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Horse Eating Minority Attempt to Make a Point

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“That point might not be so obvious if they all wore hats!”

In our last post we shared with you a letter from an astounding 14 year old young lady, Cheyenne Little, who is actually educated enough and adequately enlightened to the point that she “gets it” when it comes to the cruelty and inhumanity that is at the heart of bloody, predatory horse slaughter.  I was both motivated and enthralled when I read what she had written as it was years beyond her time and several levels above the tripe that you get out of the public ramblings on the Horse-Eaters side, I had to pinch myself to remember that this was a fourteen year old speaking out, hats off to Cheyenne; we sure hope that there are a ton more of young folks like you out there as our fight is for you.  It is our hope that in your adulthood your children will be able to play with their ponies with no fear that there is a Kill Buyer lurking behind the corral fence waiting to steal and whisk their horses off to a gruesome and unimaginably cruel death.  Likewise, your children should have a right to view, photograph and enjoy the federally protected wild horses and burros that are supposed to be living on their designated public land free of harassment, capture and death.  It is for you, Cheyenne, that we fight and will never relent.

But, and there is always a but, this morning when I logged into the ole blog there were a few messages that the WordPress spam filter had set aside for me to review and rightfully so.  I am no stranger to the foul mouthed comments, threats and tirades from the opposition, I actually find them amusing.  And I also understand and appreciate that not all people are going to see eye-to-eye on all issues and that, too, is okay because it adds to our diversity.  I am cool with differences on politics, religion and on most issues as often I have learned several interesting concepts from folks who had a different opinion than did I.  But I will not relent nor tolerate the lack of facts, intelligence and open-mindedness on issues of cruelty, torture and death…and that is right where we are on the issues of horse slaughter and the managed extinction of our wild horses and burros, there is NO other side than to do the right thing and killing and eating my very best friend is not on the top of that list.

Hence, I was surprised when the 20% of the public who believes that it is okay to “dispose” of your lifelong friend by cruelly murdering him/her and then slicing up their body to dine upon reared their ill informed heads over night.  It seems that the out pouring of equine awareness from Spielberg‘s “War Horse” drove them out of their rat holes and into the full light of the sun, for only a few moments, but they surfaced none the less.  Again, it is alright to have different opinions but I don’t do “stupid” and have no time for “ignorance” and these folks just touched my last nerve.

So for the sake of being “fair and balanced” I will share them with you, today.  Read, weep and stare deeply into the eye of abject lunacy because one of the people who wrote one of these notes might just be living next door to you, or worse yet, may be a family member that you trust and admire so suck it up and tell them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth because that is the only way we are going to win this war and I will stand there with you on the front lines until it is over; the Force of the Horse® is with us, for the sake of the horses we shall prevail.  (BTW this was aimed at the Spielberg quote and downloadable flyer we posted)



“I do wish there were more TRUE facts put into this poster. Like in regards to the torture and abuses endured while the houses were closed, the percentage of INFORMED Americans that actually support humane slaughter in light of other ways of ‘disposing’ of the over-populated horse species. While I enjoyed the unrealistic, over-anthromorphism of the movie; I don’t think an informed audience will see it as being entirely anti-slaughter.

It takes all of the breeders to wisen up and realize that their horses and not living full, happy, healthy lives and that it’s time to slow down the market. An organization who’s producing 20+ head a year is more guilty than the family who enjoys horse meat as a delicacy. If there was not so much excess stock this would not be nearly as large a problem as it has become.

The world needs TRUE facts, not just the ones that help with the ‘rainbows and sunshine’ anti-slaughter campaign.”


“Sounds like some people need to take a step back to reality and do some research…”


“I see nearly no research was done prior to making this flier. A lot of people, equestrians like myself included, wish horse slaughter didn’t exsist. But because back yard breeders are churning out huge amounts of foals each year we will always have an over population issue. I would rather that issue be taken care of on US soil where we can institute strict regulations and enforce them. We can’t do that when the horses are shipped to Canada and Mexico. The fact is horse slaughter won’t stop if it’s once again shut down in the US. The horses will just be shipped outside to Mexico and Canada. I would also love to hear the solutions you all have if you want horse slaughter banned. Should we just throw the unwanted horses out in the wild and be left to starve? I suggest doing some real research on the horse slaughter industry. Not crap from PETA or any groups like PETA. The regulations are extremely strict and well followed.”


“This is terrible. So much false information. I own horses and have been an equestrian since childhood. Not one of the “horse people” I know is opposed to horse slaughter. It provides an alternative end to life for unwanted horses. Is it better for horses to be slaughtered via a shot to the head or for them to slowly starve to death in their pasture because their owner cannot afford them and cannot sell them in this economy.
Only truly ignorant people oppose horse slaughter. Speilberg has lost a lot of respect from me. Efforts should be being made to tighten regulations on the slaughter industry, not to abolish it.”


“oh good lord.. considering the slaughterhouses were shut.. where are the horses going to the gourmet market? me thinks you need to research Mr Spielberg.. and while I as a very very experienced horse-person, I will no doubt love your movie, I have no illusions about the horses blowing fairies out their rear end and loving every human being unconditionally and totally.. there are stories through out history of horses killing and eating meat.. and including a young friend of mine yesterday who went to kiss her horse on the nose.. and what did this horse do.. he did what comes naturally, he attacked her for being a sweet trusting and complacent human being and tried to rip her throat out..yes she is still alive, but only after plastic surgery and 50+ stitches..”


I thought that a lot of these names where vaguely familiar and had the same stench to them…they are all from “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette’s Horse Eating cult over at their embarrassing United Horseman’s Facebook page, actively soliciting responses as a nerve has been touched and I knew they were going to hate Spielberg for portraying compassion on the big screen, it runs contrary to their bloody and sadistic perversity.  We have the cockroaches on the run, folks…

Anyone want to address this…….

‎(DOWNLOADABLE) Flyer for Distribution
    • Jamie DeHartWhy give it more attention than it deserves?

