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Holiday for Healing

Original story by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President Wild Horse Freedom Federation

It’s Sunday and time for a little respite from the fight; but today our story actually takes you to a small skirmish within the battle to save our wild horses and burros, a story right to the heart of the problem and the soul of those who are fighting the battle.

The story is published, exclusively, in this month’s issue of trueCOWBOY magazine and can be visited by either clicking on the name or the image above (and NO, that is not me on the cover after too many Wrangler Iced Teas on a Saturday night).

I ensured our illustrious editor an exclusive and promised not to post, here.  So by linking you to the magazine so that you can read it I have fulfulled that promise while giving our readers another Sunday soul washer to review.  Please enjoy the story (page 48) and paruse the magazine, it’s all about the horses.

And as a special treat and short subject we submit for your holiday entertainment John Holland’s original video of “How the Grinch Stole Equus”, an advocate, holiday classic.

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  1. I’m pretty sure I know who the “stranger” is.

    That really happened RT…that former guard REALLY exists?????

    God Bless him for her military service and the what he decided to do that night….God Bless him, his family, his business and most of all, his heart.


  2. Whats that on the Grinch’s nose??????? (is it what I think it is toooo mu h putting it somewhere it doesnt belong)))) Mr Salazar s got to go !!!!!!!! If he would get a larger hat and stop squeezing his brain, maybe he would be able to think Properly………………….


  3. Let’s send Christmas cards to the Obama White house with pictures of the wild ones on them. The pictures could be the wild ones free in their family bands or pictures of the stampede and the devastating scenes of a BLM roundup. I think the stampede pictures might be too much for his daughters who want to save the tigers in Asia, so we probably shouldn’t send any directly to his children. Make sure you wish them all a Happy Holiday.


    • I already sent a post card that was actually the front of a Christmas card with a pic of a horse pulling a sleigh. I underlined the horse with a red marker. I guess it wasn’t a wild horse but I wrote info about them as well as the slaughter issue,


  4. This should be put on Face Book. The pictures are worth a million words and nothing needs to be said. Its like getting rid of a disease, what antibiotic is the answer for all these diseased minded people. The power that these people think they possess is unbelievable. I don’t know if anyone remembers the huge demonstration in DC when they pulled Tractors, trailers and even rode the Wild Horses in the area of the demonstration. It was huge and this did get the attention of all the media stations. I don’t know who put it together, but I think it is time to do the same. Sounds inhumane, but any pictures of the deceased horses can be effective. Are they buried in the area where they died or do they have another method of removal. If another demonstration was possible I think it would really make a difference. People came from all over the US and it really brought attention to the Horses and Burros. What better time than during this election cycle. I’m totally disgusted with Obama’s position to almost distance himself from the subject. I guess he and the Democratic party do not realize the number of people out there who see this as a number 1 concern. I continue to say an extra special prayer on Sunday for the horses, burros and all those involved. Have a wonderful Sunday and spend some time with your family including those wonderful horses and burros that we all love. I feel our time is coming dispite all the set backs.


  5. RT I truly enjoyed the article from True Cowboy. You have the most amazing way with words.

    May I just say that I hope you NEVER have to rewrite, repost this again in any place EVER AGAIN. Maybe it can go into a history book somewhere but if we could just get some of these people to start thinking with the brain the man upstairs graced them when they were born–then maybe Laura would be out of a job, Mr. Cowan could get paid and the horses??? Well we’d be lucky if we ever saw them again. After what man has done to them I could certainly understand if they chose flight rather than hanging out finding out what I needed.


  6. R.T., I love that story. I’m waiting for the sequel. The stranger and the guard come back to celebrate the release of the captives…back out to the range where they belong.
    Cat, your introduction to the range was a lot like mine. As a kid, we took a trip to Nevada to visit a friend who managed a ranch. We lived in another state. From being asleep in the truck, I woke up to see WIDE OPEN SPACES. All of the grown-ups were mainly interested in going in to town… Las Vegas. I was ONLY interested in Horses. I must have pestered them incessantly. Finally, one of them handed me a rolled up lariat and said “they’re out there somewhere…go find them”.


    • Awesome story Louie, Ill bey all here have a story , of there life changing introduction to the Amazing magical wonderful Wild Mustang,We would have never thought that all of us would be here years later to have to fight for their existence ???????? The Higher power has been known for working in very strange ways………………..He picked out the very people to save them many years ago………………………………………….


  7. What a lovely, heart warming story. If only it were that easy to make the world see what is so crystal clear. Thanks R.T. for the heart lifting, sharing of this story and this magazine. Which this old woman didn’t even know existed. I will be a subscriber and share far and wide!


  8. Thanks for sharing ALL of the above. I just loved the grinch movie…I had not seen it before!!! I’m so impressed with True Cowboy and happy to see all the articles from the people we love to hear from!!!


  9. Dear Louie,,It seems that out introduction to the Wild mustangs were very much the same………………….. i went to Las Vegas with mother and Dad they knew how much I love the horses, so they took me to them upon our arrival there I didnt even know there were Wild Mustangs, I only knew the horses, I was 8 yrs old, Out on the desert they they were running across the desert, I was amazed in their presence, i had never seen so many all together in uni sense running together, each one so gorgeous, each one smokin with magnificence , so dependent on one another…….. I will never forget that day !!!! , I didnt know that so many people have seen them, I thought I was one of the few lucky ones……………… I revisited since then hundreds of times, never to be disappointed by them…………………….. I didnt know till 8 yrs ago that they were so threatened…………………………


  10. Such a wonderful story! Of course I have tears in my eyes, so it’s hard to type!
    I am praying the Federal judge will be so moved by the truth that he will stop the round ups and get behind the movement to save all of our wild horses. He could certainly be heard by people who could do something. I appreciate all the hard work Laura has done to go about this methodically and legally. A shining star of commitment. I loved the video too.


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