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Exclusive: Nebraska Mustang Murderer’s Parole Hearing Transcript

Transcribed from CD by Vicki Frielberger, the “Good Neighbor

In early November of 2011 a three person Parole Board, in rural Nebraska, met with convicted Wild Horse Killer, Jason Meduna, and discussed setting him free; very, very early.  If you are not familiar with this convicted animal abuser and his heinous crimes please click (HERE) as the record is long and to retell the gory details is beyond me at this point.  But his former neighbor, the one who was forced to bear his abuse and accused of poisoning his horses as he let them die of starvation and no water, took the time to order the CD of his hearing and transcribe it for your review.  We offer no commentary, at this point, but simply the recorded conversation that went back and forth between four individuals who, obviously, have no love for the gift of life and the beauty of equines but instead only see the narrow-minded path that best serves their individual needs.  May God have mercy on their souls.” ~ R.T.

Allegedly Lying through his Teeth, Jason Meduna Walks Free


Meduna's Mustang Killing Fields a Year after Conviction - photo by Vicki Freilberger

Jason Meduna’s Parole Hearing on CD

Jason, “Howdy.”

Woman (Casmer?), “Hi.”

Pearson, “Remain standing there.  Raise your right hand.  Do you swear, or affirm, to tell the truth in these proceedings?”

Jason, “Yes.”

Pearson, “Have a seat.   State your name and institutional number.”

Jason, “Ah, Jason C. Meduna.  71105.”

Pearson, “You’re on a Morrill County, Cruelty, neglect, animal number 125 counts, 20 to 60 months each count concurrent.  2nd count; Cruelty Neglect Animal, thirteen counts, 20 to 60 months each count consecutive, consecutive.  First incarceration, you were reviewed on said on 2-9-2011, to this October 2011 hearing with support for work release know as conduct, follow staff recommendations.  Bidding(?) at that review was a 5-0 vote.  If you are paroled, your mandatory discharge in not until 2-20-2015.  Now the state of Wyoming has requested under Interstate Contact, to investigate on September 23rd, 2011.  We have not received acceptance from the state of Wyoming, so if you are paroled today, it will be pending acceptance from the State of Wyoming.    Your residence is 6856 Road 27, Lingle, Wyoming?  Is that correct?”

Mud, “Yes.”

Pearson, “And your employment is yourself, ranch owner; at the same address, 6856 Road 27, Lingle, Wyoming?”

Mud, “Yes.”

Pearson, “Are you currently under RFD?”

Mud, “Yes.”

Pearson, “And where have you been during that RFD?”

Mud, “Um, in Lincoln, um, on 914 South 18 Street.”

Pearson, “OK.  OK.  We are….well, special conditions at this point, on the parole certification are waiving the Nebraska program fees.  Now we are required to um, notify the officials of this public hearing today.  And, Jason, we have got one hundred and forty-four emails and letters, um, opposition to you being paroled.  A hundred and forty-four.  I’ve been on this board sixteen years, and I have never seen that amount of opposition.  Now we do have, at least one letter of support here; I don’t know….are there other letters of support?

Woman, “I don’t know.”

Pearson, “All the rest were oppositions.  There’s a lot of people in that area of the state that do NOT want you paroled, based on this crime.  Do you understand that?”

Mud, “Yes I do.”

Pearson, “You understand the seriousness of this?”

Mud, “Yes I do.”

Pearson, “We’ve gotten copies of pictures, um, I don’t think we’ve ever received as much as we have seen in the last several days that have filtered in.  Now I’ve got a question before we go any further.  As far as yourself, do you own the ranch in?

Mud, “Yes.”

Pearson,   “Lingle?”

Mud, “Yes.”

Pearson, “And are you going to be having livestock?”

Mud,  “No., I’m going to um, run, um, I’m with a Lumber mill from Chadron, um rough cut lumber.   And then I’m going to lease the ground out.  It’s all…. it can be turned in to wheat ground.  It’s just a small piece of property.

Pearson, “It’s been awhile since we’ve seen you, um, or that I have talked to you.  If I recall, in one of the reviews, you had indicated that, you felt, somebody had put some poison in the water pond that your horses were drinking out of?”

