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New Year’s Day Horse Eater Attack Backfires

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

“It’s a New Year and the Gloves are OFF!”

Made Famous by "Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis and Dave "Doink" Duquette

True to form and working along their “assbackward” philosophy “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and Dave “Doink” Duquette’s trumped up Native American complaint on Madeleine Pickens Rose Parade float totally blew up in their faces with the net result of garnering the Wild Mustang float an easy 10 times the publicity that it would have received if they simply would have stayed beneath that slimy rock that they live under.

John Holland eloquently portrayed their ability to not only shoot themselves in the foot in his recent editorial but they actually manage to line themselves up against a wall and blow each other’s heads off with a firing squad, the stupidity displayed is stunning.

The lunacy of dragging this bogus tribal coalition, who Duquette can’t even name the tribes involved, and then write a phony press release on how their nonexistent sensibilities were offended while RFD-TV had a GIANT native American float, right next door, that won a stunning prize and get this, there where native Americans on the float, around the float and supporting the float.  How stupid can you be?!?

I have to hand it to the two Turds, though, they were getting pretty good at having someone else write their press releases of lies, innuendo and junk science to a point that most average people actually thought that some of the rants could be plausible, until they did the math and saw the truth.  But this latest heap of reeking desperation shows that they are terrified of the total failure that their upcoming “Slaughterfest” will become.  Just imagine, three days of hanging out at a one sided horse slaughter convention hosted by a convicted cattle rustler and stalker with guest speakers like one who has actually plead to a conviction of chasing wild horses by helicopter and then selling them off to slaughter.  Throw Dave Cattoor’s boss in the mix, the current Director of the BLM Bob Abbey and with Walrus and Doink on board you have an entire roomful of losers simply talking at each other.  Doesn’t that just warm you all the way down to your itty bitty toes?

One thing the New Year’s “Mooning” by Slaughterhouse and Doink did do was draw attention away from a news article from Cheyenne Wyoming that basically called their elected state Rep. Sue Walrus a lying piece of crap, again.  Ole Sue has been touting how she was going to build here stinking, bloody slaughterhouse in Cheyenne Wyoming and even in the face of earlier rebukes she held to her feeble story and plans but this new article says, in her own twisted words, that it ain’t gonna happen, sweet heart.

Of course, Walrus blubbers something about “I didn’t really mean that” and changes her story, again, and her tune, again, and then dances off in another direction while high on Bute from her last Horsey Hamhock searching for a defense against her fraud and ethics charges.

So a big hats off to the blundering duo of deceit and lies; thanks for the memories as without your ill-conceived and asinine attack on the Mustang Float many people would have missed it’s grandeur altogether.

Hey, bet you guys just salivated over those 22 equestrian groups in the parade too…didn’t ya, huh?  Lip smacken good stuff for ya.

In reality, the only thing that you ended up eating on New Year’s came from the horses back end and today, just like every other day, you are simply full of it.

Don’t forget to wipe your chins, you losers.

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  1. I guess Sue makes it up as she goes. Much like BLM makes the facts fit the action.

    I had heard Maddy’s float won something early on… any other awards??? mar


    • Vicki mentioned that Ms. Pickens’s Mustang Monument float won the “Past Presidents’s” (that punctuation doesn’t look right…sorry) Award. I posted links to the float awards on the previous SFTHH post.

      Cal Poly got the Viewers Choice Award (as I suspected with the number of students and alum that would text).


    • The Cattoors began a huge roundup in Nevada yesterday, …Eagle Complex out of Ely District, but may have been snowed out. Hopefully…. if they worked they would gave made triple time for the holiday and it being a Sat. They will remove over 700 horses from herds totaling over 800. What they leave will be a ‘sex ratio adjustment’ of more stallions than mares. They will remove older horses who deserve to live out their lives on their range and all the young. Those released will likely be pzp-22′d also. This herd is done for.

      Then, in a few weeks, out of Elko District, the Antelope Complex roundup will do the same thing to the herds of over 1400 horses and remove over 1300 of these horses. Another large herd area gone.

      Laura Leigh is the only person showing up out there to witness for the wild horses and to tell us what she sees. Please support Laura in the field by asking Maureen at Grass Roots Horse to send your donation to her directly. Gas is her biggest expense and can run up to $100. a day during a roundup…. she needs a room and food, too. All she has been able to do comes from us. Thanks, mar

      Don’t forget the Calico horses and don’t forget the Owyhee massacre or all the brave individuals who died in 2010! Please support the efforts of RT and Terry Fitch and
      Grass Roots Horse….


