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BLM Nat. Wild Horse and Burro “Slaughter” Advisory Board Meets Today

“Due to a paying job taking priority over domestic travel Terry and I will not be in Reno, NV, today and tomorrow for the gathering of the BLM’s hand picked grazing, cattle, hunting and slaughter special interest Advisory Board meeting where the end and destruction of our national icons will be discussed and planned.  Seasoned advocates are well aware that this bogus board ignores and rejects mass public opinion when it comes to the issue of saving the last few federally protected wild horses and burros on public lands but during this meeting all advocates should do their best to declare with disdain the appointment of self-proclaimed horse-hater and slaughter supporter, Callie Hendrickson.

 I am reproducing, below, an OpEd that I wrote back in February shortly after her appointment.  Did quite a bit of research and on the opening day of this insulting excuse of a meeting it might be of value to revisit this travesty.  The article speaks for itself, nuff said” ~ R.T.

Salazar, Obama’s BLM Stick It to the Wild Horses, Burros and the American Public

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation 2/23/2012

Infamous Horse Slaughter Advocate Appointed to BLM Advisory Board

"Our friend Callie says da horses gotta more Horse!"

While trusting Americans calmly slept all snug in their beds dreaming of freedom, blue skies, green grass and the thundering of distance hooves the grotesquely distorted and immoral monster, known as the Department of the Interior (DoI), was plotting on collusive and divisive ways to kill off the national icon of American freedom and independence; the wild horses and burros of the western United States.

The plotting, scheming, lobbying, exchanging of favors and money under the table is nothing new for the DoI and its bastard offspring, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  They have been stripping, maiming, harming, warehousing, killing, selling and hiding tens of thousands of public wild horses for decades and as of late it was actually exposed, in a FOIA back in 2008, that they were going to slaughter the tens of thousands that are in their equine concentration camps, only to do an about face and lie to the public and say that was just a hypothetical study and they never intended to actually pull the trigger, right.

But would you like some rock solid evidence, today, without any shadow of a doubt that the bought and paid for grazing company, BLM, is stacking the deck to ensure that our national heritage is cruelly slaughtered and sold to foreign countries for a filly burger versus applying sound science to range management?  I will give you all that without even any comment; just letting the facts speak for themselves.

Several weeks ago the Secretary of the DoI, Colorado cattle baron and long time horse-hater Ken Salazar appointed one of his home state buddies to the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board.  This sham of a board is supposed to advise the BLM on a way forward in protecting and managing the national treasure of wild horses and burros on their federally designated public lands.  But instead, this board is stacked with ONLY cattle, hunting and grazing interests.  To date, there is not one single horse/burro advocate sitting on this public board and good ole boy Salazar appointed an infamous and outspoken horse slaughter advocate and welfare ranching promoter into the “Public Advocate” slot.  You say, “What gives?”…it’s called collusion, money, greed and corruption ladies and gentlemen and what stings the most is that the feds that suckle on the teats of the federal sow don’t think that we are smart enough to figure out what is REALLY going on; that’s what curdles my milk.

Let’s take a second and listen to the words of wisdom that Salazar’s new appointee, Callie Hendrickson, has to say about wild horses/burros and banned, predatory horse slaughter.  Former Public Advocate Janet Jankura wanted to stay but Salazar wasn’t having any of that because some of the wild horse advocates actually got along well with Janet, damn her soul.

First stop will be her website, the Wild Horse Range Coalition which is pretty much a failed attempt to pull together welfare ranchers, who pay only $1.35 a month to tear up and destroy YOUR public lands, so that they can all collectively blame the naturally occurring wild horses for range degradation where the horses are usually outnumbered by private cattle, on public land, between 100-400 to “1”.  We shall take a cue from Callie and utilize the format that she uses on her site/blog with the headers “Callie Says:” (now keep in mind that this individual was picked to be YOUR voice to the BLM in helping to preserve and protect OUR wild horses and burros)

Callie Says:

