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Sue Wallis Had Her Ample Keister Handed To Her Again

Editorial by Dave Featherly ~ Editor of the Cheyenne Herald, first printed March 27th, 2012

“Slaughterhouse” Sue is Detested in her own State, Too!

Along with a big keister, she has a big mouth. She’s a bully. She threatens. Tries to intimidate.

And while she casts a spell over a weak Wyoming Legislature by use of aggression, it hasn’t worked any- where else in the nation.

And it probably won’t.

The subject, as Cheyenne Herald readers are aware when the name “Slaughterhouse Sue” surfaces, is killing healthy horses for their meat for human consumption.

She has put her name on more corporation filing papers than Donald Trump. And, as many of his have, they’ve gone away.

She was planning a secretive effort in Cheyenne. A horse slaughter- house was going to be opened at the Cheyenne Stockyards facility along W. Lincolnway and the UP tracks.

She had a State insider in her pocket and a well-known Cheyenne “cow- boy” was to run the killing factory. He just got a good State job.

Her plans were proceeding under the radar until someone caught wind of them and notified the Cheyenne Herald. It didn’t take long to put the keibosh (not to be confused with her keister) to those plans.

It has been amazing to watch this woman. She is in it as much for the money as any genuine concern for the humane end for horses in dis- tress, and she will act as “front man” for any foreign horse meat craving group that surfaces. It seems like any country could raise and slaughter horses on their own. Why do they need the United States to carry out the despicable act for them? Could it be that even their own country won’t allow such an atrocity?

Other than eating horse flesh being

considered “wrong” by a vast majority of Americans, horses are not bred nor raised to be consumed by humans. Obviously, in this country horse meat is not needed.

If the subject were about an abundance of animal meat being avail- able, there are a gazillion stray, feral and unwanted cats. Let’s not go there, okay?

There are religious faiths that do not eat meat we crave. We do not ask them to raise the pork and beef for us. Nor should we be expected to raise horse meat for those backward countries that cherish it.

After failing to be able to move for- ward in Cheyenne, against public pressure, Slaughterhouse Sue announced she would put the kill bin on wheels and traverse the state inviting people to bring in horses to be slaughtered. She had always hoped the State would purchase horse meat to foist on those in schools, prisons and mental hospitals. Those with no choice.

She adopts names that suggests her circle is much larger than it truly is. Her latest if “Unified Equine.” There was, maybe still is, a church up near Livingston, Montana known as “Church United and Triumphant.” It was neither, maybe none of the three. Wallis’ solitary effort is surely not a united equine effort of any sort. Most horse groups oppose her efforts and despise her personally.

I wonder why it’s gotten personal?

Well, she recently set sights on opening a horse slaughterhouse near

the southwest Missouri city of Mountain Grove.

Being the persuasive debater that she is, when she sensed the opposition outnumbering her and the Belgian money man with her would win the day, she delivered her closing argument:

“Discussion’s over. Make all the noise you want. We’re going into business.”

She was in their town! Wanting to open an offensive, distasteful, polluting, no-job-creating, gut-wrenching new business, she told those from whom she needed support to sit down and shut up, that she was going to open the business NO MATTER WHAT! Sue Wallis is a piece of work. Or a piece of something.

According to local news reports, several truths came out about her true objectives. The primary purpose would not be to provide a humane end to unwanted or older horses. Fully 90% of the horses slaughtered would be young, eventually bred for slaughter. The plant would not provide few new jobs for locals, Mexicans would be imported to work the plant. The plant would kill 200 horses per shift and the meat would be sold to “ethnic and specialty groups in the U.S. and abroad”.

When her plans have to come out of the dark, they will always be beaten back. Americans simply will not tolerate the slaughter of horses for food. But, Sue Wallis will keep trying as long as Belgian, Chinese or French dopes will provide money for a “Wyoming legislator” to front their cause.


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  1. Sue Walrus, we are on to you.
    and when we’re done you will be through, No more horses left to die,
    with tears of fear in their eyes…
    You will be sorry when you are done,
    Because you will not have even one
    Person left to hear your lies,
    For you try to kill our beloved horse,
    But we are on this, in great BIG Forces!!


  2. Every time I see or hear about this woman my insides cringe. So far we have been able to beat her and her minion back into the shadows where they belong. We need to find her a new goal to keep her little mind busy. Perhaps a new animal to entertain her plans of becoming wealthy thru slaughter. Not many out there larger than a horse,maybe elephant or rhino . She can breed her own for slaughter and look at all that meat. Much more than a scraggly horse.
    Seriously tho, I pray every day for those who fight for the horses and that one day…soon horse slaughter will be only a bad memory. We need the USDA and the country as a whole to ban it once and for all.


