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Simone Netherlands: Horse Summit Destroys Promoters Credibility

Exclusive Report from Simone Netherlands issued minutes before Sue Wallis attack

Raw and Unedited

Respect4Horses Simone Netherlands

Well they tried their best didn’t they? They had hoped that they could find ways to convince the American public that horse meat is delicious and won’t give you cancer at all, and they had hoped to convince the media that they are doing it because they love horses so much, and they had hoped that Mr. Bob Abbey would say sure, good idea.

But the only reason that they have gotten away with the atrocities for so long is because they have managed to keep it in the dark. Now that they got cocky enough to come out into the light, they got burned by it.

I was sitting fifteen feet from Sue Wallis and I swear I thought I saw steam coming out of her ears when Mr. Abbey was delivering his speech. It was clearly not what she expected or wanted to hear. Mr. Abbey even spoke about possibly giving the wild horses some of their original acreage back and I’m pretty sure I saw some ranchers pop some blood vessels when he said that.

No we did not like the fact that Bob Abbey accepted their invitation, but to be fair, he accepted our invitation as well, in which I personally thanked him for his truly reasonable speech. We had a good meeting about giving the wild horses some of their original acres back, about expanding HMA’s, about forage allocation, leaving some herds untouched and undamaged, and about Respect4Horses humane roundup proposal. It’s all on video and I will post it as soon as I can.

Several times in his speech Mr. Abbey mentioned the CNN pieces, this shows you how great of an impact the media truly has in this, and these are the pieces of the puzzle that are going to make all the difference. No more room for public ignorance in 2011.

At our press conference every major news channel in the area showed up and they all stayed for over an hour. They asked intelligent questions, and left their cameras rolling the entire time. There were also a couple of newspapers and they all received our media kit with every piece of information they could possibly need. Even if all their reports aren’t as fabulous as George’s, they are now armed with information that they can use in the future. Watch for Channel 13 NBC and Channel 3 ABC exposure, I haven’t seen it so far.

AWHA volunteers with horse trailers driving up and down the strip all day are drawing a lot of attention and the people handing out flyers are getting great responses. It is clear that the public is ready in 2011 to draw the right conclusions, no matter how much propaganda Sue Wallis pollutes the airwaves with.

Back in the summit, Bob Abbey left a little time for questions. I had my hand up the entire time of course, and so did other advocates, there were quite a few of us in the room. Bob Abbey picked some ranchers to ask him questions and then he picked Lorna Muffet, a wonderful producer and advocate from Santa Barbara, as soon as Lorna started speaking  I heard Sue Wallis say to her uniformed security guy, control who gets up to the microphone, control who gets up there! Then the uniformed guy went off to control whatever he could control, which wasn’t much, because it was luck of the draw who Bob Abbey pointed at, so Brian got to speak as well on behalf of the defenseless.

Some native Americans on the podium did do a good job of making wild horse overpopulation problems seem fantastically large. Except for one exceptional native American man named Blue Thunder. When he started speaking it was very different than what they expected out of him, apparently they assumed falsely that just because he is native American, that he would be all in favor of slaughtering wild horses. a beautiful lady representing the Picuris tribe was there to stand up for horses as well, however she chose not pay any money to Sue Wallis and sat outside the conference the entire time, talking to people. The native Americans that see the wild horses as a pest and vermin are truly the exception and they do not represent all native Americans by any means.

Mr. Bob Abbey ended his truly reasonable speech by saying that the BLM has an obligation to treat the wild horses the very best that they possibly can. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, so now our question remains; Dear federal government of the United States of America, is this truly the best that you can do??

I think we are off to a good start of the new year for the horses. Thank you to the media who weren’t afraid to get involved in these issues of utmost importance to our humanity.  Please thank CNN and George Knapp for the absolutely awesome job they did.  Save the horses by eating more of them, ha,ha, we love you George.

There simply is no more room for public ignorance, heartless greed, barbaric cruelty and senseless excuses in 2011!