Posted October 11th, 2011 – Wild Horses and Burros Meeting

“Based on what we hear about the people in the East wanting to be sure the horses remain free or that they won’t stand for the horses to be sold, I was surprised that the only activist in attendance were the small handful that have been making a living off of convincing people that the BLM is managing the horses to extinction.  There were a total of 10 – 12 people who made comments.  There were no tears shed by the horse activists this time so to wasn’t quite as entertaining as the two previous meetings.”  (Little note here, Callie honey, idiots like you are costing me my retirement.  Make money?  We spend money;  personal money and trying to save the West Douglas herd from your gnashing teeth and clanking knife and fork is postponing my retirement you self-righteous twit…oh, sorry, I forgot, I wasn’t going to say anything but I just don’t do “stupid” very well.)

…” I was very frustrated when a new Board Member noted the Board needed to consider the elephant in the room and discuss lethal control of the horses.  Immediately he was shut down by the Chair of the Board, Robin Lohnes, and BLM Assistant Director, Ed Roberson.  Last I knew anything about parliamentary procedure, the Chair’s role is to conduct the meeting rather than control the conversation to the point only her point of view is discussed.  And since this is an “Advisory” Board to the BLM, it is frustrating that a BLM employee would shut down any discussion brought up by a Board Member.  In my opinion, that was totally inappropriate.”  (Wow, what a team player…stupid enough to publicly trounce on the Chair and STILL get appointed.  You must have something pretty big on ole Kenny, huh?  And we feel sorry for you, they didn’t get a chance to talk about your favorite subject, slaughtering and eating wild horses…bet that made you all hot for a “Filly Fillet”, didn’t it.  Drat, there I go again, sorry.)

Oh, Callie talks to herself, too.  Here site/blog is such a total failure that she is the only one who responds to her page on current issues and she only had two responses to all of the issues with the most interesting being:

Callie Says:

“Check out the GAO report that tells us what we already knew. Closing horse slaughter plants has caused more horses to suffer. Surprise, surprise!”  (Don’t you just want to give her a great big hug?)

Under another header;

Callie Says:

“These new bills on the Government Litigation Savings Act are making wild horse groups nervous. These bills will stop their “cash cow” because they will no longer be able to sue the government to make money. I encourage you to see the “take action” page and learn about what these bills will do for you as a tax payer.”  (I think we talked about this before, dumbass…eeks, sorry burros…there is NO money in suing the BLM to stop abusing the horses and burros, it is a bottomless pit but it is all done so that WE can sleep at night knowing that we have done the right thing while the likes of you toss and turn with the haunting nightmares of destroying all that is natural, pure and right with our wilderness.  I wouldn’t trade places for a second.)

Callie is also a self-proclaimed scientist and mathematician, a trait she shares with her friend, “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis:

Callie Says:

“While there are an estimated 38,500 horses and burros (12,000 more than the range can support), it has been proven time and time again that BLM’s count is anywhere from 15% to 50% undercounted. This is understandable because it is impossible to count all the animals from the air when they are in rough terrain (canyons and mesas) under pinion and juniper trees. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to count horses, deer, elk, cattle, etc. If we give them the benefit of the doubt and estimate an undercount of 35%, there are likely 51,975 horses on the range.”

Callie went to Washington in May of 2011 to share her genius and compassionate heart with legislators on Capitol Hill, to read her comments just warms your soul as she is the one who will be advising the BLM on how to care for and protect your wild horses, I just can’t wait.

Callie Says:

“Our message was, BLM has the law to follow and they need to stand up in court and defend their decisions to remove the horses from the range.  They have the authority to sell the excess horses and they need to do so.  That is the only answer to keeping a healthy range and to not be spending $40 million a year feeding horses that have no use.”  (Gosh, I have a really neat and simple plan for all those useless horses, darling…leave them on the range were they don’t cost a friggen nickel just as the US Congress voted UNANIMOUSLY to do back in 1971.  Am I missing something here?)

Callie goes on to talk about the suit to stop the Triple B roundup, last year, which was filed with Laura Leigh as plaintiff and Wild Horse Freedom Federation as the supporting organization.  Initially the judge allowed the round up to proceed but with video supplied by the plaintiff showing the pursing helicopter coming into contact with the horse the Judge issued a Temporary Restraining Order to stop the roundup.  Now Callie does not mention the TRO, only the initial denial on July 15th and she is so very disengaged from the facts of what is going on as she blames and bashes the Cloud Foundation instead of the true funding group, WHFF.