      6 hours ago · 5
    • Jamie DeHartThere is only one scene in the movie that deals, REMOTELY, with horse slaughter and that’s the end, at the auction, when “the butcher” is bidding. It’s a known fact that people eat horses. Many of our guys did, and still do eat horses while they are deployed. <shrug>

      6 hours ago · 7
    • Joanie WatsonMy boy had to eat horse meat and dog meat while deployed in Iraq. If he hadn’t, it would have been an insult to the Iraqi’s they were training. He said it wasn’t too bad.

      6 hours ago · 5
    • Patricia Patty Umbarger‎’fringe gourmands overseas’…..i’m sure that those people that eat horsemeat overseas would love to know thats they way he feels about them…maybe they’ll think twice about buying that movie ticket that made him rich and famous enough that people would listen to him say something so stupid.

      2 hours ago
    • Debbie Shoemaker NorthI just posted a comment – please do so, folks. I bet they get yanked off faster than a level 3 jumper on a good horse.

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  1. RT? Did you clean these posts up or where these the posts that weren’t so embedded with foul expletives? Either way, thanks for sharing.

    “You can’t fix stupid.”, Ron White


  2. Some people will just plain never get it will they, it is hard to understand those people, their comments are completely out of the extremely small box that they must live in, To believe that the slaughter of a friend is the answer I certainly would not want to be friend to ant of them!!!!! IGNORANCE IS BLISS? Stupidity in this matter is unacceptable !!!!!


    • Point is you can’t fix stupid; ignorance you can fix with education.

      Beside stupid, I think we are dealing with plain, simple, pure evil.


      • You are right Denise, this is all pure evil !!! it can be nothing else but pure evil, I ask myself everyday how can anyone ever hurt these spectacular beings that are pure innocence, and give willingly and have done so much unselfsciously without malice………………………….for the sake of that is all good and right I would not let anyone hurt them in any way …………………


  3. I guess Amy doesn’t understand that if there were no demand for horse flesh, the large breeders would be forced to reduce the number of foals they churn out — and that decision alone would eliminate “excess” or “unwanted” equines from the equation.

    And I guess Ashley doesn’t realize that PETA has the gall to come out in support of returning horse slaughter to the states. But I do agree with the noun she uses to describe what emanates from that organization. As for her last comment, what fairytale land is she living in?

    And I guess Amanda thinks “truly ignorant” people spend every free waking minute trying to spare their friends from death row by educating the public and changing uncivilized laws — all this work without a cent of remuneration.

    And I guess Shai hasn’t seen “Buck,” which shows that the one horse who acted violent toward humans (and had to be humanely euthanized) wasn’t at fault; it was the horse’s owner who had let her own problems build up and had not taken responsibility for training her horse properly from the beginning.

    We may be crazy to care so much, but we are not ignorant about economics, we are the opposite of heartless, and we do not blame and murder the victims of a few greedy humans.

    And, by the way, why do we always have to explain that those who let their horses starve have several options: there is still (unfortunately) a slaughter system, there is something called truly humane euthanasia, and there is the law, which is designed to penalize any individual who abuses (including starves or abandons) their animals.


  4. I had no idea that back yard breeders were pumping out so many unwanted horses! I always figured it was the big time breeders that produce 60% more foals every year than they need or can sell. Silly me. I would really like those who think its more humane to send a horse to slaughter to receive a shot to the head to watch how it took 11 blows to bring down 1 horse in a brand new facility. Thats not humane, euthanizing is humane. Its already been proven and tested in some areas that instead of abandoning your horse release them to a rescue or work with a rescue to place your horse before you can no longer afford them and these so called unwanted horses seem to just be absorbed into the community by adopters. There is no such thing as an unwanted horse, they just haven’t been found by there person yet. I do believe that strongly. There has never been 1 horse that has come to me, no matter how broken they may seem to be, thats hasn’t found their person, family, and home. They always seem to shine brighter than any star when that right person walks into their lives. Denise you are right you can’t fix stupid!


  5. A couple of days ago I went on the bogus, biased slaughter poll that is currently up by a pro slaughter individual on FB. The questions were ludicrous and slanted. I made a few polite statements with data to back them to include Wallis statements about her running a 501 (c) to use for lobbying instead of the intended use of a 501 (c) for charity and the accomplishment of good in our country. I stated some facts about campaign contributions which are public record. I was called an idiot and an ass. No data was given to refute me, just name calling and slamming for being a 501 (c) rescue. To be slammed by pro’s for being a rescue while cleaning up their mess, while they support an organization like UH is mind boggling to me. Their support of a organization that represents greed, corruption, bribery of our politicians, cruelty, brutal death, while poisoning the globe with toxic meat tells me these are people who are beyond ignorant and fall more into the category of the deepest evil I have ever experienced in my life. I have yet in the 8 years I have battled slaughter and it’s supporters ever seen ONE of them with facts and data. None of them, not one iota of them have ever had straight facts. They operate on ignorance, greed and the need to destroy. All the while saying but not my horse…….You can’t cure stupid, nor can you cure pure evil. But you can beat them at their game by remaining stead fast in the truths. It takes time, sadly time runs out daily for our equine.


    • Beverly, I am happily to say that I am the one Ashley Thomas banned on her bogus suvery site on FB. I did not use severe profanity but that is beside the point. I did shed light on who she really was. Plus I have read Ashely’s comments on UH on FB and she has some serious issues. Keep up the fight!


    • I hate to bring this up but I went to that page and no where did I see that they were slamming rescues, or you, or anyone else. True there is one that is being really belligerent but the page is trying to get her to tone down. I don’t agree with what they are discussing and I don’t agree with what they say but the page admins aren’t being rude from what I see. I even gave them several questions to ask and they added them. These ones actually:

      What do you believe is the most inhumane aspect of the processing facilities?
      Have you seen the undercover horse slaughter videos?
      Do you think the double decker trailers used to transport the horses to the processing facilities are inhumane and cruel?

      (I had sent a PM to them asking what they thought of everything I posted and they then replied back asking if they could use the questions on their page. I said yes and they were posted.)