  2. *giggling*
    R.T.! You ’bout made me snort my hot coffee on myself! So much for the ‘writer’s block’ you experienced a couple days ago!

    Glad you’re back and Bad to the BONE! Honestly, I wasn’t worried one little bit. You just had an overload of Walrus Blubber and Doofus Doink.

    On a little different note, Gang… There is an article that needs our attention badly. (comments) It is a bunch’a B.S. and totally one-sided and being it’s from Seattle I wouldn’t doubt one bit if some of the ‘Steen’s Girls’ had their hand in it.. But, I don’t want to give any miscredits to them?

    Check it out and fire away.. Please.. Here’s the link!

    Happy New Year to you all.. I’m dubbing 2011 as The Year of the Horse! Let’s Rock it y’all!


  3. Its 9 AM in foggy, rainy, New England. Yawn. But not to early to roflol…tears in me eyes ~ Cannot stop laughing…oh my! :):):):):):):):):):):):)


  4. couldn’t have said it better myself! i soooo look forward to readying your daily dialogue….just wish walrus & doink would respond! or can they????


  5. YEAH !! This has made my day…let them “hang themselves” as the old saying goes. The float was beautiful and it got many many people to take notice..and thats what we need, thats what the wild horses need…
    Happy New Year..


  6. RT your piece is brilliant as always……..yes indeed you do need to offer some courses in “fat ass kicking….” :)) Happy New Year!


  7. My goodness RT….you sound positively on fire! Don’t you just love it when all you have to do is to stand back and watch these people self destruct?

    I had seen that statement by Doink on how the tribes were complaining about feral horses and saying these were not mustangs and tried to run down who might have lodged such a complaint……and came up with nothing. Couldn’t locate any such complaint from any tribe.

    By the way..the float is astounding in its beauty. I hope it got lots of attention.



    • But according to the Seattle Times (featured on Horseback)….DOI via Bureau of Indinan Affairs (seriously, they are still being represented by an agency that did all they could to wipe them out???) is conducting a study to show that “feral equines” are wiping their lands out. I kid you not!


  8. Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and Dave “Doink” Duquette, yes TURDS 🙂

    That is a beautiful float for the wild horses.

    Just reading that Vegas was shut down yesterday from protestors, lol..and look they are all carrying signs with Hitler and Sue and Daves pictures!! link below…haha Vegas will be overrun with thousands of and their target is Political People. Hey people your Rep. Sue Wallis is IN TOWN, lol

    “Thousands of Immigrants Shut Down Famed Las Vegas Strip. Casino Executives Nervous, Police Out In Full Force with Cameras: America Under Seige… Robert Paisola Reports A Group Carrying banners, flags and protest signs, comparing some political leaders to Adolf Hitler, hit the streets of Las Vegas Blvd today during an impromptu Protest Rally. Virtually every street corner was covered with either protesters with Bullhorns and Microphones or Law Enforcement who was watching with a very careful eye, as they videotaped the event. This is one of the videos that we were able to capture. Stay tuned for more. If they can shut down the Las Vegas Strip, whats next”

    The Horse Hitlers are in town too…,-america-under-siege-robert-paisola-reports2


    • No protest coming from this end as there is nothing to protest…we are above all of that but I am certain that the demented duo would call this some sort of act of terrorism perpetuated upon them by some animal activist extremist group. They are so sick.


  9. This quote from Wallis in the attack on the float caught my eye – “They like state and private land managers do not have the luxury of calling on the U.S. taxpayers to help manage a disastrous ecological catastrophe.” (notice the double negative – disastrous and catastrophe but I digress….)

    I have a great idea. Since ol’ Sue and Dave are so concerned about the Native Americans and she is stating that private land managers aren’t getting any taxpayer dollars or showing her lack of appreciation of what we shell out on privately owned livestock, why doesn’t the DOI take the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars that are used to subsidize welfare ranchers grazing privately owned livestock on public lands and give it to the Native Americans. They could sure use it and with the hundreds of millions of dollars, they can erect top of the line fencing to keep horses from entering their land and I’m sure the DOI/BLM would be more than happy to help administer birth control. They could run it as a pilot. Since these are “feral” horses, there is no need to worry about diluting DNA. The extra millions could go to improving their housing, education and helping better their lives. I’m sure the DOI can send some help since they fall under DOI jurisdiction.