Callie Says:

“This is great news that the Court recognizes the law and the need to move forward with these gathers! However, I bet we never see any information about what the Cloud Foundation has cost the taxpayer in delaying the gather after all of BLM’s and the gathering contractor’s efforts and expenses of setting up for the gather, being delayed, being given the go-ahead, then being delayed again, then being given the go-ahead again!”  (Awww, poor misguided thing, I would so very much have liked you to bash myself or our WHFF versus the good folks at TCF.  I love a good thrashing from a lame blogger now and then..’stop it I love it’…’it hurts so good’…but no, you missed the entire point and went down a road that only shows your lack of understanding and total disengagement from the facts, sigh…I hope that your condition improves.)

So folks if you have some time to waste and feel like seeing what it is like to live in a very dark and lonely habitat simply swing on over to where you can witness the melt down of a celebrity wanna-be post disjointed articles with the only comments made being from herself, one guy did comment on the entire site and she was so enthralled that she asked him to forward her article to the BLM so that they could see how cool she was.  To date, she has had only 9,000 hapless victims hit on her site, we do that in a day at SFTHH, but then again, we are about doing what is right instead of delving into the darkness of murder and slaughter…and now she represents YOU, the American public, ain’t it sweet?

Oh, don’t forget to swing by and listen to Callie talk up her ideas on the internet radio:

(The BARN – Briggsdale, CO) Joining the BARN by telephone is newly appointed BLM National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Member Callie Hendrickson discussing several issues related to the management of Wild Horses & Burros in the United States & right here in Colorado. In particular is the focus on the Act that guides the program, and that gives BLM the authority to make decisions regarding the National Wild Horse & Burro Program…022112_WildHorseBurroProgram_CallieHendrickson_21m

But before we close, let’s bop on over to Facebook where good ole Callie publicly fawns up next to our favorite Head Horse-Eater, Dave Duquette, president of the ever shape shifting organization presently going under the name of United Horsemen, a front for the slaughter, meat and packing industry with ties to the current Canadian Horse Slaughter community.  (She is now a proud member and will be speaking at their Slaughterfest in May, again as your PUBLIC ADVOCATE to the BLM for YOUR wild horses and burros, ain’t it great?

Dave Duquette “Welcome aboard folks, Callie it’s great to see you here.”

Callie Hendrickson “Thanks Dave Duquette. I’m working on learning this FB thing. Working to help people understand the problems the wild/feral horse overpopulation issues cause on the range. Have you visited the page? You seem to have a great handle on this stuff and I certainly welcome your feedback on it.”

Callie Hendrickson “BTW Dave, great job on all the work you are doing to get the Approps bill passed without the rider! Keep up the good work and be sure to let us know what we can do to help.”

On her own pro-cow anti-horse Facebook page she talks to herself a lot, too:

Callie Says:

“As a taxpayer, I agree 100% with Ole Olson! Sell them and let the highest bidder buy the horses. If it is a horse lover, great! If it is a killer buyer, great! At one time I thought the government had an obligation to manage the taxpayers’ money wisely. That has gone out the window today. Has anyone burst Ms. Pickens bubble by letting her know the horses she saw in the movies were domestic horses? Or is that like her not knowing that horses are used for meat? If you marry the kind of money that she has, I guess you can afford to live in a fantasy world. But in the real world, life is life and it ends in death one way or another.”

Enough said?

Now it’s time to hear from someone else, someone who may be opinionated but the opinions fall into the favor of preserving the lives of our national icons and to stop the destruction of our public lands for personal gain.  That someone would be ME!

R.T. Says:

“It’s time to CULL CALLIE, to stand up and fight this outrageous appointment; a slap in the face to the good citizens of this fair land, this horse-hater needs to go and go now.”

