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Obama Administration Issues Impotent Horse Slaughter Commentary

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Obama’s List of Broken Promises Grows

Frustrated by a “do nothing” Congress full of posturing, self-righteous old farts who couldn’t broker a simple business deal if their lives depended upon it?  Sick of seeing the feds piss your hard-earned money away while you can’t get a single elected official to acknowledge your existence let alone actually listen to what you are saying?  Tired of broken promises, dashed hopes and the death of the American Dream?  Well we have some good news for you; the President of Change has now officially been inducted into the  hall of “Do Nothing” with special honors for being a self-serving, narrow minding, promise breaking twit.  And we are surprised, why?

Yesterday, all of us who took the time to sign a petition calling for legislation to be implemented to ensure that American horses, both domestic and wild, will never face the horror and cruel, predatory business of horse slaughter received a really cool and groovy email from Obama’s Under Secretary of Food Safety for the USDA, Dr. Elisabeth Hagen.  Her love note is inserted, in its entirety, below:

Thank you for writing to relay your concerns regarding horse slaughtering. We appreciate your involvement in the We the People project and value your input on issues facing our country.

The humane treatment of horses reflects the values of our Nation.

Recently Congress lifted a ban prohibiting federal funding for the inspection of horses, which had prevented the slaughter of horses for human consumption for the past five years. While Congress has technically lifted the ban, USDA does not expect horse slaughter to resume in the near term as a number of Federal, state and local requirements and prohibitions remain in place. Furthermore, there have been no requests that the Department initiate the authorization process for any horse slaughter operation in the United States at this time.

While some horses continue to be exported to other countries for slaughter, USDA makes it a priority to ensure that these horses are transported and treated humanely. For example, USDA recently extended protection to horses delivered to collection points prior to export, reflecting the Administration’s commitment to protecting animal welfare.

Thank you again for your input on this important issue.”

I think I am going to hurl.

First off, anyone with half a brain knows that there is no market for butchered horses and the obstacles to put up a plant are many while looming over the horse-eaters heads is the possibility that the entire process could be banned, forever.  We all know that, at least those with a brain, education or at the very least the ability to read.  Those that bleed horse blood and want horse slaughter initiated in this fair land are the biggest bunch of uneducated “rubes” that ever walked the face of this planet, (I calls um likes I sees um, that is why this is an OpEd)  just check out a few of their Facebook pages and/or comments for a quick step back into the last century and a dynamic example of why tigers eat their young.  Cheezzz…

Secondly, I am so glad that the President is making it safer for the horses on their way to being continually stabbed in their withers, with a knife, until they lose muscle control and then their throat is slit by a Mexican worker.  You just gotta love a President like that and by the way, Obama, your USDA doesn’t do squat to help the horses have a safe journey on their way to a horrible hell.  They are impotent, powerless and derelict in caring out their duties but I am sure the trailers full of terrified horses love the fact that you thought about them, once.

Two weeks ago we called for a campaign to call and fax the White House demanding an Executive Order be issued to protect our American horses from bloody foreign exploitation and I renew that cry again.  Jerry Finch wrote an excellent letter to fax (HERE) and the number for the White House comment line is 202-456-1111 while the fax is 202-456-2461

Jam the phone lines and clog up the fax machines as we are just NOT going to stand for the stupidity that pervades D.C..  I have given up on all the rest of the political hogs feeding at the Federal trough but not the Number one offender, he is going to be held accountable and is currently number one on my speed dial.

You broke your campaign promise to Stop the Slaughter, Obama, we are coming to collect what is due.

Virtually, Occupy the White House, TODAY!

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  1. Horseback had this up late yesterday…but I love YOUR personal touches, RT!

    Outstanding outrage and I couldn’t have said it any better.

    Between the excrement that USDA put out a few days ago and now this insult to all of our collective intelligence here, I have had it!

    I speak English and have a decent mastery of it…this statement from the WH not only insults my intelligence, but makes me feel like I need to take a shower to clean myself in a disinfection shower to get the toxic waste I’ve just been sprayed with…

    Fire up those faxes advocates!