      I do believe you are talking about this post:

      “I know you are not directing this at me but what have I done for a horse lately? Let’s see, I’ve helped in the rehabilitation of no less than 12 horses in the past 6 years. That is not including the many cats, cows, goats, sheep, and three fortunate dogs. Believe me we would have done more but we never worked beyond our means. We always make sure we never have more horses and animals that we can support financially. Which is a lot more than I can say about most rescues I know of.”

      I don’t believe they were insulting you, I believe that they were talking about how some rescues tend to have more animals than they can financially support at times. Thus making it so they run a shoestring tight budget which isn’t good for the rescue owners or the animals they save becuase they might not get the extra treatment they need because of financial issues. I agree with this. I believe everyone should work within their means, that way the animals they can take in get the BEST treatment they possibly can! That also means the animals have a better chance at survival if they have a life threatening condition because there is extra money to put into their care. I don’t see how rescue can do any good if they are running low on funds but high on animals.

      I agree with everything else you have said, just this portion was nagging at me because I do not think they were intentionally insulting rescues. I thank you for taking the time to read my comment.


  6. I’m sure the story of the mean old horse who tried to kill his sweet little owner by ripping her throat out is pure fiction. But the again, these Pro-slaughter nutjobs are so clearly delusional and don’t know the difference between a horse, cow or chicken…maybe she mistook her horsey for a mountain lion.


  7. Who would kiss a horse on the nose when they know he was a biter? You’re just asking for it and believe me the horse will happily oblige. Now the horse that happily will let you pat, kiss and rub him all over–that horse will probably not bite you for kissing his nose. You don’t kiss a wild horse on the nose til you’ve had a chance to gentle him and have him settle. Maybe Pam Nickoles, Deb Little or Ginger will comment on their experiences.

    To the horse eaters I have zero against you putting your horse down in an appropriate way–caling the vet out–or at worst a well placed gunshot to the head. Either way those have to be pain free quick kills so that the horse doesn’t suffer.

    I’m sorry I just don’t see how killing and eating your best friend is okay. If you’d kill your best friend and eat him how can anyone trust you not to do the same to you? Maybe you wouldn’t kill a human but betraying confidences and backstabbing friends is to me the equivalent on the human level.


  8. Working in my Dad’s veterinary clinic while growing up, I had first hand experience with the “you can’t fix stupid, you can fix evil, and you can’t fix greedy”, mentality. I have learned over the years to focus on people who DO care, who DO want to make a difference, and who DO “get it” when it comes to respect and compassion for other species. Right now we need MORE THAN EVER for each one of us to be calling, faxing and meeting with our Senators and House Reps. EVERY SINGLE day to protect our horses from slaughter AND from transport to slaughter. Action must continue EACH DAY. I hear that things have been quiet on that front with the Holidays, so we MUST take it up a few notches, stand in front of our horses and protect them. Thank you R.T. and everyone here who fights for our horses! 🙂


  9. I am so amazed at the ones who call themselves “very, very experienced” horsemen, and yet don’t understand the end suffering. They live in some sort of a bubble where their horse isn’t truly a partner, but is an object to use, enjoy and then deal with at the end, Such lack of knowledge.


  10. Looking at the flyer, it does indeed contain “research,” albeit facts that are inconvenient to slaughter proponents.

    And the only “research” they are providing in rebuttal is the disproved argument that moving the slaughter plants increased equine neglect.

    Perhaps these folks need a course in, well, common sense.


  11. It is a sad fact that there are many Horse people who don’t know the full ramifications of Horse slaughter. I didn’t. I never knew ANYTHING about it.
    Unless you have followed the trucks to the feedlots and all the way through to the slaughter houses, you wouldn’t know.
    I think I’m safe in saying that most biters are made through mishandling. It takes years and years to really become good at working with Horses. Once they get a bad habit (like humans), it is very hard to undo. A good trainer will tell you that he is still learning and that each Horse teaches him something new.


  12. there are stories through out history of horses killing and eating meat…

    Sheesh – how about this one? There may some isolated instances in a horse’s distant past, but horses are herbivores. Sometimes their people don’t feed them the proper diet.

    I’m very troubled by PETA’s getting into the mix as well, don’t they realize that opening the door to slaughter in the US will lead to more breeding and more slaughter? It’s the ultimate insult to us by our gov’t – not only bring back a practice that most Americans find abhorrent, but make us pay for it too! 😦

    I thought War Horse was excellent – not “over-anthropomorphized” at all (they had to add “over” to it, I guess that is the ultimate sin a human can do, have any feeling or sentiment for an animal. It would be ridiculous if it wasn’t so tragic.)

    Cheyenne’s letter was fantastic – go Cheyenne! 🙂


  13. I’ve known horse people that support it because they believe it’s the only solution to overpopulation. However, I DO NOT believe they are aware of the facts involving the cruelty in killing these horses, nor do they realize the same medicine they routinely give horses is likely to have health effects if consumed in horse meat. Why should they? All of us had a moment, a headline or something that said ‘Wake up and do the research.’ We need ways to make sure more people get that wake up call.


  14. There’s never a bad horse only bad owners. We teach them to be fearful to hate to love ect. the same we do for our children.

    When ever I speak to other “horse people” almost all of them are against slaughter but I also only surround my self with caring, educated people. The ones who say they are for it make a living off of horses and think it will make the market go up. They will never learn that the economy makes the market go up not horse slaughter. We are in a war, the price of living is going up, price of oil, we are not making energy efficient appliances affordable. These are only some reasons the economy fell but many PROS will blame the horse economy’s fall on slaughter.
    common sense isn’t so common, sadly.


  15. I hate people yes hate stupid people! They are only the 20% if not less that does not get it. If one of these sh##heads were my family they would be kicked in the a@#. How would you like to be a horse and be stabbed multiple times and and have your flesh stripped from your body fully aware! You are too stupid to pay attention!