Click (HERE) for more Info

Come join us in our National Call in and Fax day on March 1st where we intend to occupy both the phone lines AND the fax lines to Callie’s good buddy and friend, Ken Salazar.  Let Kenny know that you are outraged, pissed off, disappointed and insistent that Cruel Callie be removed from consideration for the BLM Advisory board, IMMEDIATELY.  This is unconscionable and yet another stain on the Administration that had promised not only change, but to be animal friendly.  We have NOT seen anything like that, yet.

On March 1st tell Salazar that you want action and you want action NOW, enough is enough:

Number to Call: (202) 208-3100

Number to Fax: (202) 208-6956

Address to Email:

Cull Cruel Callie is the Cry of the day and as a team, we can make it happen.  Tell your family, your friends, your business associates and go visit her site and pull down the evil talk.  This woman does not represent mainstream America and it is obvious that she does a poor job of representing the horse-eating few.  She has to go.

Make the calls, send the faxes and insist Cruel Callie is Culled on March 1st.  We have the power, we have the know-how and we surely have the right cause on our side.



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16 replies »

  1. I’m glad you reprinted this superbly researched post, R.T., because I didn’t read it closely in February. It’s unbelievable to me that government-appointed officials treat public citizens with such disdain. I guess greed sees itself in the mirror and is incapable of recognizing unselfishness and pure-hearted motives when confronted with same.

    My only “quibble” is with the notion that Callie loves cows. She loves to make money from killing them, you mean? Well, she’d love wild horses, too, if she were allowed to make money off of their slaughter! I think the photo of the red-eyed cows is really of Callie and her FB sidekick with cow masks on….


  2. Dear God, please tell me someone is there with logic and humanity and ethics. If not please send someone there pronto.
    Thanking you in advance for answered prayers.


  3. I feel a good sense of resentment when this so called “Advocate” comments about those of us who
    are East of her state. What a total Moron!!! Why are the meetings ALWAYS held in the Western states? Could it be that they just don’t want to bother with the rest of us? Perhaps its time that we have some forums and discussion close to OUR homes because there are many of us who would like to comment on the treatment of the horses. Oh, but wait, that might be a little democratic to let our voices be heard. This is an American thing, not an East or West thing. I can just feel my blood pressure rising when I think about how they get away with this. I know I called the BLM once before regarding the slaughtering of the Wild Horses and Burros and the woman so nievely told me tthat was not going to happen. What planet are they all living on? Half of them should receive the good ol’ cowboy boot off this committee. Such greed, corruption and everything you could name –
    Shame on our government!


    • The truth is that the BLM did not want East Coast advocates anywhere near that meeting. Most of the people who would have/could have attended the meeting had just spent 3-5 days traveling and attending the first International Equine Conference in Alexandria. They strategically planned their meeting two weeks later knowing that it would be difficult for wild horse advocates to attend. The IEC was scheduled first, so the BLM had a choice. The truth is that they are afraid of us. because we speak the truth and we are working with ground breaking scientists using peer reviewed science who can point our how very poor every decision that the BLM makes is a scientific (not to mention) fiscal travesty.


  4. 51,975 left on the range???? Hogwash. Big fat bold-faced lie. And “they” will perpetrate these lies until the very last one is rounded up and killed.


    • There has been some eye-witness testimony stating that ranchers release horses and herd their own horses near or around the wild herds making it appear that the herds are larger than they are. Something similar happened in North Carolina afar the Hurricane when nearly 100 extra horses appeared near the Wild Horses of Corolla. When Karen was surveying the area from a helicopter, she was surprised to see all the extra horses and at the time, at least, did not know where they came from. Fortunately, the Wlld Horses of Corolla are well and closely managed. The manager knows every horse by name and sees them once or twice a day, so if this were (not saying it was but based on history with these groups we cannot ignore the possibility) a device by FWS to make it appear as if the reproductive rate is greater than what it is and the herd was greater in number than what it is, so the legislation to protect these horses could be defeated, the good management at Corolla foiled this attempt.