  2. Have you considered getting celebrities involved, like Oprah, Ellen, Rosie, Martha Stewart, Brad Pitt,and any other actors that own horses, Country Musicians, PETA, and schools(the kids are the future adults,) what about religious figures,(thou shalt not kill). There must be free publications that an ad could be put in. Usually a radio station will get involved just for their exposure. With me being a Canadian, I don’t think there is anything I can do, but pray for your success, God help you in the cause. For I do believe the horse will once again become a value in the near future.


    • Linda,

      You can support the Canadian Horse Defence Council and educate your mp’s/PM.

      Carole King is concerned about the wild equines and Spielberg is a good advocate for many issues. I hope with the release of “war Horse”, he might become interested in equine welfare SOON.

      I wouldn’t touch PeTA with a 20 foot pole…they support the defunding language removal action. Oprah has been contacted repeatedly and she won’t do anything since the hell she went through re: American beef and the lawsuit.

      We have supporters…RT has many listed on the right side.


  3. I did call the White House comment line, RT.I made sure that I very politely, yet firmly told O his legacy would be the President who brought Horsemeat slaughterhouses to America, and tried to get Americans to consume their horses.I also made sure to let him know( in this election year) that he has LOST MY VOTE!( altho he didn’t have it in the first place!) Thank you.


  4. I’m wondering R.T. why it is not considered a criminal act by our President and Congress to turn their heads while every cruelty law we have on the books is violated and they knowingly allow toxic meat to cross our borders? Is it not criminal to assist criminal acts? Have the laws of our land been rewritten while we slept, or is aiding and abetting criminal acts from animal cruelty, to toxic meat, to blatant disregard by the BLM for the laws, still against the law? I go to bed with this churning in my head. To add to that question isn’t there a fine line to accepting campaign donations while aiding and abetting these crimes? Is there anyone left in DC that is not corrupt? This entire letter is an insult to our intelligence, filled with rhetoric and condescending in assuming that we are too ignorant to see it has absolutely no value or worth. Once again, We, the People, are treated as though we are too stupid to know that Wallis is currently working on that “Federal Funding”, has made this public knowledge and our politicians are bought and paid for.


    • If you are concerned about the fact that the BLM breaks our laws with impunity, then you must call your representative and tell them to vote against H. B. 1996, Government Litigation Savings Act. The purpose of this bill is to basically free the BLM of having to follow NEPA, so that the BLM can continue to represent the interests of public lands ranchers.

      This work behind this bill began when Western Watersheds Project won a law suit that resulted in some public lands ranchers losing their grazing permits. WWP has managed to win suits against the BLM because the BLM has not done EA’s, EIS’s, and other procedures required by NEPA and FLPMA. The BLM has got the Public Lands Council calling their representatives about frivolous law suits meant to tie the hands of Interior.

      I find it infuriating that rather than insisting that the BLM adhere to the letter and intent of the law,Congress is considering giving the BLM free rein to do whatever they choose on our public lands. This bill, if passed, would have far reaching consequences including prohibiting anyone without a financial interest in the outcome of the law suit from suing the government.

      This bill is being sponsored by horse loving Republican Representative from Wyoming, the only Represenative from Wyoming, Cynthis Lummis. So call your representatives and insist that the BLM follow the law. If they need a few more people to help them do EA’s, then they need to hire them, but we don’t need this law. We need the BLM to follow the law of the land.


  5. They’re just trying to quiet us down with more lies. If they don’t expect horse slaughter to resume, or don’t have any plans to help it resume, they would stop dragging their feet and pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, which is currently pending. Please contact your representatives and encourage them to co-sponsor it.


  6. ROCK, RANT, and ROLL, R.T !!! 🙂
    “Peeved” is good…”OutRage” is far better ! …that cowboy hat has been Stomped-on, and
    Firmly placed back on head…would hate to be a slow cow, amongst Your ‘drive’ right now !
    (Just realized…that odd rumble & crack was Not winter-thunder in the night, with no rain in sight;
    we Were simply Hearing… RT SCREAMING into the wind, all the way from Texas !)
    —seriously, I Love it !
    —> Keep it up, keep it going, Time 2 Roar…
    I know I will. Thanks, RT……Rock-ON !!!