  16. I love your comment ” I don’t do stupid”. I also have a saying. ” Smart people can’t operate stupid!” Some people are so lost they can never be found. A good example of that is the comments submitted above, particularly Shai’s comment. Utter nonsense. Bottom line is horse slaughter is inhumane, can not be made humane, is a greedy, predatory business that only perpetuates irresponsibility. It must stop.


  17. Hot off the press from UpstateDJeanne:

    “Ms. Barbara – the abuse comes at the hands of ingorant owners who are ill equipped to properly care for horses. The low average cost of horse care for one year is approximately $1200 per head, not including the cost of providing shelter and safe fencing. Humane, regulated slaughter will allow horses to be dealt with quickly and without pain.

    Horses are LIVESTOCK, not pets. Kitties and doggies and bunnies and hamsters are PETS. Horses, cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, poultry are livestock.

    Mr. Speilberg should now put his money where his mouth is – buy thousands of acres of land, erect shelters, build fences, and buy 130,000 horses a year. anyone who does not support the right of livestock owners to choose this as an option for unwanted/untrained/infirm horses needs to ‘pony up’ with $$$ to purchase each and every horse that might be headed for slaughter. If all you are going to do it sit in front of your computer and write your angry little diatribes for ‘saving horses’ but not DO anything about it FINANCIALLY, then most kindly shut the hell up. We who truly love horses see this as a necessary evil to curtail the cycle of abuse and neglect that so many horses suffer. Too many ignorant people take in free or cheap horses, no clue how to properly feed and care for them, or simply run out of money for proper care. How can a slow, starvation death accompanied by untrimmed hooves and teeth with no care be preferable to a humane, instant death at a REGULATED slaughterhouse? I really wanted to see War Horse, but now I think I will use this as a reason to save my money.”

    The horse-eaters are really upset that you care about your equine charges…geez Louise.


    • What I am eager to hear from the deluded pro-slaughter minority like UpstateDJeanne is how, pray tell, do they intend to use slaughter to solve the problems of equine neglect and starvation, since it hasn’t worked thus far?

      Let’s think through this little fantasy for a minute….

      First, as we know, kill buyers are seeking healthy horses in good flesh. So, neglected, starving horses are already disqualified as potential slaughter candidates.

      So then how do we get the horses to slaughter BEFORE they’re neglected?

      Perhaps slaughter pushers are clairvoyant and will be able to predict owners who will neglect their horses in order to intervene prior to the horse being disqualified as a slaughter candidate??

      And then – let me guess – they would condone forcing the owner to send their horse to slaughter at that time in order to prevent the neglect they foresaw? (Property rights… soooo overrated).

      Yes, the argument that slaughter will prevent neglect always falls apart when held up to the light. And the fact is, it’s been widely available as an option to American horse owners for decades and has failed to control neglect and starvation. Back to the real world, where slaughter not only fails to improve equine neglect, but may very well increase abuse, enable overbreeding – and as we learned last week – cause mass equine abandonment.


  18. UPDATE:

    I thought that a lot of these names where vaguely familiar and had the same stench to them…they are all from “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette’s Horse Eating cult over at their embarrassing United Horseman’s Facebook page, actively soliciting responses as a nerve has been touched and I knew they were going to hate Spielberg for portraying compassion on the big screen, it runs contrary to their bloody and sadistic perversity. We have the cockroaches on the run, folks…

    Dorothy Robertson
    Anyone want to address this…….

    Download Steven Spielberg Pro-Horse Flyer
    ‎(DOWNLOADABLE) Flyer for Distribution
    Share · 7 hours ago

    Jamie DeHart Why give it more attention than it deserves?
    7 hours ago · 5

    Jamie DeHart There is only one scene in the movie that deals, REMOTELY, with horse slaughter and that’s the end, at the auction, when “the butcher” is bidding. It’s a known fact that people eat horses. Many of our guys did, and still do eat horses while they are deployed.
    7 hours ago · 7

    Joanie Watson My boy had to eat horse meat and dog meat while deployed in Iraq. If he hadn’t, it would have been an insult to the Iraqi’s they were training. He said it wasn’t too bad.
    6 hours ago · 5

    Patricia Patty Umbarger ‎’fringe gourmands overseas’…..i’m sure that those people that eat horsemeat overseas would love to know thats they way he feels about them…maybe they’ll think twice about buying that movie ticket that made him rich and famous enough that people would listen to him say something so stupid.
    2 hours ago

    Debbie Shoemaker North I just posted a comment – please do so, folks. I bet they get yanked off faster than a level 3 jumper on a good horse.


  19. Where are we? What year is this? How is it we’ve slipped back into the pre-2007 slaughterhouse years? How come the people- in -charge can only see one answer to the over-population /unwanted /old/lame/wrong color problem? When they finish off the horses and wolves–oh–and the polar bears and bison–and anything else wild and beautiful ( including mountain tops and running rivers) will they cast an eye on humans–gee a lot of us are old/lame/wrong color. A desert stretches before us……. yet there are heros to rally around and support– almost biblical isn’t it. “How precious life is……”


  20. Its the same ol’ same ol.’ He puts them all to shame..Its about time we had someone in their corner. And your right about the horses, there are no bad horses, just bad owners/trainers who made them that way. I say to all the breed associations including the Arabian Horse Association, stop breeding the horses and find homes for the ones that are out there. Each time I get an email from a glamorous farm offering stallions and babies it makes me sick! I worry about their future and the future of our Wild Horses and Burros who are being pursecuted by the thousands at tax payers expense. I refuse to pay my taxes to support this inhumane treatment and death….


  21. Keep reminding the Public:
    Slaughter not driven by unwanted horses – study
    “The study was recently completed by researchers working with Animal Law Coalition, examining trends in horse slaughter in the US, Mexico, Canada and other countries. The study relied on data available from the US Department of Agriculture, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other government and private sources from 1989-2008.”
    “The findings contradict horse slaughter industry claims that horse slaughter controls the numbers of unwanted horses. Proponents of horse slaughter have insisted that if horse slaughter is banned, there will be large numbers of abandoned, unwanted horses. The study concluded, “Slaughter … is useless as a tool for controlling the unwanted horse population and instead simply creates a … market that competes with potential buyers of …horses and encourages a continuous supply.”