Mud, “The, the water, you know, had been tested, uh positive for arson by DEQ, yes.”

Pearson, “Why would anybody do that?”

Mud, “I’m not saying that anybody did that.  It could be, you know, like DEQ said, that it possible could be…um, naturally occurring, um on there.  I made a lot of mistakes on how to handle the situation, um, there was a, um, um, you know, I’m at fault for not dealing with the correct people on …a lot of that…on this situation that had happened up there. I’ve had opportunities to see that I’ve been very naïve in a lot of areas, um, arrogant in a lot of areas too. Um, as far as the way I’ve done things, the way I have… you know, perceived the world, so to speak. Um, times are different than what, what they were.

Pearson, “So actually, how many a horses died as a result of this?”

Mud, “Twenty-two, died.”

Pearson, “Twenty-two horses.

Mud, “Yea, I never, there was never a, a, a qualm about the number horses.  I did send hair samples out to New Bolton Labs, um, and blood samples also out there, um, trying to decide, you know, decifer what was causing…. the symptoms; I was unfamiliar with.

Pearson, “OK, I’m going to continue here.  Um, have you read and understand the conditions of parole?

Mud, “Yes, I have.”

Pearson, “the pamphlet?  Actually, with that number of emails and letters that came in, I’m surprised somebody wasn’t here in person, um.   OK – you did complete non-residential education on 7-6-2010; no other programming was recommended; you did make a satisfactory adjustment here at CCCL; you’re in compliance with your personalized plan; you’ve been quiet and cooperative; 7-29 of 2011  placed in the RFD Program; uh, you’ve had above average work report; you do have a degree, Associate Degree in Applied Science?  Is that correct?

Mud, “Applied Science?  Um, actually, it’s Auto Body, in welding.

Pearson, “This says, ‘an Associate Degree in Applied Science’.

Mud, “Well…that must be a miss….not correct.”

Pearson, “And the team here, however, is supporting parole.  Miss Casper, any questions?”

Casmer, “Jason, I supported you through this hearing, and I will continue to support you.  I ……feel what you did was wrong.  You handled it wrong, which, the information that came forth, was a very well orchestrated blog situation.  I received emails from France, in French.  I received emails from all over, with the same letter; so it’s obvious to me; it was a well orchestrated blog.  Are you familiar with blogs?

Mud, “Yes.”

Casmer, “It’s done by…OK.  That’s what it appears.  Uh, very few letters were original.  Very few.  But it was the same message, coming from all over the United States and overseas. Um, it’s obvious you have irritated a lot of people because of the death of these animals.  I, for one, am not pleased with what happened, but….I will support you.  I hope; an and I’m glad Mr. Pearson answered the questions that you will not be responsible for any livestock or anything like that.

Mud, “Yes.”

Casmer, “So, at this point in time, um, you are, you will be on paper until February 20, 2015.  Uh, if something goes wrong, you know you will be looking at us.  I have nothing further.”

Man, “Miss Cotton.”

Cotton, “Well Jason, I have some notes.  I didn’t ask you any questions at the um, at your brief, it was at that particular time, your case was coming to appeal.  You have until 2015.   Are you still trying to prove this case?”

Mud, “No.  It’s not that, I mean, we went through….No  No.”

Cotton, “

Mud, “No, no. It, it, sorry – it –no.

Cotton, “Well, I agree with Miss Casper.  I will support you today as well.  I wish you well.”

Pearson, “Well, I gotta agree with my colleagues, uh, you know the value of animals in the animal rights people get very upset with situations like this.  And being born and raised on a farm myself; you, you grow to appreciate the animal world, so to speak.  And I believe that they have to be taken care of carefully….and….they need to be fed properly.  And uh, what happened here, regardless what the consequences, or what brought it to this point, uh, just…is a tragedy.  It really is.  I’m going to continue to support you also, but I would highly recommend that… you probably stay away from Morrill County.  Um, I don’t think you’d probably be too welcome back in that area; although, as Ms Casper said, a lot of these emails are the same, and they came from all over the country.  An organized effort to, pile up the papers, so to speak; and probably convince us you need to stay here till 2015, but a, if you ever become involved in caring for livestock, animals, horses, whatever…take care of ‘em.  Feed ‘em properly.  And uh, that’s about all I can say.  Is there any need for executive session?