P.S. Sorry for this not very well written nor detailed report, I am in a state of constant hurry and have many very important meetings today. Off to listen to Temple Grandin now, please watch on the live stream.

“Moments after emailing this report Simone called to verify that I had recieved it and then notified me of her harsh physical treatment by Sue Wallis that ended up landing Simone in a Vegas Emergency Room.  As we spoke Wallis returned with hotel security to have Simone removed from the convention center hallway for no reason.  I heard it all!” ~ R.T.

Click (HERE) to View News Report that set Wallis off!

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  1. So glad you got to do this before you were grabbed and ‘escorted’ out of the scummit, Simone! You surely did take a hit for the horses of this country. You are much appreciated. mar


  2. Great report Simone, thank you for sitting in at this detestable summit amongst despicable people to bring this to us.


  3. Simone, your report was great !!!! Thank You…. I also believe the Media is the answer for Our Mustangs ……. What ever Media coverage they get to me is alll good !! Awareness has always been the Big Factor for Our Mustangs , I am Loving all they are getting …………………………With public awareness, they will inquire for true facts , this is were the Mustangs will get back their land and their Freedom, why do you think Abbey is softening up !!! American Citizen wrath is Huge and they will step up for the Mustangs , how could they not !!!! They are ICONS>………………..Always will be……………….. This Summit was a huge plus for The Wild Mustangs ….. I almost want to Thank the person that made the Summit, it certainly is BACKFIRING right in her face !!!!!!!!! The speaker that i would have liked to have been with one of those canes that you drag people ogf the stage with !!!!! Dr. Kim Houlding DVM I dont know if everyone caught her ridiculous that certainly had no merit whatsoever…………………….Again Simone I am Hoping that you are ok after your attack by a person that really needs to be imprisoned and given lots of mental help !!!!!.


    • Arlene – I would love to hear more about what Dr Kim had to say. She raises and sells TB race horses in my area. She used to work in the in the AHSA Hunter/Jumper show system as a Steward (responsible for making sure the rules are followed properly) and she didn’t know what she was doing there. Her bad ruling cost me a championship at one show. You can email me privately


  4. Thank you Simone and thank you Bob Abbey. Its about time the good ole boys club got a dose of the truth. We appreciate Bob’s candid speech and willingness to listen. Let us all hope this is a new beginning and we are not disappointed yet again by our representatives.


  5. Sorry, but i am not sleeping any easier tonight, and neither are the wild horses..This is one of many PR moves on Abbeys part to deflect people while he continues to pursue wiping out the wild herds, with massive removals and massive and in some cases total use of PZP-22..wild horse populations are currently being replaced by cattle populations..we have all heard and seen the smoke and mirrors and perhaps have forgotten the joke that was the WH &B meetings in Denver, where all the talk was of input and a new direction, and compromise only on the part of the advocates..he is buying time..and I refuse to give it to him by falling for it.


  6. We did not sleep any easier !!!! and your right The Mustangs didnt either Bob Abbey like you said was just buying more time to destroy our Mustangs , Please we still need to be there voices ………………. Believe Bob Abbey, not for one minute !!!!!


  7. Sandra and Arlene: My thoughts exactly, not that I am cynical after all the years of lies and deceptive speeches that do not reflect the actions taking place “over on the other side of yonder ridge” out of public view. Ok, I am cynical.

    Simone is exactly correct when she says media publicity, getting this situation before the public eyes, is one of the main keys in this on-going battle. It is the only way the government (BLM in particular) can be held to adherence to the nice words they put out for general consumption of the uninformed. People who have not been able to personally watch these operations in progress nor see the videos that are available really will not imagine in their own minds the cruelty and lack of concern for the horses exhibited by the contractors and the BLM representatives on site that allow it to continue. Unless they see the visual evidence, they may not believe how the BLM “security” and contractor intimidators work to restrict access because, after all, this is America. Right? It is just too uncomfortable and if they are allowed to go back to sleep through lack of concern and publicity, that is what they will do.