  22. People like Amy and Amanda and the rest of the pro-slaughter dudes live in a world of denial. They breed their horses excessively because of their underlying lust for money and greed. They are heartless and have no regard for the very animal that puts food on their tables at home. They view horse slaughter in the same denial world that they exist in themselves. Think about it…They send their excess horses to the auction where a kill buyer picks them up and sends them to a cruel and horrific death. But….people like Amy, Amanda and other pro-slaughter dudes don’t have to hear the screams or observe the cruelty. And, to top it off, they don’t have to call their vet, watch the horse die from a chemical overdose AND they don’t have to pay out any money for the vet to humanely euthanize the horse, and NO money to bury the carcass or call the rendering truck. So, sending their excess horses to auction and slaughter is a purely sanitized operation for these people which fits in nicely with their dream world living AND they MAKE money rather than SPENDING money to humanely euthanize the horse. These people are heartless. Horse slaughter is un-American and goes against every moral and ethical principle that founded this great country.


  23. And, I don’t believe the story about the son being FORCED to eat dog and horse meat. MRE (meals ready to eat) are plentiful in the military for the soldiers deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.


  24. And to Ms. Barbara: Stop shifting the responsibility to someone else. It is the overbreeding of horses that has led to excessive horses in the US. It has nothing to do with Mr. Spielberg. And, Ms. Barbara, horses are considered as companion animals according the the Food and Drug Administration and they NOT livestock as they are NOT raised for food in the United States.


  25. I really, really hate to bring this up but I think it is illegal to use their pictures without their permission, especially if they say you cannot do so. I know how they act and if you took those pictures without their permission they would jump all over it and they would technically be in the right, in the eyes of the law at least. I just don’t want you to get into trouble if you didn’t realize what you were doing so I decided I would give you a heads up! It was a great read and I love all your articles! Keep it up!


    • Those are their public pictures right off from Facebook so they are fair game…they don’t realize that whatever they post to that group is very, very public and they look like the fools they truly are.


      • Not if the people have strictly stated that pictures CANNOT be used by individuals without their permission. Yes, Facebook is a public forum but think of it like the art site ‘Deviantart’ it is a public forum and every picture and art piece that is posted is in the public eye. HOWEVER one cannot just come and take the pictures without expressed permission from the owner of the picture or art piece. If you do take the picture without permission and use it, you can be charged with copyright infringement. The criminal liability for that states that any person who knowingly infringes or abets the infringement of the copyright in a work shall be punishable with imprisonment which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both. [ ]

        I just don’t want you to be reported for something trivial and Facebook does have a support system for people who have been victim of copyright infringement. [ ] So it is against their rules to take something, like a picture or video, from someone else and use it without permission. Also stated here: [ ]

        This may seem a little muddy to you but as a person who is minoring in pre-law it is very clear to me and I DO NOT want to see you get into trouble. (Your blog could even be shut down if it is found out you took these fully aware of the copyright infringement and you could even been thrown in jail. I don’t want that. I don’t think anyone here wants that.) IF the pro’s get their hands on this information you could be in serious trouble becuase they WILL take this all the way because they will want to have you shut down. I really hate to say this as well, but given the fact you posted their picture, not their comment content, but their pictures, there is a really, REALLY high possibility that if this was taken to the authorities, they would win.

        Everything on Facebook, your profile pictures, pictures of you, pictures you took and videos are all subject to copyright the minute you put them on facebook. No matter where you post or who you post too, your profile picture, your pictures, and your videos are still your copyright. No matter what. Comments are fair game but the pictures are not.

        I’m bringing this up to help you. I don’t want to see you get into trouble. I don’t wan to see the Pro’s win. Not on this because this is a serious matter that they would drag until it was nothing but bones then drag it some more becuase they are within their rights to do so and you would be perceived to be in the wrong and YOU would be punished, which isn’t fair to me but it is fair in the eyes of the law. I’m sorry but I’m just trying to help.


  26. Here is another recent comment:.
    Elaine Beitch the real cruelty is happening as we post-the opposition will stop at nothing-including name calling and false accusations. you know you are dealing with people that cannot ,will not come here and debate in a civilized fashion, so let m. fitch be what he is-a misinformed irritant. cruelty is allowing horses to starve to death.

    This was posted on UH FB page about this blog. Helloooo, Elaine??? Hellooo? We can’t come to UH page as debating is not allowed there.


    • That’s because they don’t want any facts posted.

      -Wallis posted that a horse has never been mistreated at a slaughter plant. Can you imagine that one? All the FOIAs that are available of humane and transport violations, as well as a very damning GAO report and follow-up. Oh, and let’s not forget the dozens and dozens of investigations.

      -Wallis posted that they have never found drug residues in horses. Never mind the recent EU FVO inspection reports where banned substances were found in US horses slaughtered in Mexico and Canada along with falsified paperwork stating the horses were drug free. Keep in mind, they don’t test for bute so one can only imagine how that would jack up the numbers.

      That is under OUR control and has nothing to do with where they are being slaughtered. Americans sent the horses, not Mexico or Canada. Americans are lying to the consumers, not Mexico or Canada. The liars will continue to lie. And the kill buyers will continue to manage the farce of a transport program. Did you all know that USDA/APHIS does not oversee the transport program? Even the green stickers are slapped on by the kill buyers. USDA/APHIS doesn’t have any records on the majority of horses and this is the SAME program that was running when the plants were open in the US. They only have $120k for the program and $70k or $75k of that is Astling’s salary.

      Regulated my butt. It was never regulated and it will never be humane or regulated. It’s a joke.