  7. Humans have created this mess (along with many other issues) and it will have to be humans that clean it up. This problem is multifaceted! Breeders are given tax incentives, ranchers and breeders and also given tax breaks for one word “livestock”, pharmaceutical companies continue to dump foals and mares into the auction market after making billions off a drug that can be created synthetically. Race horse owners “run ’em and dump ’em”. There are no mandatory laws in place for gelding. And horses also continue be bred and dumped into the Rodeo “factories” as well. I remember the picture and story of young babies shot in the head and dumped on BLM land by a rodeo company. No charges were filed because the site did not “indicate any animals abuse had taken place” and the guys who did it said keeping them was hard on the mares. Really? STOP BREEDING THEM!! Until humans understand that other species are equal (uh..cough…if not far superior) to human beings, they will continue to be rounded up, abused, tortured, and slaughtered….for meat or for the fact that humans don’t know what to do with themselves without a trash can nearby. We are in a marathon here, and not a sprint. This country is in real trouble as has been for some time. Our first duty is to knuckle down, protect and care for what we have “cause a crap storm is coming” and I will be darned if I am going to pay for another Americans way of life that includes animal abuse! The second (forgive my fanciful nature here) is to draw out our swords like Gandolf in Lord of the Rings and say with conviction “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”. Because we all know what happened after that….he followed the monster into the bowls of the earth and smote his ruin upon the mountainside. Folks like R.T Fitch and others like Laura Leigh are truly on the front lines of this battle. Kudos to the leaders!


  8. Linda
    PETA supports slaughter and the killing of animals. See Virginia Dept of AG for their shelter’s 95% kill rate. They are opposed to TNR for cats and think slaughter is better than the abuse they claim is caused by lack of slaughter. HSUS ans ASPCA are the horses big supporters. Sorry but my blood boils ever time someone calls PETA an animal rights group. They have their own agenda and it does not include banning slaughter.


  9. Thank You RT loved your personal touch……………… The photo is awesome, thats just what he is a Pinocchio of lies……………………..and empty promises…………………… and a puppet to Bob Abbey !!!!!


    • Bob Abbey answers to the Nevada Cattleman’s Association, the Public Lands Council, and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. We’ve been really confused about who is running the country.

      These guys have an amazing amount of power and influence for an industry that could disappear tomorrow and not affect the rest of the country at all. I am really tired of these people thinking that they own these lands because they have grazing permits. These people are the ones who perpetuate the mythology of the BLM—38,000 wild horses on the range, 12,000 more than than the BLM says that land can support and the herds reproduce at a rate of 20% and a herd can double in size in two years. It’s hard to tell the goose from the gander with these folks.



    Cite Hagen’s press release and say…IT IS NOT ENOUGH!!!!!

    Demand FDA and USDA reconcile drug rules and that USDA enforce auction and transport regs on the books.

    Demand the WHITE HOUSE suspend all wild equine roundups until census and disposition of holding and humane procedures are MANDATED.

    Fire up advocates!


  11. As this came out yesterday at Horse Back I was passing Steven Long’s wall and we exchanged a few sentences. It amounts to this; This is an Election Year. That is why the wording of Dr. E. Hagen’s Press Release was so squirrelly.

    I hope we can get this slaughter issue settled while the doubts and fears of re-election stir the hearts of some of these traitors to their electorate.


  12. This idiotic email is the White House admitting they are completely ineffective. They are allowing state and local regulations to be a stumbling block for the opening of slaughterhouses. Businesses work around regulations all the time and since when did slaughterhouses abide by local regs? And are we supposed to feel warm, fuzzy and safe because no one has applied for inspections YET? Guess they never heard about tomorrow. Yes count me as one more outraged and indignant horse warrior that will be virtually occupying the White House today. Your right Denise, Hagen’s press release is just a band aid which they hope will make us feel better. They really should know us better than that by now.


