Month: December 2011

Holiday for Healing

It’s Sunday and time for a little respite from the fight; but today our story actually takes you to a small skirmish within the battle to save our wild horses and burros, a story right to the heart of the problem and the soul of those who are fighting the battle.

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Pro-Horse Movement on a Roll

As all of you equine advocates are aware, the past several weeks have not been the best for our companion, four-legged friends, the American horse. Between the roar of helicopter blades and the gavel of Congress there has been a full-scale war waged upon the benevolent friend of all Americans, the horse, but please take heart…we are NOT going away. In fact, we are becoming more galvanized by the second, hence, the lack of a lot of news coming out of SFTHH. We are busy.

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Pasture to Plate: Congressional Christmas Gift to the U.S.

“Warning – this report and associated videos included are graphic in nature. This Canadian Horse Slaughter Plant has been touted as the most humane plant in the world. It is what several rouge politicians and big AG lobbyists want to see on U.S. soil as they brainwash the American public. Lies, corruption, falsified paperwork and blatant inhumanity surround the predatory business of horse slaughter and there has been, is not nor never will be anything “humane” about it. We are smarter than this and better than than this. This brand of cruelty cannot be allowed back onto U.S. soil. The sold-out politicians have to go. Again, proceed at your own risk!” ~ R.T.

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The Force of the Horse: Because of Love

It is Sunday and once again time to catch our breath and reflect on why it is we do what we do as we charge forward in our battle to better the welfare of our equine companions, both domestic and wild. And being that we have rushed into the Holiday season, with little fanfare or warning, I would like to submit for your reading refreshment a story that appeared in my inbox, this morning. Likewise, we published this story last year and it, too, was submitted by another kind and caring reader.

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Call President Obama on Promise to Stop Horse Slaughter

Here at WHFF volunteer headquarters we are besieged with emails, calls, press interviews on the atrocity of 3 Congressman covertly working to bring foreign owned horse slaughter plants to the United States and we, have had enough. To echo our good friends at the Equine Welfare Alliance we are tired of mailing, faxing, calling our legislators only to get back canned and condescending responses, we are MAD and mad enough to do something about it, TODAY!

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Equine Advocates Take Horse Slaughter Debate To Air Waves

HOUSTON – The horse-flesh back of the Fitch’s Magnolia home is considered “family”.

No question about it.

“All four of these guys were throw away horses,” said Terry Fitch as she kissed a nuzzling gelding.

Even the possibility their “friends” could some day reach a dinner table in Belgium or France has spurred a need for the Fitch’s to fight.

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