  27. i can’t belive im gonna comment but something just pissed me off. Yes im pro slaughter. WHo cares what you all think about that. BUT one comment above made me comment, 90% of breeders Myself included DO NOT bred just to bred. The last foal I have on the ground is a yearling, the one before that is 4 yrs. I will NOT have another until 2013. BUT here is the kicker, we have BUYERS who ask for these bloodlines.
    I have been told that I was a killer, because I made the call to shoot my stud instead of letting him lie there and suffer until the vet got, which would be 2 hrs. I have had death threats against me that the correct ppl have been notified and no im not talking about FB either. that threat was made by a anti slaughter person.
    we see over and over that you all state its about the money. WHY is making money with our horses a bad thing. I would rather see my horses after they die being utilized instead of rotting in the ground, sad thing the 3 i have buried could NOT be utilized because of the chemicals given to it. I make money with my horses, rodeo, barrel racing showing and yes the sale of foals, IF i sell any. again those who breed bred for a reason, to better our bloodlines, to replace a lost horse, or to better the breed. slam me for it i could care less, BUT don’t EVER say we don’t care about our horses, because we care very much so. we care enough to see when the life is gone from them, we care enough to put them down before they get to bad, we care enough to try to mend wounds that could put them out of business.


    • Sorry you are proslaughter, but pleased you gunshot euth’d your stallion; which I assume was injured or else he would have gone on the truck to kill when you didn’t want him any longer?

      If you want to utilize the remains, render. Of course you have to plan and pay for that service.

      Not all people that are antislaughter spew death threats at proslaughter, but we are passionate with facts rebutting proslaughter. Your side has some pretty nasty folks Miss Daphne that have taken logic, threats and name calling to new heights.

      As to money, you spend cash bringing them into this world; why can’t you spend money humanely taking them out?

      You didn’t mention food safety or that US equines are not brought into this world for food and then magically become food when you want them gone. Hog farmers, cattlemen can’t do that. Why can equine owners?


      • denise, if i wanted to render him it would have cost me upwards of 1000.00 dollars just for the truck to come and pick him up. the closest rendering truck is over 5 hrs away. sorry but like many farmers i don’t have that kinda of cash to blow. As for me giving them an end, my horses are kept for life, unless I have a buyer for them. Sorry to dissappiont you. Im pro NOT because I want to see horses slaughtered, but because I live in a world that has seen so many unwanted horses that they need a place to go. You see slaughter as a terrible thing, I see it as an end. I would rather take my horses when their life is over to a place that they will be used, slaughter house, zoo big cat place. I went thru trying to heal my roping mare for 6 months, i was SELFISH in trying to heal her broken leg as I watched her GIVE up on life. When she was put down, she was a BC of a 3, had no spark left in her eye. I should have stopped as soon as she broke it , but I didn’t.Us pros would rather see a horse being used instead of rotting in the ground, there is NOTHING wrong with utlilizeing that horse , either with slaughter, rendering etc. Im the lucky one and can bury, BUT the three I have buried could NOT be rendered or used because of the antibotics, and poision they had in their systems. The first horse coliced, died on the suregery table, the 2nd brokeen leg-juice to kill her, my last was my stud who broke his neck in a freak accident(he had 4 weeks worth of drugs in his body)
        And I have YET to see a pro slaughter person spew death threats, or say BURN barns down, or turn out horses, etc. FUnny thing all those come from the anti slaughter side.


      • daphne:

        Ms Leigh and Mr Fitch, among others could show posts or testify to the threats they have received (some physical in the flesh, real time, one on one and the bad guy had a gun).

        Most of your post is illogical, factless and contradictory. One example…the cost of rendering and the problem with antibiotics; yet you have no problem sending your equines that can load to slaughter for people to eat.

        Odd, to say the least. Rationalize off the fact map all you want….you are ethically and morally wrong.

        BTW, $1000 for rendering? Hmmm…possible but begs the question, you don’t have that over the income period of ownership of the equine? Didn’t set it aside? Didn’t factor in humane cost of death and disposal into your ownership? Didn’t learn about composting, cremation, burying or get animal owners together to improve dead carcass pick up? Work with USDA and extension services? Hmmmmm…no excuse in my world.

        But I appreciate your reply, because you see, it shows how wrong the killers for human meat really are. Please keep replying. We need the documentation.

        ps. for those special bloodlines that are in demand, where can I view their performance, show and/or race records? Breeding is the easy part; making something out of them with a record of performance is another….ask the breeders of TBs in KY.


    • you’ll have to forgive the person who was upset with you shooting your horse and not blame it on their no-horsemeat opinion.

      Not everyone understands that a well placed gunshot in familar pasture is a fast very humane death for any large animal.

      Being a horse person yourself, you do understand that most any horse hates being thrown into tightpack conditions with strange horses. lots of kicking and biting going on. slamming/catching of gates, strange handlers hitting with whips and shocking with hot shots. Then not fed or watered, sometimes for days. Standing in the slaugherhouse, a flight animal that can smell the blood, hears the panic.

      a usda report from back in the slaughterhouse days stated about 50% of the hung meat was covered with bites and bruses.

      To know that horsemeat is different than beef, it is not hung like beef to age, horse has twice the blood volume than is mushie-liverlike bloodie meat and must be frozen that same day or it starts to rot. Your horse is hung by hind leg and gutted, legs cut off alive. many kick and flail, need restunning because the stun doesn’t work good on non-cattle.

      It’s not so much you are pro-slaughterhouse as an end of life… would you consider the path to the ending as something you would never ever subject your own horses to.?

      p/s ivermection is very toxic to some dog breeds, thats why horsemeat won’t be used in it’s raw form ever as dog-food. Though euthed animals including the black bags/flea collars/rotten grocery store meats are rendered-up along with horses shot at the farm by renderers. then it becomes ‘meat and bone meal’ on many dog food ingredients.


      • I wasn’t upset with her for gunshot euth’ing her equine. I would bet some details have been left out to support her reckless position on HCHS.

        My trouble with good ol’ daphne is that he(the stallion that got freek wrecked…which begs another question) would have gone on the truck to kill if he could be loaded when she was through with him. Oh and her remarkable demonstration of STOOOOOPID when it comes to animal production and food safety.

        Still waiting on her performance record history for that “speeschill” blood line she’s got.


