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Ode Outs Wyoming Horse Eater’s Odoriferous Offerings

Anonymously submitted by “a horse owner who does not make a practice of eating her best friends

 Tongue-in Cheek  Sonnet Lays “Slaughterhouse” $ue Walli$’ Equine Blood Lust Bare

Part-Time Wyoming State Rep., Former Pres of United Organization for the (Dead?) Horse, Former VP of United Horsemen, alleged CEO of Unified Equine, Director of the Wikipedia Fan Club's Cut, Paste & Plagiarism Society and self appointed Leading Subject Matter Expert on all that lives and breaths under the Sun (with no formal education) "Slaughterhouse" $ue Walli$

My poem’s of a brute from Wyoming
Whose principal joy is in moaning
Of alleged evil forces
Behind those who love horses,
And who fight against slaughter plant zoning.

Sue Wallis, by methods misleading,
Spends most of her energies keeping,
The truth from constituents,
Which is unambiguous:
She’s in favor of equine mistreating.

Ms. Wallis would have you believe,
Those abattoirs aren’t medi-aev-
al chambers of tortures-
Her lies are just scorchers!
She must think that we’re all naive.

Sue Wallis claims that she loves horses,
But the truth of the matter of course is,
Her chief interest is wealth,
And to hell with horse health,
According to unpublished sources.

Beware this unethical beast;
She’ll employ any method, not least:
Using physical violence,
Her opponents to silence,
At venues which aren’t well policed.

Sue Wallis will push for horse slaughter,
For cruelty and bad local water,
No matter the costs,
Nor who’s double-crossed;
She belongs on each town’s police blotter.

She can’t be believed in the least,
Whether west, east, south, north, or northeast,
Whate’er she may claim,
Horses’ friends to defame,
She only loves horses once they are deceased.

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  1. There once was a girl from Wyoming
    Who out on the range would go roaming
    Till she out grew her horse,
    (She’d kill him of course,)
    Cause he wasn’t worth the re-homing.

    Now Suzie kills horses to eat.
    She says that their meat can’t be beat.
    But she’s out of touch,
    Cause she eats too much,
    Of her specialized poisonous treat.

    Well Suzie is still getting bigger.
    And she’s got quite a hair trigger.
    Just ask Simone
    Sue ’bout broke her bone.
    In public no less…well go figure.

    She’s got a job as a law maker.
    She thinks she’s a mover and shaker.
    She thinks she’s big stuff
    And she’s big enough
    That some folks don’t know how to take her.

    She’s a woman you can’t help but hate.
    And some wish her a terrible fate.
    Heck we built a whole page,
    To let out our rage,
    Cause she makes us dog-gonned irate.


  2. Catchy little poem, but I think the last line should read; She only loves horses once they are “slaughtered”. The 2nd poem I believe has a You Tube video pretty funny… thanks for sharing both!


  3. Alright, we have somr pretty good lits here. I would like to see these published all over, but then again who wants to give credence to anything this illiterate Representative has to say. I can only say the people in here district must have been pretty hard up to let her represent them in Washington.. or does she represent a district so remote in the desert there are no people other than her slimmy self and her under the rock supporters. She is a sick sick person…all of them
    are who support horse slaughter…I will thank Jesus Christ if we ever get this bill past in Washington
    which would stop the slaughter of Americas horses and other equines…Let the “Force of the Horse”
    be with all of you has we continue our battle for the safety of these wonderful creatures.


    • Gail, Fortunately she does not represent our state in Washington. She is only a rep. in the state from her district out of ReCluse, Wyo. It’s sad that the people from there would elect her, but then most of them are family or friends of theirs because of the small population she represents.


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