Horse Welfare Conference to Counter Horse Slaughter Summit

Information supplied by Respect4Horses and the Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Is Horse Slaughter Coming to a Neighborhood Near You?

Oklahoma City, (R4H) – Equine advocates from across the nation will participate in a press conference and live webcast, the Summit of the Live Horse, aired from Oklahoma City on 04/03/2012 to address the explosive issues surrounding Horse Slaughter and Wild Horses and Burros.

The Summit of the Live Horse Press Conference
Holiday Inn, Will Rogers Airport
4401 SW 15th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73108
12 – 1PM CDT
Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Late last year, three lawmakers in Washington, D.C. (Rep. Kingston, Sen. Blunt and Sen. Kohl), legalized Horse Slaughter in the U.S. by removing language from an Agriculture Appropriations bill, which had prohibited federal funds from being spent to inspect horse slaughter plants.  President Obama signed the bill into law and in doing so ignited a heated anti/pro-horse debate, which crosses all of the socio-economic demographics of the U.S.

While last year two conferences representing opposing sides of the coin took place in Las Vegas, this year’s Equine battleground is set to play out in Oklahoma City no farther than one city block away from each other.

In many states including Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Montana, Washington and Oregon, the horse slaughter faction is beginning to lay the groundwork to open horse slaughter plants for human consumption.  In several states, legislators are sponsoring bills that would turn their respective states into hospitable environments for foreign investors to open horse slaughtering operations by affording them potential tax incentives and by violating U.S. citizen’s First Amendment rights by sheltering the horse slaughter business’ from lawsuits. “Any responsible horse owner, as well as any concerned tax payer, should be petrified about what could happen next”, says Simone Netherlands, Director of Respect4Horses and also the organizer of the Summit of the Live Horse Press Conference.

This press conference will bring directors and equine experts from the largest animal and horse welfare organizations together as one united voice for the future welfare of the American Horse, both domestic and wild.  Participants include, but not limited to, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), The Cloud Foundation, Respect4Horses, Animal Rescue Unit and Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

Will horse slaughter be coming to your neighborhood?  Do we need horse slaughter in America?  Can horse slaughter be made humane?  Is horsemeat toxic?  Does horse slaughter solve abuse and neglect?  Does horse slaughter encourage over breeding?  Will our wild horses be slaughtered?  Will it stop horse slaughter across our borders?While at the Summit of the Horse, the horse slaughter faction will be strategizing for three days about how to increase the demand for horse meat, how to slaughter our wild horses and how to open new slaughter plants in the U.S., the Summit of the Live Horse Press Conference, will utilize the expertise of equine experts and professionals to answer the above questions and offer solutions and alternatives.

Panel members will include:

  • Scott Beckstead, Senior Oregon Director for The Humane Society of the United States
  • Carolyn Schnurr, Director of legislative affairs ASPCA
  • Ginger Kathrens, Filmmaker and Director of the Cloud Foundation.
  • Dr. Jennifer Madden, DVM
  • Simone Netherlands, Horse trainer and Director of Respect4Horses
  • R.T. Fitch, writer and co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation
  • Brogan Horton, Founder of Animal Rescue Unit

The interactive Summit of the Live Horse Press Conference will be broadcast on, April 3, 2012. This service will give the press conference global coverage and allow anyone to participate in the question and answer sessions after words. Search at 12:00 noon CDT to log into the live broadcast to participate. The link will also be available at


Any and all members of the press are cordially invited.
Free tickets to the public are available by emailing
For additional information call: (928) 308-6718
Footage of last years conferences :

Click (HERE) to download Press Release

10 comments on “Horse Welfare Conference to Counter Horse Slaughter Summit

  1. I would like to bring up one issue that i do not believe through this whole Slaughter thing has not been mentioned, which I believe is a very important , to date in all i have read about Horse Slaughter , fact and facts about how a horse feels during this horrific process, one is the fact that a horses skin is so sensitive to the touch he can feel a mire fly landing on it (very much just like us only more intense) Facts like this one???? This is important for the public to know before they make any decisions !!!!!! What do they think that a captive bolt feels like to them, I seen a captive bolt this alone made my stomach sink and my heart race with fear, can anyone imagine what the horse feels ????????His fear of flight another one , can anyone imagine being pushed , beaten and shocked into one of these wooden boxes ????? Knowing this fact?????? The captive bolt is a tool of horror for anyone to see much less feel My God people please bring these facts up tell the facts of what exactly what the horse is experiencing ?????? There are many more facts but i have just made myself sick at these few facts !!!! So everybody please tell what you know that beautiful horse is feeling !!! Also knowing that captive bolt will not ever ease his pain and horror nor does it last more then 30 seconds !!!!! he is hung by his awesome delicate legs to be gutted while still alive !!!! The visual alone is disgusting !!!!! and brings to my knees ……………..These things the public needs to know point blank………These….. things and more should be known ……..


    • Very well spoken! Yes, those things should be totally brought out into the open. They should show videos of the whole process from the time the horse is unloaded to the time it reaches the stun box. People should be made to see the look of horror in the eyes of these poor creatures, whose very being is one of trust to their humans, being that that is how they were raised and taught. The look of confusion, fright, and betrayal can surely be seen in their eyes. This alone is enough to break my heart and hate mankind for the horrible things they do! It is sick, sick, sick! Americans who support horse slaughter should be so ashamed! What a horrible reflection it is on our country!!!


      • Thank You Judith, Do they also know each herd is very close , if there is a blind horse another will take on responsibility to the lead it ,they care for each other, just as most of us do many people already know they are the most beautiful creatures to grace our Planet, but do any of them really know who and what they are, and how they feel as we do???????Plus what they stand for ???? FREEDOM of course……..Each one as unique and loving and trusting us and showing us if we just take a moment to notice , they look to us , and when you earn their trust a better friend you will not find anywhere …………………………


  2. From Tennessee:

    Hi All,
    please go onto the link below & vote in the Tennessee horse slaughter plant poll – don’t know if it will do any good – but if the NO numbers are big enough….maybe someone will pay attention! It just takes a minute….the 1 question poll is on the Left in the middle of the article.

    Tennessee considers bill to allow horse slaughterhouses


  3. There are many factors to commercial horse slaughter that make it completely unacceptable. I for one am sick and tired of folks using horse slaughter as their trash can. Horse slaughter plants are “Community Killers” plain and simple. It it terribly UNAmerican like to attempt to reintroduce commercial horse slaughter in the US. The excuse that current horse market is due to lack of horse kill plants is glaringly obtuse. Slaughter never left. You can still take your horse to auction. People just want an excuse to continue breeding and dumping. Even good people I know think it is an unnecessary evil and are embarrassed to talk about it. WHY? Well these same good people are large volume breeders.

    Continue to slow the breeding process down and for goodness sake get back on track with breeding functional healthy horses.

    Breeding should be an art, not a free for all. And please let’s have a heads up with the women of this country and educate them on alternatives to Premarin and similar drugs that exploit mares and foals, just so a human can balance her own hormones. Humans deserve a good life and to be healthy, but at the inhumane expense of our horses?



    • Dear Horseshoe Angel, You are right we need to look more to what they are supposedly Slaughtering here not just about the stink and the ruination of communities, Lets press the issue that the Horses are living breathing horses that have feelings and our scared to death of harm , we are here to protect them, let the protecting begin with the knowledge of their feelings ………………. and who they are…………………………Living Breathing Legends !!!to which we owe a peaceful existence ………………………………helping them just as they unselfiously put themselves in harms way to help us !!!! Every time we have needed them…………………………..We are suppose to be defending this for them …………………………When we defend them we defend ourselves……………………….


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