    • I work with people at ‘official zoos’ they can not risk equine diseases infecting their hooved animals. The raw meats they feed animals are human quality meats. Many companies like purina and hills have diets canned and dry crafted for zoo animals.

      sure plenty of the (old school)cat breeding farms and pit-bull ‘underground’ farms grab-up some poor horse to feed their animals…this also is not a quality humane ending for any animal.


  28. Embry,

    If you are in college and writing papers, you should also know that wikipedia is never an acceptable source to be cited. Wikipedia is only as good as the person uploading the information. Profile pictures on FB are public.


    • I’m in University. and I was using it as a ‘lazy man’s’ link. I didn’t have time to look up it because that part was just thrown in there. (the penalties part.) HOWEVER if you wish me to link you to a few other sites I am more than happy to.

      A good article outlying the penalties:

      Another good article about facebook and 5 ways you can get sued (Yes copyright infringement is on the list)

      US Copyright office:

      Some myths surrounding Copyright infringement (Its a good read):

      And did you even read the links I provided?

      Here is a more in-depth page:

      Let me pull some highlights out for you for a better understanding.

      Do I retain the copyright and other legal rights to material I upload to Facebook?
      Yes, you retain the copyright to your content. When you upload your content, you grant us a license to use and display that content.

      For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos (IP content), you specifically give us the following permission, subject to your privacy and application settings: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License). This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.

      These mean that ALL material uploaded, pictures, videos etc, are placed under your copyright (this means profile pictures, just because you can SEE it doesn’t mean its public domain that you can use at will. You need expressed permission to use it.) The only people who are allowed to use your content other than you is Facebook itself. No one else.

      As the Myths article said:

      Almost everything created privately and originally after April 1, 1989 is copyrighted and protected whether it has a notice or not. The default you should assume for other people’s works is that they are copyrighted and may not be copied unless you know otherwise. There are some old works that lost protection without notice, but frankly you should not risk it unless you know for sure.

      It is true that a notice strengthens the protection, by warning people, and by allowing one to get more and different damages, but it is not necessary. If it looks copyrighted, you should assume it is. This applies to pictures, too. You may not scan pictures from magazines and post them to the net, and if you come upon something unknown, you shouldn’t post that either.

      Nothing modern and creative is in the public domain anymore unless the owner explicitly puts it in the public domain(*). Explicitly, as in you have a note from the author/owner saying, “I grant this to the public domain.” Those exact words or words very much like them.

      This explains it better than I ever could. Just because it is for you to see on the internet does not mean it is public domain that you can use or copy or distribute. I only brought this to his attention because I do not wish for Mr. Fitch to get into legal trouble with the Pro’s he took the pictures from. It is worrying because if they decide to do anything, they would win because it is LEGALLY copyright infringement. Your copyright, on facebook, extends to every original photo and/or video you upload. Profiles pictures, albums etc, they are ALL protected under the Copyright and NO ONE has permission to take them and use them without your permission, excluding Facebook itself.

      Actually this has given me an idea for end of the year report in my pre-law class. Copyright infringement and Public forums.


      • OK…we get it. I don’t agree with you 100% and will leave that issue to those using the “photos. etc” from FB to their own discretion’s

        Antislaughter play by the rules (most of the time); proslaughter hardly ever play by the rules. And how critical is the copyright versus ethical treatment of animals? I know the media leadership of equine welfare bust their butts to do stuff right and have legal counsel. I differ to them, for now.


  29. LEts see to respond, I WILL NOT give you names of my horses that have been sold, so you can search and harrass the owners. 2 of my 6 yr old that were sold, were in the IBHA world show and placed in the top 5 in their events, BESIDES you will NOT find points on any of my horses, because I RODEO therefore money earnings is the only thing you will find. I also run barrels, currently my amre is a 2D (i highly doubt you would know what the is), I have earned over 15,000 in just the 2 yrs she has been running, by the way she is 9 this yr. My horses aer PERFORMANCE, ranch, rodeo, barrel horses, points do NOT matter with me.
    as for the 1000.000 Yes I do have that, BUT it is set aside for important things, like the might need of colic surgery, or emergency vet calls, BUT you really don’t need to know how much money I have now do you. TRUST me I have more money then most ppl do and then some.
    And by the looks of it you CAN”T read either can you? my horses were loaded up with DRUGS, my roping mare the JUICE from being put down, she has NEVER EVER received bute and I raised her, she received msm or a natural herbal pain reliever, my stud loaded up with drugs, he had 4 weeks of antibotics and such because of a almost dealdy kidney infection. Trust me I have the money. my horse that died from colic surgery 3500.00 paid IN FULL, my roping mare 5500.00 in vet fees for 6 months of trying to heal her PAID IN FULL, my stud over 6500.00 paid in full for 4 weeks of treatment. So you see I have the money. THe problem with paying 1000 to render is just nuts in my book, NOW if the local rendering plant would have taken horses, you better belive they would have went there. BUT again you do NOT read, i am able to bury horses, and it kills me to waste their bodies. BUT because of the drugs in their bodies i could not. I ONLY deworm when fecals tell me to.
    If you want my bloodlines, fine ohio moon, jet deck, sonny dee bar, sun frost, top moon. I bred or rather used to, since I lost my stud for high end performance horses that are ASKED for in my area.


    • You prove my point; you neither have the courage to state your name or what your standing is in the Western etc performance world.

      You are a cheat, liar and coward. I won’t go after the horses you’ve sold (you moron). Show me where you are in production, revenue and performance specialty you claim to be a specialist and contributor to and they do it (reasonably) in the TB world.

      You are the type of sanctimonious assh*le (until proven with performance awards) the antislaughter world despises. You talk big and live a little, animal beating life.

      If you were the most recent reining, barrel, cutting champ, I apologize. Until then, shut up or put up.

      And you still didn’t talk about the magical nature of US equines becoming food at the end of your wanted need, life, theft, ownership….etc.

      Honey, you ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.