    • Obama said “No horse slaughter” and got votes. Now his minion says we won’t have it right now. Why? Because they want your vote again… They have realized we are a large national block of voters. Women vote more than men. We are people they want to hold onto while they take their real stand with the corporations later, after the elections.


  13. I actually have a little bit differnt take on Dr. Hagen’s letter. I translate it to read, “Don’t worry about horse slaughter plants opening. There’s so much bureaurcratic rigamarole involved that they’ll never get it done.” That seems like good news to me. For one, a do-nothing, unbelievably over-stuffed govenment is serving a good purpose- keeping Swaller from getting her bloodfest businesses up and going.


    • I am also reading this release differently than most of you all. I notice that they said they have heard the “profound opposition” to re-opening horse slaughter. Profound is not a word to be taken lightly. I take this as a positive thing. The White House is basically saying, yeah, parts of the bill that Congress passed suck, and we hear you loud and clear. Please try not to see everything this President does in such a negative way considering the alternatives. There is only so much he can do with a corporate owned congress. He is not King or a miracle worker. And it’s the rest of us that elected this Congress.


      • Thank you..Save. This bash President Obama will get us nowhere. He is our best and only hope to get this horror stopped. Name one other Presidential Pretender who will even speak one way or the other on the issue.


  14. I received the same email too. Was sounding so cozy and warm, like everything I wanted to hear…until the attempt to blanket the fact that horses are still being killed via transport out of the country.


  15. Obama is just doing what he is TOLD. He is just a talking head.. The money people are just getting their ducks all in a row. There are markets for horse meat all around the world & some Americans want a piece of the action like Canada, Argentina ect. There are farms in Alberta Canada that ship regularly to the slaughter house. When all the unwanted horses have been shipped there will be plenty of people willing to do what it takes to make money by breeding horses just for their meat! Supply & demand is the name of the game! The head of the Quarter Horse Assoc. supports horse slaughter. Is it any wonder? The farms shipping for meat in Canada ARE Quarter horse farms! Somebody some where is making money from this..Why else would they do it? Our governments need to come clean & tell us where & who is eating our horses! I can not get replies from my members of parliament when I ask!


  16. 2005 a bil was SNEAKED in & BUSH, illegally signed it, without due process, or require hearings,& votes of the people & the congress, to use cruel & inhumane running for miles “round-ups” using anti-horse methods, that commonly crippled, injured, killed, many pregnant horse & burros & babies.This Trail of Tears is called “management”. The wild ones are then crowded mixed together, whipped, electic prodded, packed into box trucks, then brought to a warehouse livestock feed lot, to spend yrs, waiting for BOGUS adoption that never happens for most all. WHAT DOES HAPPEN IS GOV> CRONIE CONTRACTORS MAKE MILLIONS ON THIS “CON” 2005 to 2011 is 7 x $66 million per yr, is $462 MILLION of TAX PAYERS MONEY to gov. contractors to brutalize,& feed, wild horses & burros, THAT were eating for FREE! were FAT !” WERE” HAPPY & free on the public lands given to them for their use! This is a legal issue of TAXATION of the TAX PAYER WITHOUT REPRESETATION! as MILLIONS of people have requested, demanded it be STOPPED ! the TAXPAYERS are being IGNORED, the BLOOD MONEY is just too good ! & the CON continues,& weall know they & their cronies make MO BLOOD MONEY when after their concentration camp life ,OFF THEY GO TO SLAUGHTER AUCTION, ! for mo HORROR ! so what we can do is tell the FACTS, WAR CRIMINAL BUSH STARTED ALL THIS! LET everyone know & if you know a lawyer how about a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT BY THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER< U MIGHT NOT WIN BUT< U WILL GET THE STORY OUT! Thats the least we can do! Show the scumbag con-artist for what they really are, sadistic CROOKS!


