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The $2,000.00 Horse Slaughter Challenge

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Challenge Doubles as Horse-Eaters Prove Their Impotence

"Horsemeat good, money good too"

It might not be a lot of money but Jerry Finch, Founder and President of Habitat for Horses, called out the propaganda perpetuating horse-killers only to have the dark-side fall flat on their faces.  He threw down one thousand dollars as a challenge for the horse-haters to verify why horse slaughter is necessary and from the handful of mindless followers of “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and Dave “Doink” Duquette only the lamest dared to show their faces and still not one solid, scientific, moralistic, ethical fact has been brought forward to support why it is necessary to butcher our companion horses and then eat their flesh.  Not one single reason; so we are going to up the ante and I will, personally, throw in an additional thousand in an effort to get these money mongering cockroaches to crawl out from under their rocks and stand in the light of day and attempt to support their failed philosophy.  Just one, can any of them truly debate and substantiate their bloody stance without subverting the truth and manipulating legal actions from behind closed doors?  I don’t think so.  We may as well make it $1,000,000.00 and watch the circus because there is no chance on this green earth that these unenlightened cult of misguided livestock dealers will ever be able prove their point beyond any reasonable shadow of doubt.

Amazingly, the story has found its way over to the den of deceit that goes by the name of United HorseKillers, er Horsemen on Facebook and the self-annointed Duke of Doink himself, Dave Duquette, sets the regal stage for his position as President by publicly calling Jerry a Dumbass, see below.

The Prez, Dave "Doink" Duquette...who BBQs horses for his clients

This is really pretty tame for Duquette and he probably struggled with writing this for quite some time because when he is quick and thinking on his feet the leader of the horse-eaters rarely writes a sentence that is not sprinkled with four letter words and threats.  He must have a “handler” with a leash.

Likewise, the Canadian Slaugtherhouses and Big Ag that allegedly pump money into this very interesting and worth exposing 501(c)3 have obviously had enough of his sidekick, Sue Wallis’ rantings as she has been asked to resign.  Supposedly, in an effort to save face, the resignation is to pursue the business of opening up a predatory horse slaughter plant, somewhere, but there is not, in this country, a business plan that would ever support a bloody horse slaughter plant in this current climate.  No safe haven, no market, no support, no NOTHING.  It is just a pipe dream for those who are obsessed with animal cruelty and desire only to cause pain and dance in blood versus addressing real issues and working towards making, not only this country, but this planet a better place of everyone, all life forms, to live.

So Dave, Sue, I publicly call you out…give us one valid, substantial and honest reason why we need to butcher and eat horses and the two grand is all yours.  Think of what you could do with that money Dave, although it might not be enough to further pay off a politician it could pay for a one page ad in an obscure livestock magazine somewhere.

We are waiting!

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  1. I continue to be entertained…..though I gave up on the first $1000 answer and finally went to bed. There will be no answer that is viable from these folks. We already know this. In order to draw up a plan that would sustain their blood thirsty, greed filled needs, they would have to do away with the 900 page USDA reports that were done in less than one years time. Contrary to what they state the reports are for less than one years violations, easy to verify. They would have to do away with all Bute and banned drug reports, the FDA’s drug list (good luck boys, as corrupt as you may have some politicians, this dog won’t hunt), the EU, Ireland & France’s stance on bute and somehow make all the starved,sick, injured and neglected horses qualify for slaughter. So on that note I shall go pour another cup of coffee and take a walk out to the barn. Time to be with the herd of “unwanted” horses.


  2. WOW, RT, does this mean you quit too!!!!!!!!!!!! Gone is the soft yellow note book look. Looks like you got POed one day and RIPPED a page out of the play book. Are you anouncing to the world that you and your horse advocates mean business this year? No more mister nice guy?——————– I am honored to be a part of this site and that I can give my opinion once in a while, even though I realize sometimes they may sound lame. Will always do what I can for the horses and burros and this country.—————-There is a saying “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings”.———- Our new motto should be” It ain’t over until we win” Thank you for letting so many of us be a part of this great movement.


    • Geri, you got it. The pages are ripped from the Notepad and we mean business. It isn’t always pretty, here, but it’s a place that you can go for the truth with a look towards the future. We are going to get something done for the horses this year…that’s for sure.



  3. No more mister nice guys because we are dealing with the dregs of the earth. My grandmother, who was a very wise woman, use to tell us when we were kids: “If someone fights with you fair-and-square, then you fight fair-and-square and take your lumps if you lose, but if someone fights dirty, then get down in the dirt with them, otherwise you don’t stand a chance of winning.”

    My great-grandfather was a solider and breed horses for the Italian Army. He would eat his boot before he ate his horse.


  4. RT, I don’t think the Dregs can stand the light because they have lived in the dark for so long. I can’t believe how some people are so gulable regarding the facts. All those that support slaughter including breeders and trainers of all breeds see this as a way to rid themselves of their less than perfect horses or those that cannot take the training and break down. I found it amazing that the woman who is an Arabian trainer and judge could think so little of the horses, but asked for donations for the Distressed Horsemans Fund as she showed results of barn fires at the AHA convention. The video was certainly a tear jerker and I too felt for the surving horses. However, I think its quite hypocritical to cry for the survivors, but think nothing of condeming other horses to the worse death possible. I wonder how much the Cattlemen have paid these people for their support. It goes by the saying, “Nothing is free, there is always a price.” Its a damn shame that money has to be used to call them on the carpet. But your absolutely right, “Then need to PUT UP OR SHUT UP”. Again, everyone is trying to own our country, our horses and other equines who would just like to live in peace. Perhaps the end will come to them at the end of a meat hook. Very, very sad!


