United Horsemen Slaughter Prez Tanks on PBS Radio Show

Horse Slaughter: Humane Society debating Dave Duquette on OPB.org

Dave Duquette Crashes and Burns When Faced with Horse Slaughter Facts
Dave Duquette

“UPDATE 3/22/12 4:30 pm: During the show, our guests debated whether the use of phenylbutazone, or “bute,” would prohibit horses from being eaten in the U.S. and E.U. We fact-checked the issue and found phenylbutazone is banned from being given to ANY food-producing animals, including horses, in both the U.S. and the E.U.”

The Oregon state Humane Society director debating Dave Duquette live on the issue of horse slaughter on OPB radio.



  1. The only thing that came to my mind after listening to Dave Duquette was “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”


    • Ha, I love your comment, Kathy H! That pretty much sums Dave up. It seems the more he and $ue talk, the worse it makes their organization look. I hope they keep it up!


  2. LOL, I am laughing (in disgust) so hard I am crying, this POS has no soul WHATSOEVER!

    WHAT A GREEDY EVIL FOOL! And he has NO intention of stopping after all the “EXCESS” of horses are “brought down to a manageable and “normal level”

    and YES HE IS ADVOCATING that everyone bring their horses to HIS slaughter plant! He is NOT in this just to rid our Country of an “over population of horses”!

    This guy is the biggest lying evil skimming POS and all that matters to him is the all might dollar!!!!

    69% of the people in his survive approve of horse slaughter, hum… sure they do in this surveyor because they are all his friends and then he threw in a few who disagreed as not to make his surveyor look slanted! And if he did this survey why didn’t he mention who did it and where WE can see it for ourselves?!?!?!

    good ole devil dave, the lies that roll off his tongue are ASTOUNDING!!


    Mustang reproduce RAPIDLY?? WFT no they DO NOT! WHAT A LAIR, THAT SOUNDED LIKE devil dave’s WIFE!!!!!!!


    • Yeah..”Doink” is just tragic as a human, BUT I was stunned about the Pacific Northwest Tribes (didn’t know they were such a culturally rich equine culture) POOP regarding 50, 000 “FERAL” equines destroying their lands and the numbers (or lack of math) to sustain the slaughter house.

      I think he threw in a Southwest Tribe (Hopi?) that are on board with his plan too.


      If someone dissects this, you’ll find flat out LIES from good old Dave.


      • Yakima are claiming 17,000..feral horses-and he is making some reference to working with the Navajo tribe..last fall the warm springs voted down a slaughter house on their res. land..look that yakimas got themselves into this mess..these are THEIR horses..they were breeding for slaughter before..Dave trys to make it sound like people are abandoning their horses out on res land..Yakima sits in the middle of fricking nowhere..the expense of hauling them out there to turn loose defy s economics..Yakima has been attempting to get the BLM to round up their horses on our dime..or get rescues to buy those 17,000 for top dollar to save them..its a scam


  3. Certainly the antislaughter speaker was the victor, but I didn’t hear ONE word about food safety from him. I was disappointed

    After all, beating “Doink” isn’t all that hard. But I’ll take it…a win is a win. .


    • I think they are more than idiots, Todd….they are LIARS! And you can throw in every politician, USDA, FDA and especially DOI in that cesspool of lies regarding America’s equines and their demise through Human Consumption Horse Slaughter (HCHS).

      Oh…and the veterinarians!


  4. Applause for the host and HSUS spokesman for their preparation and level-headed handling of Duquette. Neither fell for jabs intended to lead the discussion toward emotional landmines. This is a link worth sending to horse owners who really think slaughter = euthanasia.
    The discussion presented some ugly visuals that will stick with listeners –algae pond stench, cross-section of horses’ heads — when considering this “business”. Good job, Oregon Public Radio.


  5. That interview said it all. Great job by all- especially you Dave. You showed the world what your business is all about. Yikes.


  6. I believe that is why they want to also breed for slaughter. Plus Dave is a breeder (so is Sue Wallis’ brother) so they could control what the horses produced get treated with… so if they were to become painful doubt they would get relief from any meds.

    I also have to wonder why the push to round up more Mustangs.. but just last night realized it may be have something to do with the fact they haven’t never been given bute… same likely hood for the Indian Reservation horses.


    • one of the first callers-called in to suggest that the mustangs needed to go to slaughter..the callers were carefully lined up by dave ahead of time..only 1 caller supported the horses..I didn’t catch her name..but thank you lady..you did a great job defending the mustangs..and yes they are going after the mustangs..@ 10 a head, and without any medications..they are licking their chops


  7. I didn’t catch Scotts last name from the Oregon HS..but he did a great job…and LOL Dave seems to know him..Scott pointed out the barage of lawsuits that this will initiate.
    I would like to point out..that dave tried to stress the 501 rescue that will be affiliated with the slaughter house..and how those horses that are viable will be rehomed..LOL, no one believes that..because Daves whole argument is based on “there is no market for horses””thats why we need slaughter”..so who do you intend to sell those recycled horses to dave? As Scott pointed out..that sets dave up to be sued for taking horses intended by owners for rescue-to slaqughter


  8. Thanks, RT, for making this audio clip available, I didn’t get a chance to hear it live yesterday. Scott from HSUS made several good points, but I think the one that should scare Duquette most is the probability of many lawsuits (this was a major point made in the letter Cynthia MacPherson sent to the attorney for the horse slaughter people: “leave you personally susceptible to civil actions and potential criminal penalties for providing false information to investors and withholding pertinent information from these same investors”). That’s where I’d like to see these horse slaughter people, either in jail or OUT OF THIS COUNTRY!


  9. So glad to know that David Duquette and I do not live in the same world. Whewwwww!!!!

    Just wish this tomb raider would stay in his own world and stay the heck out of the rest of the universe, particularly, the parts of the universe where our horses live.


  10. Sorry. But its time to stop evil where evil lives or we will descend even closer to the dystopian society portrayed in The Hunger Games.

    I wonder what my vet would say if I told him that the AAEP is now a 501 ( c ) 3 charitable equine welfare organization. LOL.


  11. Does anyone know how to contact the reservations in question here? I definitely think that if we have the opportunity, we should try to reach out to them.

    And much gratitude is owed to Frank Belardino, for his studio work in capturing the audio here!


    • Heather, I don’t know how to contact the reservations in question, but yes I do believe it would be a good idea. Anyone reading this, does anyone know who to contact at these reservations?


  12. And, his “horse processing plant” (oh, please) will be in a “state of the art, 2000 square foot facility”. Say what?? That’s a mighty small space to be slaughtering 25,000 horses per year.


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