    Horse slaughter makes quiet return
    By Paul Moran
    Special to
    The silence is eerie. Where is the outrage?
    Most animal-rights activists decried the little-noticed provision attached to a spending bill that effectively removed a ban on the slaughter of horses for food, which sailed through the otherwise gridlocked Congress last month and was signed into law by President Barack Obama. But the various segments of the racing industry were strangely silent, a posture that flaunts the sometimes heroic efforts of countless individuals who have labored tirelessly and without meaningful recognition to save horses from the horrific fate that is part and parcel of slaughter.


  18. While on the White House website, I found this under “other” issues. “sportsmen”

    President Obama did not grow up hunting and fishing, but he recognizes the great conservation legacy of America’s hunters and anglers and has great respect for the passion that hunters and anglers have for their sports. Were it not for America’s hunters and anglers, including the great icons like Theodore Roosevelt and Aldo Leopold, our nation would not have the tradition of sound game management, a system of ethical, science-based game laws and an extensive public lands estate on which to pursue the sport. The President and Vice President recognize that we must forge a broad coalition if we are to address the great conservation challenges we face. America’s hunters and anglers are a key constituency that must take an active role and have a powerful voice in this coalition.

    I’d say SCI donated heavily to the re-election campaign.


    • Oh yes, this is the White House loving to give more money to the experimental and now cross bred exotic Big Horn Sheep reintroductions that have been going on since the 80s!! They lobby and have money. They are a special interest group. Aren’t we a special interest group? Don’t they already have our money just to function?

      “the tradition of sound game management, a system of ethical, science-based game laws and an extensive public lands estate on which to pursue the sport.”
      And all this is eroding as quickly as our wild horse and burro law!! Science??? This is not about balance- it is about pleasing the mucky mucks!!


  19. Please consider the following: Key language is ‘federally funded’ (USDA) horse meat inspections.
    Belgium owned most of America’s former horse slaughterhouses. In July 2011, France issued statement to CDC, Center of Disease Control; urgent need for imported horse meat inspections. Nov. 2011, USDA opens door.
    Where there is demand there is supply. It’s a 65m business.
    This is a big war.
    European investors may just be getting their stakeholders’ signatures and spare change together should door open for privatization of horse meat inspections.
    Hell, Americans allowed outsourcing of our precious jobs.
    If we advocates get lazy, anything could happen.
    Visit Horses as National Treasure for plan to stop over breeding, informative links and petition. And share. We must educate non equestrians and confused equestrians.​horsesasnationaltreasure/


  20. Please tell me if this makes sense.

    The USDA release says, in part: “Even if these laws were changed, any processing facility will still need to satisfy a significant number of requirements, such as obtaining a federal grant of inspection, conducting a hazard analysis (I imagine that would involve the EPA), and developing a Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan prior to the processing of any animals.”

    And then there’s the drug issue, beyond bute. I don’t think the USDA would allow a change in labeling for any of the other banned drugs/substances without FDA testing. So each and every one would either retain its status, or have to be retested before labeling could legally be changed either to declare it safe, or include a proven withdrawal period. It takes YEARS for the FDA to reclassify a drug when human consumption is involved, especially for babies, young children, and pregnant women.

    Hopefully, the USDA will require and enforce a “passport” system within the US, which would be expensive unless a person was raising horses specifically for slaughter. It’s been proven passports can and are being forged. How would the USDA react to discovery of fraud in a US horse slaughter plant?

    The slaughter of a relatively small number of animals could bring slaughter, in general, under increased scrutiny (re:food safety, not inhumane practices). Maybe even prompt another push for a National Animal Identification System (NAIS), which would involve the ENTIRE livestock industry. Remember, the safety of the nation’s food supply is now considered a National Security issue.

    IMO, horse slaughter is a potential “house of cards”, and those who are hot to bring it back and invest in plants better be careful what they wish for!


    • I believe that you are right and I see this as a hopeful sign that says our issue is being moved up in importance. President Obama has had the weight of the world on his shoulders…much of it left over from the former administration. I certainly believe that we never would have even gotten this nod from a Republican Administration.. and I know we will not from the next one. So I think before we completely butcher this presidents efforts, we better look forward to see what is out there.