  5. Regarding Dave Duquette: Note that the first thing he does is try to scare the new initiate. He let a livery operator from Arkansas stand up before her peers at the SOH and tell how HSUS had taken her horses, and he took credit for helping her keep her horses in the county where she lived. This 50 something appearing woman said she had never heard of the Humane Society, and she thought they were a government agency.

    As most of us know, no animals can be seized by equine or other animal rescue groups. I know of no instances where anyone other than the local sheriff, animal control, state, or federal authorities have seized animals. Usually, after animals are seized, they are kept in the local area until after the court hears the case.

    Dave Duquette let this uneducated woman reveal how very little she knew about while he acted as her tarnished, armor less knight. Anyone who knows anything about this process could see through his act. But rather than explaining the law to her which would have been the kind thing to do, so she could have revised her remarks accordingly, he used her like a tool to promote the idea among these ranchers that HSUS had the legal authority, power, and funding to take their animals (private property), their homes, and everything they had worked for.

    Hope these horse businesses and ranchers are figuring out whose trying to get them to jump in the fox hole…Dave Duquette will be bringing up the rear.


  6. RT, I dont think the Dregs can stand the light because they have lived in the dark for so long. I can’t belive how some people are so gulable regarding the facts of horse slaughter. All those that support slaughter including breeders and trainers of all breeds see this as a way to rid themselves of their less than perfect horses or those that cannot take the stress of training and break down. I found it amazing that the woman who is an Arabian trainer and judge could think so little of the horses, but asked for donations for the Distressed Horsemans Fund as she showed the results of
    several barn fires at the AHA convention. The video was certainly a tear jerker and I too felt for the survivors, but was confussed to think nothing about condeming other horses to the worse death possible. There is always a price to pay. Just think what the $2,000 could have been used for, you are right they should put up or shut up once and for all.


  7. A preamble to one of ‘Bella’s’ comments told her to be careful because anti-slaughter folks will
    “…make treas toward you and your family…”
    I’m gonna utilize my powers of deduction and assume this word was supposed to be ‘threats’.
    Perhaps someone should caution ‘Bella’ that no one in the anti-slaughter contingent assaulted an advocate/reporter during the last three-day, miserable failure of a bachelor party held in Nevada to further the horse slaughter agenda, and that the majority of ‘treas’ have been ‘words’ of scorn and ridicule.
    Honestly, does anyone on the ‘other side’ truly believe we’d all stick around or put our opinions out there for the world to see if threats of violence (especially toward families) were the weapons of choice? Wouldn’t we already be on the FBI’s radar?
    Zealotry & rabid fervor will shoot your beliefs in the head and render your mission moot. In the past 2 1/2 years, I have NEVER gotten wind of a threat of violence or physical assault from the people I stand with because I would NOT stand with them if I had.
    duquette and wallis have issued reams of not just bloodthirsty ramblings at RT and Jerry but potentially libelous and damaging (one of the slobber-filled rantings intimated it wasn’t safe for Jerry to be around children; rantings leveled at RT have been much, much worse). RT’s satirical writings about the duo can be a little, er, ‘edgy’ but they always play off the facts; musings from both sue and dave are riddled with disgusting imagery and barbarism even as they propose to rescue and rehabilitate the ‘unwanted’. (sue’s written support for the woman who purchased a 30 year old horse at auction, killed it then documented herself rolling in the poor animal’s remains was reminiscent of a fan letter to Hannibal Lecter.) Because the import of being able to commit morbid and disgusting acts in the privacy of your own horse ties it all together, doesn’t it?
    The final admonition from dave in response to ‘Bella’s’ “…he sure does seem like he cares.” (dave:
    ” Not likely,…”) illustrates the chasm between – that somehow, the spiritual value of the life of a horse, even one past the point of ‘use’ over the monetary value of a dead one is a character flaw, and that Jerry doesn’t really care horses as much as he enjoys irritating his nemesis.
    These people don’t seem to even think about what they say or write; I think their entire point is to take the cheap shots because they have so little real ammunition.
    I don’t think Jerry or RT will be payin’ out that cash any time soon. Jerry, for instance, has been around a little longer than sue or dave, and his beliefs have evolved from his experiences throughout his life. There isn’t much I can say about RT that wouldn’t make me sound like a stalker except he was once a soldier, long before he became an advocate and if that isn’t evolvement, I’m not sure what is.
    And both continue to conduct themselves admirably, without resorting to threatening families or physically assaulting the opposition. It’s unfortunate the other side can’t say the same thing.


    • Lisa, Don’t know how old you are but an infamous Las Vegas convention of military aviators resulted in a scandal called “Tail Hook”….SS and the horsemeat lovers should be tagged the “Meat Hook” scandal/convention? 😉


  8. If horse slaughterers’ are so proud of work they do, why are their faces blurred on most reporting on this. You know what goes around, comes around…… if you slaughter and sell and eat it and horse has bute in its systemn (most do) and other medications. ( 6 months clean what a joke.!)
    Documents are often doctored and missing info etcetc……So eat it at your peril. Just don’t go crying to your Dr if you and/or your kids develop cancer as it is one awful carcinogen that even in small amounts only have yourselves to thank.
    I am from Canada and 98% find slaughter repulsive. We are working on petitions like crazy and have a private members bill introducing the ban of slaughter heading to the floor. Hopefully it will pass as it is embarrassing to be a Canadian at times like this.
    As for being threatened……..bring it on and have a chance to meet with our well dressed RCMP.
    PS. As for Sue Wallis getting fired….bravo! Aside from the fact she is ugly as sin……….her rantings were nuts.


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