a scenario as this makes me ask if these hard questions are being asked by the IRS, and if not, why not?

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  8. “IF THE BOARD WAS AWARE THE HORSES WERE STARVING”???? They and Karen S were all quite well aware for months as the horse pit of dead bodies proves and the body condition of the remaining horses that were photographed and well documented by the employee who was fired for threatening to go public if something wasn’t done to simply FEED the horses. Thank God for Whistle Blowers. Karen is out of her mind, lost her mind, not of sound mind to run a horse rescue or even own a personal horse. Anyone can start a nonprofit horse rescue, just have to fill out the paperwork and pay the fees. There is no mental competency evaluation. So whether she is the President of a “legal” nonprofit or not has nothing to do with the equation here of Sussman and wild horses = unnecessary deaths of wild horses due to Starvation and ignorance of the innocent wild horses’ suffering. Starving to death is a slow, cruel, painful, inhumane but yet, easily fixed condition she deliberately caused, ignored and did nothing but fire the employee who demanded food be fed to the horses. No excuses for Sussman. No second chances either in my book. Auditing her books does nothing to prevent horses from starving. Prosecuting her for felony bad check writing does nothing either. She needs to be prosecuted for animal cruelty just like anyone else who starves a horse. 30 counts of Animal Cruelty or more as each horse she caused to suffer counts. That provides enough evidence to keep her out of the horse care business forever. She is an animal abuser/hoarder to the extreme.


    • WHP, since the board has remained silent, I am not convinced of what they knew, and when. The pit overflowing with dead horses contained per the vet report carcasses of all ages of decomposition, so some could have died from old age etc. over time. We simply don’t know for sure how many starved, or when, but even one is too many.

      My point is that Karen IS NOT THE ORGANIZATION, only one of its representatives, and that organization should be held accountable along with her. Why the board didn’t or doesn’t fire her remains an open question. Auditing would prove or disprove the board was acting legally, and if not, the donations they received would not be tax deductible and in fact, the ISPMB would owe federal taxes on them. Another way to look at this is that if (IF) found to be operating contrary to their mission and our laws, then this all becomes yet another taxpayer burden as donations made in good faith would not be deductible, nor would the income generated by ISPMB.

      To your point, if Karen is fired or prevented from legally managing any horses in the future for anyone, the ISPMB is still up and running… with zero fallout. In my opinion they are even more at fault than Karen, but are still in hiding (but for the one who resigned, to her credit, but even that only recently).


  9. There’s a lot we don’t know. What we DO know is that ISPMB has enemies and those enemies are hoping that it does fail. Those enemies have deep pockets and their agenda is to remove our WH&B from Public Lands AND continue with Horse slaughter in the U.S. Proving that Wild Horses can be managed on the range in self-sustaining/stable Herds would certainly throw a monkey wrench into a lot of “cottage industries”. WH&B captures and removals have made Million$ for those people.


    • This entire situation, going back years, has proven exactly the opposite of what was once hoped for. If anything it has played right into the hands of the BLM who can smugly state they were right all along. How is it that Karen’s “enemies” are responsible for Karen’s neglect of these herds? That’s completely on Karen.
      We know the obvious that these horses are not being properly cared for. There is a storm coming. It’s not a SoCal little storm it’s a SD kind of storm. Are the foals, mares and the more unhealthy ones being put into the various empty buildings to ride out the storm? No one wanted this situation to go south. It was just allowed to and there is only one person responsible for that.

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      • Morgan, what I was trying to say was that I was saddened to see that Karen does appear to have enemies, judging by the viciousness of the comments that have been directed at her OR at anyone who even dares to say something positive or ask a legitimate question. Those are the kind of tactics that are used by the opposition. The real advocates have quietly gone in to help.


    • Louie, while there are of course many views on these issues, and different motivations all around (some I agree with and others I don’t) can you provide credible evidence of these “enemies” of ISPMB who are “hoping” it fails? Since the WHBs were removed into supposed sanctuaries, they should be happy, right? I find it hard to imagine anyone purposely making Karen write bad checks for hay, knowing the horses would suffer and starve while the board of directors would… would do what, exactly? Those wanting to empty our public lands of wild horses and burros are winning in three ways now, they get taxpayers to pay the BLM to manage them at high cost, they get taxpayers to pay for subsidizing livestock grazing on current and former wild horse legal areas, and they get taxpayers to foot to bill to provide donations to keep rescues and sanctuaries afloat (or not). Why would they want this to end?