      • Out of all the issues facing Our President this one is his easiest one for him to fix, all the Pres needs to do is pick up his pen and wha la problem solved, of course this requires GUTS, does he have them , remains to be seen………………. With a Hot 70% of Americas VOTING people this should also be a no brainer for him……………………


  21. He (Obama) has not “un-signed” the bill. Last month we got a reply from BLM that was a slap in the face. Guess Dr. Hagen is the Judas horse of the month. How do we get a record of the freeze brands of every horse in BLM holding?
    Thanks RT– I enjoy truth garnished with cynicism and a dash of venom….Vigil tomorrow–did anyone invite Michelle O. and the girls?


  22. What an insult to our intellingence!!! Is he fricking crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That woman has got to be out of her skull passing on this bs to all of us. Those of us that fought to get it out of our states will go down fighting to keep it off of American soil. I am just boiling………I sent an email to Michael Moore yesterday, I don’t know if he will take the cause up, but someone in a higher capacity certainly has to. I know Senator Kirk from Illinois is a cosponsor for the slaughter bill which includes no trailers anywhere. If the Obama Administraion thinks this is going to keep folks quiet this man has another thing coming. Its time for massive demostrations..I am calling that idiot woman tomorrow and fill her in on my position. Steven Spielberg was on one of the early morning shows talking about his movie War Horse. He indicated that at one point the horse took the lead and they let him just be himself. His daughter has a hunter jumper and his wife is involved with dressage. I guess a few notes to him couldn’t help the cause. I know tomorrow my phone lines will be burning and my computer will be writing into the early hours of morning. What a crock of s_____! Please don’t tell me about slaughter because I never thought it would rear its ugly head in this country again. But it is here and the fight is just beginning…and the fight must NEVER end until that bill is signed or we get Obama to do an Executive Order………I must be dreaming….I must be delusional! Did anyone say that there is a third party?


  23. I don’t care how safe he makes it , IT IS BARBARIC , horses are not live stock so quit treating them like it.
    people say there are too many horses to take care of, well then quit breeding them, not one of the slaughter bound horses asked to be born, but oh how the people like to watch the races or go to congress to see who becomes the congress winner.
    back yard breeders :” oh i have always wanted a baby horse” the horse never gets trained and then off to the slaughter house it goes.
    people are sad, i hope and pray that all that believe slaughtering horses is ok , will come back to earth as a slaughter bound horse. then i think they will change there minds.


    • Here s the Thing, Slaughter was never meant for horses or shall it ever be for them, This whole crap can be blamed on SHEAR GREED by Government, and AQHA ……..isnt this a convenient scenario for them they have us foot the bill for gathers (inhumane STAMPEDES) then they sell them to slaughter and reap billions There has to be a stop to this, this is no way to thank our awesome allies is it The Wild Mustangs !!!!!


  24. This was my response to Obama!From:
    Reply To:
    Subject: Update: Ensuring the Humane Treatment of Horses
    Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2011 18:11:05 -0500

    Dear Mr. President,

    You cannot be serious!

    Please, you and your house of reps need a field trip to at least one
    slaughter house in the USA! USDA
    doesn’t protect animals from cruelty and torture. The law suppose to but
    doesn’t!~ Take a good look at
    the links below.

    Do you have any idea the suffering that these animals endure? They are
    skinned and cut up into pieces
    while they are conscious! Think about that when you are eating your next

    Every life has a reason to exist on this planet free from abuse, cruelty
    and torture? Why are the animals
    any different then you? They already pay too much to feed you!

    If you want to make things right, please sign H.R.2966 and S.1176 to law!
    In addition, enforce strict
    cruelty laws in this country for all humans to treat animals with respect
    and kindness as they treat you.
    They aren’t subject to piece work!



  25. My second email to Obama:

    Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2011 18:33:05 -0500
    Subject: Update: Ensuring the Humane Treatment of Horses

    Dear Mr. President,

    Please, please let me know asap what your intentions are
    inhumane heartless barbaric
    cowards that torture our kind and gentle animals?