Hearing on the motion of Jason C. Meduna, Number 71105; that he be paroled, pending verification and acceptance from the State of Wyoming; in to the conditions of the parole certificate as previously stated.

Casmer?  “Second.”

Casmer?  “You got caught in the middle of a land dispute too, didn’t you?”

Court Reporter?  “Mr. Pearson voting Yes, Ms Casmer voting Yes, Ms Cotton voting Yes.”

Pearson, “OK, keep in mind you’re on parole until 2-20-2015.  When Wyoming accepts your parole plan, you should be on your way.  Um, one more question, did you own your own property out in Morrill County at that time?..

Meduna, “Yes.”

Pearson, “Who owns that now?  Did you sell it? Or…”

Mud, “Yes, the people that started this are grazing 450 head of cow calf pairs on that particular ranch, right now, as we speak.”

Casmer, “That was the piece of land that they were trying to get to begin with.”

Mud, “Yes.”

Casmer, “Uh-huh.”

Mud, “yes.”

Casmer, “WOW”

Mud, “I lost a lot over this,”

Pearson, “Yah’ …you did.”

Casmer, “But they said….now, they’ve got cattle grazing on there?

They said that the land had been over-grazed and would take 5 years for the…”

Mud, “they said 20 years.  They said it was a barren waste land, it would take 20 years , going by your blogs, if you check out their blogs, and the dates of the blog, within months after this, they already moved their cattle on there to graze.

Casper, “Hum …wow.  I’m sorry you got caught in the middle of that.”

Pearson, “OK, good luck to you.”

Mud, “Thank you.  Thank you very much.”

Man 2 (?), “In listening back there, I thought the spring was poisoned?”

Casmer, “That’s what he said.”

Mud, “I got DEQ reports to show, that there’s arsenic in that water, yes.

Yes, um, it’s … I’ve never seen anything like it, but I mean, I mean, off the record, I’ve learned a lot.”  (snickers)

Casmer, “I’m sure you have.”

Mud, “From all this. I have, and I honestly can say that I’ve met, I mean, I try to make a positive out of everything.  I’ve met extraordinary people; you know, during the last couple of years.  You know I mean, I’ve seen a lot of, maybe not the good stuff, but I’ve also met a lot of extraordinary people, so I’m still not, without, I guess so to speak, you know, and I’m a hard worker so I can always build up again.”

Pearson, ‘Do you have family in Wyoming there too, or not?”

Mud, “No.”

Pearson, “No?”

Mud, “No, I’ve got to make a fresh start.”

Casper, “Good luck to you.”

Mud, “Thank you.”

Pearson, “Take care.”


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  1. Wonderful, just great…I guess that this will save the system some money by releasing him early. The water was poisoned but cows are managing there without apparent problems? Good luck to Wyoming with their new, upstanding citizen.


  2. I love the comment about a poisoned well.

    Doesn’t arsenic occur naturally? It is the level that matters, right?

    Scary that these people can decide what criminals get released.


  3. RT…it’s time to shut the nincompoops down.

    They come back with more scattered buckshot than a canned drunken turkey shoot.

    If you get a good one here and there, bring it on. Ann is an idiot.


    • Well, between you and Vicki I let them in and it is now proven that they have not done their homework nor do I have the time or energy to attempt to educate them. I have been at this for over a decade and I not only don’t I do “stupid” I just get worn out repeating the facts, giving the links and pointing the narrow minded to specific scientific studies. It is very trying. So let them live in their delusional land of “humane” butchering of companion animals and poor mouth us into oblivion. These deadbeats should never have had horses in the first place if they could not afford them. When times get tough do we eat our dogs, cats…and children? No, you act as a responsible and self-actualized human being and ensure that they eat before your own fat ass gets fed. The stupidity sickens me.