  8. Maybe some of you here can enlighten me on just what horses qualifly as a BLM mustang. As I understand it, these are herds that occur on Herd Management Areas. What is to stop a “BLM” mustang with no markings to be driven or wander into a reservation area where quite possibly a slaughter house could be located? Since Indian tribes seem to be sending their horses to slaughter and some were represented as such at the scummit and since the USDA man was there as well as Mr. Abbey couldn’t a “deal” be made that the reservations would be allowed to slaughter horses–anybodies horses, AQHA, TB’s and BLM mustangs that just happened to wander outside of their “allowed” areas? I guess the only BLM horse that would be safe would be the ones with PZP brands? Just asking but sometimes you have to think like the enemy!


  9. What about a petition to CNN – Anderson Cooper – to do a segment, and broadcasting the images, such as the recent George Knapp/ Simone segment on Channel 8? How many signatures needed to achieve this? Would this be more effective than the individual emails, requests, etc? Also, what about PBS news?


  10. This pretty well settles who the real terrorists are. Simone, so sorry that you had to get hurt in the process. Thank You for taking the risk and Thank You for being there. Let us know how you are doing.


  11. I am just curious what would B Abbey have to gain by saying what he did? Who would he be trying to impress by saying what he did? He also said the he is looking into Madeleine Pickens idea, why would he say all this if he did not mean it..Now nicely ladies, I am just asking, please explain to me……thank you


  12. Just my own horrible opinion, but I don’t trust Mr. Abbey anymore than I do Salazar! They both are liars, they both constantly HIDE things from us, SUCH AS OUR HORSES….! Of course they are going to say positive things about Madeleines sanctuary, etc. If he really meant that, then why doesn’t she have the horses already? Then there’s also the fact they tried to stick their noses into Mr Richardson’s plan to sanctuary wild horses in New Mexico…..and many other stories I’ve read about the BLM giving lots of people grief and creating problems with their plans to adopt several horses at a time. AND WHY THE GODDAM RUSH TO ROUND EM ALL UP! I think something sinister and shady is going on. I think they’re out to get as many horses as they can corralled up, then unbeknowist to all of us, Obama is gonna sign an order to have all the excess wild horses & burros slaughtered. And the reason the BLM keep stressing that “horse slaughter is not an option” is so when Obama orders the horses destruction, the BLM can, in their defense say, “we didn’t want this to happen. But we were given orders.” I might be off my rocker thinking that, but I think it with all my being!!! Nobody…NOBODY gets in trouble for all the cruelty going on…they lie thru their teeth…I’m sorry, I think things are much worse than we realize.


  13. Now would that just be the Ultimate if Pres. Obama would choose to go down in History as the President who ordered all The Wild Mustangs at the BLM to be destroyed !!!!……………………………..That would be his Legacy ??????? It would be to his great advantage if he would choose not to have the deaf ear, and just pick up that mighty pen and restore the roam act , and go down in History as the Pres.that put an end to the BLM s outdated polices and saved Americas Wild Mustangs who are The Regal Ambassadors of Freedom and the American peoples Icons………….. Now if I were him I would want that with a passion……………………( No pun intended) Wild Horses could not keep me from saving them……………


  14. Simone, what a great report. I, too, do not trust nor believe Abbey any more than I would believe Salazar. AudreyC. mentioned above about getting Anderson Cooper to do an article on the BLM and the roundups. I e-mailed a former employee at CNN, I think his name was Sanchez, that is no longer there. A young woman that appeared on his show, is now doing his show . I never heard a thing from CNN. Maybe Mr. Knapp of Las Vegas, can get to someone at CNN regarding the wild horses and the BLM. I think national expossure like CNN would be a great start to dismantling the BLM’s whole view of the wild horse situation and the degradation of the ranges. THis would be an important step in destroying the BLM and all its disgusting actions that have been done up to now.


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