    All these video links will be posted on the Facebook White House wall.


  26. Obama lies. He will continue to lie. We need the Anti Slaughter Bill passed and we need to make every person in the Congress & Senate know our thinking on this matter. Occupy Obama’s Mouth.


  27. I totally disagree with you on this. RT. President Obama is our very best bet to have slaughter banned. Period… If you will name one Republican that is running for President that we would have a chance to persuade to issue a Presidential Executive Order to Ban Horse Slaughter, I will research it. For the most part, it is difficult to find a Republican Legislator who isn’t given huge amount of funds from PRO-Slaughter corporations and individuals. Our own special Senators, John Cornyn and Kay B Hutcheson lead the list. And my Representative, Joe Barton, takes more money from them than any other congressman/ woman.


    • I don’t think it is that simple.

      President Obama made a statement when he was running for his first term. He did not keep that promise. Unusual? No. But he has resources at his command he could use to thwart the equine killing machine. He chooses NOT to utilize them for two reasons (1) he is an inexperienced politician (not an LBJ or FDR or Reagan); and, (2) he is scared to death of big money and their PACs (FB, etc). I also think he has a poorly educated staff on these kinds of matters.

      The White House statement is more than troubling and once again fails to recognize that HCHS still exists in this country, all but the final whack….to date. It says they are regulating what is still left, but fail regularly (see AA and wild equine reports) to ensure humane treatment. They (WH) have also chosen NOT to direct the USDA and FDA re: drug violations and discrepancies.

      Then we have Slaughterczar (who should have been fired after Deepwater Horizon) and the abuse of public lands and wildlife.

      Sorry, he may be the best bet in your opinion, but from US equines’ perspective, he certainly is not the only bet. Why? Read the USDA and WH statements, the USDA equine export stats and you’ll see where he and his executive branch stands.

      The idea that “slaughter” won’t start in any foreseeable future is ludicrous. It still exists.


      • Excellent points, Denise. I could not agree more. Where’s a solution?

        Do you agree with commentaries on the Occupy movement, that 1st order of business ought to be getting $$ out of elections?


      • Susan,

        I agree about the money, but the problem is that even our Supreme Court has not only agreed with the special interest money influence…they made them “people”.

        Hard to get around that….but that is the main problem.

        #OWS needs to focus on local and specific issues other than blame the “Man” for our nation’s woes. But then one has the problem of how the election is stacked in any and many localities to elect good people….the two party system is unAmerican.

        However, #OWS could (and does get at the local level) get behind decent people to retake the Congress.


      • Then name a better person. One with the history to have voted in favor of the horses or to have spoken publicly about being committed to their welfare Who can be elected President? I hear all this hate rhetoric, but no one seems to have the name of an alternative. I have been active in politics since I was 20— 45 years ago. I live in reality. Stopping horse slaughter may be the top of our agenda, but it is not top of the agenda for the 70+% of the American public who support the ban. For most of them it is way down the list of their most important issues. So we had better take that into consideration. A ban on horse slaughter will make a lot of money people mad. Not so many big money supporters of the Democratic as the Republicans, but ones like drug companies who play both sides of the fence. My personal feeling is that we will not get an Executive Order in this term. But stand a good chance in the next term when reelection is not a consideration. Now I want to know the name of a person that we can vote for that will pressure and support a ban on HS ignoring all the money that comes in primarily on the Republican side? Newt? Romney? Perry (that is a joke)? Michelle? Answers, not sarcasiam. And I would also like to see the video or direct public statement where President promised to End HS by himself w/o Congress?


      • Paula Denmon:

        I didn’t say don’t vote for him , but be advised that he is the lesser of evils. His administration has made their antiequine welfare/food safety position very clear. I said many times he could shut this down with an Executive Order…..he doesn’t do it. I said we could shame him into those orders in a lame duck term.

        President Obama, one man will not fix it. One person, collectively (like the people here) will. KNOW YOUR REPS…never go away; find a candidate that will know the difference between right and wrong and the guts to fall on their sword about ethical issues.