      • Yes, it becomes tiresome trying to have a conversation with sociopaths.

        The stuff they believe and post explains the history of genocide and pollution. They are certifiable idiots that breed, own animals, vote and use firearms. Very scary stuff.


  4. maybe they all should be sent there , we would at least know where they all are //////???????? Then we could deal with all of them right there…………..We wouldnt have to look for them , we would know where to find them………………….. It would be the Miscarriage of Justice State………….. (being facetious)


  5. Okay so let’s arsenic killed the horses. WHY are there now cattle on this land drinking from the same water? Anyway……Where is the information….PHONE information to CALL…not write…CALL the 3 idiots that let this guy go?


  6. Well this sucks. Whether you like ABR or not a lot of good people got taken by Jason. They gave him funds that he begged for.

    He was a 501c3 or at least he was saying he was. Not one word about all the money he basically stole. That money was suppose to help the horses and instead it went to Jason or his new ranch.

    I feel really bad for Pam Nickoles whose horses were almost starved to death by good ole upstanding Jason. Michael Blake did some outstanding work rehabbing them and allowing them to live on his ranch. That’s more than good ole upstanding Jason did.

    I’m sure he learned a lot in prison–like how to beat the system. And notice the parole board didn’t have one word to say about NEVER HAVING ANIMALS AGAIN.

    What a scumbag. I hope the spirits of the horses he starved come back to haunt him all the rest of his days.


  7. Read Pearson’s comments. Read how the parole board dismisses and marginalizes the letters and emails to the board about Meduna. These people are garbage.

    “I support you”??????? WTH???????????


  8. In spite of the anger and frustration we all feel, there’s a lesson to be learned. When you comment, gather the facts, but use your own words. Emails can be tossed, ignored, or discounted. Faxes become part of the legal record, as does something written, signed, and sent by regular mail. I actually think it’s best to do both, unless you want to just send a letter and pay for a signed receipt.


    • Amen, amen, amen. It doesn’t take much time to vary the words of a letter. I know its easy to just copy, but….Even if you just invent an original first paragraph, it seems like the whole thing is original.


  9. This is the most upsetting piece of info, whats going on there, what ignorant people that are put in charge to make these large decisions. They do not want to feed him oatmeal and look at him everyday, its cheaper to let him go, he needs whipped and whipped again and made to go hungry and thirsty


  10. Just went on-line, and what did I find on my MSN home page an article about the federal government issuing the first of its kind permit to allow a developer of a central Oregon wind power project to legally kill golden eagles. The US department of fish and wildlife issuing the first ever “take” permits.——— It’s not my computer so I can’t cut and paste the article, but it is the Wind Butte project. It sounds just like the BS that the BLM is spewing about the mustangs. I have to ask again when are the American people going to stand up and say ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


  11. Sickening, Susie and Davie boy are probably going to use Jason as one of their equine experts/evaluators and trainers in their little slaughter venture, he is an excellent candidate!!!! Sick sick sick!!! Wyoming is really accumulating the dregs of humanity.


  12. Unreal! This has got to be the twilight zone we are in!

    Is there any sense and any integrity or competence left in governmental personnel?

    The sickness, incompetence and the corruption is frightening!!!


  13. I get and there was Ana reticle that referred to Jason as a horse trainer. I about barfed then almost tossed my iPad across the room when there was no comments section or a way to write the dumbbells that wrote the title.



    At least I can claim I didn’t boze on this one…


  14. Good job R.T.. It is amazing what people will believe without question. When I visited on the phone with one of the parole board members, in various comments, she said it would be ‘my word against Jason’s.’ I was awestruck. I mentioned to her that they had been taken in from the start. I also told her that as Meduna implied that we own the land, WE DO NOT. We DO NOT have 450 head of cows on the land either. I mentioned that about everything I heard on the CD were lies. She said I could have been there. I told her we were trying to not be a part of that situation any longer, but it is obvious that Meduna does not share the attempted end to this – and still does not take responsibility for what was done. Thank God for people like R.T., that keep the public informed. You are a busy man, but you still “Get ‘r done”! (I couldn’t help that). Bless you and Terry.


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