  5. People who advocate horse slaughter do not represent or are they knowledgeable about horse welfare. Slaughter proponents represent the meat industry, and there are no slots on the board for representatives of the meat industry. Therefore, Ms. Hendrickson should be dropped as well as the wild life representative who was pro-slaughter at the Summit. People whose only solution to equine welfare problems is slaughter are ignorant of the both the issues and the solutions

    Of course, one sign of an incompetent leader is that he hires incompetent people and then tries to prop them up. The only requirement for incompetents is their ability to say “Yes”, do the Stepford wife thing, and learn how high they must jump.


  6. Callie Hendrickson thinks of all animals as livestock which is an agriculture point of view. Wild horses are wild life. She is so unqualified. Does she even have a college degree? Any experience with domestic horses? I know she’s a rancher, and has worked with 4-H, but 4-H kids have to agree to auction their animals off to the highest bidder at the end of their project. They know before they show their calfs, that the calf is going to become steak, perhaps in a restaurant near them. This is entirely different experience than is required for a wild horse and burro advisor.

    We are getting so misrepresented by our government.


  7. OK….we’ve had multiple scandals in this administration and what has the attention span of a knat? The Department of Interior!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let’s see, DOI helped facilitate the demise of 11 humans on Deepwater Horizon, humans on the coast, clean-up crews have long term health care problems, businesses ruined, states devastated by ruined tourism and shrimp with no eyes. Hmmmmm,,,,but GSA (who does buy garbage for DOI) and the Secret Service (men with weenie issues) are, repeat ARE the ISSUE for Congress and the White House and media?????????????

    This really bugs me. NO, it more than bugs me!

    And you know WHY Slaughterczar keeps getting a free pass????? MONEY!!!! MOOOLAH!!!!!! BIG OIL!!!!!! LAND SUCKING TROLLZ!!!!!!

    This is just sick. The cattle and resource sucking trollz (aka DOI) are worse than lavish Lost Wages parties hosted by GSA and weenie hunts in Columbia, S.A.

    And I really hope the pathetic human that is in charge of monitoring this site for DOI gets a conscience and tosses his/her lunch….have a stressful drive on the beltway today too.


    • Excellent observations, Denise, on how the mainstream media hypes small scandals and buries big ones. In fact, the MSM probably purposely pumps up the former to cover up the latter, cozy as it is with the voracious resource-pluckers-poisoners-polluters.

      If we call what “Slaughterczar” and his henchmen do “sins” — and pride, greed, gluttony, envy, wrath ARE “deadly sins” — then we can take heart in knowing that “… God is not mocked; whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Galatians 6:7).

      I’m grateful to be surrounded by those who sow good and are reaping good for the horses, though things may look dismal right now. May we all remember that there IS light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. Tyranny cannot prevail as long as we’re on to it and all over it, which we are!


  8. WordPress doesn’t like me today, so I’ll try posting this again. I wonder if Callie had 30 cents in her pocket in 2008? That’s what it cost an individual taxPAYER (about 55% of the filers) to keep ALL the 32,000 horse in ST/LTH alive for the entire YEAR. The BLM’s stated goal is to match reproduction with adoption (and sale?) numbers, which they should achieve in the next few years. At that point, the herds should stabilize, very few horses will go to LTH, and the numbers will decrease through attrition.The agency mathematically models herd increase, so it should be able to predict LTH decrease as well. It should also be able to predict the corresponding decrease to the individual taxpayer. Adjusting for inflation, 12,000 more horses added to achieve the goal, and increased hay prices, it may cost me and other taxPAYERS 50 cents a year to keep all those removed from the range alive for the next few years. If Callie’s broke, I have a few bucks in my pocket, and would be happy to cover her share.


  9. It is indeed a stacked deck on the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board — stacked against the wild horses and burros IN THE WILD. They view them as escaped domestics and are oblivious to the fact that when returning to the wild in the land of their origin: North America, they are returning to the realization and expression of their truer and higher nature — because free. So much ignorance governing the wild horse and burro program in America today, and so much maliciousness both toward those wonderful presences we know as horses and burros and the non-vested, non-greed-bound public who simply appreciate them in their own right! I discuss this in great depth and amplitude in my book The Wild Horses Conspiracy, available on
    One further point: By all means Callie must go and others like her on the board!


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