    • I don’t know if was excellent; it sure was good and I too, was giggling throughout.

      As this piece is an editorial (with a lot of brutal observations with serious factual standing), I’ll give the editor a wide swath (although going after the size of someone’s “keester” isn’t something you’ll find at the NYTimes op-ed page) because maybe, just maybe it works in WY.

      Off-topic….Horseback is reporting that the Comptroller General/head of GAO is or has resigned, but I can’t find it anywhere and Horseback’s link won’t work for me. Yes, I know about the heads of GSA leaving. Anybody????


  3. I almost don’t want to read anything from Ms. Sue & cult. But I know have to so can counter her crazy, crass, crowing. Just maybe, the powers that be will feel the same. For she appears to be the “poster…um…figure” for max cruelty, agony and killing. As RT said, to paraphrase, she is the best to happen for anti-slaughter. Truly, she is over-the-top, on-the-edge. They do have pastel colored straight jackets now.


  4. What I like best about this article is that it came from Cheyenne where she was going to open the first slaughter house. Or she thought she was. Now we know the truth that they didn’t want it either. The 80% of American’s against horse slaughter are all over the place not just in urban areas where people don’t own horses, according to Sue Wallis, who doesn’t own horses either. Do you all remember when she said that if you didn’t own horses you shouldn’t have a right to say anything about their welfare? I rest my case!


  5. This Woman has to be stopped at all cost. She is dangerous to all the Horses. Please keep an eye on this person and let everyone know of any new moves she makes. If we ban together we can keep her and others like her in check!


  6. I hate to be catty causeI know a lot of really nice overweight people, but it’s occurred to me that if Wallis would go and RIDE a horse she may have less of a keister. Size of her (if she got that way eating horse meat) would be enough to deter anyone from eating horse meat.


  7. I’m so happy to see this from a Wyoming writer.
    It’s obvious that Sue entered politics as a stairway to corruption. There are SO many ways to be corrupt..more than enough to go around for every politician. Hopefully, she will give up on this op and find another vehicle for her corruption. Surely there are those that are easier and pay more.

    Meanwhile, our job is to keep this one dream (nightmare) impossible for her to fulfill.


  8. Another great article RT! In spite of it’s seriousness, you sure had me laughing…love your humor! (-:
    Your description of her is “right on” and I’m glad to see that more and more people are waking up to all the corruption and lies that follow her. It’s a shame for Wyoming to have someone like her to represent them. Thank you too RT, for your un-dying support….it’s sincerely appreciated.


    • RT didn’t write it…he reposted from a Wyoming periodical editorial by David Featherly.

      Mr Featherly gets kudo’s for the guts to print this in WY, no less (home of newly transplanted, Darth Vader with pun intended)…Mr Fitch gets credit for paying attention and reposting for us here at SFTHH.


      • Denise, I agree. Thank you, David Featherly. Need more people from Wyoming to speak the truth about Wallis.


  9. I know, Marge. she is someones mother. hard to imagine this walrus of evil ever had a husband or has kids. are they proud of her. watch it Sue. the love of money. Sue. you will face judgement day, some day…


    Debbie Coffe
    Horse Meat “Snake Oil” Salesmen Fool Cattle Ranchers
    Cattlemen who fought against the USDA’s National Animal Identification System (NAIS) and thought they squelched it until the USDA revived it as Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) , are donating money to the United Horsemen and the International Equine Business Association (IEBA), which, ironically, seem to be bringing in NAIS/ADT through the back door.
    These two new organizations, promoting the sale of horse meat, primarily to foreign countries, and the reinstatement of (probably foreign owned) horse slaughter plants in the United States, are muddying the waters by trying to tie this to property rights.
    Let’s just grab this bull by the horns.
    If you haven’t heard about NAIS, it required that ranchers sign a PREMISES ID contract. In international law books, premises is NOT property, so ranchers were basically signing away their property rights . They became a “stakeholder” (a third party). The USDA wanted to make this mandatory.
    Supposedly, NAIS was about food safety and “traceability.” However, most food safety issues are due to poor practices at deregulated, self-policing slaughterhouses (where RFID tags end up on the floor) and deregulated, self-policing meat packing plants. Not ranches. And since tags and microchips can easily be reprogrammed, they won’t prevent bioterrorism.


    • Louie will you please connect the dots for me?

      Property vs. premises i.d.? Ranches vs. meat packing plants?

      Are you saying they are preparing to shoot theyselves in they footsies?

      Please explain. . .