  30. DO you really want my vets name to call him up and ask about my stud. I arised this stud from a weanling you moron. he was a gift, WHY IN THE HELL would I get rid of him, again you can’t read. I stated MY HORSES DO NOT GET SOLD unless there is a buyer which MEANS THEY STAY at my farm for LIFE. and HELL no i will NOT put up my public info. I have a serious death threat against me from one of your fellow anti slaughter ppl. I was TOLD NOT to put forth my address, my full name NOR my horses reg. names because of their safety and MINE.
    BUT lets see my horse cast in his stall and before we could get to him to uncast himself, he threw himself against the back wall and broke his neck. SURE im just making it up to you ppl. YOUR STUPID JERK.
    1990-1993- high school cowgirl champion, 1994,95,96,97,98 semi pro rodeo champion, 2001,04,06,09,2010 barrel racing with differnt assicoiations money earner and champion.
    and again WHAT part of I DON”T BREED for SHOWS, i breed or USED to for performance horses, rodeo, roping, barrel racing all registered horses with either aqha, ibha, or apha. And again for safety reasons for my self and my horses i will NOT put my full name nor the location of my ranch or those who have bought my horses, nor my horses reg named for saftey reason.


    • Goodness…you seem to have a problem comprehending and speaking properly.

      I asked what the performance record is; any horseman that competes knows what that means (includes rodeos, racing etc).

      Nope. I don’t want your vets name; farm, ranch and standing in your breed and/or performance association will do fine.

      I don’t beat up equines or their current owners…unless they (the owners) starve, beat, break, overbreed, or dump their equines. Where do you fall in those categories of hell?

      You didn’t address my points and still are devoid of knowledge of food safety, ‘cept when you gotta render….then you are all smarts.

      Keep posting, which is more than your side allows us to do on the killing is noble sites.


  31. keep attacking you are PROVING our point. and WELL BRED HORSES DON”T NEED AWARDS that collect dust to PROVE they are worthy


    • Oh yes they do daphne…that means the owner understands marketing and the business they are in….NO RECORD…NOTHING MOVES out the paddock, corral, stall…ask the racing community.

      You made my point (as FUGLY always said…no record, I don’t care what you breed…you are making more equines for slaughter). You are the worst of the worst. At least the equines I own (good pedigrees, no record) are here with me for good….regardless. No record is my problem; I won’t kill ’em like in HCHS because I don’t understand what a bad equestrian I really am, are, will be….ain’t the horse’s fault.

      You punish the horses you own for your stupidity.

      Sad and I’m not going to shut up like you make your horses.


  32. Why is anyone wasting time with these people ,??????????? Getum off here !!!! More important stuff to be talked about , something with meaning !!!!!


    • Sorry arlene…I disagree.

      I have no problem debating here with daphne and I am confirming what I was fairly certain of with her ilk and their mental skills. She is part of the pack that is killing equines this way. It needs to be seen.

      And, SFTHH lets it be viewed here….can’t get that kind of exchange with the killers. It is important.


  33. oh ok so what part of MY HORSES DO NOT LEAVE MY FARM do you NOT understand denise. I guess you really don’t read at all do you. I DO NOT show aqha, apha there are NO SHOWS around me at all, therefore I show RODEO WHICH gives you money and you can look up any horse or rider on their sites and it will tell you exactly what that person did and how much money, therefore RECORDS. Its really sad that you feel you need to keep attacking me because I have 7 horses out of those 7 all are kept for LIFE including the yearling. You keep saying IM part of the problem,, gee ok lets see. my stud produced 9 foals, 2 of them I currently have and WILL KEEP, 3 fillys are with the same person who shows them in breed classes, 1 is a pasture pet, 1 is a 4h horse. I KNOW where they each are. SO HOW is it im part of the problem when in the entire life of mys tud I have ONLY HAD NINE foals. I DO NOT THROW my horses away like you all seem to think. I KEEP THEM FOR LIFE< OR if someone presents me with the right amount of money. Currently my horses are valued at 15,000 for the lowest and 35,000 for the highest. FUNNY thing that is is it not. My bloodlines I have, jett deohio moon, sun frost, etc are ASKED FOR. before my stud died he bred two mares, EACH of those foals are worth 15,000 even before they hit the ground.
    and again HOW IS it im part of the killing of horses? I DO NOT send my own horses to slaughter, Im for slaughter to bring back the market for horses.
    just last week I was offered 15 grand for my 4 yr old filly. sadley she is my hubbys and would have been GONE, sold to a roper in OK if he would have sold her.


    • Ignoring your communication and literary skills, I’ll proceed (although others here could do a better job):

      (1) You said you were pro slaughter.

      (2) You fail to address food safety (predictable how you ALWAYS leave that out).

      (3) Unless you own equines as many in America own cats and dogs, you must be in business. If you are in business, you should understand marketing. If you understand marketing, you should have a record of results in your breeding program. If you don’t have that record, I understand your uber nonsense, off track and garbage posts. Lady/Sir….this is why US equines go to slaughter. And please don’t tell me that you have a weanling and a yearling. Hardly anyone is buying equines, cept for high, high end animals like TBs, etc WITH F’in RECORDS!

      (4) You appear to be disjointed and all over the place (I’m not a doctor, but schizophrenic seems relevant…and that you are in charge of any living thing scares the SH*T out of me).

      (5) Performance history means you have a market, demand and income that is proven. That you quibble with me about your rep means a TON.

      Keep posting. As to rodeo poop….some are good, most are trash. I get cutting, reining, barrels. Riding bulls and so called broncs are BS…especially with the strap. Yep!… biggest money maker, but STOOOOOPID. They serve no purpose save for penile inflation.

      Come on back….I love ya’.


    • Let’s see…you breed (not lately), don’t show (which to me is anything related to performance for record in any equine activity), need human consumption horse slaughter (HCHS) and can’t substantiate your point of view.

      And then you are stymied by antislaughter positions?

      I repeat, you are the problem equine owner. ..narcissistic and unrealistic at the expense of the equines that come into your life.

      Still waiting…………….


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