      Proving self-sustaining herds would be a good thing but it isn’t clear that is what ISPMB has done here, the herds were fenced in and fed, which is pretty far from a natural situation from which to draw wide conclusions. The “research” remains unpublished so cannot be subjected to well established research review norms, either, which would verify any value it may have had. It is biological fact in population studies that most species if confined and allowed to reproduce will overshoot their resources, reduce reproduction, then conflict and starvation follow. What value ISPMB’s “research” has for the widely various HMAs and their dissimilar populations remains an open question. Each must be managed specifically to suit those individual circumstances, including sharing available resources with other wildlife.

      While it is inarguable people have made millions off our wild horses in various ways, ISPMB and other rescues have, too, so it is wrong to characterize them all as bad bargains. Nothing is so black and white as we might like.

      For example, I still don’t see any strength in the argument that wild horses and burros are a significant part of the slaughter market — since even at the highest on-range estimates provided by the BLM these would not provide much supply. At around 400 head/hour (typical cattle slaughter tally), it would take only 125 hours (just over 3 weeks) to process 50,000 animals. Some estimates conclude there are only around 13,000 wild horses left in the wild, and of these only a small percentage ever end up in slaughter. Even if ALL did somehow, that amounts to about one week’s work for a single slaughter plant.

      This points to the precarious situation wild horses are in today, but by far the horse slaughter pipeline depends on domestic, not wild, horses. While we all know it happens, it does remain illegal to directly sell wild horses into slaughter unless they first go through the “three strikes” adoption process.

      (rant over, just agree with WildHorseGuy, we need to stay more focused in order to affect change, just rattling sabers without substantiating facts accomplishes little of value).


      • IcySpots, it just takes some time and dedication from a few people to match up names with pro-slaughter organizations and you have to be willing to read a LOT of comments (on blogs, facebook pages, etc). This has been done and it is more than coincidence that so many of those same names keep showing up. I don’t believe that I’ve ever seen the type of personal attacks launched against private BLM long-term holding facilities…or short term holding facilities. We KNOW that those captives have been sent to slaughter. There is plenty of documented evidence, but you have to be willing to research it…and that also takes time.
        It seems that many people forget all of that. It also seems that it has already been forgotten that yet another taxpayer funded/BLM long term holding facility was just started in South Dakota. Has everyone forgotten so soon?

        Castrated, Captive, Former Wild Horses Now Roam Power Ball Winner’s Land
        The BLM’s propaganda war against wild horses and burros continues in the unedited article below. It contains inaccurate numbers, hints on sending the horses to slaughter AND the livestock company “Spur Livestock” who managed this move were caught by Wild Horse Freedom Federation selling wild horses to known kill buyers, click (HERE), which the Feds swiftly swept under the carpet. If you are still a little qweezy from watching last night’s presidential debate, reading this article first thing in the morning is not going to improve the status of your upside down stomach. Let the reader beware.” ~ R.T.


  10. Breaking News: Wild Horses Sold to Kill Buyer by BLM Contractor
    by Debbie Coffey PPJ Investigative Reporter

    “I’m told not to talk about this kind of stuff.”

    Jim Reeves and Lyle Anderson own Spur Livestock, and have a contract with the Bureau of Land Management for a long term holding pasture for wild horses on private lands within the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, as well as on Indian Trust Lands administered by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. This facility is the Whitehorse Wild Horse Long Term Holding Facility.
    Wild Horse Freedom Federation received records from the South Dakota Brand Board that reveal on 11/8/2008, while under contract with the BLM, “owner” Spur Livestock sold 34 horses with “BLM tattoos” to JS Farms, owned by kill buyer Joe Simon.