  11. Wow, David Featherly might be R.T.’s long-lost twin brother.

    The only phrase I think R.T. would’ve put differently is this one:

    “She is in it as much for the money as any genuine concern for the humane end for horses in distress….”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, R.T., but wouldn’t you have written something like:

    “She is in it for the money (and notoriety and power), certainly not out of any genuine concern for the humane end for horses in distress….” (Although you, R.T., like the rest of us, know that the horses usually aren’t in distress *until* they’re put in the slaughter pipeline and seen as “meat.”)

    As for elephants and rhinos, Nancy, I know you’re teasingly trying to come up with large animals whose flesh will keep SS out of the horses’ hair, but it so happens I researched all last weekend the poaching of Asia’s wild baby elephants and the murder of their mothers (six confirmed killings in Thailand’s national parks so far this year).

    Please, friends, do NOT go trekking in the jungles of Thailand, India or other Asian countries on the back of an elephant!

    Instead, visit a true ele sanctuary and hang out with gentle giants rescued from the logging, tourist and entertainment industries.

    Did you know that eles, once they are no longer in the wild, are considered “livestock” in Thailand? Yes, and are treated as such.

    To learn how elephants are “trained” in Asia, go to (warning: you won’t be able to stomach the brutality). We all deserve to be educated so that we won’t do anything that will make things worse for any animal in the world.

    Thanks for letting me make a pitch for the beautiful eles! 🙂

    P.S. A wonderful book by African conservationist Lawrence Anthony is “The Elephant Whisperer.” You will love eles as much as horses after reading it!


      • Thanks for sharing that sad fact, selwyn. Out of a desire not to put people to sleep, I didn’t mention (but will now, since you’re interested!) that Lawrence Anthony’s latest book, just published, is “The Last Rhinos: My Battle to Save One of the World’s Greatest Creatures.” I haven’t read it yet, but will soon. He introduced rhinos to his private Zululand preserve, Thula Thula, and, as I recall from his elephant book, at least one of the rhinos was killed for its horn by poachers.

        By the way, Mr. Anthony passed away unexpectedly last month at the way-too-young age of 61; the next day, both of the Thula Thula herds of wild elephants walked 12 hours to his house and paid their silent respects by standing there for two days before returning to the bush.

        Have you seen‘s new petition to save rhinos? It has almost 700,000 signers!

        OK, back to horses! Thanks for allowing the digressions, R.T.


      • Since yesterday another 9 were poached making the total 159,my advise to most,is that take photos as many as you can,it will not be long before there will not be a single Rhino in Africa.nor any other animal that has a street value.
        There real problem is the lack of will and ability from the SA government,the Minister in charge has a real card to fight this scourge,she beleives that the Mozambicans(Poachers) coming across our border must be captured and REHABILITATED,yeah.Many of the Cops and Rangers and amazingly enough a number of Veterinarians have been arrested for working with the poachers,but regrettably these cases rarely come to trial and the occasional ones that do,it takes so long that the evidence has disappeared
        Finally I do prefer the Chinese method of Justice and one example get caught taking Drugs in there you get the needle for a long long sleep.


      • Whether it’s wild horses being run off their land and locked up or secretly slaughtered, wild bison domesticated and made into burgers, rhino horns and elephant tusks stolen and used for medicinal purposes or a macho image, putting a price tag on animals has dire — deadly — consequences.

        As Sierra Club founder John Muir observed, “Nothing dollarable is safe, however guarded.”

        We could amend that to say, “No one dollarable is safe, however guarded.”


  12. Hey Guys,
    John Holland just sent out a little ditty about just how GREAT S Sue is on the truth. Here is what S Sue said just a few days ago before leaving the radio talk show in a huff:

    “We now hear outlandish stories like children showing up with blood on their shoes because of the spill that was cleaned up within two hours. We hear things about blood coming up in people’s showers and toilets when the city engineer of Kaufman himself said there’s no physical connection between the collection of blood which was – oh, by the way – marketed for pharmaceuticals and other products, uh, WITH the city waste treatment.

    The system of, uh, water treatment that they had at that plant was, in fact, SO GOOD – cleaned the water SO WELL – that the city waste treatment people were talking about the trouble they were having because the water was coming into the lagoons too clean.”

    WHAT?????? Well the City of Kaufman doesn’t even have a City Engineer. I wonder who gave her this info? DUH??!!!!!! Just thought you all might be interested. Lies, lies and more lies!!


  13. There is a live talk radio show that is right in her voting district. Call the host and tell him what you think. the number is 3076821270 from 6-10am Mountain time Mon – Fri. Call and tell her voters how you feel, the election is coming up.


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