    It’s a win, win. Our taxpayer dollars will go to actually helping people in need instead of subsidizing personal businesses with taxpayer dollars.


      • RT ~ this is the underlying issue that Sue and Dave are “on too”.

        The National Congress of American Indians Support the Construction of Slaughter Plants on their Tribal Lands and come out against the Anti-Slaughter Bill in Congress ~

        See ~ The National Congress of American Indians Resolution #NGF-09-017

        TITLE: Opposition to Any/All Horse Slaughter Acts, Also Supporting a Tribal Amendment Allowing Trib…es to Establish Horse Slaughter Facilities within Their Jurisdiction

        Click to access NGF-09-017.pdf


  10. Their minds don’t work in logical ways… they’re too busy with expensive nonsense and “needed” destruction.

    Thank you, R.T. for the freedom of truth and speech within your blog!

    Rumor has it, Slaughterhouse has applied for the biggest loser… however, she has no competition!


  11. Great write up RT with the exception of the denigration of walruses. I do have to admit, as much as I like walruses, that the physical similarities between Sue and a walrus are undeniable, but that’s as far as it goes. Walruses are sociable creatures who play a key role in the ecosystem. Sue is nasty and plays no role of any value to society that I am aware of. I did try endlessly to vote and could never get through. I am sure that many had the same problem. Keep telling it like it is RT. This piece is priceless.


    • Ya’ know…I too, was getting bumm’d for the Walruses.

      So everytime I see “Walrus” on a blog about equine roundups and/or slaughter…SS is my noun. Afterall, real walruses provide an ecological benefit.

      SS just sucks up space, blogs and geography without documented environmental contribution.


  12. Love your way with words, RT!! A serious subject, but your still able to put a smile on our face. (-: Of course, when your referring to dingbats, like them and the reality of it all, guess it’s not too hard to do, huh?


  13. Karma.

    In the Range magazine’s mustang edition, Sue Wallis gave Madeleine Pickens credit for the successful effort that led to the closing of the last slaughter houses in the United States. Both her contempt and envy were obvious.

    Let’s face it. Madeleine Pickens is the antithesis of Sue Wallis. Madeleine is a beautiful human being. She loves and appreciates the role that horses have played in the development of our country, and she wants to protect and preserve these horses and help Americans have access to them, so that we can all learn more about these horses and see them in their natural habitats to the extent possibles. It is evident that Madeleine has given a great deal of thought to her plan. She has chosen to take the highest road she can. She understands that she must negotiate with powerful people with different agendas. She has built a true coalition, and you won’t have any trouble finding out who is supporting her effots. She is a beautiful human being who is touched by the beauty of horses and she wants to preserve and protect these magnificient creatures.

    Your pictures say enough about Sue Wallis’s physical attributes. The only power she has is the power of her position as a state representative from Wyoming. Apparentently, she is unable to appreciate the beauty and spirit of the horse—I would go so far as to say the soul of the horse—. Her goal is to destroy the horse.

    Madeleine: protector::Sue:destroyer
    Madeleine:Briar Rose::Sue:Malificent

    Seeing Madeleine bring forth the beauty and majesty of America’s wild horses must have been more than Sue’s teeny tiny little heart could bear.

    Thanks R. T. for helping us stay abreast of this situation and giving us a little levity.


  14. The saying “Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves” certainly applies here doesnt it……………….. Did you ever doubt they wouldnt do this to themselves????


  15. Sue Walrus , (Wallis)and they always get what s coming to them……………. is the perfect poster girl for the effects of bute Physically and Mentally………. Justice comes in many forms……………………. A Poster of her should adorn every Highway Bill broad…… Captioned the effects of Eating a National Icon !!!!! and Symbol of Freedom..


  16. Well said RT. You seem to have overcome your writers block of the other night. Perhaps seeing that lovely float helped.

    So now SS is moving her slaughterhouse to Platte Cty. Have to find that on the map. Yikes, this woman scares the you know what outta me.