        Right now, Buddy Roemer (god help me) is looking good as a 3d party candidate. Anyone know how he stands on equine issues?

        Can someone cite the Obama promise re:slaughter? I can’t remeber the exact time and date of the comment, but remember it being circulated during his campaign.


  28. Just wanted to say , I have asked for hero , a champion to save our Mustangs and our horses, many times, and there just doesnt seem to be one?????? But then I thought , what am i thinking there are thousands of Heros and they all reside right here under all our noses…………….. What a beautiful thing…………….. How lucky our Mustangs and Horses are we will end this atrocity for them, and will take everyone of one of us to do it………………..Now we need to get on it , like never before , we can do this………………………………. We are for real and they better not forget it!!!!! Just wanted to say !!!!! It is always darkest before the Dawn………….The World watches us……………………… And Our Horses wait with courage and pride trust Love ready at a moments notice to give what they have always given Themselves…… How Lucky we will be to have them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  29. The good feeling one can derive from the USDA and White House releases is this….they are listening and presume that we are a force to reckon with. The bad news is that it is the same ole nothing speak that neither recognizes truth, reality and positive equine welfare action.

    Hopeless? Not at all. Frustrating? BEYOND BELIEF!


  30. RED ALERT!
    In Less than 24 Hours Congress Could Vote to Change the Internet Forever
    December 15, 2011 by ppjg
    “However, little bits of truth sneak out here and there, with CHRIS DODD, head of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and former Senator, letting out a shocking admission which gives a glimpse into the minds of those who support the destruction of one of the last vestiges of true freedom in America.
    “When the Chinese told Google that they had to block sites or they couldn’t do [business] in their country, they managed to figure out how to block sites,” Dodd said.
    A similar sentiment was echoed by Senator JOE LIEBERMAN
    last year when he was promoting his so-called “internet kill switch” legislation.
    “Right now, China – the government – can disconnect parts of its internet in a case of war. We need to have that here too,” Lieberman said at the time.” READ MORE


  31. I called the office of Elizabeth Hagen to reply to her inaccurate statement regarding the transport of our poor horses. As I continued my comments she said she would have to have someone else call me back. I wonder how long I will be waiting for that call. Tomorrow is another day and will make more calls and send more emails plus fax. From my short time doing union work in DC, I
    really think all the letters, faxes and emails are making an impact. But I think someone commented about Obama’s cabinet. I think he has some very bad advisors giving him very poor directions on issues such as this. If he were to sign the Executive order or Congress would release the bill from committee and passed into law people would look at him in a different light. Bad advice can literally destroy a political carreer, I can’t believe he has been holding back on the slaughter and transportation. Again, this is a NO BRAINER!
    What are they all waiting for!!!


    • Gail, They are waiting to have time to consider this.. If you are in Washington working on labor issues, you certainly know that more people find the dismissal of American Labor Unions as more important to many than Horse Slaughter.


      • I don’t disagree…to a point. People may find the labor issues more important in their minds, but morally and ethically they (HCHS and labor) are equal.

        But, they (the powers that be) have had plenty of time to “consider” HCHS….they either don’t have the intestinal fortitude or they are the co conspirators.


  32. For the sake of the Wild Horse, this Democrat administrarion needs to be thrown out of office. The fact is, the Obama administration and the Democrat controlled congress had absolute control for the first 2 years of his term and they did NOTHING to perserve the American Wild Horse. They have however in their short 3 yeaars have set in motion the ban to be lifted for horse slaugther plants and have reduced the wild horse population by thousands. In my opinion.


  33. Will any of the horse meat go to China? Europe? If yes, there is your answer.
    We owe CHINA$$$ and inside the Beltway it’s all about quid-pro-quo.


  34. I am probably going to be killed for saying this……..but everyone please do remember the house is now majority republicans not democrats that passed this bill. period.
    It was abolished in George Bushs’s banning of it…….by a house that was a majority of Democrats.
    Just saying……!


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