    Animals Angels has written about kill buyer Joe Simon (scroll down to the 2nd article “What is the Price Tag for Suffering”)
    It is important to note that state brand boards do not “recognize” BLM freezemarks (which BLM puts on the left side of wild horses’ necks after they are captured) as official “BRANDS,” so the state brand board inspectors may completely ignore the BLM freezemarks and instead, note that wild horses have “NO BRAND.”



  11. I don’t pretend to know the details of ISPMB’s financial status, however, I DO know that it take a lot of $ to run a sanctuary…ask anyone who does. The price of hay has tripled in the Midwest.


    • HAY…to feed Wild Horses that would NOT need it if they had not been captured and removed from their Legal Herd Management Areas. Yet another group that prospers from the capture and removal operations.

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      • Louie, in your research have you ever found:

        1. Any list of requirements for hay quality for BLM contractors, or the terms for these contracts (are they annual, 10 year, or ?, and what is required of a contractor).

        2. Any sort of real data on numbers of identified BLM or USFS wild horses or burros known sold each year into slaughter?

        3. A link to the official site with requirements for keeping wild horses in long term holding facilities or sanctuaries? I thought I saw something like this a few years ago and remember it required a 200 horse minimum, but don’t know if they annually seek new contractors or if this is a random solicitation. Also – how does one LOSE such a contract (if ever)?

        4. I heard from a person who was once a service contractor they got paid per horse in holding, but have never found out what happens to the budget when horses are adopted or “disappeared”… it would seem as in the case of Tom Davis, the costs of keeping over 1700 horses in holding disappeared with the horses, but does this ever show up in the accounting? In other words, the budget should show reductions for every horse adopted, sold, or killed, but does this really happen? If not, why not?

        I have looked for this information, so far without success. Maybe you will have better luck?


    • So what is your point? I currently have a herd of 18 mostly rescued equines and yes, my hay costs have doubled and I do this on my own dime. I don’t give a rats A if hay/feed/fuel costs go up. There is no excuse for letting any horse, much less a captive wild experimental horse group starve to death. Waah, waah, waah, no matter what excuse you’d like to give that woman KS or ISPMBm, they failed. They failed the public, they failed each other, but most of all, they failed the horses they deliberately let starve. But, but, but, but…. There are no buts that will ever excuse the torture she subjected these wild horses to. Oh was she trying to see how long they could live without their freedom to forage for food???? Was she trying to see how many acres per horse it takes to starve them to death??? She’s outta her flippin’ mind and NEVER going crawl out from under this big black rock or I’ll be one of the first to smash her down into the mud where she belongs.

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      • Why is the anger not being directed at the source? If they hadn’t been captured and removed from their natural environments in the first place, there would be no need of
        sanctuaries, at least not for WH&B. The 22 Million acres that have been taken from them is a very conservative estimate. Private/corporate entities push federal agencies to remove them with our tax $ and sanctuaries have to beg and plead for donations…and then take the brunt of public anger if they fail. The real culprits get off scott free? Our Public Lands are the place where REAL WH&B studies should be conducted instead of squandering tax $ on capture/removal operations.


  12. We all know that the pro-slaughter faction has been working very diligently to re-open slaughter plants here AND… all one has to do is join in a BLM RAC or ESP (Experimental Stewardship Program) ( or talk to those how have) and you will find it very apparent that there is a push to remove the WH&B ACT altogether.
    Our WH&B DO have enemies and ISPMB, or any person or organization that bucks up against them, becomes a target.


    • I’m just going to jump in here to tell everyone who is commenting that we appreciate that you’re a fiery bunch of advocates,
      but please keep in mind that we do not to post anything that could be considered to be libel or any attacks on other commenters on the blog.


  13. Thanks you two for posting the links to these very informative articles showing clearly how badly the Bad Land Management Bureau really rips off the taxpayer to enrich their rancher buddies and the entire cottage industry that feeds off of removing wild horses from their native lands to BLM hell holding facilities and how these mysterious Mexico non-slaughter geldings (BLM mustangs) are being exported and definitely slaughtered illegally… Corruption abounds and the public must be informed of such atrocities, inefficiency and waste of tax dollars EXPOSED to support my goal to #KeepWildHorsesWild. Money and greed currently grease the wheels of the BLM. We have to be the cog that stops the wheel…and gives a voice to our innocent mustangs…


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