    Hay folks I know a lotta ya want to boycott WY and I can understand your feelings. Heck if I lived outside of CA I’d feel the same way about visiting here with our esteemed Governor who is about to be former Governor (thank God) Schwarz-an-idiot. (Hay he cost me my job when he continually cut education–this 13 year veterran of the public school system is now on the lines of the unemployed) I digress. You should know that you can visit Yellowstone and won’t support her county. Yellowstone was and is the first National Park in the US. Old Faithful does her thing about every 90 minutes or so–24/7. It doesn’t stop for holidays or because of winter. I have to go find the name of the valley but there is one in northeastern corner of Yellowstone where you can see abundant wildlife.

    You go out the south gate (some call the east), and head for Moran Junction. There you turn right and go about 45 miles to Jackson. On your right you’ll see the Tetons. It is breathetaking. You can see snow year round at the higher elevations and even GLACIERS! I was so taken with glaciers a year ago that when my sister went on this hike over the Tetons they took pictures of this small glacier for me.

    In this area you’ll see moose, bison, bear (both grizzly and black).

    I guess my point here is that this area can be safely supported by your visit and you need not worry about supporting SS and her cronies.

    You can get to the Pryors by going back up to Moran Jct. and then going southeast to Riverton, and head north up the Bighorn Canyon. Lovell is a small small town. You are right on the border between WY and Montana. Cloud actually lives in Montana–his mountain home is in Montana–although unless you choose to camp up there–you’ll come down each afternoon and sleep in WY. How confusing is that one!

    Again you won’t be supporting her county or SS.

    I found good, wonderful kind folk to stay with this past summer. People who would love to know, and wouldn’t ever change your vacation destination because they are just that kind. I found folk who took this woman under their wing and made me feel not only a part of their family but someone they loved and charished. Prior to this summer we had never met.

    We have to find a way to protect not only Cloud but all the horses. Cloud is my favorite–most probably because he was the first wild horse that I came to know about. Something about him just grabbed my heart. I know many of you know what I mean. But I’ve found if you give any horse a moment or two he’ll grabbed you the same way.

    Me, I think my New Year’s resolution is to follow up better. When I get call to action alerts–follow through on calls and faxes. To not be afraid to let Washington know what I know there up to. I may not be able to afford a horse but I can help Cloud and all his cousins with these simple actions.

    So for those sending the alerts I may need some help on how to phrase things. I want all the wild horses safe from the harm man brings them daily.


    • Margaret – One thing that is real important when sending messages to officials is to stick to the point and make it as quickly as you can. If you digress, into other areas, the reader may lose interest quickly and you won’t get your point made. Always use facts when you can and proofread what you write. I read all the posts and information that is sent to me as I have a lot to learn about what is going on with the wild horses and burros. I try to act upon the request for action right away. If you put it off, it can be forgotten. If you see a letter you like, borrow ideas from it. I hope this helps.


  17. The National Congress of American Indians passed this resolution to allow the building of slaughter plants on indian land.

    Here is the link to their website and the one of the specific resolutions ~

    The National Congress of American Indians Resolution #NGF-09-017 ~ TITLE: Opposition to Any/All Horse Slaughter Acts, Also Supporting a Tribal Amendment Allowing Tribes to Establish Horse Slaughter Facilities within Their Jurisdiction.

    Click to access NGF-09-017.pdf


  18. I switched from ABC to RFD and was glad I did. Much better job. I was so glad to see the floats and all the equestrian groups. I hope that the publicity helps the wild horse situation. Thanks R.T. for the great article.


  19. ROLMAO! Wonderful enlightening article as usual. Also thank you John Holland, love you! Everyone keep up the good work! We love our horses and our native American friends!


  20. This is the real issue ~

    The National Congress of American Indians Support the Construction of Slaughter Plants on their Tribal Lands and come out against the Anti-Slaughter Bill in Congress ~

    See ~ The National Congress of American Indians Resolution #NGF-09-017

    TITLE: Opposition to Any/All Horse Slaughter Acts, Also Supporting a Tribal Amendment Allowing Trib…es to Establish Horse Slaughter Facilities within Their Jurisdiction

    Click to access NGF-09-017.pdf


  21. I would like to see Native tribes tell the government to take their casinos and shove them, put some of that precious NATIVE PRIDE to work again and let the mustangs live on the rez’s – the land belongs to the indigenous peoples by right, just as land belongs to the mustangs. The two need each other.


    I would love to put of my taxpayer dollars to help make this happen. Anything is possible… 🙂


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